Thursday Y&R Update 2/9/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 2/9/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Ranch, Victor wanted to play chess with Faith, but she wasn't in the mood. After Faith went upstairs to read, Nikki speculated that Faith was depressed because she missed Dylan. Victor thought that Faith would adjust in time, and he told Nikki that they wouldn't let her forget Dylan. Nikki thanked Victor after he said that what Dylan had done was admirable. Nikki thought that they might be able to tell Faith the truth about Dylan's departure when he was older, but in the meantime, she thought they should encourage her not to blame Sharon. Nikki said that regardless of what she and Victor thought of Sharon, they had to put Faith first, since she'd already lost so many parental figures. Faith returned and said that she told Sharon she wanted to move back in, but Sharon didn't want her to. Nikki was sure that Faith misunderstood, since Sharon loved Faith and would jump at the chance to have her move in. Faith clarified that Sharon said that Faith shouldn't move back in before she was ready just because she felt sorry for Sharon. Victor told Faith that Sharon's words were very wise. Faith said she loved living there, but she missed her parents. Faith smiled. “I was just thinking about what you always say, Grandpa – 'family stands by family,' and it gave me the best idea ever,” Faith said, before dashing off.

Victor went to his office. Abby began to scramble to clean her stuff of his desk while explaining that she didn't know he'd be there today. Victor calmed her and gave her a hug. She smiled when he told her she looked good in the chair. Victor looked at some work Abby had done in preparation for a meeting. He praised her work, then he asked about some notes she'd made. Abby explained that the people she was meeting were interested in the Jabot-Fenmore merger, so Abby had done some research. Victor advised her not to ever mention the competition during a meeting, because it gave the impression that you thought the competition is comparable. Victor said that Newman made more in a week than Jack hoped to make in a year. Abby said she was learning so much from Victor.

Abby noted that, in the past, Victor's compliments seemed more gruff and came with a lecture about Newmans vs. Abbotts, but now it seemed like he was eager to teach her. Victor said he found the perfect student. He admitted that he'd been wrong. Abby joked that the sky was about to turn red. Victor said that he'd been taking stock of his life and family, lately. He explained that he'd been knocked down a lot, so he wanted to imbue his children with a sense of ambition and the sense that you had to fight for things. He noted, that unlike his children, he didn't have a family to fall back on. Victor acknowledged that he'd fought hard and dirty, but he'd come to the realization that his kids didn't need to be as ruthless as he was. He said he was willing to learn from his mistakes. Abby told him he'd been an amazing father, especially after everything they put him through. Victor said it went both ways, but Abby said that most fathers would have turned their backs on their kids, but he never turned off his heart. Victor thanked her for saying that. Victor said he'd leave her to her presentation. Abby said she wouldn't need luck because she had the values and skills that her parents taught her. She said she was going to teach her kids to fight for what mattered most – family. Victor said he never thought she'd follow in his footsteps, but it made him happy. They hugged.

Paul dropped in to visit Sharon. She explained that she was packing up some of Dylan's belongings that she thought he might want. Paul sighed, and Sharon told him not to say it was too dangerous to send Dylan some things that bring him comfort. Paul told her that the things belonged to a man that didn't exist, but Sharon countered that he'd always exist in her heart and in her memories. Paul stated that she'd always exist in Dylan's heart too, but he couldn't have anything that linked him to Genoa City. Sharon asked if Paul was saying the life they shared never happened. She asked why Paul was there anyway. Paul explained that he had the deed to Crimson Lights, which Dylan had signed over to her. Sharon said she didn't want it. Paul told her that Dylan knew how much the coffeehouse meant to her, plus it was a constant source of income. He told Sharon not to make a decision about it right now.

Sharon wiped away tears and wondered if Paul brought divorce papers, too. Paul said he hadn't, because there was no reason to rush. He explained that Dylan wanted her to have the deed so she could take ownership right away. Sharon noted that the world was supposed to believe she wrecked her marriage and that Dylan hated her so much he left town. She thought it would be more convincing if they got divorced. Sharon bitterly said they could even call GC Buzz with the tip. Paul told her that she didn't have to explain why the marriage ended. He added that the less details, the better it would be for Dylan. Sharon thought that Paul was concerned that she'd crack and tell the truth, endangering Dylan. Paul wasn't worried about that. He gently told Sharon that she didn't have to shoulder this alone, and he promised to be there for her if she ever needed to talk. Sharon tearfully ordered Paul to get rid of Dylan's things – the tool belt he used to fix the kitchen, the blueprints for the tree house he'd been planning for Faith, the camping and fishing equipment. Paul asked if he should put it in storage. Sharon yelled that she didn't care. She said Paul could give them away so someone else could live the life that Dylan couldn't. Paul was going to say something, but Sharon cut him off and demanded that he get Dylan's things out of her house. Now. She rushed out of the cottage. Paul sorted through Dylan's belongings and started to cry when he found a picture of himself with Dylan.

At the tack house, Nick showed Chelsea a picture of Connor and Christian together. Chelsea grew uncomfortable when Nick pointed out that the boys had identical dimples in the same spot. She changed the subject and asked for chips. While Nick was distracted, Chelsea deleted the picture, then she pretended she did it by accident. Nick told her it was okay because he had a lot more. He revealed that he'd put together folders for Christian and Connor, then he showed her a picture of Adam holding Connor. Chelsea smiled, and Nick said that the was trying to honor Adam's request that he be a father figure to Connor. Nick predicted that there would be a lot more pictures of Connor with Christian; unless Chelsea clumsily deleted them. Again, Chelsea looked troubled, and Nick wondered why she didn't laugh at his teasing. Chelsea blamed her somber mood on her grief over Adam. She admitted that all the talks about moving on hadn't done much good, but she knew Sage and Adam didn't want them to be depressed. Nick stated that it was easier to say you were moving on than to do it. Chelsea said that Connor was picking up on the fact that she was sad, and she wanted to do something about it.

Nick thought that he might have found a way to move past his own grief. He suggested that he and Chelsea try out his plan together. Nick left and returned wearing a chef's hat and apron. Chelsea chuckled and Nick said that this was what taking a step forward looked like. He told her to drink it in and be envious. Chelsea took a picture. Nick explained that he was using cooking as a distraction.

Nick and Chelsea chatted and flipped through a cook book, until Faith burst into the house. Chelsea excused herself to go check on Connor and Christian. Faith told Nick that she was worried about Sharon. Faith explained that she'd wanted to move in with Sharon to cheer her up, but that Sharon had been concerned Faith was doing it for the wrong reasons. Nick agreed with Sharon and told Faith that it wasn't her job to fix her mom. Faith said she was there to ask Nick to do it. “Make mom happy again,” she said. Faith noted that Nick and Sharon were both alone, and she said they'd be happier if they started spending time together. Chelsea returned and overheard Faith imploring Nick to have dinner with Sharon tonight. Nick said he and Chelsea already had dinner plans. Faith tried to convince Chelsea to reschedule by pointing out that Chelsea had Connor, but Sharon was all alone. Nick tried to stop Faith from pressuring Chelsea, but Chelsea said it was okay, and she agreed to reschedule. Faith ran upstairs to help Chelsea pack up Connor's things. After Chelsea left, Nick told Faith that she'd been rude to Chelsea. Faith said she was sorry. She promised to text Chelsea an apology, but Nick told her that she needed to apologize to Chelsea in person. Nick told Faith that he wasn't going over to Sharon's. He said that people had their own way of dealing with things and Faith had to respect Sharon's desire to be alone right now.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon looked through a box of stuff from Dylan's office. Nikki walked up and asked if she was okay. Sharon spat that she wasn't okay, because her husband left her. Nikki said she was just concerned. Sharon doubted that. Sharon wondered why Nikki wasn't celebrating the fact that Sharon wasn't her daughter in law anymore. Nikki said she was trying to be polite, and she thought Sharon could do the same, given the circumstances. Sharon replied that she couldn't be polite, after all the years of hell Nikki gave her. Nikki said she was going to order her coffee and give Sharon her space. Sharon revealed that she owned the coffeehouse, which gave her the right to throw Nikki out. Sharon went out to the nearly deserted patio. Nikki followed and asked what that was all about. Sharon said that she wanted to be left alone. Nikki asked if that was why Sharon wouldn't let Faith move in with her. Sharon explained that she needed to be 100% present for Faith, but she wasn't capable of that right now. Nikki replied that she and Victor assured Faith that Sharon loved her and that they supported Sharon's reasoning. Sharon was grateful, and she also thanked Nikki for talking to Faith when Faith was angry with her. She added that Faith apologized to her. Nikki said that it wasn't fair for Sharon to have to bear the brunt of Faith's anger about Dylan's departure.

Sharon thought she should take an example from Faith and apologize to Paul. She explained that she blew up at him, and Nikki assured her that Paul wasn't one to hold a grudge. Sharon revealed that she asked Paul to pack up Dylan's things, since their presence was stressing her out. Nikki was taken aback and asked if she was getting rid of everything. Sharon said that she didn't want any more reminders of the life she and Dylan shared. A disapproving Nikki asked if Sharon even considered how Faith would feel if she came home and discovered that every trace of Dylan disappeared from the cottage. Sharon spat that Faith would come home. Nikki said that she didn't mean to imply that she wouldn't. Sharon accused Nikki of thinking that Sharon wasn't good enough for her sons or good enough to raise her own daughter. Nikki said she wasn't sure if this was an act or if Sharon really was teetering on the edge, but she advised Sharon to make sure the fire insurance was paid on the building. Sharon remarked on how quickly Nikki went from courteousness to cattiness. Nikki stated that she was following Sharon's manic lead. Sharon called Nikki vicious. Nikki snapped that she was willing to be civil, but Sharon didn't make it easy. Sharon grabbed a pitcher of milk and poured it over Nikki's head. Sharon said that now Sharon had a reason to go back to hating her, just like she always had.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria and Billy reminisced about the good times – green beer at Paddy's, Halloween with him as Hugh Hefner and her as a playboy bunny, getting locked in the bathroom at the trailer, Jamaica. Victoria's smile faded as Billy leaned in to kiss her. She moved away from him and said she wasn't going to jump back into his arms. Billy asked if it would really be that bad. At that moment, Reed walked in and made a snide comment about being an inmate. Billy asked what was going on. Reed continued to let his anger at Victoria show, and she told him to drop the attitude. Reed said he would when she gave him his computer. Victoria said that wasn't going to happen, and Reed said that he was leaving since he couldn't do his homework. Victoria angrily reminded him that she already told him to use the computer in the conference room. She reminded him not to use the computer for surfing or social media. Reed complained that he might as well be living in a cave. Billy thought a social media break was a good thing. Reed told him that Victoria took away his phone, television and guitar. Billy admitted that sounded a little bit - “Harsh,” Reed interjected. Billy said that Reed probably gave Victoria a good reason to take everything away, but Reed snapped that she was trying to ruin his life. Reed stormed into the conference room.

Billy suggested that he and Victoria pick up where they left off, but Victoria said she didn't need another immature boy in her life. Billy asked what Reed did. Victoria didn't want to discuss it, but Billy kept making guesses until she told him that Reed used her credit card. Billy wondered if J.T. let Reed use his card in the past, so Reed thought it would be okay with Victoria, too. Victoria revealed that Reed purchased a membership to a porn site. Billy smiled. Victoria didn't find it funny, and she told Billy that his reaction was the reason why she had reservations about him spending time with Reed. Billy felt that it was normal for Reed to be curious. Victoria said she didn't want Reed to think it was okay to objectify women. She added that porn could be addictive. Billy agreed and said that they could look out for the warning signs and make sure Reed didn't go down that path. Billy told her that he'd stop looking at those sites once he had a girlfriend. Victoria sarcastically said that Reed would be having sex then, but he'd be fine, thanks to Billy giving him condoms. Billy clarified that Reed already had condoms and that Billy just gave him a pep talk about sex education. Billy said that Reed was a fifteen year old and it was normal for him to be interested in sex. Victoria felt that they should keep their kids from repeating their mistakes. Billy told her that they couldn't protect Reed from everything.

In the conference room, Reed used the office phone to call J.T. Shortly afterward, J.T. called Victoria. Billy went into the conference room. He shoved Reed's feet off the desk and confronted him about playing his parents against each other. Billy accused Reed of acting like a baby. Reed said that Victoria overreacted, as usual, and he thought J.T. could calm her down. Billy said that making Victoria question her parenting skills wouldn't make things better for Reed. Reed wondered why Victoria wouldn't leave him alone. Billy replied that Reed kept doing stupid things, like stealing her credit card. Billy said Victoria wanted him to respect women, and she was worried that he'd be influenced by some of the inappropriate things that were online. Reed mumbled that she shouldn't worry, but Billy told him that it was what parents did. Victoria walked in, after the call ended, and she was furious. According to Victoria, Reed told J.T. that Victoria was basically holding him hostage and that she'd taken away everything that mattered to him; however Reed didn't tell his father why he was being punished. Victoria said that Reed could forget about playing them off each other again, because she was going to give J.T. regular updates, and J.T. was going to call Reed tomorrow to discuss his behavior. She threw Reed's coat at him and ordered him to go home. Reed was about to say something, but Victoria said she'd ground him for another month if he opened his mouth. Reed left.

Later, Billy noticed that Victoria had been staring a memo for some time, and he asked how many times she was going to read it. Victoria admitted that this was the fourth time. Billy suggested that she take the rest of the day off. Victoria declined, because she didn't want to argue with Reed anymore. Billy told her to go to the Club and get a massage. A defensive Victoria asked assumed this was Billy's way of telling her she was too uptight and had been too hard on her son. She said maybe she should be more like Billy and shirk her responsibilities. Billy told her that she did a wonderful job with Reed. He assured her that one day Reed would realize she was a strong, smart wonderful mother.

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