Monday Y&R Update 2/27/17

The Y&R Update Monday 2/27/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Michael is repulsed by what he sees in Jack’s office. Gloria stops massaging Jack’s shoulders when Michael enters to deliver a set of documents. He can’t let it go and asks what he walked in on.

At home, Lauren cries over Scott’s kidnapping. Paul comes with news. The State Department has traced Scott’s location. “The Middle East” is the best the government can do? Paul is sorry, but proper channels must be followed. Lauren rants about her rights as an American citizen then curses Scott for accepting such a dangerous job. She’s made up her mind to pay the $10 million ransom. Paul thinks that’s a bad idea. The extortionists will only ask for more money and may not release Scott anyway. Lauren resents his comparison of her situation to Paul’s. Dylan was a trained cop who went undercover. Scott is a writer.

Ravi works feverishly in his cramped office. Phyllis comes to put the finishing touches on the virtual dressing room app, which is to launch today. Or maybe not. Ravi says they have a big problem. The app will surely crash if it’s launched as is. Phyllis tries to calm him.

Nikki comes to the house to see Reed, not his mom. Does he read music? A little bit. She gives him a sheet to study, hoping they can do another duet someday. She saw the video of his performance at the Underground and approves. Victoria enters the room. She does not approve. He broke her rules and went to a bar and on a school night, to boot.

Again in Jack’s office: He explains that he injured his rotator cuff in a skiing accident. Last summer? Gloria thinks on her feet: a water skiing accident. Michael is skeptical. And massaging the boss is a receptionist’s duty? What can she say? She’s a versatile assistant. Jack dismisses her. Michael demands to know why Jack really hired his mother and what his intentions are. Jack is coy at first and then tells something approaching the truth. He’s paying her back for helping him acquire Fenmore’s.

In Ravi’s office: Lauren is tied up with a family issue, so Phyllis will shoulder the load for now. She doesn’t mind, but she wishes she could help her friend. Ravi says there are many ways to help. He recalls helping his widowed uncle get over the loss of his wife by finishing a project he’d started for her. Phyllis is charmed by the story and agrees that finishing the app is the best way to help Lauren. They roll up their sleeves and get to work.

Reed’s mom told him to follow his dreams and then got angry when he did. Victoria and Reed argue in front of Nikki. It ends when he bolts upstairs to his room. Nikki suggests that Victoria is being a tad harsh on him. Victoria feels justified, citing a pattern of disrespectful behavior. Such as? Nikki asks. Victoria tells her about his stealing her credit card to view online porn. Nikki laughs. It’s normal for a teenage boy to be interested in sex. And it’s not as though he participated. Victoria winces at the reminder. Nikki and Victor bailed her out by purchasing every magazine in which Victoria appeared nude AND bought the publishing company. Victoria sighs. So Nikki thinks she’s a hypocrite?

In Ravi’s office: Phyllis is grateful to Ravi for his perspective. He suspects she’s too close to the problem to be able to see a clear solution. The subject of Ashley comes up. Phyllis knows Ashley hates her and wishes she’d disappear. Actually, Ravi says, she’s OK with their relationship as it is. He just wishes everyone at Jabot would cut the drama. It’s so unproductive. He broaches the subject of Phyllis’s working relationship with Jack. She accepts it. In fact, she’s on her way to see him to discuss the app.

Gloria returns to Jack’s office. He compliments her quick thinking. She says they’re a team. He recognizes this, begrudgingly, but says they need to be more discreet. She questions the nature of their relationship. Are they a couple? Jack doesn’t answer definitively. In any case, Gloria says, they’re on the same side, and she aspires to be more than just a receptionist. Jack says if she stops threatening him and proves herself valuable, she’ll be rewarded. She’ll see him later. . . . Phyllis, finishing up a phone call outside Jack’s office, overhears part of the conversation but it’s not clear how much. She enters and would like to talk about the line between personal and professional.

Over cookies and tea, Nikki assures Victoria that she’s not a hypocrite. Raising teens is tough. Yes, and after Reed, Victoria has two more kids to see though those years. Nikki thinks encouraging Reed’s interest in music would create a diversion, and he obviously has talent. She leaves. Victoria calls Reed downstairs and offers him a cookie. She wants to talk about his music. Would he like to take lessons? He’s surprised at her interest and accepts her offer to pay for them. She asks something in return, which turns him off immediately. Doesn’t Reed want to know what Victoria’s request is? No. He knew the offer was too good to be true. She tells him anyway. She’d like to hear him play. She retrieves his guitar, which she confiscated, and gives it to him. Victoria listens and seems proud.

Paul apologizes for his insensitivity. Dylan’s and Scott’s situations are completely different. He urges her to keep a cool head. She thanks him for his support. His plan calls for two phone calls: one to the State Department for updates and another to Journalists International, which helps rescue reporters in danger. His one-step-at-a-time strategy, which by his own admission might not bear fruit, doesn’t appeal to her. She wants quick results. She’ll pay the ransom. Michael comes home in the midst of this and sides with Lauren. Whatever she wants to do for her son is what they’ll do.

In Jack’s office: He asks what Phyllis thinks she witnessed. Jack with Gloria, of course. His hatred for her is common knowledge. Jack says he’s a forgiving guy. That’s a good one! He couldn’t manage to forgive Phyllis. Speaking of that, his and Ashley’s animosity toward Phyllis is causing trouble in the ranks. Ravi is upset by it, and they need to keep Ravi happy. At the moment, he holds the key to Jabot’s success. Jack is through talking and dismisses Phyllis. She leaves in a snit. Jack reflects.

Phyllis barges into Ravi’s office and demands he answer a question: Is she needy? Is she afraid to be alone? He answers with a question: Isn’t everyone?

Gloria flees the athletic club bar when she sees Jack in the foyer and nearly flattens Nikki in the process. Nikki turns around in time to see Jack ascend the stairs after Gloria.

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