Tuesday Y&R Update 2/7/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 2/7/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Victoria’s day drinking at the Underground is a bad sign, according to Nick. They talk about kids: Nick’s ability to leave Christian with the nanny and Victoria’s preference for diapers over teen angst.

At Chelsea’s studio, Sharon would rather work through her pain than take the day off. Chelsea is sorry about what happened. She really thought Sharon and Dylan had something solid. It turns out the whopper that Sharon told about Christian being his son was too much. She drove him away. Chelsea still doesn’t understand Sharon’s hopelessness. Dylan is still alive.

Suzanne, a statuesque platinum blonde, enters the athletic club and asks for Devon. She’s there to interview for the manager position. Lily gets territorial.

At the GC Buzz studio, Hilary and Jack discuss Gloria. Hilary could throttle her for lying about being sexually harassed and denigrating a good man like Jack. Jack says very little in his own defense. The problem now is how to deal with the fallout. There’s plenty of online buzz about the allegations. The upshot is Gloria wants a job. Along those lines, Jack has a favor to ask . . . Oh, no! Gloria cannot work on the TV show. Jack stoops to begging and then apologizes. He has no right to make such a request. He’ll figure out something.

Chloe meets with Gloria at Crimson Lights. She tries to help her find suitable employment through an online service, but Gloria will have no part of it. Chloe cuts to the chase. The real issue is Gloria’s paying her share of the household expenses. Gloria is aghast. Surely Gloria has a little money socked away? No, she doesn’t. Chloe offers to step up her efforts and hire a head hunter to find Gloria a job. Gloria takes offense and says don’t bother. She’ll take care of herself. Chloe has to get to work but leaves a hard copy of Gloria’s expenses---and sticks her with the Crimson Lights check.

Lily sits in on Suzanne’s interview at the club and tells one horror story after another about difficult guests and unreliable suppliers. Devon takes her aside and asks what her deal is. Is Lily having second thoughts about leaving?

Again at the Underground: Victoria tells Nick the whole ugly story about Reed’s paying for online porn. Nick withholds judgment and acts as a sounding board. Reed will come around, and Victoria shouldn’t be so hard on herself. It’s too bad, really. Victoria’s business life is humming along, but her home life is a mess. She tells him about Lily’s hiring as spokeswoman for Brash & Sassy. As a matter of fact, she has a dress fitting at Chelsea’s later today. Would Nick care to tag along? Nick knows what she’s driving at and refuses to play along. Victoria persists. He and Chelsea are single now, and they deserve to be happy. Outwardly, Nick shuts down all discussion about his feelings for Chelsea, but he flashes back to an intimate moment with her. No, he tells Victoria, being with her wouldn’t be right.

At the design studio: Sharon sticks herself with a sewing pin. Chelsea offers first aid and more sympathy regarding Dylan. Maybe with time he’ll heal and come home. Sharon is sure that if he’s to find happiness again, it won’t be with her. She gets short with Chelsea and ends the conversation.

Neil joins Devon and Lily at the athletic club. The two men try to figure out where Lily’s head is. She’s afraid the Brash & Sassy gig might fall though. Nonsense, they say. She’s a natural and Brash & Sassy is lucky to have her. Jack happens upon them and takes note that the manager position is open.

At GC Buzz: Hilary’s assistant hands her an envelope. Maybe it’s a scoop. It’s not. It’s a check for $250 million.

At the design studio: Sharon apologizes for snapping at Chelsea. Chelsea apologizes to Sharon for her ham-handed attempt at sympathy. Hoping to put the matter to rest, Sharon assures her Dylan won’t be returning to Genoa City. It’s not safe for him---emotionally. Sharon decides to take the day off after all and passes Chloe on her way out.

At the club: Jack half listens to Neil talk about foundation business. He’s preoccupied with more than just his recent acquisition of Fenmore’s. Devon dismisses Suzanne and tells Neil and Jack that she didn’t fit the bill. Jack assures him the right person will turn up. He excuses himself abruptly and texts Gloria, who languishes at the coffeehouse. Stay put. He’s on his way.

From the GC Buzz studio, Hilary tries to phone Devon, but he doesn’t pick up. She has no choice but to confront him in person.

At Crimson Lights: Jack pays for Gloria’s latte and muffin, shaking his head at her dire financial straits. He plays up the club manager position. It’s a chance for her to rub elbows with the movers and shakers, maybe even meet her next husband. Gloria scoffs. She is not a sex object, thank you very much. She has no interest in the position.

At the studio: Victoria and Lily peruse a rack of dresses while Chelsea and Chloe look on. Lily is exactly the type of woman Chelsea designs for: a professional with an active home and social life. Much like Chelsea herself, Victoria observes. Chelsea barely acknowledges the comment and rushes off to find something. While Lily retreats to the fitting room with an armload of garments, Victoria muses aloud to Chloe that she hopes everything works out for Chelsea.

Nick finishes his visit with Faith at the main house and runs into Sharon on her way in. They chat briefly about Faith’s state of mind and about Sharon’s. Nick remembers the difficulty of losing Sage and continually telling people he was OK (a lie). Sharon should take heart. Things will get better eventually. After he leaves, Faith bursts into the room and flies into her mother’s arms. She wants to come home today. She doesn’t Sharon to be alone. She’s puzzled when Sharon discourages her. Sharon wants Faith to come home when the time is right for Faith, and Sharon is willing to wait. Faith feels better.

Chelsea makes a coffee run to Crimson Lights and runs into Nick on the patio. They make lighthearted conversation about the fitting. Maybe he should have come along as Victoria suggested. Chelsea could have used a male perspective. Inside, Jack tries in vain to butter up Gloria, praising her qualifications for the club position, but she’s holding out for a place at the corporate table, as Jack promised her. Either that or she blabs to the world about what happened in their hotel room. Extortion! Jack cries. Then he relents. Gloria can have her corporate position, but she should be careful what she wishes for.

Hilary slams down her check on the bar. Is this Devon’s idea of a joke? Neil takes a peek at the amount and his eyes widen. She will not be painted as a gold digger! But that’s what she is, Devon insists. He holds out the check to her, saying it’s the best offer she’ll get from him. She rips it to pieces and flounces out.

Again at Crimson Lights: Chelsea can’t stop talking about Sharon. Nick understands Dylan’s point of view. Being around Christian, Nick’s son, is probably too painful. Perhaps, Chelsea agrees. Poor Sharon is in limbo, though. At least Sage’s and Adam’s deaths gave Chelsea and Nick closure. They have no alternative but to move on.

Jack stands in his office with his hands over his ears. He can barely stand the sound of Gloria’s voice as she answers his phone and takes his messages.

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