Monday Y&R Update 2/6/17

The Y&R Update Monday 2/6/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Gloria sips champagne at the athletic club bar and taunts Jack. He’s sorry their business deal went south, but it’s out of his hands now. She toys with the TV remote and says he won’t want to miss the big show.

In the Jabot elevator, Phyllis pushes Billy away. What a lowdown thing to do, making advances on her to get back at Victoria.

At home, Victoria has her own problems. She walks in and overhears Reed with Johnny and Katie. They’re in a homemade fort, so they don’t realize she’s nearby. Reed tells a story about a troll, which is obviously a thin disguise for Victoria. When they emerge, Reed sees her and is taken aback. Victoria sends the two younger children upstairs to prepare for bed and promises Reed will be up to tuck them in. Then she thanks Reed for stepping up and helping. After he goes up, she finds something disturbing on her desk.

At the GC Buzz studio: Hilary’s lawyer went over the divorce agreement, so all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. What stuns Devon is that she doesn’t want a cent from him.

Billy follows Phyllis to Crimson Lights to apologize for kissing her. He admits that his recent problems with Victoria spurred him on. Phyllis sighs. He never was one to honor boundaries. This friendship between them is just not working. Now, she has a meeting, so if he’ll excuse her . . .

Again at the club bar: Jack becomes nervous. Show? What has Gloria done now? He’s about to find out. She turns on the set and soon everyone in the room has gathered to watch. Hilary introduces Mariah’s exclusive interview, a first-person account of sexual harassment. “Clarissa,” whose voice and appearance are obscured, tells her tale and is about to name Jack Abbott as the culprit, but thanks to technical difficulties, Jack is spared public humiliation. For the time being, anyway. On the GC Buzz set, Hilary fumes. She will not allow her friend Jack to be trashed without a fair hearing. Back at the club, Jack lays into Gloria. Why didn’t she just resort to blackmailing him? At least that way she’d get a chunk of change.

Victoria calls the number on the receipt and says she never subscribed to the website in question. She obtains the URL from the representative, types it into her laptop, and is horrified. Reed comes back downstairs just then and is busted. At first he denies using his mom’s credit card to access pictures of naughty nymphs on the Internet, but it’s futile. She eventually gets a confession and he apologizes, but it’s too late. Victoria rails about the string of incidents that brought them to this point. He has no respect for her. Did the concert she took him to in Chicago count for nothing? They argue and she ends up storming off.

Troy, Phyllis’s online match, approaches her on the Crimson Lights patio. He’s not bad looking, but his flaws soon become apparent. He’s recently divorced from a controlling shrew. Billy observes their meeting surreptitiously from inside the coffeehouse. Troy moves on. He no longer wants to discuss Pam; he’d rather hear about Phyllis. So she works for Fenmore’s, right? Pam once shoplifted from that store. Eventually he gets around to taking about his therapist. Billy comes to the rescue. He introduces himself as Phyllis’s boyfriend.

During the commercial break, Devon tries to remain impartial. GC Buzz must maintain its integrity, which means vetting all sources. He asks Mariah to suspend the interview until that can be done. Hilary can’t imagine any scenario that would justify a hatchet job on her buddy Jack. Everyone knows about Gloria’s shady past and questionable motives. Mariah throws up her hands and leaves the set.

Jack, having second thoughts about encouraging extortion, follows Gloria to the club foyer and tries to mitigate the damage. He’s prepared to offer her compensation, but it will take a bit of time to get it together. Gloria tells him to hurry.

After Hilary wraps up the show on her own, she pleads with Devon to kill the story altogether. He refuses. If it’s true, it deserves to be heard. Hilary commits herself to proving Jack’s innocence.

At home: Reed attempts to make amends by installing a computer filter to keep Johnny and Katie from inadvertently landing on unsavory websites and deleting the browser history, but to no avail. Victoria comes down hard: He’s grounded for a month, with no computer privileges and no guitar practice. He protests. He needs to be on the computer to do his schoolwork. Fine. She’ll monitor that closely. She retreats to take a relaxing bath and instructs him to straighten up the living room.

Back at Crimson Lights: Billy offers Troy a plate of cookies for his inconvenience and explains that Phyllis really isn’t available. You see, he and Phyllis had an argument. Troy takes it well. The truth is he hasn’t had much luck so far on the Internet dating scene. He’s had seventeen dates so far and this is the first one to have lasted longer than ten minutes. He encourages Billy and Phyllis to fix things between them and leaves. Phyllis manages to thank Billy and they fall into easy conversation, until Billy gets a distress call from Reed. Mom is out of control. Would Billy please talk to her? Sorry, no can do.

Mariah returns to the set and offers to resign. Devon wants no such thing. He just wants to make sure the story is true before airing it. She’s relieved. She regrets the untenable position he’s in, working with is soon-to-be ex-wife. He shrugs. It’s going to be OK. Surprisingly, Hilary is being reasonable. After hearing that Hilary wants no settlement, Mariah has to agree.

Hilary finds Jack at the club bar. He thanks her for invoking “technical difficulties” to halt the carnage. Her pleasure, but she can’t help wondering whether there’s a kernel of truth to Gloria’s story. What happened between the two of them? Jack says as little as possible but allows that things got “heated.” What’s his next move? Hilary begs him to let her expose that miserable gold digger, but Jack refuses. He intends to be practical and give Gloria what she wants.

Again at Crimson Lights, Billy and Phyllis continue their discussion about her foray into online dating. There’s a certain amount of sexual tension between them until she ends the conversation and leaves.

Reed confronts his mother when she returns to the living room. Why did she tell Billy to hang up on him? He was Reed’s only confidant. She really is Victor Newman’s daughter—cold and mean.

Back at GC Buzz, Devon makes a quick phone call to order a $250 million check made out to Hilary Hamilton. After he leaves the studio, Gloria enters and thanks Mariah for attempting to air the story, but not to worry. Jack will pay up.

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