Tuesday Y&R Update 2/21/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 2/21/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Phyllis ran into Ravi in the Jabot lobby and thanked him for keeping her company on Valentine's day. She asked where he went afterward, and he said that he went back to work. Phyllis advised him to take a break every once in awhile. Ashley arrived and spotted the pair talking. She walked over just as Phyllis did a silly dance and playfully teased Ravi about his taste in music. Ashley asked Ravi for an update on his software. He asked if she needed him now. Ashley said yes and reminded him that it was what they paid him to do. Ravi apologized and walked away.

Phyllis said she thought Ashley traumatized Ravi, and she mentioned that this used to be a pleasant place to work. Ashley accused Phyllis of treating the Abbott family business like a game to stay close to Jack. Phyllis felt that Ashley was throwing a tantrum because she was unhappy that Ravi spent time with Phyllis. Ashley admitted that she didn't like it, and she went back into Jack's office. Phyllis followed and accused her of viewing Ravi as property. Ashley clarified that she saw him as an intelligent kid who hadn't yet been jaded by working with people like Phyllis. Phyllis stated that Ravi was a man, then she said she wondered whether Ashley remembered those. Ashley said she cared about Ravi and didn't want to see him get hurt. Phyllis felt that Ashley had hurt Ravi by snapping at him earlier. Ashley said that Phyllis hurt multiple people.

Ashley popped into Ravi's office. He gave her the update and apologized for it being late. Ashley admitted that she overreacted and she asked for his forgiveness. He forgave her, and she confessed that she acted like that because she saw him with Phyllis. Ravi asked why, and Ashley noted that she'd confided in him about Phyllis. Ravi assured Ashley that he'd never repeat anything she told him. He asked if she didn't want him to socialize with Phyllis outside of work. Ashley said that he was entitled to have a life, and she didn't want him to feel like he had to choose sides. Ravi was glad to hear that, since he didn't have a lot of friends. Ashley was concerned Ravi's kind and trusting nature would get him hurt. Later, Phyllis walked in and told Ravi that Ashley was out of line earlier. Ravi disagreed; he noted that Ashley was his boss. Phyllis contended that it didn't give her the right to disrespect him. Phyllis said that Ravi was a good worker who deserved better. Ravi thanked her. Phyllis said it was the truth. She left. Ravi flashed back to hugging Ashley.

Cane and Lily talked over breakfast at Crimson Lights. He thanked her for letting his dad spend the night and for not asking how long he'd be there. Lily assumed that Cane didn't know how long Colin would be staying. Cane said he hoped Colin slithered off their couch and into Jill's good graces soon. Lily wondered whether Jill had other ideas. Cane called the hospital for an update on Jill, but they wouldn't give him any information, because he wasn't family. He decided to visit later. Lily was concerned that Colin would take advantage of their limited space, but Cane assured her that he wouldn't. He told Lily that today was about her and her interview. Lily was excited, but she wished Hilary wasn't the interviewer. Lily thought it was sweet of Victoria to let her be a part of the interview. Cane said that the sales had doubled over their projections, thanks to Lily. He told her that she'd made the brand a smash hit. Lily thanked Cane for being her number one fan. She noted that he had a lot going on with Jill in the hospital. Cane sensed that Lily was also talking about him dealing with his diminished role at Brash and Sassy. Lily assured Cane that he was important to the company and that it would be the company's loss if they didn't value and cherish him like Lily did.

At the Club, Jack left a testy voice message for Jill. He noted that this was the fourth time that he called. He assumed that she was avoiding him, and he stated that he wouldn't consider her counter offer if she kept dodging his calls. Hilary spotted Jack and joined him. She mentioned that she saw him coming out of a room upstairs. Jack denied it, so Hilary dropped the subject. Jack asked about Devon. Hilary explained that Michael wanted her to sign a paper relinquishing claim to Devon's fortune. She was insulted because she'd already said that she didn't want Devon's money. Jack was convinced that Hilary was after something, and he asked what it was. Hilary hoped Jack didn't think she was after a payout. He assured her that he'd believe whatever she said, but he asked her to consider Devon's perspective. Jack noted that Hilary had shredded the $250,000,000 settlement check Devon gave her, because she said she didn't want his money, but she'd also refused to sign the paper putting her claim in writing. Jack pointed out that Hilary and Devon were getting divorced because he didn't trust her. Hilary admitted that Jack was right. She wished that she could do things differently. Jack accused her of sounding like Phyllis. Hilary was offended, but Jack said he was trying to save her some heartache. He told her that she couldn't go back or ask people to forgive and forget. Hilary turned the tables and gave Jack advice. Hilary told Jack that she knew she saw him coming out of the hotel room of “a certain flat broke jet-setter” who'd nearly slandered his name on live television. Hilary reminded him that this woman was unstable and that it was dangerous to play with fire. Jack admitted that he liked danger sometimes, just like Hilary did. He kissed Hilary's forehead and left.

Devon arrived at GC Buzz. Mariah assumed he was there to watch Lily and Victoria's interview. Devon confirmed that he wanted to lend Lily some brotherly support, but he added that he wanted to take a more active role at the studio. Mariah noticed Devon glancing around and she told him that Hilary wasn't there, but it would be hard to avoid her once she arrived. Devon said he'd have to deal with it. Mariah questioned whether it was a good idea for Devon to spend a lot of time with the woman he just divorced. Devon reminded her that he wasn't divorced yet. Mariah wanted Devon to be happy there, but she thought it might be hard to focus on the show when Hilary was in the same room. Just then, Hilary walked in. Hilary said she didn't expect to see Devon. Devon noted that he owned the place. Mariah excused herself. Hilary clarified that she meant that Devon hadn't been around that much. Devon told her that was going to change, now that he'd fully recovered. Hilary thought that was fantastic. She said that her job had been a welcome distraction from the divorce proceedings. She noted that he hadn't signed the divorce papers yet, and she asked if he still thought she was going to try and take a swipe at his bank account. Devon told her that if she didn't plan to, she could always sign Michael's document. Hilary said that she wouldn't have torn up the check if she wanted his money.

Hilary stated that the money was great when they were together, but it was never necessary. Devon said he wouldn't feel right leaving Hilary penniless, but she replied that she'd survived on the bare minimum for most of her life. Hilary conceded that many people would look at a divorce settlement as a golden parachute, but she told Devon that she didn't need one, because she had wings. She assured him that he wouldn't leave her destitute. Devon said he believed she'd be successful at anything she put her mind to. Hilary thanked him. Lily walked in, and Hilary gave her a quick hug and said she was looking forward to the interview. Hilary went to prepare for the show. Lily flatly told Devon that she wouldn't allow him to have second thoughts about divorcing Hilary. She urged him to sign the papers and walk away. Devon said it wasn't that simple.

Lily took a seat on stage before the show. Hilary congratulated her on her modeling job and asked how she was hired. Lily explained that it all started because Jill asked her to fill in for an absent model. Hilary noted that Jill was Lily's mother in law, and she said it was no wonder that Lily was hired with Jill and Cane on her side. Lily pointed out Billy and Victoria's involvement. Hilary assured Lily that she wasn't implying nepotism. Hilary stated that she'd also been unfairly scrutinized when Devon bought GC Buzz and hired her as senior on air talent. Lily bristled and said she didn't think the situations were the same, and she didn't think Hilary was talented. Devon asked them to drop the topic. He and Lily talked privately, and he told her to relax, because today was a celebration of who she was. He asked where Cane was. Lily said he was supposedly on his way. She confided that Cane had been obsessing over buying Brash and Sassy. Lily said she'd never seen Cane so cutthroat and desperate, and she didn't understand why he was acting like that since they couldn't even afford to buy the company. Devon said they could come to him, but Lily said she wouldn't feel comfortable borrowing that much. Lily said that Cane had to adjust to her new job, but she assured Devon that her marriage was solid.

Jordan introduced himself to Hilary and asked to take some behind the scenes photos. Hilary mentioned that Brash and Sassy sent his portfolio over. She loved his work. Jordan gave all the credit to Lily, who he said could sell water to a well. Lily walked over and hugged Jordan. He said that he was just telling Hilary that Lily was his digital muse. Lily asked Jordan to keep her company while she got her makeup done. From across the room, Hilary observed Lily and Jordan laughing and talking, and told Mariah that they seemed cozier than colleagues.

Billy and Esther packed Colin's things and stacked them in the foyer of the Chancellor mansion. Billy revealed that he'd changed the locks on the house. He vowed to make sure Colin never hurt Jill again. Esther felt bad that she'd told Jill that she was probably suffering from acid reflux or the flu. Billy told Esther not to blame herself, since Jill's symptoms didn't seem like they'd be caused by a heart attack. Esther tearfully said she didn't want to lose Jill like she lost Katherine. Billy assured her that Jill would be fine. There was a knock on the door. They both assumed it was Colin, and Esther grabbed a golf club, vowing to bash him over the head. She opened the door and saw Jack. Esther left, and Billy coolly asked Jack what he wanted. Jack asked to see Jill. Billy told him about the heart attack, and Jack was shocked because he'd just seen Jill and she'd seemed fine. Jack filled Billy in on Jill's attempt to buy Jack's shares of Fenmore's. Billy had a feeling that Jack didn't want to sell, but Jack said that he'd made a counteroffer. Billy said that the deal was off for right now. Jack agreed that the important thing was that Jill make a full recovery.

Colin, who'd disguised himself using a baseball cap and shades, slipped into the sleeping Jill's hospital room. He apologized to her and told her that she didn't have to forgive him, then he begged her to get better. Colin admitted that he never should have taken her money and hurt her feelings, pride and heart. He said he loved Jill, and he promised to spend the rest of his life making it right, whether she took him back or not. Esther walked in, and her eyes widened in alarm. Colin insisted that he had a right to be there, but Esther threatened to call the cops. Colin reminded Esther that Jill was his wife. Esther countered that Jill needed a peaceful atmosphere, not the stress that Colin's presence would cause. Colin was adamant that he needed to be with Jill, but Esther didn't care what he needed. She left to alert security. Colin promised to prove his love for Jill, then he left. Later, Esther ran into Billy in the hallway and told him about her encounter with Colin.

Billy went in to visit Jill. She was happy to see him, but she grumbled that she wasn't sleeping well and that she could rest much better at home. Billy reminded her that she'd had two stents placed and wouldn't recover overnight. The doctor arrived, so Billy stepped out. Jill asked Dr. Lang to tell Billy and Esther that she'd had a routine procedure. Dr. Lang clarified that Jill's heart had been significantly damaged. Jill was eager to know what she had to do to get on with her life. Billy returned and Dr. Lang outlined the new lifestyle change Jill would have to adopt. She'd have to go on the Mediterranean diet, take blood pressure medicine, a blood thinner, a statin and exercise. Jill thought it sounded reasonable, but she was put out when the doctor said that she'd have to stop drinking and cut back on work. Dr. Lang said that if Jill followed the program, she'd live a long and healthy life. Billy was adamant that Jill would stick to the rules. Dr. Lang left. Jill said that she could've sworn she heard Colin earlier. Billy revealed that he and Esther and thrown Colin out of the house. Jill snapped that Billy had no right to do that. Billy reminded Jill that she needed to stay calm. Jill ordered him to stop treating her like an invalid. Billy had assumed Jill would be finished with Colin after he stole her money and put her in the hospital. Jill said that until a judge deemed her invalid, she was going to make her own choices, and, she wanted to see her husband right now.

Jack was dismayed when Colin entered his office uninvited. Colin tried to say something, but Jack felt that Colin should start with an apology for what happened the last time Colin was in town. Colin admitted that the blackmailing scheme had been rude. Colin asked Jack to give Jill more time to complete the Fenmore deal. Jack was eager to complete the sale, so he asked if Colin had Jill's power of attorney, or access to her personal accounts. Colin explained that he was only requesting more time. Jack grew suspicious, and he got Colin to admit that Jill didn't know Colin was there and that Colin didn't have the money. Jack wanted Colin to leave, but Colin swore he'd have the money as soon as his investment panned out. Jack said that explained why Colin's belongings had been by the door – Jill threw him out. Colin insisted that it was Billy's doing. Jack asked what Colin did, and Colin admitted to borrowing a large amount of Jill's money. Jack surmised that Colin wanted to close the deal so that he could stay on Jill's gravy train. Colin was surprised that Jack thought Colin was with Jill for the money. Colin said that Jack knew what it was like to lead a life full of passion and excitement, without worrying about what others thought. Colin stated it wasn't easy to find a woman to share it with. Colin went on to say that you took risks to keep things from getting dull, because you never knew when it would end. Jack could relate.

Colin said that after seeing Jill in the ICU, he knew he had to do whatever he could to make this work. Jack told him that the deal might be off the table, but Colin was sure that Jack would sell. Colin left, just as Ashley arrived. Jack brought Ashley up to speed on his meeting with Colin. Ashley said that Colin's marriage was none of their business, but she was all for Jack selling the shares. She felt that he'd overpaid. Jack added that it would also get Phyllis out of Ashley's orbit and away from Ravi. Phyllis thought she was entitled to a perk. Jack didn't think Colin would be able to come up with the money.

At the Club, Colin told Cane that the half-witted maid and idiot Billy had forgotten that he was Jill's husband. Colin said that he and Jill had something deep that would withstand this storm. Cane revealed that Billy called him to check up on Colin. According to Cane, Billy had vowed to do whatever it took to separate Colin from Jill, including having him arrested for draining her bank accounts.

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