Monday Y&R Update 2/20/17

The Y&R Update Monday 2/20/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Michael tries to ease Lauren’s anxiety. Scott called her, but they were cut off.

Billy finds Victoria wandering the hospital halls and is touched that she’s there to check on Jill. He’s glad to see her.

After dinner out, Mariah leads Sharon to Crimson Lights, the coffeehouse Dylan bequeathed to Sharon. They can’t end their evening yet. First they’ll have dessert and then go to the Underground. They’ll just kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy the entertainment. Mariah won’t take no for an answer. Sharon should at least put in an appearance to say hi to Noah. He’s been worried about her. In that case, count Sharon in. Talk turns to the future of Crimson Lights. Sharon isn’t sure she wants to hang on to it. Mariah tells her she must. While Mariah freshens up, Sharon flashes back to the first time she owned the place, with Nick. Cassie was just a little girl then, but she was excited about it too.

Noah sets up the Underground. Abby arrives and offers to help. Not long after, Nick and Chelsea appear. Chelsea squirms when Abby refers to them as “a couple.” Noah takes the stage and welcomes everyone to open-mic night, always full of fun and surprises. Chelsea assures Abby that she’s not crashing her “date” with Nick. Abby’s insecurities are showing again and she can’t resist sharing them. She needs Nick’s advice about working for Dad at Newman Enterprises. He’d like to help, but he’s out. He and Noah have their own little Newman team effort going, and he likes it that way. Victoria is a much better source. Abby can’t ask Victoria’s input; she sees her as competition.

In the hospital waiting room, Billy tells Victoria that one of Jill’s stents had to be replaced already, but she’s stable. She ignored all the heart attack warning signs. Billy now worries about everyone he knows and encourages Victoria to get checked for heart disease. Jill is going to have to make some big changes, and he intends to make some too.

At the Baldwins’: Lauren can’t be calmed. Her son is in a war zone, for God’s sake. She knows he’s doing important work, but the long stretches with no communication are torture for her. Perhaps it goes back to his infancy, when he was taken from her. Michael remains optimistic and encourages her to be too. She’s a strong woman. The doorbell rings. It’s Paul. He casually asks whether she’s heard from Scott lately. He already knows the answer but doesn’t say so. He heard from the State Department that Scott might be missing. The news agency Scott works for lost touch with him. The truth comes out: Michael initiated the search by asking Paul to look into Scott’s whereabouts. The news is grim. Scott missed a story deadline and both he and his driver are missing.

Again at the hospital: Victoria is confident Jill will do what needs to be done. She’s strong. She’s pigheaded, Billy says. She needs to eliminate stress, specifically from work and especially from Colin. Billy will protect her. Victoria has to run. He thanks her for coming.

Victoria comes home to find Reed sulking on the sofa. What’s he up to? Nothing, as ordered. How was the rest of the Newman family dinner? He divulges nothing.

At the Underground: Nick tries to convince Abby that Victoria couldn’t care less about Newman. She has her own company to run. Abby has their dad’s confidence. Just show him some loyalty and make money. That’ll make him happy. She thanks him and wanders off. Chelsea agrees with Nick’s advice. He’d rather talk about her and her strange attitude since dinner. Was the family dinner too much togetherness for her? He succeeds in making her smile and even laugh when he describes the Elvis impersonation he intends to do tonight. Mariah and Sharon appear in the doorway in time to hear Noah introduce the first act, a depressing folk duo.

At the Baldwins’: Michael tries to phone for information about Scott with little success. Paul suggests the government may be withholding information for Scott’s safety. Lauren’s fears escalate. Maybe he was kidnapped. She’s leaving on the next available flight! Michael won’t permit it, and Paul agrees. She can’t stop thinking about the danger Scott might be in and her fear is justified. Just then Paul gets a call from Washington.

Mariah sees Nick and Chelsea and has second thoughts about bringing Sharon to the Underground. Sharon scoffs. She’s not bothered. In fact, she encouraged them to give romance a try. But that was before Sharon became single again, Mariah reminds her. Sharon will prove herself. She marches up to Nick and Chelsea, greets them, and says she’s glad they took her advice. Nick and Chelsea both deny anything serious. Still, Sharon thinks they deserve to be happy. Noah says hello to his mom and gives her a big hug. Abby joins the group and says it’s too bad Reed couldn’t come. Noah agrees.

At Victoria’s: Reed wonders how long it will take Victoria to fire Billy from her precious company. She wants him out of Reed’s life, so he assumes that goes double for her. Victoria denies putting work before her children. She intends to do it all, and well. She sinks into the sofa next to him. She hates the tension between them. Why can’t he understand that running Brash & Sassy makes her happy? She hopes one day he finds the same kind of happiness. The doorbell rings and Reed jumps up to get it. Billy is sorry he didn’t call first. Jill is fine; he just wanted to say goodnight to the children. By all means, Victoria says. He goes up the stairs. Reed realizes why his mom cut out of dinner early. She went to the hospital to lend support to Jill and Billy. Poor Billy, Reed says. He’s so worried about his mom. That’s what parents and kids do, Victoria says. Happiness is fleeting, so you have to take it where you can get it. Reed takes her words to heart. When she runs upstairs to check on Billy and the kids, Reed grabs his guitar and slips out.

At the Underground: Nick is glad to see Sharon out and about. Mariah gets the credit for that. She cares, in her own peculiar way. Being Cassie’s identical twin, she reminds them both of Cassie and her sweet disposition. Speaking of Cassie, she’s inspired Sharon to give running the coffeehouse another shot. Nick cheers her on. She’s come full circle. It must be fate.

Reed surprises everyone when he shows up at the Underground. He bends the truth a little and says his mom encouraged him to come. She said follow your dreams. Noah and Abby introduce him to Mariah and decide he should be the next act. Reed proceeds to the stage to tune up. He spies a tray full of drinks on a nearby table. Mariah takes note.

In Victoria’s living room: Billy can’t believe he’s now the adult in charge. It’s scary. He’s afraid of losing his mom. Victoria admits overhearing him with Jill in the hospital. He obviously loves her a lot. He does and intends to make things right with her. As for making things right with Victoria . . . he knows that’s not possible. Why? Because she’s cold-hearted? No, he wouldn’t say that. She’s cutthroat. Then he compliments her for real. He thinks she’s perfect as she is. Victoria is flattered. She apologizes for being so hard on Billy. He’s a good son and father. As a husband, well. . . .

Mariah approaches Reed and calls him out. At first he resents it, but she explains that she was a wayward teen and knows it’s not the way to go. She also cares about the owners of the bar and doesn’t want them shut down for serving a minor. Some call alcohol liquid courage, but he’s better off without it. Just before Noah introduces Reed, Reed asks that he not mention they’re cousins. Noah presents his buddy, Reed Hellstrom. Reed fumbles at first but soon hits his stride. Mariah takes a picture.

Finally, at the Baldwins': The good news is the State Department believes Scott is alive, but it can give no details for safety reasons. Scott is likely being held against his will. At that moment, Lauren gets an international call. It’s Scott, but they’re disconnected before anything more is said.

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