Friday Y&R Update 2/10/17

The Y&R Update Friday 2/10/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Nick walks into Chelsea’s studio to apologize for Faith’s rude behavior. He finds Chelsea there in a wedding gown. She was trying on one of her new designs to see how the fabric flowed---at least that’s what she says. Getting back to Faith, she was out of line forcing Nick and Sharon together for a dinner date. Chelsea wonders whether it’s such a far-fetched idea.

Sharon cleans up the mess she made on the Crimson Lights patio. Lily finds her thus and they commiserate about in-laws. Sharon may assume ownership of the coffeehouse in Dylan’s absence. He left her and wants a divorce. Lily can’t believe her ears.

Billy and Cane pace the Brash & Sassy office. They need to get on with the artwork for the product launch. Cane pushes Billy to make an executive decision. Victoria isn’t the sole owner yet.

Victoria is in her dad’s office thanking him for his advice. She’s decided to go for the whole enchilada. Brash & Sassy is her baby and she wants to own it free and clear. Victor thinks that’s fair and he intends to help her. After all, it’s his fault she lost it.

Again at the studio: Chelsea thinks Nick protests too much. Getting back with exes seems to run in the family, witness Nikki and Victor, Billy and Victoria. . . . She steps behind a privacy screen to change back into her street clothes but has a problem with the zipper on the wedding dress. Nick offers to help but he’s out of his league. He’s afraid to move the zipper for fear of ripping the fabric. Chelsea instructs him and he manages to free it. Girls just learn faster than boys, she muses. He agrees. Faith is a quick study, for sure. Chelsea wonders whether Faith thinks one brother might substitute for another. Nick wonders whether Chelsea speaks for herself.

Sharon is unsure of her ability to run Crimson Lights, but Lily has confidence in her. Sharon sighs. Her life seems completely out of her control. Lily is puzzled. Sharon sloughs off her questions and vows to make a go of it.

At Brash & Sassy: Victoria is unreachable, so Cane selects a photographer for the website. Billy is on board and even offers to let Cane take all the credit if it works out---and all the blame if it doesn’t.

At Newman Enterprises: Victoria lets Victor off the hook about losing Brash & Sassy. He coaches her in dealing with Jill: Watch your back and go over the agreement with a fine-toothed comb. And he thinks it’s foolish for her to keep Billy and Cane on staff, especially Billy. Abby barges in, crowing about her “amazing” meeting. Victor tells her about Victoria’s plan to reclaim Brash & Sassy. Abby is reserved but congratulates her sister. When Victor asks Victoria to give Abby a few pointers about acquiring start-ups, Abby is ungracious. She accuses Victoria of setting her sights on the big chair at Newman Enterprises. Abby is being paranoid, Victoria says. Victor agrees that Abby has no reason to worry. Abby apologizes for her insecurity. Victoria gives her a pass. That’s classic Victor Newman, testing his employees’ mettle. Victor denies pitting his daughters against each other. He wants both of them to succeed. Perhaps, Victoria says, but make no mistake: Victor is always the one in charge.

Cane’s choice of photographer arrives at the lab moments before Lily does. It turns out they’re old friends and colleagues from her Fresh Face of Jabot days. Cane seems to have regrets almost immediately.

Sharon sits in her car, gazes at photos of Dylan, and has a good cry.

At the studio: Chelsea allows that someday she might be open to dating again. Nick forges ahead. Maybe Adam’s brother? Maybe dinner tonight? Chelsea is caught off guard. Is he sure he wants to make tonight their first official date? It’s Valentine’s Day. Nick tries to recover. They could stay in and cook instead. She begs off. She’s not up to anything tonight. He persists. There are other days in the month of February besides Valentine’s Day. What is she doing Presidents' Day? Her phone rings and she has to take the call. Nick heads for the elevator, thinking he blew it.

In Victor’s office: Victoria is incredulous. Victor allowed Abby to handle the Higgins deal by herself? He never trusted Victoria with so much responsibility. Abby puffs up and takes full credit for cutting a killer deal. She heads to legal to finalize it. Well, well the Great Victor Newman appears to be serious about stepping down. Is he grooming Abby to take over? Well, yes, she’s the only family member to show interest.

At Brash & Sassy: Lily and Jordan, the photographer, catch up. She eventually gets around to introducing Cane, her husband. Jordan is blown away: Lily has a husband *and* kids. Billy takes a shine to Jordan, if for no other reason than he gets under Cane’s skin. The photo shoot hums along, with Lily and Jordan reminiscing the whole time. Cane urges Jordan to make it snappy. He and his wife have anniversary plans this evening. Jordan proposes a series of shots presenting Lily as a sexy scientist, and Billy green-lights it.

Victoria finds Nick at the Underground, trying out drink recipes for the big do tonight. She suggests he go easy on the alcohol. Most people aren’t looking to get blind drunk on the most romantic night of the year. Although she could use a stiff drink right now. Nick suspects a meeting with their father is the reason. She tells him about Abby being primed for the throne. If that’s what she wants, then Nick is happy for her. Why on earth does Victoria care? She has her own thing going. Talk turns to Nick and Chelsea. She turned him down for a date? What woman does that? Well, he did forget it was Valentine’s Day, and that seemed to be a problem for her. Victoria can see why.

At home, Victor is roused from his reading by the doorbell. Sharon enters, demanding to see Faith. She’s not home. Nikki took her out to try to undo the damage that Sharon did. What was she thinking, turning down Faith’s request to move home? Sharon did it for her own good. Victor prevents Sharon from tracking down Faith and says he wants to help Sharon. Sharon is stunned. Many moons ago, Victor was in her corner. If he really wants to help now, he can locate Dylan so that Sharon can go to him. Victor could do that, but he won’t. Sharon belongs with her family, especially Faith.

Nick forgot it was Valentine’s Day? How could he? He was married to Sharon, the most needy, selfish woman in the world. Victoria is relieved he's refused to have dinner---or anything more---with his ex. As for Chelsea, she and Nick are just friends. Maybe not even that anymore. Victoria isn’t so sure. She sees Chelsea in the nightclub doorway and makes a hasty exit. Chelsea and Nick greet each other awkwardly.

Victoria walks into the lab, where Lily lies draped across a table, Jordan snaps away, and Billy and Cane look on. What the hell is going on here and who authorized it? They explain. She was out of reach when a decision had to be made. I’m the boss! she bellows. Billy leans in close to look for a mustache. He’s sure she’s turning into her old man.

At the Underground: Nick offers Chelsea one of his bright red concoctions as a peace offering. She apologizes for overreacting to his overture. And she has a confession: She was trying on her wedding dress for old time’s sake. Her anniversary with Adam just passed and she’s been an emotional wreck lately. She’ll be OK, though, and would like him to make a dinner reservation after all.

Lily dresses in the private office and calls out to Cane to bring her blouse. Cane isn’t available, but Jordan is. Cane returns in time to see another man with his half-dressed wife.

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