Friday Y&R Update 2/24/17

The Y&R Update Friday 2/24/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Jack arrives at the old Chancellor mansion with a gift for Jill. Esther tries to prevent his entering, but Jill hears him and invites him in. She’s settled on the sofa and resents being treated like an invalid. Jack knows she’ll recover; only the good die young. That comment and his gag gift of a Jack-in-the-Box get a laugh out of her. As soon as possible, she aims to finalize her purchase of his Fenmore’s shares. Jack already knows she can’t. Colin stole all her money. Jill becomes riled at the mention of his name. Jack plays devil’s advocate. He thinks Colin means well. Jill won’t be distracted from her main goal, which is to hold Jack to his agreement.

At home, Lauren is distraught over Scott’s disappearance on the job. When Phyllis arrives to work on the virtual dressing room app, Lauren tells her all about it. Lauren last heard from her son on Valentine’s Day. Phyllis urges her to stay positive, but Lauren has a bad feeling. She cries.

Gloria takes a phone message outside Jack’s office. Michael surprises her. He’s cynical about her job and tries to get her to tell why she accepted it. Gloria has ambitions. She doesn’t intend to stay on the bottom rung for long. Moving on, Michael requests a meeting with Jack. Gloria says he’s not in and she doesn’t know where he is or when he’ll be back. Michael thinks that should be one of her main responsibilities. What exactly are they?

Sharon is in control behind the Crimson Lights counter. Noah applauds her, but is she sure she prefers this to the world of fashion? Yes. Dylan left it to her. Noah winces. He still can’t understand why Dylan left her the way he did. Sharon has put it behind her and encourages him to do likewise. She’s not hiding anything. But Noah has been. He and Marisa broke up.

Phyllis plays mother hen. Why doesn’t Lauren take the day off? Has she eaten? Lauren refuses to leave her apartment for fear of missing a call about Scott. OK then, Phyllis will order in and answer the phone if need be while Lauren showers. Afterward, they review the app.

At Jabot: Gloria rattles off a list of her duties and then asks what Michael’s business is with Jack. He’s to go over the Fenmore’s purchase but gives no details, which makes Gloria crazy with curiosity. She pouts. It’s one thing for Michael and Lauren to kick her out of their home, but to shut her out of their lives hurts even more. She’s family. Well, Gloria should have thought about that before she sabotaged Lauren’s business deals.

At Crimson Lights: Marisa went back to Spain to be with her daughter and Noah wasn’t up for the move. His family is in Genoa City and he loves his job. Working at the Underground has given him a glimpse of the single life and it looks appealing. Sharon sees his point and thinks that might her problem. She married and had Noah when she was very young---which she doesn’t regret---but she never got a chance to date casually. Noah returns to the subject of Dylan. Even Grandma defended him. She said he had no choice but to leave town. What did she mean by that? Sharon, never one to keep a secret for long, spills. Nikki, Paul, and Victor know the whole story. Dylan left to protect Sharon and those close to her.

At the Chancellor mansion: Jack tries to calm Jill. Despite what he said earlier, he thinks she should quit Colin, cold turkey, and concentrate on her recovery. Jill won’t let go of the Fenmore’s stock deal. Jack appeases her by saying he looks forward to receiving her offer. He kisses her on the head and leaves.

At Jabot: Gloria insists that Jack finally recognized her talents and hired her, but Michael doesn’t buy it. She helped Jack strong-arm Lauren into selling to him, but he no longer needs her. What does she have on Jack? Gloria gives up. It’s true. She has X-rated photos of Jack and is blackmailing him. Ha, ha. She almost had Michael going, but he hopes if that were true she’d hold out for a bigger reward than a receptionist’s job.

Again at Crimson Lights: Sharon lets it all out: about the vengeful drug cartel, the witness protection program, everything. Noah is apparently unfamiliar with the witness protection program because he can’t understand why she can’t have contact with Dylan. At the very least, why did Paul ask Sharon to perpetuate such a cruel story about why they separated? Sharon has to admit, it’s not entirely untrue. Her lie about Christian’s paternity inspired Dylan to take a dangerous assignment. Sharon can’t tell Mariah—the gossip show host—or Faith. If she changes her story again, Sharon will never regain Faith’s trust. Nick can’t know the truth either, Sharon warns. Her secret is safe with Noah.

Jack arrives at his office. He overrides Gloria and accepts Michael’s unscheduled meeting---and Gloria is not invited to listen in. Michael explains that he is functioning as Lauren's proxy. Scott is missing. Jack is sympathetic and offers help. Does he have contacts in the intelligence community? If not, the best thing he can do is give her space. Jack has no problem with that, now that Jill is no longer breathing down his neck to sell his shares. Michael is stunned. It’s the first he’s heard of it. He wouldn’t wish a heart attack on anyone, but he’s glad Lauren won’t have to do battle with Jill.

At the Chancellor mansion: Jill scours her portfolio for more stocks to sell. Esther hovers and tells her to prepare for a healthy bowl of Mediterranean-style soup. Jill balks and grouses about everything. Esther says Mrs. C would be disappointed in her defeatist attitude. Jill consents to eat a bowl of soup and sends Esther away. Colin rings the bell, and despite her best efforts to slam the door in his face, Esther can’t keep him out. He wants to pick up his clothes while Jill is still in the hospital. Too late, Jill calls out from the living room. He’s not surprised she’s making such a speedy recovery. He admires her. Jill isn’t flattered. She orders Esther to help bag up his clothes. She can’t. Billy donated them to charity. Jill gets angry. That was her decision to make!

Gloria is caught listening in on Michael and Jack’s meeting. She knows something is going on with Lauren, but Michael divulges nothing and leaves. Jack won’t violate Michael’s confidence. She reminds Jack of their night in the hotel and he caves. Scott is missing, so Lauren will be unavailable for a while. In that case, Gloria can pitch in and help manage the business. He objects. She butters him up with a shoulder massage.

At the Chancellor mansion: Jill takes on Colin by herself. Colin wanted to prove himself to Jill by scoring big with his investment. He was tired of being just arm candy. She shakes her head. She never saw him that way. That’s water under the bridge, anyway. He knows he lost everything, including her respect and her money. Esther returns. Lunch is served and Colin isn’t invited to stay. After he leaves, Jill curses Esther for letting Billy dispose of Colin’s things. Jill is no longer hungry and wants to be left alone. Katherine’s portrait looms. She warned Jill about Colin. Katherine proved too that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a prince. Well, what if Jill prefers a frog . . . ? No. She'll bounce back and do as Katherine did: live till she dies.

Colin encounters a homeless man in the park. He’s wearing Colin’s cashmere coat. They talk about their hopes for the future and Colin leaves without attempting to recover his coat.

At Crimson Lights: Sharon and Noah toast to their futures and decide their lives are similar. Both make a living serving drinks and both are newly single. They promise to take care of each other.

Michael returns to Jabot and sees something that sears his eyeballs: Gloria massaging Jack and Jack seeming to enjoy it.

After agreeing on changes to the app, Phyllis leaves Lauren’s apartment. A moment later, Lauren’s phone rings. An unknown caller demands $10 million for her son’s life.

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