Thursday Y&R Update 2/16/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 2/16/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Jill wakes in the ICU with Billy and Esther present. She’s agitated about being brought to the emergency room last night and initially has no memory of what precipitated it. Her phone rings and she remembers Colin. That louse. At home, Colin leaves a message: Let’s work things out. I love you. The doorbell rings. Cane is told about Jill’s hospitalization . . . and the reason for it.

Lily arrives at Brash & Sassy. She’s looking for Cane, but he’s not there. Victoria assumed he come in late after their anniversary celebration last night. It turns out it wasn’t much of one.

Nick goes over the balance sheets at the Underground and praises Noah. The place has flourished in his charge. He’ll even let Noah weasel out of the Newman family dinner tonight. Noah wonders the reason for his good mood. Nick doesn’t hold back. He had a great time with Chelsea last night, as more than friends.

Nikki and Victor mill around their house, classical music playing in the background. Nikki wonders why another family dinner so soon after the last one. Is Victor going to announce his full retirement? He’s cagey.

Again at the Underground: Noah can’t believe Nick and Chelsea’s first date was on Valentine’s Day and that they spent it tending bar. It was reminiscent of working the bar with Sage. Those were good times. But he’s learned it’s possible to make new good memories. Noah is thrilled and congratulates his dad on “taking the plunge.” No plunge, Nick insists. Chelsea arrives with coffee, a box full of donuts, and a big smile for Nick.

At Brash & Sassy: Lily explains Cane’s concern about Victoria’s purchase of the company. Will there be a place for him? Victoria won’t coddle anyone’s ego, but if he proves his value, sure he does. Jordan arrives to go over proofs from the photo shoot.

At the Chancellor estate: Colin intends to pay back Jill’s life savings, with interest. Cane reams him out for causing Jill distress and for not checking up on her. Colin has tried repeatedly, but he can’t get near her. He’s determined to set things right, though, and Cane plays a role in his plan.

At the hospital: Jill gets more and more worked up. Why is everyone making such a big deal over heartburn. The cardiologist arrives and delivers bad news and good news. Jill had a heart attack. Her arteries are severely blocked, but she’s lucky to have survived and should thank Billy and Esther. Because of them the doctor was able to place two stents to restore blood flow to her heart. Jill isn’t placated. The loss of all her money is the cause of her illness. She demands to go home immediately, but there’s no chance.

At the Underground: Chelsea had designer’s block, so everyone gets donuts. She and Nick agree they had fun last night. Noah teases her about her mixology skills and challenges her to a contest. Nick sets the rules: three drinks each, and he’ll be the judge. Ready, set, go!

The doctor attempts to calm Jill and explains the difference between men’s and women’s heart attack symptoms. With a few lifestyle adjustments, Jill should make a full recovery. How is her stress level? Everyone present knows it’s off the charts. And she has a family history of heart disease, on her father’s side. Esther pops along to fetch a cup of herbal tea for Jill; no coffee. Jill is to remain in the hospital for more tests later today. The doctor leaves Jill with Billy. Jill breaks down a little bit.

At the Chancellor mansion: Cane will NOT lend Colin money. Money isn’t the issue anyway. Colin broke Jill’s trust, and that’s much harder to recover. Colin insists they go to the hospital together to beg for mercy.

Jordan and Lily go over photos in the private office at Brash & Sassy. They’re good, he says, but her playful spark is missing. Is there a reason? Lily confesses she’s uncertain about her professional future. She feels loyalty to her husband, naturally. She can’t very well stay on with the company if he leaves. Jordan sees no reason for her to leave. In fact, he thinks she’d be crazy to give up the opportunity to do what she loves. She shouldn’t allow anyone to hold her back.

Victoria is first to arrive at the ranch. She thanks her dad and mom for encouraging her to go for sole ownership of Brash & Sassy. Things with Cane and Billy are up in the air. Cane is unhappy and Billy was OK at first but then took issue. Who cares? Victor shrieks. Get rid of him.

Billy is sworn to secrecy about Jill’s having a heart attack. Colin, with Cane, arrives at her room and isn’t welcomed. He begs Jill to let him stay. She sheds a few more tears.

Again at the ranch: Victoria laments the double standard that paints women executives as cold hearted but tolerates the same behavior from men. Nikki agrees and, surprisingly, so does Victor. Nikki laughs and accuses of him of upholding that standard at Newman Enterprises---namely, with his daughter.

Jill can’t forgive Colin. He really hurt her this time, treating her like his personal ATM. He doesn’t respect her at all. Billy hustles Colin out the door and then follows him, leaving Cane with Jill. She minimizes her condition to him, but of course he knows how serious it is. She sighs. She can’t blame Colin entirely. Despite his reputation, she fell in love with him. In the waiting room, Billy breaks his promise and tells Colin that Jill suffered a heart attack. Colin is beside himself. No stress means no Colin. Cane sees Colin returning to the room and shuts the drapes.

Back at the Underground: It’s Chelsea’s blood orange martini vs. Noah’s Yellow Jacket. Nick takes a sip of each and diplomatically declares it a tie. They all have a few laughs and Noah leaves room. That was fun, just like last night. Would Chelsea be interested in another night of fun? At a Newman family dinner? She hesitates. Nick already committed and eventually charms her into accepting his invitation.

At the ranch: Victor denies having treated Victoria unfairly, but Nikki presses him. Hasn’t he always held her to a higher standard than he has Nick? The final verdict is that he’s an equal opportunity taskmaster. He congratulates Victoria again for her coup and leaves the room.

Lily meets Cane at Crimson Lights, as he asked. He’s sorry they went to bed angry and that he left the house before she woke up. He tells her why he fled so quickly. Jill had a crisis, courtesy of Dear Old Dad. He took all of her money. Anyway, Cane is ashamed of the way he treated Lily and asks forgiveness. She takes partial blame, but they have one more little issue to work out. Lily would like to stay on as Brash & Sassy’s model, and even Jordan thinks she should. Cane bristles at the name, but he wants her to be happy and so endorses her remaining, no matter what he decides to do.

At the ranch: Nikki approaches Victoria with one more piece of advice: Don’t let business consume you as it did your father. He’s just now coming to regret it.

At the hospital: Billy urges Jill to take her situation seriously. She nearly died and must make some changes, starting with having the scheduled tests. OK, but she doesn’t have to like it.

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