Tuesday Y&R Update 2/28/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 2/28/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


At the Chancellor mansion, Billy kissed Jill hello and exclaimed that it was good to see her home. He asked how she was. She said she was fine, then she chided him about his attempts to take over her life. Jill reminded Billy that he didn't like it when she used to urge him to rekindle his relationship with Victoria. Billy didn't understand why it was a big deal that he changed the locks after Jill threw Colin out. Jill snapped that it wasn't Billy's place to throw Colin's things away. Billy was annoyed that Jill was making him the bad guy after everything Colin had done to her. Jill stated that Colin had done things to her and hadn't done anything to Billy. Billy contended that the pain Colin caused Jill affected everyone who cared about her. Billy accused Colin of causing Jill's heart attack. Jill countered that her heart disease caused the heart attack, but Billy argued that Colin stressed her out to the point that her arteries ruptured.

Billy vowed to protect Jill, but she insisted that she was capable of taking care of herself. Jill contended that this was about boundaries. Billy implied that Jill was being a hypocrite. Billy decided not to argue with Jill, and he apologized for talking to her before he donated Colin's stuff. Jill apologized for snapping at Billy and conceded that he was trying to be a good son. Jill admitted that this was a confusing time for her. Billy understood, and he said he didn't want to make things worse. He urged her to focus on her health. They hugged. Billy warned Jill that Colin would try to get back into her life, and he asked her to be strong. Jill assured Billy that she knew exactly what she had to do. Billy hoped that Colin would realize there was nothing left for him in Genoa City and leave town for good.

At the Ashby house, Colin told Lily that Cane had already left for the office. Colin offered Lily coffee, but instead of responding, she asked what is plans were for the day. Colin realized that Lily was wondering when he was moving out. Lily said that she allowed him to stay because he was Cane's father, but she confessed that she was counting the minutes until he was gone. Cane promised he wouldn't be there forever, but he admitted that he had nowhere else to go until his investment paid off. Cane divulged that he couldn't even afford to buy his clothes back from charity. He chuckled as he recalled running into a homeless man wearing his expensive coat. Lily gave him some cash to buy back the rest of his things. Colin was touched by her generosity, but Lily said that he'd probably take it from her purse if she didn't offer it to him. Colin promised to pay her back, but Lily told him to consider it a gift. Colin noted that Lily had gone above and beyond, even though he'd destroyed her trust time and time again. Lily stated that Colin sometimes seemed like the perfect husband, father and grandfather, then he hurt people. She didn't think he set out to cause harm, but unfortunately, Jill almost paid the ultimate price. Near tears, Colin said that he'd been filled with remorse when he realized he created the stress that caused her heart attack. He insisted that he loved Jill. Lily believed him, but she said that was what made the situation more tragic. She left.

Colin went to the thrift shop. He found some of his clothes, and it sparked a flashback of a happy moment with Jill – getting ready to celebrate her running Chancellor again. Colin found his watch and remembered Jill giving it to him on their anniversary. In the present, Colin found the music box that Katherine had left Jill in her will. He had a flashback to Jill deciding to take the music box to the party to celebrate Katherine's life. Colin hoped the attendant could tell him who donated the it, but she didn't know. Colin purchased the music box and his belongings. Colin returned to Lily and Cane's and stared at the music box. He recalled Jill saying that Katherine left her a challenge and said she wanted Jill to have everything Katherine valued. Jill added that Katherine said that it was right in front of Jill, if she just knew where to look. Colin studied the box and discovered a hidden compartment that contained a key that had “City Trust & Savings” written on it.

At Brash and Sassy, Cane told Victoria that he'd arrived thirty minutes earlier, as she requested. Cane assumed that Victoria was upset with him because he took over the GC Buzz interview. He told her that she had to admit that his appearance paid off. He noted that sales were through the roof, further demonstrating his value to the company. Victoria clarified that she'd been planning to compliment him. She wondered why he had to turn everything into a fight. Victoria said that Cane had done such a great job with the marketing that she wanted him to be the point person for the Asian division. Cane was happy, but surprised Victoria was putting him in charge of such a critical market. A woman walked in. Victoria introduced Juliet, the freelance Asia rep, to Cane and told her that Cane would be her new contact. Juliet had just flown in from Tokyo. Cane took her into the conference room to discuss business.

Billy arrived at work to see Victoria getting ready to leave. She explained that she had an interview with a magazine. Victoria asked about Jill. Billy told her how he'd stopped himself from arguing with Jill because it was stressing her out. Victoria was proud of Billy, and he admitted he was proud of himself too. Billy asked about Reed. Victoria told Billy that he (Billy) was right; she'd asked Reed to play the guitar and he was really good. Billy asked who was in the conference room with Cane. Victoria brought him up to speed. Billy asked if she threw Cane a bone to keep him out of the way, and Victoria said she gave him the assignment because she thought he'd do a good job. After Victoria left, Lily arrived and asked Billy about Lily's work schedule. Billy said Cane had it. Lily was going to leave, since Cane was busy, but Billy asked her to stay. Billy said he felt like he and Lily were on warring planets lately, due to Cane and Victoria vying to buy the company and the mess between Jill and Colin. Lily stated that she'd been trying to keep the peace, but she stressed that she was not on Colin's side. Lily said she hated what Colin had done to Jill, and she didn't understand why Jill let Colin back into her life after everything he'd done in the past. Billy thought Jill did it out of loneliness. Lily said she'd rather be alone than with someone she didn't trust. Lily vented about having to share her home with the “father in law from Hell.”

Billy disapproved of Cane defending Colin. Lily said that Cane couldn't let his father live on the streets, but Billy disagreed. Lily revealed that she gave Colin money to retrieve his belongings that Billy donated to charity. Billy was unapologetic about donating Colin's stuff, but he offered to reimburse Lily. She said it was okay. Billy praised Lily for being understanding, talented and hard-working and said that Cane had better appreciate having such an awesome wife. Lily said that Cane had been great lately. Billy hoped that Cane would be less of a pain to work with now that he'd been given more responsibility. Lily was thrilled when Billy told her about Cane's new role. Victoria returned, just as Cane and Juliet came into the lab. Juliet recognized Lily from her photos and complimented her. Juliet left to take a phone call. Cane told Victoria how well the meeting went.

Later, Cane and Lily privately discussed his new assignment, in the lab. Lily felt that, as an immigrant, he was uniquely qualified for international work. Cane admitted he was blown away to have Victoria drop this great assignment in his lap. Lily thought that it was a vote of confidence for him. They kissed. Billy peered at them from the conference room window. He congratulated Victoria for the way she handled Cane's fragile ego. While Billy recalled that Victoria felt that Cane was right for the job, he predicted that it Cane would be too busy to challenge Victoria's other business decisions from now on. Victoria smiled as Billy called her a brilliant strategist.

At the Ranch, Nikki asked Victor if he'd recruited the corporate sponsors for the Better Days Foundation benefit for the women's shelter. Victor didn't glance up from his book, but he assured Nikki that he took care of it. Nikki asked when the donations would arrive. When Victor didn't answer, she flipped his book over to see what he was reading. Nikki was stunned to see that Victor was reading his biography, Ruthless: The story of Victor Newman. Nikki contended that the book was filled with lies, and she reminded Victor that he'd once bought every copy. Victor admitted that the book also contained truths, and he stated that he wasn't afraid to face the truth of his past. Victor asked what Nikki would think about him writing an autobiography – a true account instead of the version written by that vindictive woman. Nikki recalled that he threatened to sue for libel and that Leanna Love had written her own revision; Victor Newman: The Man, the Myth. Nikki was supportive, but she wondered why he wanted to do it. Victor said that it would be for the family. Nikki suggested that he make personalized videos for the kids and grandchildren instead, but Victor preferred the permanence of the written word. Nikki worried that Victor was implying that he was ill, and he assured her that he was fine. Nikki asked if he was prepared to include the bad along with the good, and Victor said yes.

Lauren asked Michael why he brought her to the Athletic Club. He stated that he was starting to get stir crazy due to spending half the night waiting by the phone. Michael insisted that Lauren eat something, but she said she wasn't hungry. Lauren wondered if they should tell Fen that his brother was missing. Michael didn't see any reason to upset Fen when they didn't have any answers. An emotional Lauren said that all she knew was that her son had been kidnapped and the ransom was $10,000,000, which she and Michael couldn't afford. Michael promised that they would get the money and bring Scotty home. Lauren said she was willing to sacrifice Fenmore's to save Scotty's life, but Michael said it would take too much time to liquidate the company's assets. He thought that they'd have to go to family. Lauren noted that Jill was angry with her right now. Michael gently told Lauren that her sister had a heart attack. He assured the shocked Lauren that Jill was fine now. Lauren couldn't believe no one told her. She wondered if Jill had kept her in the dark to punish her for selling part of Fenmore. Michael pointed out that Jill just got out of the hospital. Michael was confident that Jill would insist on helping Scott. Lauren was worried that Jill might not be well enough for bad news. Michael and Lauren both wanted to check on Jill, so they decided to visit. They agreed not to ask Jill for help unless she seemed like she was physically up to it.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Jill looked at a photo of herself with Colin. Esther let Michael and Lauren in, then showed them into the living room. Lauren tentatively hugged Jill. Jill hesitated, but returned the embrace. Lauren said she was so happy that Jill was okay, then she asked if she really was okay. Jill joked that she'd live to be a hundred as long as she ate rabbit food and worked out like a demon. Michael was worried that Jill's flippant response meant she wasn't taking this seriously. Jill admitted she'd been in denial at first, but she assured him that she was taking care of herself. Jill grew concerned by Michael and Lauren's exhausted demeanor. Lauren cried as she and Michael told Jill about Scotty. Lauren admitted she hated to do this, but she asked if Jill could lend them the money. A humiliated Jill confided in them about Colin. She told them that she couldn't help them due to Colin's greed and her own stupidity. Lauren said it was okay, but Jill tearfully yelled that it wasn't okay. Michael urged her to calm down, reminding her that she didn't need the stress. Lauren advised Jill to rest. Jill asked what they were going to do. Lauren vowed to figure something out. She was adamant that nothing would stop her from bringing her son home. Jill hugged Lauren. The kidnapper called Lauren just before she and Michael left.

Esther noticed that Jill was wound up; she assumed it was due to Michael and Lauren's visit, but Jill said it was because of Colin. Jill said that Colin had cost them more than she ever thought possible. Esther was curious, but Jill didn't want to discuss it. Esther urged Jill to eat, but Jill didn't want to. Jill bristled when Esther began to talk about the importance of regular meals. Esther said that they both knew what Katherine would say. Esther added that Jill wouldn't be able to ignore Katherine if she were alive. Jill admitted that Esther was right – she could never ignore Katherine. Later, Jill ate, then she yelled out to Esther that the meal wasn't horrible. Jill looked up at Katherine's portrait and said “Are you happy now?,” with a smile.

Michael and Lauren went to the Ranch and asked Nikki if they could see Victor. While Nikki was off looking for Victor, Lauren asked Michael if he was sure this was the right thing to do. Michael admitted that he wasn't sure, but he thought Victor was their best chance of bringing Scott home. Lauren worried about what Victor make them do in return for ten million dollars. Michael asked if it mattered and Lauren said that all that mattered was Scott's freedom. Michael warned Lauren that Victor might refuse to help because Michael had double crossed him and tried to get him sent to prison. Michael thought that it was important that they didn't make this about Michael, Lauren or Scotty. Michael stated that Victor loved to fight for a great cause, and he thought that Victor would want to come to the aid of an award-winning journalist being held captive by terrorists.

After Michael and Lauren filled Victor and Nikki in, Lauren asked for a loan to pay the ransom. Victor assured them that he didn't mean to be harsh, but he asked how they knew Scott was still alive. Michael stated that the cash seemed to mean more to the captors than Scott. Nikki and Victor wondered what they knew about the captors. Michael explained that Paul reached out, but none of the authorities knew anything. Victor noted that this made things complicated. Lauren grew frustrated because Victor hadn't said whether or not he was going to help. She quickly apologized, and Victor hugged her. Lauren explained that she needed an answer, so she could make other arrangements if he wasn't going to help. Victor was concerned paying the ransom would result in the captors kidnapping another journalist. Lauren said that right now she could only think about her son. Lauren noted that Victor would move heaven and earth to save his own children, and she begged him to do the same for her son. Victor agreed that he knew what Lauren was going through. He agreed to help on the condition that Michael and Lauren did exactly as he said. He warned them that this was a complicated situation. Michael and Lauren agreed to the terms. Lauren thanked Victor, but he told her to thank him after she was reunited with her son.

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