Monday Y&R Update 2/13/17

The Y&R Update Monday 2/13/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Victoria was at Brash and Sassy working on several different things at once. Billy came in and they discussed launch day. According to Victoria, Lily was a hit. Billy praised the photo shoot Lily and Jordan did. Victoria was still displeased that Billy and Cane did the shoot without consulting her first. Billy admitted that he shouldn't have compared Victoria to Victor. Victoria accepted his apology and said she knew it wouldn't happen again. Billy told Victoria that Jill would be back from her cruise this afternoon. Victoria was eager to talk to her about buying the company. Billy warned her that Cane wouldn't be happy. Victoria didn't think that Cane would have the cash to buy Brash and Sassy. Victoria said that she'd continue to employ him as long as he accepted that she was the boss.

Billy took a phone call from someone who wanted to double their purchase order. Lily walked in and overheard Billy tell Victoria that a company wanted to fly Lily up to Canada for an appearance. Lily was excited because she loved Canada. Lily announced that the online interviews were going well. Victoria told Lily to take a well-deserved break, but Lily said she wanted to finish everything now. She wanted to spend the evening with Cane, since it was their anniversary. Lily had been unable to reach Cane, and she asked if they knew where he went. After Lily left, Billy poured champagne for himself and Victoria. He toasted to her as the new owner of Brash and Sassy. Victoria didn't want to jinx things by celebrating before it was official, but Billy was sure that Jill would be delighted to sell to her.

Cane went to the Chancellor mansion to see Jill. She asked if everything was okay, and he told her that it wasn't a good time for her to have taken a vacation. Jill was confused since she'd heard that the launch went spectacularly. Cane said this was about her decision to sell Brash and Sassy. Jill explained that she was selling the company to raise the money to buy Jack's shares of Fenmore's. Cane told her that Victoria wanted to cut him and Billy out and be the sole owner of Brash and Sassy. Jill was convinced that Victor put Victoria up to this. Cane said that he'd been scrambling to come up with the funds to outbid her. Jill said that was very ambitious. Cane said that at least Jill was just thinking what Billy had come right out and said – that Cane probably wouldn't be able to come up with the funds. Cane admitted that he was humiliated when Billy said that. He felt that Billy took pleasure in lording his trust fund over Cane. Jill was frustrated; she said that the sole reason that she wanted the three of them to buy it together was so that Cane would be able to afford it. Cane thought that Billy supported Victoria's idea because he didn't want to deal with the responsibilities of running a company. Cane didn't want to work for Victoria, because he was convinced that she'd fire him the first time they had a disagreement.

Cane said that Katherine trusted him to run Chancellor, and he thought that he did a great job. Cane made a passionate speech to Jill. He said he was working seventy hour weeks, but he was getting shunned because Billy and Victoria were born with silver spoons in their mouths and he wasn't. Cane asked how he was supposed to compete with the rest of the people in town when they were millionaires. Jill could relate; she told Cane that this was the story of her life. Cane said that if he had the cash to get the company, where he'd already proven himself, he could be in the big leagues, like Jill. He told Jill that he'd earned this and that Victoria should buy another company. Jill was sympathetic, but she said she needed the money ASAP. Cane compared Lauren leaving Jill out of the Fenmore's deal to what Victoria was doing to him. Jill asked how he would get millions of dollars. Cane said that he'd already reached out to lenders. Jill asked if he was willing to take on that much debt. Cane said yes, as long as the terms weren't onerous. Jill asked what about Billy. Cane promised to put it in writing that he'd keep Billy on for at least a year. Cane begged Jill to give him a chance to work for himself. Jill gave him till the end of the day to raise the funds. Cane hugged her and thanked her profusely.

Cane went to Brash and Sassy and phoned a potential investor, but the person turned him down. Lily walked up and asked why he didn't come to her appearance. Cane explained that he'd been busy with work. They kissed and he wished her a happy anniversary. In the conference room, Billy and Victoria told Jill how well Lily's appearances had gone. Jill asked to talk to Victoria in private. Billy surmised that Cane had talked to Jill about the sale. Just then, Jordan Wilde arrived. Victoria introduced Jill to Jordan and said that Jordan had taken Lily's pictures for the Dare campaign. Victoria explained that she hired Jordan to do corporate photos for the website. Jordan took pictures of Billy, Victoria and Cane separately, then he asked for a group shot. Victoria had Billy and Cane stand behind her for the group picture.

It was time for Lily's last interview. Billy invited Jill to watch, but she said she wanted to meet with Victoria first. Billy and Lily left. Cane took a phone call. Once Jill and Victoria were alone, Jill demanded to know why Victoria thought she could override Jill's decision to sell the company to the three of them. Victoria stated that the company used to be hers, Billy wasn't interested in being co-CEO and Cane couldn't even afford a 1/3 buy in. Jill revealed that Cane was trying to raise the cash to buy the company outright. Victoria didn't seem concerned. Victoria suspected that Jill hoped Cane would outbid her. Jill felt that Cane deserved to be part of the company, given that he'd helped it flourish. Jill added that Cane had been candid with Jill about what had been going on, and she said that she'd like to see the company in the hands of someone with that kind of integrity. Victoria handed Jill a cashier's check.

 Back in the lab, Cane's other lead for money fell through. Jill walked in, and he asked if she could give him a few more days to raise the cash. Jill showed him Victoria's check and gently asked if he could beat it. Cane let out a scornful laugh about Victoria being able to write a check of that size without even putting a dent in her bank balance. Jill apologetically told Cane that she had to accept Victoria's offer, but she assured him that Victoria said that he would be able to keep his job. Jill left. Cane asked Victoria if it was her way or the highway now. Victoria said she had no intention of letting Cane go, but it was in everyone's best interests if he could be a team player. Cane said he wanted to be her equal, but she had access to daddy's money. Victoria clarified that it was her money, and she insisted that she'd taken Cane's feelings into consideration when she promised Jill that she'd keep him on. Billy returned to the lab and overheard the rest of the conversation. Cane said he didn't want to be kept on. He didn't think Victoria really understood how much this meant to him. Victoria firmly said that it was just business and it was the real world. Cane ordered Victoria not to patronize him. Billy walked into the conference room and demanded that Cane stay away from Victoria.

At the Club, Lauren happily told Michael that her GC Buzz interview had 27,000 hits. According to Lauren, people loved the Jabot-Fenmore merger and it had energized her whole brand. Michael told her that she and Jack had given a fabulous interview to Hilary. Lauren revealed that Phyllis had given her tips on preventing Jack from monopolizing the interview. Michael noted that it was time for Lauren to go to work, but she suggested they stay and have more coffee. Michael asked why she was stalling, and Lauren admitted that she wasn't looking forward to seeing Gloria the minute she stepped off the elevator. Lauren was outraged that Gloria had endangered Lauren's livelihood after Lauren and Michael moved Gloria into their home. Michael admitted that loyalty wasn't his mother's strong suit.

Lauren found it disturbing that Jack hired Gloria after she tainted Jabot's face cream. Lauren reminded Michael that Jack lost his job due to Gloria's stunt. She worried that Jack and Gloria were still colluding against her. Michael suggested that Jack just took pity on Gloria because she was broke. Lauren scoffed. Michael told Lauren to focus on the fact that she won and still had control of Fenmore's. He also told her not to forget that she had a husband looking to spend Valentine's Day with her. Lauren said she wouldn't. She told Michael that Fen sent her flowers. Michael asked if she heard from Scott. Lauren hadn't since it was hard to reach him. She said that Scott was doing great work with the refugee crisis, and she found his articles to be very insightful. Lauren took Michael's hand and said that they had it all.

At Jabot, Gloria opened a card that came with a bouquet. Jack arrived and asked who sent her flowers. Gloria revealed that they were for Phyllis. Gloria wondered who sent them. “You opened the card. You tell me,” Jack replied. Gloria asked Jack why he cared. Jack said he didn't, then he entered his office. Phyllis arrived because she'd been alerted about the delivery. Gloria asked who Troy was. Phyllis snapped that it was none of Gloria's business. She left without the flowers.

Phyllis went to Jack's office, where he asked when the virtual dressing room would be ready. Phyllis said that she could roll it out by Spring Break if she ever got any time with Ravi. Jack promised to make sure Ashley shared the wealth. Jack wanted to continue their meeting later tonight. Phyllis was surprised, which clued Jack in that it was Valentine's day. He thought Phyllis had plans, but she said that she didn't. Jack mentioned that he assumed because of the flowers. Phyllis explained that she'd met someone on an online date, but it wasn't a big deal. Jack said he was glad she was moving on. Phyllis said she was attempting to, but Troy wasn't her type. Jack asked if Troy wasn't the lying conniving type Phyllis had been falling for lately. Phyllis said that she and Billy were a mistake and that it never would have worked because Billy only loved Victoria.

Later, Lauren joined Phyllis and Jack at the meeting. Her phone beeped, and Jack asked her to turn it off. Lauren checked the phone and told Jack that the internet commenters were excited about the dressing room app. Phyllis said they were meeting with Ravi to discuss it. Lauren mentioned that the merger was getting a lot of attention. Jack wasn't surprised, and he said that's why he fought so hard to be her partner. Lauren said she was very optimistic about the merger, other than Jack's taste in receptionists. Jack assumed he'd be attending the meeting with Ravi. Lauren and Phyllis were startled, and Phyllis said it was very technical – not Jack's thing. Jack stated that while Lauren was in charge of running the company, she had to run all major expenditures by him first. Jack was adamant that he would not be kept in the dark.

In the hallway, Phyllis gleefully told Lauren that Jack was still smarting after that interview. Phyllis didn't think he liked coming in second. Lauren said he'd have to live with the deal he made. Lauren asked Phyllis to meet with Ravi alone, so that Lauren could go celebrate Valentine's day with Michael. Phyllis agreed.

Michael went to Jabot and commented on Gloria being Jack's receptionist. Gloria was adamant that she was working her way back up the corporate ladder. Michael was skeptical, but Gloria told him not to make the mistake of underestimating her. Michael noticed the flowers and asked if Jeffrey sent them. Gloria said that he'd rather spend his money at the track, then she pointedly noted that she hadn't received any Valentine's day gifts from her sons. Michael said he couldn't believe Gloria settled for a job answering phones. Gloria admitted that it wasn't ideal, but she said had big plans for herself. Michael suspected that Gloria was blackmailing Jack. Gloria insisted that he was wrong.

After Michael left, Jill arrived at Gloria's desk and asked when this happened. Gloria said that Jack hired her, and she called him the sweetest. Jill said there were a lot of words she'd use to describe him, but sweet wasn't one of them.

“To my new friend Ashley, Happy Valentine's Day.” Ravi wrote into a card. Someone knocked on his office door. He quickly hid the card and gift and invited them in. It was Ashley. She stopped short when she noticed Valentine's decorations all over the office. Ashley asked if he hung them all up. Ravi said yes, since it was such a fun holiday. Ashley admitted that it was her least favorite day of the year. She felt that it was an over-hyped non-holiday. Ravi asked if she was really that cynical. Ashley said that she hadn't given up on the concept of romance, but she'd seen numerous relationships go south, including her own and her daughter's. Ashley added that Cupid let her down and the holiday was good for other people, but not her.

Ashley was pleased when Ravi was able to add a new feature to her app. He mentioned that he was planning to work on Phyllis's app tonight. Ashley was sure he had other plans, but Ravi said he didn't. Ashley told him to make some because a hopeless romantic like him shouldn't be alone today. She playfully stuck a paper heart to his chest and walked out. After Ashley left, Ravi threw away the gift he'd bought her.

Lauren received a phone call from an overseas number, but the connection was bad, and she couldn't hear the caller. Michael walked up, and she told him that she thought it was Scott calling to wish her a happy Valentine's day. Michael assured her that he'd call back.

Phyllis went to Ravi's office, but he wasn't in. She called Troy and thanked him for the flowers, but reminded him that she was back in a relationship. Phyllis assured Troy that he'd find someone special. When Phyllis turned around, she saw Ravi in the doorway, and she realized he heard what she said. Ravi admitted that it wasn't his business, but he said he didn't know she had a boyfriend. Phyllis explained that she didn't. She told Ravi that it was an online thing that didn't work out. Ravi mentioned that a lot of his friends had found love online, and he told Phyllis not to give up. He said Ashley and Phyllis both deserved to find someone. Phyllis told Ravi that the same went for him. Phyllis asked if he wanted to work on the app. Ravi was willing to do it, but he wanted to order some food first. Phyllis suggested that they go out to eat instead, then come back and work. Ravi agreed.

Jack and Ashley had a business meeting that went smoothly until Ashley announced that she'd let sales know that she was giving the keynote speech for the annual buyers' luncheon. Jack said that was his job, but Ashley said not anymore. She told him she was unhappy with his choices – going after Victor again, getting obsessed with gaining Fenmore's, then settling for 49% and hiring Gloria. Ashley was convinced that Gloria had something on Jack. Ashley noted that they'd inherited equal shares of the company, which meant she had as much right as Jack to run it as she saw fit. Jack said that he wasn't going to allow her to stage a coup. Ashley stated that someone who was fair and stable and not at war with people should be in charge. Jack snapped that Ashley had no right. Ashley threatened to go to the board to get their support.

Ashley accused Jack of not caring about their father's company. Jack was offended by her assertion. Ashley said that he'd let his messy personal life get in the way of their father's legacy. Ashley stated that she didn't trust his judgment, and she threatened to take control if he couldn't get it together soon. Ashley stormed out, ignoring Jack's insistence that they keep talking. Jack angrily threw a folder on the floor. Jill walked in and asked if Jack was out of his mind hiring Gloria. Jack suggested that Jill should be at Brash and Sassy. Jill said she had an offer Jack couldn't refuse

Ashley spotted Ravi and Phyllis in an elevator and overheard them discussing dinner plans. Gloria walked over and told Ashley that it was adorable that Ravi and Phyllis were having their first date on Valentine's day.

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