Friday Y&R Update 2/17/17

The Y&R Update Friday 2/17/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Victoria hounds Reed to get ready. He’s expected at the ranch for dinner. He didn’t think an irresponsible kid like him would be welcome. Victoria scowls.

Nick and Chelsea are the first guests to arrive at the ranch. This isn’t her first rodeo; she’s attended other Newman family functions. They agree to slip out early for some real fun. He doesn’t have anything specific in mind. He plants a kiss on her, and Faith sees but says nothing. She, Nikki, and Victor are just back from the stables. Faith is polite to Nick and Chelsea but reserved. While Victor gets drinks for the adults, Faith mopes.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Cane coordinate their work schedules. He gets an alert on his phone. The story of Victoria’s purchase of Brash & Sassy has gone viral. It really sticks in his craw and he means to tell his side of the story to the press. Lily dissuades him and urges him to refocus his energy---on her, the kids . . . Jill.

At the hospital, Jill’s doctor isn’t at liberty to discuss her condition with Colin. He’ll have to go through Billy. Fat chance, he says. In Jill’s room, Billy goes over the grim statistics about women and heart disease. His concern warms Jill’s damaged heart. He’s eager to get her home, but first she must endure a few tests.

Abby finds Noah at the Underground. He’s skipping dinner so that he can set up for open-mic night. She really wishes he’d come along and cuts a deal: If he accompanies her to dinner, she’ll return to the club and buy a couple of expensive drinks.

At the ranch, Victor praises Nick for honoring his promise to Adam to look after Connor. Nikki agrees. Across the room, Chelsea’s attempts to engage Faith in conversation fall flat. Faith walks away from her and asks Nikki if she can invite her mom to dinner. Nikki makes up excuses not to, such as not enough food or place settings, but Faith has an answer for each of them. Nikki relents. Faith texts her mother, but Sharon is having dinner with Mariah.

Cane, still at the coffeehouse, learns that Jill is still in the hospital. It must be more than just a panic attack, as she said.

Victoria calls Billy and chews him out for being late to pick up the children. When she hears about Jill’s medical emergency, she apologizes. He tells her to keep the heart attack a secret. After he hangs up, he hovers over Jill until she’s taken for tests. Colin rushes up to her wheelchair, begging for information and her forgiveness. Billy stops him. Their marriage is over!

Abby and Noah arrive at the ranch. Victor greets them and is pleased that Noah changed his mind. Nikki is sorry Faith is disappointed, but her extra place setting won’t go to waste. Noah can use it. Faith asks a lot of questions. Isn’t it rude for a guest to show up uninvited? Nikki misses her point. Usually, but Noah is family. What about Chelsea? Nikki says Chelsea is Grandpa’s friend, so she’s welcome too. Nikki begins to catch Faith’s drift. Things are progressing between Nick and Chelsea, and Faith doesn’t seem to like it. Although when she’s asked point-blank about her feelings, she says she’s “totally fine.”

Colin won’t leave the hospital without information. Billy tells him about the two stents and the follow up tests on them. He refuses to say any more and they nearly come to blows. Lily and Cane arrive in time to stop them.

Noah talks about open-mic night in front of his dad and Chelsea, which gives Nick an idea of what to do later. Victoria and Reed arrive late. She says only that Billy was detained, and that held them up. Reed is a typical surly teenager. In a private conversation with Victoria, Abby comments on his attitude and then talk turns to business. Abby congratulates the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Victoria thanks her and says likewise. Abby is doing great things at Newman, she hears. Now that Victoria has her hands full, she won’t be a threat to Abby . . . or will she. Abby does a poor job of concealing her insecurity.

Cane and Lily learn the truth about Jill’s condition. Billy wants Colin gone. Immediately. Lily reminds them that they’re in hospital and calls for order. She and Cane will take Colin with them if Billy promises to text updates to Lily. He will, but Colin is to go nowhere near the house.

Victor addresses the family. He talks up his brilliant daughter, which nearly makes Abby blush. Her face falls when he calls Victoria to his side and announces the new owner of Brash & Sassy. Reed yawns. Victor next gives Abby her due. She’s an aces businesswoman who made Newman a tidy profit recently. Then he goes back to praising Victoria and her new men’s line.

Noah approaches Abby after Victor’s speeches. Why so glum? He knows what she’s going through. Grandpa likes to pit family members against one another. He did it to Noah and Kyle. Abby appreciates the support. She spies Reed by himself and strikes up a conversation. She hears he plays guitar. Can she expect to hear him at open-mic night? Reed would love to perform, but Mom says not on a school night, and she’s a stickler for the rules. Dinner is served. Victor snags Chelsea on her way to the table. Not one to beat around the bush, he asks whether she and Nicholas are dating. She stammers. He thinks it’s a good thing. The two of them deserve to be happy. For Chelsea it’s not that simple. She and Victor share a secret about Christian’s paternity, and it’s a biggie. Victor reminds her that they promised Adam they would keep it. She’s conflicted.

Victoria confides to her mom what a pain Reed is. Nikki wonders why she anticipates Billy’s call. Jill is . . . sick, and he’s worried to death about her. Nikki encourages her to go to them. She and Victor will take Reed home. Victoria finds Reed fooling around at the piano and tells him she’s leaving. He’s stone-faced. Nick finds Chelsea looking out window, deep in thought. He asks whether Faith seems off to her. On the sofa, Faith and Victor have a heart-to-heart about Nick with Chelsea. He tries to get her to accept it.

Nikki gets Reed to play her a tune. He does and she’s impressed. Does his mom know about his talent? She doesn’t know anything about him.

Billy and Esther wait at the hospital. The tests are taking longer than expected and Billy is anxious when Jill is returned, sedated, on a gurney. The doctor says one of the stents needed to be replaced already. Jill needs to make radical changes in her lifestyle, including diet, exercise, lowered blood pressure and stress levels, and limited alcohol.

At the athletic club, Colin objects to the room Lily booked for him. He should be with family. Not us, Cane says. Colin is desperate to get back in Jill’s good graces and tries to enlist Lily and Cane’s help.

Esther will see that Jill follows doctor’s orders. She leaves Billy alone with his mom. He tells her he loves her and needs her---lots of people do. If she recovers, he promises he’ll be a better son. Victoria overhears from the doorway.

All gather around the piano as Reed and Nikki play a duet. While Victor continues his chat with Faith, Nick asks what has Chelsea preoccupied. She doesn’t answer directly but thinks they should go soon.

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