Thursday Y&R Update 2/23/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 2/23/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Jill isn’t the least bit interested in the bouquet Colin brings her in the hospital, and she’s pretty hard on him when he proposes starting with a clean slate. He means an empty bank account! As far as she’s concerned, they’re through.

Billy and Victoria chat on the Crimson Lights patio. He wants Colin out of Jill’s life, but she seems to have other ideas. She takes his hand in sympathy. Nick walks in and asks about Jill. He takes a seat, at their insistence, and compliments Victoria’s son on his performance at open-mic night. What?

Mariah approaches Noah at the Underground bar and orders a glass of bubbly. It’s on the house. He caught her GC Buzz interview. It was a stellar performance by all. She returns the love: Noah made a great discovery in Reed. He’s an Internet sensation. She secretly made a video of his act and uploaded it to the GC Buzz website. Noah isn’t sure that was such a great idea. The viewers’ comments can be brutal. Not to worry. The feedback has been nothing but positive. Reed walks in and is stunned at the reception he gets from Noah and Mariah.

Sharon goes to Nikki at the ranch, hat in hand. She’s sorry for dumping milk on Nikki’s head. It was an immature thing to do and she’d like to make it up to Nikki.

At the hospital: Colin won’t accept Jill’s rejection. He tries to convince her that money isn’t everything; she still has her health. That’s rich! She’s lying in a hospital bed. He promises to pay back every cent. Nope. He made his choice (money), and she’s made hers.

At Crimson Lights: Victoria is determined to punish Reed. Nick apologizes for his role in Reed’s delinquency. He didn’t realize the kid was still grounded but, frankly, Victoria would have been proud. This doesn’t change her mind.

At the Underground: Reed watches Mariah’s video on her phone and panics when he learns it’s on the web. His mom will see and there will be hell to pay. Mariah apologizes.

At the ranch: Sharon needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and look outward. She has a fine life, with her children and her job. Nikki plans to start a shelter for women who are in real need. It’s her way of honoring Dylan, a man who is always for the underdog. Can she count Sharon in? Sharon’s experience as a broken, insecure woman would be a great asset. Thanks . . . Sharon says. Then Nikki pays her a real compliment. She admires Sharon’s strength as a parent. She needs to draw on that strength to honor Dylan too. Sharon sees her point.

At Crimson Lights: Billy thinks Victoria’s strategy stinks, and Nick agrees. Let Reed have music as an outlet and he might stop acting out. Victoria is skeptical but asks Billy’s further advice. Just talk to him, he says. Nick again agrees.

At the Underground: Noah has Reed’s back, whatever the fallout. A young woman approaches. She loved Reed’s performance. Noah invites her to come back for more next week. Mariah and Noah congratulate Reed on his first groupie. Reed is humble. He never expected to be a rock star; he just wants to play his music. Although . . .

At the hospital: Colin sucks up some more, to no avail. Katherine, who had made her fair share of mistakes with men, warned Jill about Colin. If only she’d learned from the master. Colin scoffs. Her relationship with Katherine was toxic. He goes on to say terrible things about Katherine, which causes Jill physical distress. She gasps and clutches her chest. Machines beep, and the nurse rushes in and orders Colin out.

Chelsea startles Nick at the coffeehouse. He invited her, so he expected her, but he was deep in thought. He just wanted to see her. His talk with Victoria made him reflect on his own situation. While Victoria struggles through the teen years with her son, Nick revels in the joy of the toddler years with his son. Chelsea is in a similar situation with Connor, and Nick thinks they should count their blessings and make the most of their time.

Reed comes home, where Victoria lies in wait. Billy sits next to her on the sofa. Reed sticks to his story about being at the library—which closed an hour ago, his mom observes. She gets in his face and says she doesn’t enjoy busting him and arguing. Reed makes matters worse when he mentions the online video, which he assumes she saw. They go back and forth about his music and her rules. Billy stands by. Reed did go to the library, and then he stopped by the Underground, where Mariah and Noah gave him lots of support. Billy starts to make a comment, but Victoria tells him to butt out. She wants to know more about this video he spoke of. He was such a hit that Noah invited him back for next week’s open mic. So can he go? Or will he have to tell everyone that Mommy won’t let him?

Nick and Chelsea remain at the coffeehouse, swapping cute kid stories. Nick notes that despite similar parentage, his sons have such different personalities. Probably due to their different mothers, Chelsea says. Sharon arrives and is in a terrific mood, unlike last time Nick saw her. Even more impressive is that Nikki had a hand in it. She and Sharon bonded over Noah and his early struggles as a preemie. Sharon is determined to prove herself resilient again.

At the Underground, Nikki gets a look at Mariah’s video of Reed and likes what she sees. Noah serves her drink, presumably club soda, and speaks his mind about Dylan abandoning Sharon. Nikki tries to defend Dylan without giving away anything but only fuels Noah's curiosity. He won’t accept “it’s complicated” as an answer and Nikki is forced to flee, citing another engagement.

Sharon serves two coffees to Nick and Chelsea with a flourish. Chelsea admires her gumption. She knows how hard it is to get over the loss of a love. She relied on Connor and her memories of Adam to get her through the toughest times. She now appreciates her home and life. Sharon is further encouraged and goes home.

Reed shows his mom the video to prove his popularity. She’s unimpressed. Reed resents the implication that he should be like her. She doesn’t understand him! He runs upstairs to his room. Billy watches the video, sees the crowd reaction, and hears the cheers. He has to agree: Reed’s got talent.

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