Wednesday Y&R Update 2/8/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 2/8/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Lauren and Phyllis met at Crimson Lights for coffee before Lauren and Jack's interview with GC Buzz. Lauren said she wanted to come off as strong and focused and make sure that Jack didn't dominate the interview. Phyllis thought it would be typical of him to take over. Phyllis was concerned that Jack would make it seem like he saved Fenmore's from financial ruin, instead of putting a positive spin on the merger. Lauren asked how they could stop him. Phyllis gave Lauren a tip – Jack always smoothed his tie just before he jumped into a conversation. Lauren called Phyllis a genius.

When Jack arrived at Jabot he received a cheerful greeting from Gloria. He asked why she was there so early. Gloria claimed she was there to make sure everything was ready for Jack and Lauren's interview at Jabot. Jack didn't buy her story. Gloria admitted that she figured Jack would come to the office early to avoid her, and she wanted to make sure he couldn't. Gloria delivered Jack a cup of coffee, and he told her that she could cut the act. Jack said that he knew that this wasn't the job she had in mind, and he was surprised she showed up. Gloria replied that she needed the money. Gloria asked what Jack wanted her to do. Jack snapped that she should go back to her desk and not get into trouble. Gloria told Jack that she was going to be a permanent fixture, so he should get used to it.

Ravi arrived shortly after Gloria returned to her desk. She wouldn't allow him to enter Jack's office, because he wasn't on the schedule. Gloria offered Ravi tea, then she guessed that he worked on computers. Ravi confirmed that he did. Gloria said she could tell, because he looked nerdy. She assured the shocked Ravi that he was easy on the eyes, though. Ashley walked up, while Gloria was off getting Ravi's tea, and asked why Ravi was waiting in the hallway. He explained that the receptionist told him to. Just then, Gloria returned. A furious Ashley went into Jack's office and demanded to know why he hired Gloria. Jack said she was broke, so he gave her a job. Skeptical, Ashley asked what Gloria had on Jack. Jack said he was keeping his enemies close, and he told Ashley that she had to admit that Gloria was savvy and had good instincts. Ashley reminded Jack that Gloria tainted their face cream and conned their father into leaving her half of his estate. Jack told her he wasn't firing Gloria. Ashley slammed her fist on the desk. She rushed out of the office and told Ravi to come with her.

Gloria saw Lauren and Phyllis heading toward Jack's office, so she ran over and leaped in front of them and tried to block their path. They sidestepped Gloria and went into the office anyway. Phyllis asked Jack why Gloria was at the reception desk. Jack revealed that he hired her. Lauren thought it was hilarious that Gloria forced Jack to hire her, even though their scheme to undermine Lauren failed. Phyllis asked why Jack didn't send Gloria to a satellite office in Siberia. Jack said it would be better to keep Gloria close by so he could keep tabs on her. It was time for the interview, so the trio headed out of the office. As they passed by, Gloria needled Lauren about Lauren's dress.

Ashley and Ravi went to his office, where Ashley vented about Jack's decision. Ravi asked if Gloria hurt Ashley. Ashley groused that Gloria hurt her entire family and nearly destroyed Jabot. Ravi was surprised, because Gloria had seemed so nice. Ashley filled Ravi in on some of Gloria's antics, such as hiring actors to impersonate her sons and hiding the fact that her husband, Tom was still alive because she didn't want everyone to find out that her marriage to John was invalid, and putting industrial solvent in face cream, which resulted in several people, including Abby, being hurt. Ashley told Ravi to stay away from Gloria. Later, Ashley heaped praise on Ravi after he showed her a program he'd been working on. Phyllis dropped in. Ashley shortly said she and Ravi were in the middle of something, but Phyllis said she made an appointment.

Ravi left, because Phyllis asked to talk to Ashley alone. Phyllis said she was following the ground rules Ashley had set, regarding Ravi. Phyllis suggested that they put their differences aside and work toward their common goal of making the merger a success. “It's what Jack would want,” Phyllis stated. Ashley contended that Phyllis didn't know what Jack would want. Phyllis insisted that she knew what he wanted better than anyone else did. Phyllis said that she (Phyllis) was trying to be a part of his team, but Ashley's attitude wasn't helping. Ashley told Phyllis not to pretend she cared about Jack after what she did to him. Ashley felt that Jack had been making decisions that weren't in the best interest of himself or Jabot and that it was Phyllis's fault. Phyllis snapped that she was tired of Ashley blaming her for every bad thing that happened to the Abbotts.

Phyllis said that she left Jabot and found a new project because it was too painful to be around Jack, knowing what she'd destroyed and seeing the contempt in his eyes, then Jack bought part of Fenmore's. Ashley said that Phyllis claimed to be concerned about Jack, but she was really focused on herself. Phyllis said she was on a new path that didn't include Jack, so Ashley shouldn't worry that Phyllis wanted him back.

Gloria had decorated her area with several plants. Ravi was distracted by a phone call and Gloria suddenly shrieked at him. Ravi was startled and he bumped into a plant.

Devon and Lily were at the Club just after interviewing a potential manager. Lily mentioned that Neil told her about Hilary's “melodrama” last night. Devon said that he thought a $250,000,000 settlement was fair. Lily was sure that Hilary was holding out for half of his fortune. Devon said he knew Hilary was playing games, but he had a plan. Devon explained that Hilary said she didn't want his money. Lily wondered what Hilary thought she would gain from take the high road; did she think she'd win Devon back or get a bigger settlement? Devon said that as much as he'd loved Hilary, he'd never been able to read her mind. Devon said he'd made it clear that he was willing to pay a large sum in order to close the chapter. Lily asked if that was what Devon really wanted. After Lily left, Devon had flashbacks to Hilary turning down his offers for a settlement.

Hilary was at GC Buzz preparing for the interview. Michael arrived and said he needed to discuss her divorce. Hilary snapped that she told Devon that she didn't want anything from him. Michael assumed that Hilary thought that she could get more money out of Devon since they didn't have a prenup, but Michael told Hilary that it wouldn't work. Michael explained that inheritance wasn't considered marital property, the marriage only lasted a short time, and Hilary had held a job throughout the marriage, so Devon had never been her sole means of support. “Are you even listening to me? I don't want Devon's money,” Hilary spat. Michael suggested that Hilary take Devon's generous offer of $250,000,000 and give him a chance for closure. Hilary said she was going back to work, and she stormed off. Michael followed and handed her a contract. He explained that he advised Devon to have her sign this, whether she took the settlement or not. Michael explained that the contract relinquished Hilary's rights to all of Devon's property. If she signed it, she'd never be able to sue him. Hilary asked why Devon needed her signature; wasn't her word good enough? Michael said no.

When Devon arrived at GC Buzz, Hilary confronted him with the “insulting” document. Devon asked what was insulting about trying to protect himself. Hilary reminded him that she already said she didn't want his money. Devon challenged her to prove it by signing the papers. Hilary didn't believe that Devon was trying to protect himself. She accused him of trying to humiliate her. Devon said he wasn't a vindictive person. Hilary thought Devon was saying that their time together was meaningless. She asked Devon if he thought she was going to wait until he was vulnerable and pull a sneak attack. Devon replied that it wouldn't be the first time. Jack, Lauren and Phyllis arrived. Lauren was pleasantly surprised to see Michael, who told her he was there to cheer her on. Hilary and the guests went to get ready for the show. Michael told Devon that Hilary wouldn't sign the paper. Devon wasn't surprised. Devon was sure Hilary was up to something, and he wished he knew what it was.

Back at Jabot, Gloria had her feet up on Jack's desk while she watched the GC Buzz interview on a laptop. Ashley walked in and slammed the laptop shut. Gloria said that Lauren was steamrolling over Jack. Ashley said she didn't know what Gloria was holding over Jack, but his choices made Ashley realize there had to be some changes. Ashley said she'd decided to take a more active role in running Jabot, since it was clear to her that no one else cared about her father's legacy. Ashley leaned in toward Gloria and hissed “I don't like you. I don't trust you. And I don't want you anywhere near my family's company.” Ashley told Gloria not to get comfortable, then she walked out.

At Brash and Sassy, Cane and Billy had a business disagreement. Cane pointed out that Brash and Sassy used to be a teen line. He believed that they should expand back into that market after they bought the company. Billy countered that they shouldn't spread themselves too thin. The debate was cut short by Victoria's arrival. Billy noted that she was in a good mood. Cane and Billy began to discuss buying the company, when Victoria interjected that she wanted to take them to lunch for a talk. Cane urged her to tell them what she wanted to say. Victoria admitted that she wanted to be the sole owner of Brash and Sassy. Cane argued that Jill made the offer to all of them, so Victoria couldn't cut him and Billy out. Victoria explained that it was a proposal, not an edict. Billy asked if Jill knew about this, and Victoria said she hadn't discussed it with her yet. Victoria felt that she should own the company, since it had always been her baby, from the moment it was created at Jabot. She said that she took the line with her to Newman and turned it into a division.

Cane accused Victoria of being arrogant; he felt that if anyone should own the company it was him, since he'd worked very hard to turn the company into a success while she and Billy were consumed with their messy personal lives. Billy noted that it cost money to buy a company. Cane got annoyed. Victoria cut off the bickering and said that this was why she wanted to take them to lunch to discuss this as friends and colleagues. Billy wondered if she planned to fire them after buying the company. Victoria assured him that nothing would change. Cane countered that she would be his boss instead of his coworker. Billy supported Victoria's idea, since he hated the arrangement Jill had made. Cane groaned and accused Billy of saying anything it took to get back in Victoria's bed. Billy insisted that he wasn't siding with Victoria because of their relationship. Billy explained that Brash and Sassy was Victoria's favorite division until Victor sold it out from under her. Billy said that he bought it to keep it warm, then Jill took it away from him so that she could use it to meddle in his and Victoria's lives.

Billy felt that they could work more productively if they were following one person's vision, because group decisions always lead to a two against one split and hard feelings. Victoria called Billy's statement an excellent point. Cane complained that Victoria teamed up with Billy to hire Lily behind his back. “Everything he says in an excellent point, while nothing I say matters,” Cane continued. Victoria swore that wasn't true, but Cane said they'd manipulated him then, and they were doing the same thing now. Cane griped about the two of them bringing their drama to work. Billy suggested that Cane be less combative. Lily walked in and overheard Cane say that he wasn't going to let them talk down to him or take this opportunity from him. Cane brought Lily up to speed. Victoria swore that she wasn't trying to cut Cane out and she insisted that his role wouldn't change. Cane pointed out that he wouldn't own part of the company anymore, so he'd make less money and he wouldn't be a part of the decision-making process. Cane predicted that he'd spend his days arguing with Billy and that Victoria's would always side with Billy. Victoria reminded Cane that she often took his side over Billy's. Lily suggested that they take some time to think about this, but Cane was adamant that this was not going to happen. Cane walked off. Lily was going to follow, but Billy said to let him go, since he was being a jerk. Billy was caught off guard when Victoria said that Billy was the one being a jerk.

Victoria advised Lily to talk to Cane and help him see that this was happening. After Cane and Lily left, Victoria told Billy that she planned to go to Jill and make an offer. Billy said he was happy for Victoria, but he said that grabbing the company for herself was something Victor would do. Victoria admitted that Victor encouraged her to do it, but she said that it felt like destiny. Billy assured Victoria that he'd have her back if she was serious about keeping him on. Victoria joked that he could be vice president of pep talks. She turned serious and asked if Cane was right when he said Billy was just trying to get back into her bed. Billy asked if she would be surprised if he said yes. Billy said that it was his fault their marriage was over. He stated that they had their share of really bad times, but the good times were really... “Great,” Victoria and Billy said in unison.

Lily caught up to Cane at Crimson Lights. She gently suggested that the constant fights with Billy and the burden he had to carry at Brash and Sassy weren't good for him. Cane countered that there wouldn't be any stress if Billy and Victoria pulled their weight. Lily said that now the burden would be on Victoria. Cane stated that Jill made the offer to the three of them, and he was not going to walk away from the opportunity. Lily understood. Cane said he called the broker, and if he could get enough money, he was going to approach Jill about buying the company. Lily asked if Cane could be happy working for Victoria. He said no, because Victoria wasn't loyal to him the way that Jill was. Cane was sure that Victoria would keep him on, but he predicted that his ideas would get lost in the shuffle. Lily thought that Victoria realized he was indispensable. Cane thought that all Victoria cared about was running the company and keeping Billy by her side so that Billy could tell her she looked good. Cane was disappointed when the broker called and said he didn't have enough money to buy the company. Cane told Lily that the broker suggested taking out a loan, but Cane didn't want to take the risk. Lily said she was sorry. Cane wasn't ready to give up.

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