Wednesday Y&R Update 2/22/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 2/22/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At GC Buzz, Hilary quickly touched base with Victoria before rushing off to prepare for the show. Lily and Victoria chatted briefly, then Mariah asked Victoria if she was happy with the way the Brash and Sassy products were arranged. Victoria assumed Cane had set up the display, and she said he was great at that kind of thing. Mariah said that Cane wasn't there. Victoria told Mariah how to arrange the display, and Mariah said that Victoria was great at that. Victoria joked that this was why she was the boss. Victoria wondered where her team was.

Hilary approached Jordan and said she didn't know he worked with Lily before. Jordan said that they both used to work at Jabot. Hilary asked if he and Lily had kept in touch afterward. Jordan said he hadn't seen Lily in ten years, but he thought it was great that they got to work together again. Jordan walked off. “Yep, I'm sure it is,” Hilary said with a sly smile.

Lily asked Devon where his soon to be ex wife was. Devon replied that she was prepping for the interview. Lily admitted that she was concerned that Hilary would make her look bad during the interview, but Devon assured her that Hilary wouldn't. Lily wondered where Cane was. Devon was sure Cane was on the way. He assumed that Lily wanted to make Cane look good. Lily confirmed it, but she said she also wanted to be good at her job. Devon replied that she was good at her job, and he urged her to stop stressing about Hilary.

Hilary asked Devon to sign off on some changes she'd made to the interview. Devon said he was sure they were fine, but Hilary still wanted his approval. Devon asked when she stared caring about his opinion on the show. Hilary said that he was her boss. She stated that she liked her job and wanted to impress him so that he wouldn't fire her after they got divorced. Devon reminded her that he had no intention of firing her. Hilary said she wanted to keep it that way. She handed him the script and walked away.

At the Club, Colin told Cane that Billy had no reason to have him arrested. Cane countered that Colin had committed grand larceny. Colin stated that he and Jill were married, so what was hers was his. Cane got a text from Victoria. He told his dad that he had to get to GC Buzz, and he warned him to stay away from Jill. Colin said he had to make this right, to give his marriage a chance to survive. Cane noted that Colin had stolen millions of dollars. Colin vowed to pay it back, with Cane's help. Cane said he didn't have the money and even if he did, he wouldn't give it to Colin.

Colin admitted he'd hoped Cane would convince Devon to loan Colin the money. Cane asked why Devon would be willing to lend money to the man who blackmailed him. Cane then asked how Colin even intended to pay Devon back. Colin said he planned to use the money from the stocks he bought, but Cane was skeptical. Cane firmly refused to ask Devon for a loan, and he forbid Colin from doing so either. Cane said that Colin couldn't use money to get back into Jill's heart. Colin sighed and decided to talk to Jill and explain himself. Cane reiterated that Colin should stay away from Jill. Exasperated, Cane noted that Lily was going on television to showcase something Cane created today, and it would be nice if Colin stopped trying to get money out of him and wished him luck. Colin sputtered, and Cane walked away.

Neil spotted Colin at the Athletic Club bar. According to Neil, Lily told him about Jill's heart attack. Neil didn't think it was a good idea for Colin to be at the bar while Jill was in the ICU, even if he was to blame for her heart attack. Colin demanded to know who told him that. Neil said that Lily did. Colin admitted that she was right. Neil noted that Colin stole all of Jill's money. Colin insisted that he borrowed it and he vowed to replace it. Neil asked how. Colin pointed out to Neil that their children had married each other. Neil realized Colin was angling for Neil to ask Devon for the money. Neil said he wouldn't do it, so Colin glumly said he'd have to go somewhere else to get it. Neil suspected that that Colin was going to look for someone to cheat and blackmail. Neil asked if Colin ever loved Jill. Colin was offended, but Neil pointed out that when they met Colin was broke and Jill was rich. Colin added that she was also charming, witty and sexy. Colin sighed that he couldn't lose her. Neil conceded that Colin could have skipped town now that Jill was broke, but instead he'd stuck around. Colin insisted that he loved his wife, and he vowed to prove it by replacing the money. Neil advised Colin to forget the money and prove his love for Jill by being the man she fell in love with.

At the hospital, Jill ordered Billy to stop hovering, but he vowed to keep hovering for the rest of her life. Jill urged him to go help Victoria at GC Buzz. Billy noted that she had Cane to help, but Jill replied that Cane wasn't Billy. Billy advised Jill to focus on her health instead of his love life. Jill told Billy to stop pretending he was there out of a misguided attempt to nurse her. Billy admitted that he was sticking around for the same reason she wanted him to leave – Colin. Billy acknowledged that she wanted to call Colin, but he pointed out that Colin had drained her bank account. Jill was annoyed that Billy thought she needed to be reminded. She snapped that the heart attack didn't make her an invalid, and she had the right to see whom she wanted to see. Billy gently told Jill that Colin caused her stress, which the doctors said she had to avoid. Jill promised to stay calm.

Billy maintained that Colin was a conman who married Jill for her money. Jill was hurt that Billy thought so little of her that he couldn't believe that Colin ever loved her. Billy clarified that he thought Colin would be a fool not to love her. He added that Colin wasn't smart enough to realize that Jill's love was worth more than the millions he stole from her. Jill asked if Billy thought Colin would run off and find another rich lonely woman. Billy didn't think Jill was lonely, since she had Billy. Jill countered that Billy could barely talk to her for an hour at a time. Billy noted that she had grandchildren, but Jill said she only got a few hours a week with them. She stated that she didn't have Brash and Sassy, she couldn't afford to buy Fenmore's and the doctor had ordered her to cut her hours at Chancellor. She asked if Billy knew how much time that left her to miss Colin. Billy told her that taking Colin back wasn't the answer.

Jill was adamant that she needed to talk to her husband. Billy asked if she'd wait until she was discharged from the hospital and stronger. Jill realized Billy had told the hospital to bar Colin from her room. Billy admitted it, and Jill cried that it wasn't his decision. Billy told her she could have whatever she wanted when she got home. He kissed her goodbye and told her to rest. Billy told his mother he loved her, but she refused to look at him or reply. After Billy left, Jill dreamed about her past with Colin. She recalled her most recent argument with Colin over the drained bank accounts and defending Colin to a suspicious Katherine. Katherine had been offended when Jill compared Colin to Murphy. Jill insulted Murphy, and Katherine slapped her. Next, Jill remembered scolding Katherine to task for neglecting her health. Jill said she wanted Katherine to be around for years to come, and Katherine had promised that she wasn't going anywhere. In the present, Colin walked into Jill's hospital room with a bouquet in his hand. He thanked her for calling. Jill said it was time they discussed their future. Jill had a vision of Katherine sitting by the foot of her hospital bed.

Back at GC Buzz, Victoria instructed Jordan to take pictures of the products. Jordan walked off and got to work. Cane arrived and asked her why Jordan was there. Victoria explained that she hired him to take some pictures for the website. Cane was miffed that Victoria didn't run it by Cane, since he'd arranged the interview. Victoria said that she'd told Cane more than once how helpful he'd been, but now that she owned the company, she didn't have to run every decision past him. Cane wondered if it was too much to ask that Victoria inform him. Victoria agreed to inform Cane, then she told him that Lily and Jordan worked so well together that she was thinking of hiring him exclusively for Brash and Sassy. Victoria walked away. Hilary noticed Cane staring at Jordan. Later, Victoria overheard Cane tell someone to put two more chairs on the set. Victoria clarified that only she and Lily were going to be interviewed. Cane thought that the original plan was for him, Victoria and Billy to present the products together. Victoria felt that the set would be too crowded if they were all involved. Cane stated that he'd already taken that into consideration, but Victoria said that he should have consulted her before he went ahead with his plan. Hilary observed Cane and Victoria from a distance. Cane wondered if Victoria planned to micromanage everything. Billy arrived and suggested that Cane get it through his thick skull that he wasn't co-CEO anymore.

Cane asked Devon where Lily was. Devon told him, then Devon said he was sorry that Victoria bought the company out from under him. Cane realized Devon saw his conversation with Victoria. Devon noted that it was a small studio, and he told Cane that it was smart to walk away when Billy showed up. Cane smiled and said that he didn't want to upset Lily by getting into a fight in Devon's studio. Devon asked about Jill and mentioned that he heard Colin caused her condition. Cane stated that while Colin might have raised her blood pressure, Jill had other health issues that had gone untreated. Devon said that he heard Colin was looking for money, and Cane assured him that he'd made sure Colin wouldn't come to Devon. Devon was glad since he considered Colin a bad bet. Cane bristled and said that Colin was a thief and liar, but he'd made Jill a lot of money. Cane was sure that Colin would find a way to pay her back. Devon was surprised to hear Cane defending Colin. Cane said that Colin was his father. Cane looked across the room at Billy, and said that despite what a lot of people thought, Colin loved Jill and felt guilty for what he'd done.

Cane kissed Lily hello. Lily said she was sorry about the way Victoria was acting, but Cane told her he was over it. He complimented Lily's look and offered some positive thoughts about the interview, then she left to get ready. Cane and Billy locked eyes from across the room.

Hilary and Mariah did a short interview with Victoria, during which Victoria showcased the Dare product line, for men. Next, Victoria introduced Lily. Mariah said that she was looking for a man and asked what they should wear to attract her. Lily began to advertise Dare, until Hilary interjected that she couldn't help noticing that Lily was being followed by a handsome man. The camera panned to Jordan, and Victoria introduced him. Hilary noted that Lily and Jordan had history. Lily confirmed that she and Jordan worked together before. Hilary said that it must be nice to be followed by such a handsome man who was entranced by her every move. Mariah noted that Lily was married, then Mariah told Jordan that she (Mariah) was single. Hilary seized the opportunity to talk about Cane's contribution to the line. Victoria stated that he and Billy deserved a lot of credit. Hilary invited Cane onstage, and he accepted, then she convinced Jordan to join them, too.

Later, Hilary suggested that the men try out the body spray. Cane announced that he had an idea to make it more fun; he took off his shirt, and Jordan followed suit. This elicited lots of smiles from Mariah and Hilary, but Devon, Billy and Victoria just stared. Lily sprayed Cane and inhaled. Cane nuzzled Lily's neck and said she smelled like Bare, the women's line. Hilary was going to spray Jordan, but Mariah insisted on doing it. The interview was wrapped up by the hosts complimenting Victoria as a leader. Afterward, Billy demanded to know what Cane was doing. Cane said he was selling products. Billy argued that Cane was selling himself. Cane noted that no one stopped Billy from getting on stage and taking off his shirt. Cane walked away, and Victoria rushed over to prevent Billy from following. Billy contended that Cane tried to upstage Victoria. Victoria stated that the segment was successful, which was all that mattered. Victoria thanked Mariah and Hilary for having her on the show, but they said they were grateful to Victoria, because the internet loved the shirtless guys.

Hilary and Mariah thanked Jordan for being a good sport, then Devon congratulated them on a fantastic show. Devon's smile faded as Hilary playfully ran her finger down Jordan's chest and said that his abs had a lot to do with the success.

At Crimson Lights, Billy griped to Victoria about Cane. Billy noticed that the show was trending on twitter, thanks to a poll on which man had the best abs. Victoria admitted that she'd wanted her moment in the spotlight as CEO, but she realized that the segment wouldn't have been as big of a hit without the spontaneous fun that Cane engineered. Billy said he still wanted to punch Cane. Victoria pointed out that the segment was responsible for a big spike in sales, thanks to people from all over the world watching it online. She thought that was what really mattered. Billy felt that it was important that Victoria ran Brash and Sassy. He predicted that she'd have problems if she let Cane get away with doing his own thing. Victoria was sure she could handle Cane's ego, since she'd dealt with Victor. Billy noted that Colin had almost killed Jill. Victoria countered that Cane wasn't Colin. Billy was convinced that Cane would do anything to get what he wanted, just like his father.

Back at Brash and Sassy, Jordan told Hilary and Mariah that they had great chemistry. Devon watched from a distance as Hilary asked Jordan to come back some time to take pictures of her and Mariah, then hugged him. Jordan agreed, adding that it would give him an excuse to work with them again. Mariah told Jordan that she voted for him in the poll. Jordan thanked her. Jordan said goodbye to Devon and left. Mariah also left the area. Devon approached Hilary and told her she did a great job. She told him to admit he was nervous at first. Devon said that at first he was worried she was about to reveal a secret, but she flipped it around and made everyone on set look great. Devon said that when he saw Hilary flirting with Jordan, it made him realize that once they were divorced, she'd be free to see other people. Hilary asked what his point was. Devon confessed that he wasn't crazy about that idea. He said that as difficult as it was to be together, his life was lousy without her. Devon pulled Hilary into a kiss.

Lily squealed when Cane carried her over the threshold into their home. They kissed passionately, then Lily asked how Cane came up with that idea so quickly after Hilary blindsided them. Cane said that today was about selling the men's line and making sure Lily was taken care of. Lily was sure that Victoria would see Cane's worth now. Cane disagreed. He thought that Victoria and Billy wanted him to be miserable. Lily wondered if he was thinking about quitting, but Cane said he wouldn't give them the satisfaction. Lily said she didn't want Cane to go into work every day wondering what Victoria and Billy were hatching. Cane assured her that wouldn't happen. He said he'd be working with the beautiful and smart brand ambassador. They continued to flirt as Lily unbuttoned Cane's shirt, then he carried her into the bedroom.

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