Wednesday Y&R Update 2/15/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 2/15/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Underground, Nick and Chelsea were behind the bar in each others arms. They pulled apart when a customer ordered a drink. The customer was impressed by Chelsea's flair for drink making, and he asked if she'd be his valentine. Chelsea leaned in close and said she had stamina; she could read the same bedtime story over and over, she'd come up with numerous ways to convince a three year old to eat his vegetables and she could get puke out of seven different fabrics. The guy grimaced and walked away. Nick admitted that he thought he'd have to intervene with that guy, but Chelsea said it was like riding a bike. Chelsea asked where the napkins were and Nick's hand brushed her arm as he pointed them out. They stared into each others eyes, momentarily, then Chelsea asked for glasses.

Phyllis sensed someone approach her booth. Without looking up, she said she wasn't interested. Billy replied that he thought she needed rescuing from another hot date. He joined her in the booth and mentioned that he saw her dancing with a guy and he wondered if the man was worthy of her. Phyllis said it was a work thing. Phyllis questioned whether Billy had shown up at Victoria's brother's bar because he hoped Nick would report something back to Victoria that would make her jealous. Billy said he just came to have a drink, and he assured Phyllis that he wasn't going to kiss her. Phyllis noted that it would be the first time they kissed to lash out at someone else. Billy added that they'd kissed because they enjoyed it too.

Phyllis sensed that something happened with Victoria. Billy confessed that he and Victoria had gotten into it over stuff from the past. Phyllis figured that they'd talked about Billy sleeping with Phyllis and cheating on Victoria. Billy admitted that she was right. Phyllis asked what happened next, and Billy said he offered to drive Victoria home. Phyllis asked Billy why he kept doing that to himself – assuming that the world was dumping on him. Billy replied that it was most of the time. Phyllis noted that Billy would then get mad and lash out by drink or gamble or sleeping with someone. Billy said it sounded like Phyllis was describing herself. Phyllis said that was because she was good at recognizing it. She felt that Billy had decided that since everyone labeled him a screw up, he should live down to their expectations. Billy didn't see a reason not to. He asked if he could drive Phyllis home. Phyllis replied that she was better than that, and so was he. She left.

Billy approached Nick and told him that Victoria bought Brash and Sassy. Billy asked Nick to remind her why he walked away from Newman and what being forced to follow Victor's rules did to his life. Billy felt that Victoria was going through what Nick had back then. Nick noted that Victoria bought back the company that she created. Billy said that Victor persuaded Victoria to run the company on her own. Nick didn't see the problem. Billy felt that Victoria had acted like Victor when she bought the company in secret, leaving Cane and Billy in the dark until the deal was done. Billy said that Victoria was vulnerable and using work to fill the space and she wasn't listening to Billy. Nick thought that was probably the best thing she could do. He thought Billy should be grateful that Victoria was so competent. Billy assured Nick that no one had more faith in Victoria than Billy did. Billy just felt that she was being heavy-handed with business and with Reed. Nick said that it was none of Billy's business how she raised Reed. Chelsea walked over and said that the bartender was there. Billy said that he saw Chelsea doing her thing and it brought back memories of Myanmar. Chelsea admitted it wasn't her finest hour. Chelsea and Nick left.

Nick took Chelsea home, and she came downstairs after checking on Connor. Nick felt bad that he never took Chelsea out for dinner. He apologized for hijacking her Valentine's day. Chelsea joked that she was going to leave Nick at the penthouse and go find that guy from the bar. Nick called this the lousiest date ever, and he assured her that it wasn't what he had planned. Chelsea said it was mostly great. She told Nick that he could make it up to her. They had a picnic on the floor. Nick made sandwiches, and Chelsea served lemonade. Nick said he saw a whole different side to Chelsea tonight. Chelsea revealed that she had a blast because she used to love bartending. Chelsea admitted that she'd been conning tourists at the time. Nick noted that she'd come a long way. Nick said he should go, and he thanked her for getting him out of his bad mood. They kissed, then Chelsea said it was a lovely evening. Nick replied that it was unexpected. She agreed. He left. They stood on opposite sides of the door and smiled.

Ravi returned to his office and was startled to find Ashley holding the Valentine's gift he'd purchased for her. Ashley said she'd come by to drop off a report on JabotGo. She added that she didn't make a habit of going through people's trash. Ravi admitted that he would have done the same, since the candies weren't wrapped and were addressed to her. Ashley put the candies on his desk and left. She went to the CEO's office and had a flashback to John praising her business instinct after the success of her young teen line; Junior Jabot. Ravi walked in and brought her the candies. Ashley didn't think she should take them since she'd been so nosy. Ravi replied that, as an environmentalist, he didn't want them to be wasted. Ashley felt terrible – she said Ravi had been so sweet, then she'd dumped on Valentine's day and said it was a huge racket. Ravi said that Ashley was right about Valentine's day, but it would be wrong to throw the chocolate truffles away. He revealed that he overheard her mention how much she liked them.

Ravi headed toward the door, but Ashley insisted that he stay, take his shoes off and share the chocolates with her. They ate, and Ashley asked what he and Phyllis discussed at dinner. She choked when Ravi said dating. He got her some water, and Ashley asked if Phyllis wanted to date him. Ravi explained that she wanted to know about online dating apps. Ashley was skeptical, and Ravi said he tended to give people the benefit of the doubt. Ashley thought that was a nice quality in one so young. Ravi insisted that he wasn't that young, and Ashley assured him that she didn't mean it as an insult. Ravi thought that being an outsider gave him objectivity about Jabot. He admitted that he enjoyed working at a family business. Ashley asked about his family, and Ravi said that they were disappointed that he didn't follow in their footsteps to NASA or medical school.

Ashley showed Ravi a picture of her father. Ravi saw kindness in John's face, and he said he saw it in Ashley too. Ashley said that John entrusted Jabot to her and Jack and she took it very seriously. She wondered what John thought of the job they were doing. Ravi was sure he was proud of her. Ashley had another flashback to John calling her awesome. She told Ravi how her dad used to tease her and how he nicknamed her his beauty. Ravi promised to work hard to her legacy. Ashley said she used to be a romantic like Ravi. Ravi wasn't sure that went away. She apologized for what she'd said and for causing him to throw out the candy. Ashley tearfully said that she didn't want his belief in love to be beaten down the way hers had. Ravi comforted her. Later, Ashley apologized for getting emotional, but Ravi didn't mind. Ravi said that John sounded like a wonderful man who raised a wonderful daughter, who wasn't as cynical as she claimed to be.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill said to herself that this couldn't be happening. Esther walked in and urged Jill to sit down. Jill snapped that she was not the one Esther should be worried about. Esther asked what Colin did now, but she hurried off after Jill glared at her. Colin came downstairs, and Jill slapped him across the face. Shocked, Colin asked what that was for. Jill told him that her personal bank accounts had been emptied. Colin asked if they were broke. Jill clarified that she was broke. She said that her personal accounts had been drained, but not their shared ones. Colin asked how it happened, and Jill accused him. Colin tried to say something, but an angry and hurt Jill ordered him to shut up. She asked how he did it. Colin sheepishly admitted he'd used the skills he learned while becoming the head of a crime syndicate. Jill demanded to know where her money was. Colin confessed that he found a failing company and shorted the stock. Jill figured that he planned to put the money back into her account once he sold the stock, but he couldn't because the prices were still falling. Colin said this wasn't a big deal. Jill realized he'd done this before. Colin said it had only been small amounts, with a decent profit. Jill asked how he could steal from her. Colin countered that he'd borrowed it, and he reminded her that everything they had was supposed to be both of theirs.

Esther returned. Colin asked what she wanted. Esther said she was dusting. It dawned on Jill that this was why Colin had tried to talk her out of buying back Fenmore. Jill kept clutching at her chest as she recalled that Colin had claimed he didn't want her to make the deal because he was worried about her. Colin insisted that he was worried about her. Jill screamed that he lied to her and used her and made fool of her. As she yelled, she shoved Colin toward the door. Jill pushed Colin outside while grabbing at his robe. She slammed the door, leaving him naked on the doorstep. Colin wrapped himself in the welcome mat. He banged on the door and swore that he loved her and begged for a coat. Esther yelled through the closed door that Colin that he deserved a lot worse after what he'd done to Jill.

Esther cheered Jill on for getting Colin out of her life, then she grew concerned because Jill looked pale. Jill ordered Esther to stop hovering and to turn the sprinklers on Colin. Esther offered to call the police, but Jill said to let Colin freeze. Jill curled up on the couch. Esther called Billy. He arrived at the house and was surprised to see Colin shivering behind a snow covered hedge. Colin explained that Jill locked him out and asked Billy to do something. Billy unlocked the door and let Colin in, then he followed. Colin went upstairs, and Jill groaned about Billy letting him back in. When Billy saw his mother, he echoed Esther's concern and suggested that she go to the hospital. Jill told Billy that Colin took all of her money. Jill almost crumpled to the floor, but Billy caught her. Billy and Esther helped Jill out of the house.

Jack arrived at the Club and received a text: “Got us a table.” He grabbed a rose out of a nearby vase and headed into the dining area. He presented the flower to Victoria. She called it lovely, and Jack admitted that it was free. Victoria said that she'd noticed them decorating the tables. Jack felt that she should have a rose for accepting his invitation on Valentine's day. Jack congratulated her for the coup she pulled at Brash and Sassy. Victoria asked how he heard about that. Jack explained that Jill offered to buy his 49% of Fenmore with the proceeds from the sale of Brash and Sassy. Victoria assumed they were both celebrating, but Jack said that Jill's price wasn't what he was looking for.

Victoria wondered why Jill wanted Fenmore's. Jack thought that Jill was trying to teach Lauren a lesson. Victoria mused that it would be an expensive lesson, but Jack felt that retribution was well worth the price. With that, he raised a glass to Victoria. She asked what they were toasting, and Jack said Victoria getting control of the company she started and sticking it to Billy in the process. Jack asked if she'd fired Billy yet. Victoria said she never had a problem working with Billy before, and she'd made it clear that there were boundaries. Jack said been there done that, and he asked Victoria how it was working out. Victoria admitted that Billy was still acting like they were business partners instead of employee/employer. She went on to say that he'd invited himself to her house then accused her of being like her father after she turned him down. Jack said that Billy didn't respect boundaries. Victoria was sure that they'd be able to make it work, but Jack told her that Billy wasn't going to change. He said that Billy manipulated people and took them to places that they regret. Jack said that Victoria didn't need that in her personal or business life.

Jack apologized for being intense and said he never meant to imply that she wasn't capable of handling the situation. Victoria asked if Jack was capable of handling the Billy situation. Jack shifted gears and said it was a brilliant business move to launch the Brash and Sassy men's line on Valentine's day. Victoria said it went really well and the roll out numbers were terrific. Jack also liked the idea of making Lily the ambassador. Jack got a text - “Where are you.” Jack admitted he was a bit envious of how smoothly Victoria got what she wanted. Victoria smiled knowingly and said that Jack was sizing up the competition. Jack agreed and told her that despite the acquisition of Fenmore, Jabot was a cosmetics company. He said that her company was becoming a real force and he predicted it would be fun to battle with her.

Jack received another text - “Where the hell are you? I'm not waiting all night.” “Sit tight,” Jack texted back. Victoria told Jack that it was okay if he had to deal with that. Jack said it would wait. Victoria noted that Jack hadn't been clear about the reason they were meeting. She asked what the point was. Just then, Phyllis arrived and saw them together. Jack said that he just wanted to make sure Victoria took a moment to enjoy her success. Victoria hugged Jack and thanked him, then she left the table. Jack got another text, then he rushed upstairs. Phyllis approached Victoria and asked what was going on with her and Jack. Phyllis wondered if she'd need to ask Billy.

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