Tuesday Y&R Update 2/14/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 2/14/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Billy told Cane off for trying to pressure Victoria into giving up her company. Billy said that Cane wasn't owed anything, and he ordered Cane to back off of Victoria. Cane contended that he'd done more for the company than Billy had done for anything in his entire life. Billy accused Cane of believing he was a hero for doing the job he'd been hired to do. Victoria interjected that she could handle this herself, but Billy ignored her. Cane refused to listen to Billy anymore. Billy told him that he could either get on board or get out. Cane spat that Billy got the job because of his mom and would keep it because of his ex wife. Victoria was insulted that Cane was implying that she couldn't separate business from her personal life. Lily returned, eager to start her anniversary celebration. She sensed the tension and asked if she interrupted something. Cane said that the company had taken up enough of their time.

After Lily and Cane left, Billy opined that Lily deserved better than Cane. Victoria admonished Billy for butting into her disagreement with Cane. Billy reminded her that Cane had been in her face. He maintained that it wasn't okay. Victoria countered that it wasn't okay for Billy to interfere when she was dealing with her staff. She wondered if Cane was right and Billy really did think he had an advantage because of their history. Billy noted that their history consisted of him making Victoria expect the worst of him. He stated that Victoria had been busting his chops from the day Jill forced them to work together, and he didn't expect it to change now that she was in charge. Billy pulled out a chair at the head of the table and convinced Victoria to sit down. He told her that he was going to be her minion, or a cog. Billy asked if she remembered what happened last Valentine's day. Victoria didn't want to discuss it, but she grudgingly said that he proposed to her. Billy suggested they have dinner, and she turned him down. He clarified that he wasn't asking on a date, but she still refused. Billy reminded her that she'd said she could separate business from pleasure, so he wondered why she couldn't share a meal with a colleague. Victoria told Billy that he knew he was more than a colleague. Billy asked what he was. Victoria told him to stop pestering her. Billy felt that Victoria saw him as the man who wrecked their marriage, cheated on her and was so immoral that he slept with his brother's wife. Victoria pointed out that everything Billy said about himself was true. She asked if that wasn't who he'd always be.

Later, Victoria told him that she knew he regretted the things he'd done, but it didn't help her to talk about it. Billy said that he knew what she thought when she looked at him. Victoria admitted that she didn't have the right to comment on his life, and she reminded him that everyone made mistakes. Billy said he didn't expect her to forgive and forget. Victoria said that most of the time, the first thing that came to mind when she thought about him was the kids and how much they loved him. Victoria thought that they could work together to build something special at Brash and Sassy. Billy said that he worked for her now, and he agreed that they could build something great.

Victoria decided to go home, but she bristled when Billy offered to drive her there. She asked Billy what was wrong with him. Billy said that maybe he wanted to see the kids. She wondered if Cane was right and Billy was looking for an edge. Billy said that his life was more than business and he cared about things that mattered. She surmised that he didn't care about the company. He told her that it was her life, not his. Victoria said she hated the way Billy wore his indifference like a badge of honor. Billy recalled that Victoria used to love him for showing her that there was more to life than work. He thought she was suppressing her feelings. Victoria snapped that she had feelings, and they used to hurt all the time because of Billy. She told him to stop sweet-talking because he wasn't going to melt. Billy said that she was as stone cold as Reed accused her of being. Billy walked out, then he returned a short time later and stared at Victoria through the window. He left again.

Cane and Lily had dinner at the Club, where she admired the ornate box he gave her. Lily noted that it was wood, for their fifth anniversary. Cane urged her to open it. Lily was delighted to find a pair of earrings inside. She told Cane how happy she was that they were having a private dinner. Cane hoped it wasn't too anticlimactic for the new face of Brash and Sassy. Lily told him that time with him was more important than work. She said she didn't want to discuss work, but Cane admitted he was having a hard time getting over losing Brash and Sassy. Lily contended that Cane hadn't lost anything. She assured him that Victoria wanted him to help the company succeed. Cane replied that he didn't want to help. He felt that it was unfair that he'd lost the chance to be a co-owner. Cane wondered when it would be his turn. Lily sympathized with his feelings, but she told him that he had her and the twins. Cane agreed, but he said that he wanted to be a success. He noted that Lily had her career, and he wondered when it would be his turn. Cane accidentally knocked a glass off the table, and it shattered.

Lily asked if it was out of his system. Cane said it would have to be since the night was about her. Lily clarified that the night was about them and the commitment that that they'd made. Cane told her she was even more beautiful now than she was on their wedding day. Lily jokingly asked if she didn't look like an exhausted mom. Cane noted that she had a great job, and Lily's smile faded. Cane assured her that he was happy she had the job, then he began to rant about Victoria, Billy and Brash and Sassy. Lily asked Cane to stop. She said that while her work day was exciting, it had been very stressful and she'd pushed through it by thinking about their upcoming romantic dinner. Cane said that this was a mistake and he suggested that they leave. Lily was upset that Cane said that instead of saying he wanted to be there with her. Cane said he was trying, and Lily ordered him to try harder. Cane thought that Lily was being dismissive of his thoughts and feelings. Lily said that all he talked about was losing out on Brash and Sassy. Cane told her that it meant something to him. Lily asked if it meant more than their anniversary. Exasperated, Lily told Cane to go. She said she'd find her own way home. Once Cane realized she was serious, he left. Lily went over to the bar.

Jack met with Jill in his office. He made it clear that he wasn't interested in her offer. Jill tried to get Jack to admit that he didn't really want Fenmore's. Jack said he had no intention of letting Fenmore's go after he'd worked his tail off to get it. Jill clarified that Jack had only obtained 49% of Fenmore's. She assumed that his failure to gain controlling interest must sting. Jack considered the merger a success since it had generated a lot of press for both companies. Undeterred, Jill wrote Jack a check. Jack told her that her money was no good there. Just then, Ashley arrived and demanded to know why he hadn't considered Jill's offer. Jack said that they weren't selling, but, but Ashley wasn't ready to make a decision. Ashley asked why Jill wanted to buy. Jill explained that Lauren struck the deal without consulting her. Jack insisted that he made a smart investment for Jabot. Ashley countered that he hadn't consulted her or Fenmore's co-owner. Jack said that the merger benefited both companies. Ashley challenged him to explain how it benefited Jabot. Jack wondered if Ashley's reservations were really about Ravi. Jill stated that John would have sided with Ashley. Jack was annoyed that Jill brought his father into this. Ashley reminded him that John was her father too. Jack believed that John would have thought Jill's offer was too low. Ashley noted that it was more than Jack paid.

Jill told Jack to make her a real offer. Jack wrote down a figure and told Jill to take it or leave it. Jill balked and called it extortion. Ashley agreed that Jack's counter-offer was absurd, but Jack contended that value was determined by what someone was willing to pay. Furious, Jill wondered if Jack wanted her to drain her bank account. Jack reminded her that he didn't want to sell. Jill tore up the paper, threw it in Jack's face and stormed out. Jack wasn't fazed by her outburst. Ashley was angry that Jack had turned down the chance to make a decent return on their investment. She predicted that Fenmore's was going to be an albatross, because Phyllis was determined to drain Jabot of its resources. Jack refused to make a deal he didn't want just because Ashley didn't want to share her pet employee. Ashley warned Jack that he'd be sharing employees and offices with Phyllis day in and day out. Jack told Ashley to trust him. He was convinced that Jill would come back with the money.

Jack noted that he and Ashley were alone on Valentine's day. Ashley thought it was better to be alone than with the wrong person. Jack said that he'd been with the wrong person last year. In retrospect, he thought it was a sign that the evening had ended with Neil crashing through the decorations. Ashley thought Jack missed Phyllis and having someone to share his life with. Jack said that he didn't miss the pain of learning that your trust in someone had been misplaced. Jack felt that he needed to focus on Jabot right now, but he told Ashley to go have fun and let Ravi out of his cage. Jack was shocked when Ashley told him that Ravi was out with Phyllis. . Jack called security to confirm that Ravi and Ashley left together. Ashley asked why he even cared. Jack said was just surprised. Ashley didn't think it was surprising that Phyllis wanted to get her hooks into a good looking, successful guy. She told Jack to get a life. Jack admitted that he hadn't been a monk. Ashley was curious who he'd been with. Jack changed the subject and said that Phyllis shouldn't date a Jabot employee and Ravi should find someone his own age. Ashley noted that Jack had never stayed within his own age bracket, and she said that lots of men saw nothing wrong with dating a young hottie. Jack asked if that was what Ravi was. Ashley stated that Ravi was talented person who'd be a great catch for the right woman, which wasn't Phyllis.

Ashley went to Ravi's office and spotted the Valentine's gift he'd bought her in the trash. Ashley fished it out and read the card.

Jack was still in his office, and he looked troubled. He texted someone “Need to see you.”

Jill met with David Sherman at the Club and expressed relief that he was back in town. She explained that his associate had told her not to use her personal accounts to buy Fenmore's David agreed with his associate. Jill brought him up to speed on her meeting with Jack and her desire to get the Fenmore's stock. David asked why it was so important. Jill admitted that she hated to be ignored. Jill felt that Lauren had disrespected and disregarded her, and she was determined to put an end to it. David tried to warn her about the risks, but Jill wouldn't be dissuaded. She said she'd replace her retirement funds once she put Fenmore back on top.

Jill went home and found the mansion living room filled with roses and candles. Colin greeted her with a kiss. She admitted she'd had a rough day, and he promised to make it better. Colin was dismayed when Esther walked in and brought them a tray of cheese puffs. He grumbled that he gave her the night off, but Esther said she'd already seen all the movies. Jill gave Esther a glass of champagne and told her to take a break for the evening. Esther left. Colin griped about Esther being a nuisance, and Jill reminded him that she came with the house. Colin gave Jill a foot massage and she told him that Jack turned down her offer. They spent more time together, and Jill thanked Colin for reminding him of what mattered most. Colin admitted that sometimes he lost sight of the fact that he was married to someone he was crazy in love with. They kissed. Esther returned with a coffee kettle. Jill urged her to go enjoy herself. Esther lingered on the stairs and overheard Colin complaining about her and Jill telling him that Esther was family. Colin and Jill decided to take things upstairs. Later, David called Jill. He told her that he'd consulted with her financial adviser, and he asked how much money she thought she had. Jill admitted that she didn't know the exact figure. David revealed that she didn't even have enough to buy a dress at Fenmore's. Jill was adamant that this was impossible. David asked if her accounts were password protected. Jill said that they were and that no one could access her money without her knowing. At that moment, Colin yelled for Jill to come back upstairs.

Chelsea walked into the Underground and overheard Nick finishing up a phone call. He told her that it was his distributor – a shipment had been delayed. Nick assured her that they'd leave as soon as he got things squared away. Chelsea asked where Noah was, and Nick said that he had plans with Marissa. Noah spotted Phyllis and Ravi walk in together.

Phyllis agreed with Ravi's choice to have a drink after dinner. Ravi told her that he'd gone to the Underground with Ashley and introduced her to EDM music. Phyllis mentioned that she'd been there. Ravi added that Ashley really loved the music. Phyllis realized that it was important for him to make Ashley happy. Ravi stated that Ashley was his boss and she gave him an office. Noting that Ravi was off the clock, Phyllis asked him about online dating. Ravi told her that it was all trial and error. Phyllis was surprised Ravi didn't have Valentine's day plans. Ravi quickly mumbled that it just a greeting card holiday. He mentioned that the bartender was staring at them. Phyllis explained that Nick was her ex husband. Stammering, Ravi asked how many exes she had. Phyllis replied that she didn't have as many as Ashley, but there was still time. Nick and Chelsea walked over and greeted them. Nick recalled seeing Ravi with Ashley the other day. Phyllis revealed that Ravi was helping her figure out online dating. Chelsea was supportive of Phyllis putting herself out there. Phyllis admitted it was miserable, but she thanked Chelsea. Phyllis noted that it seemed that Nick and Chelsea had big plans. Chelsea and Nick weren't sure how to respond.

Later, Ravi and Phyllis watched a loving couple having dinner. Phyllis said she remembered what that was like. She added that in the past, finding love had been dangerously easy. Ravi got the feeling she was scared of taking a chance, but she insisted that she wasn't. He told her that she had to be brave to make a match and find the one. Phyllis sensed that Ravi spent a lot of time thinking. He admitted that he left work, went home and thought about things. She assumed that it must get lonely. Ravi said it did sometimes, which was why he'd enjoyed going to the Underground with Ashley.

Nick's bartender called in sick. Chelsea put an apron over her dress and helped him out. A crowd assembled around Chelsea as she gave a demonstration on bartending. Ravi sampled the drink Chelsea made, and he loved it. Everyone else clamored to get the next one. Ravi was caught off guard when Phyllis asked him to dance. She pulled him out onto the dance floor. Billy arrived and he watched the pair dance. Ravi left.

Nick untied Chelsea's apron and they held each other.

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