Friday Y&R Update 2/3/17

The Y&R Update Friday 2/3/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Devon finds Hilary at the GC Buzz studio. He was impressed by her on-air apology. It’s bound to cost her some fans, though. Hilary isn’t too concerned about that. His opinion is the only one that matters. She hopes Devon’s change of attitude might mean there’s hope for their marriage, but no. He considers her just another employee on the payroll.

Jill is ready to sell Brash & Sassy to Billy, Victoria, and Cane. Why? To raise cash to reclaim something that was stolen from her.

Jack and Gloria argue in his office. He’s sorry he can’t make good on his promise of a job, but he owns only 49 percent of Fenmore’s. Gloria isn’t satisfied. He could find a place for her if he wanted to. After all, he didn’t throw her out of his bed. Outside the office, Ashley tells Phyllis that Ravi is her employee and JabotGo is his priority. Then she walks in on Jack and Gloria.

At the Underground, Nick is stunned to hear that Dylan flew the coop. Noah has no details, but it’s sure to rock Sharon’s world.

At home, Mariah falls apart when Sharon tells her that Dylan left her. After a few tears, Mariah becomes angry and wants to give Dylan a piece of her mind. No, Sharon says. He wanted a clean break and she’s prepared to give it to him. Well, whatever the case, Mariah has Sharon’s back. Sharon is glad to hear it. They need to be strong for Faith. The news will destroy her.

In Jack’s office: Ashley demands to know what’s going on. It’s all about Lauren, specifically the deal she cut with Jabot. Gloria leaves it at that and storms out. Ashley wants details from her brother. Why is Gloria behaving like a scorned woman? Without waiting for an answer, she goes on to complain about Phyllis hogging Ravi’s time and talents. Jack says they’re all one big team now, so Ashley will have to share resources, including Ravi. Ashley walks out in a huff and runs into Ravi, who, coincidentally, was on his way to tell Jack where his loyalties lie---with Ashley. He heard Ashley and Phyllis fighting over him and he’s flattered, but he’s curious about the dynamics between them. Ashley suggests they go somewhere more private so she can explain.

Again at Brash & Sassy: Jill intends to buy Jack’s share of Fenmore’s. She’ll have the papers drawn up for the sale of the company but demands confidentiality for the time being. She doesn’t want Jack to get wind of her plan. Billy and Victoria seem all in; Cane seems lukewarm.

Sharon goes to the main house. She should be the one to tell Faith that Dylan isn’t coming back and why. Nikki and Victor invite her in.

At Brash & Sassy: Billy needles Cane about having enough money for his share of the company. Cane is good for it. It fact, he expects to buy out Billy. Very funny, Billy says.

As expected, Faith doesn’t take the news about Dylan well. She blames her mom for driving him away, just as she did Daddy. Everyone runs from Sharon. After Faith flees the room, Nikki shows compassion for Sharon and commends her sacrifice. Sharon doesn’t feel any better. Faith is right. Dylan’s departure is Sharon’s fault. After Sharon leaves, even Victor takes up for her. They’ll get Faith to forgive her mother. Nikki asks Victor to let her handle it.

Victoria runs into Phyllis in the Jabot lobby. They have a short, contentious conversation, which is interrupted by a call from Reed to his mother. Phyllis can’t help but notice the desperation in Victoria’s voice. After Victoria hangs up, Phyllis tries to offer support but ends up saying all the wrong things. Phyllis knows the pitfalls of raising a teenage boy, and Billy mentioned that he was trying to help. Victoria tells her to mind her own business.

At the Underground, Ashley confesses that she doesn’t like to share. She advises Ravi to do as she says and not as she’s done: keep his business and personal lives completely separate. She’s made lots of mistakes and has a box full of old wedding rings to prove it. When Noah serves their drinks, she introduces him as her daughter’s nephew. See how complicated things can get? Ravi shakes his head. If someone like Ashley can’t get it right, what hope is there for the likes of him?

Gloria ventures into the GC Buzz studio and introduces herself to Mariah as Kevin’s mother. Kevin tells Gloria that Mariah is completely trustworthy and in the business of exposing the ugly truth. Gloria would like to tell her story of sexual harassment and intimidation by one of the biggest corporate heads in the city.

Again at the Underground: Ravi tells Ashley about a dating site he was familiar with and the algorithm it used. What type of man does Ashley go for? She supposes an alpha male. She has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them, so she needs a man who can stand up to that. Ravi is a bit surprised and suggests she try casting a wider net. A very confident person often doesn’t have to overstate it. Point taken. If Ravi comes across such a man, he should point him toward Ashley. He will. She deserves to be happy.

Jill comes home to find Esther back at work, maid’s uniform and all. And Esther is glad to be there, despite Colin’s presence. Colin ends his phone conversation and hears Jill’s latest scheme. He bristles at the thought of Jill’s taking on more responsibility. He hoped to spend more time with her. He brightens a little when she reveals her intent to sell Brash & Sassy. He proposes a cruise to melt away her tensions and prepare her to do battle with Jack.

Victoria returns to Brash & Sassy and lets Billy have it. Would he please refrain from discussing her personal life with Phyllis. Billy leaves in a huff.

Mariah sits down with Gloria in front of a rolling video recorder and isn’t disappointed. Under the pseudonym “Clarissa,” Gloria names Jack as the powerful executive who made promises, exacted sexual favors, and then cast aside this poor, older worker who just needed a job.

Nick pays Sharon a visit at home. He’s concerned about her. She’s flip. He needn’t be. She’s taking her medication and staying on the straight and narrow. The pain of disappointing Faith again is another matter.

Again at the ranch: Nikki tries to explain things to Faith. Yes, Sharon lied to Dylan about Christian, but the situation isn’t so simple. The fact is everyone is hurt and sad, and with her words, Faith made her mom feel worse.

At Brash & Sassy, Cane gloats on the phone to an unidentified person about his imminent purchase of a cosmetics company.

When Hilary returns to GC Buzz, Mariah tries to tell her about her big interview and make suggestions for its presentation. Hilary tells her to run with it. She has other business. She marches up to Devon and presents him with an envelope: divorce papers, as he wanted.

Faith walks into her mom’s house and surprises her with an apology and a big hug. Nick looks on.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria confides to her father that she’s about to become a part owner of Brash & Sassy. Victor isn’t impressed. Why settle for a third? The company was her idea from the beginning. She’s offended.

Jack finds Gloria at the athletic club bar downing champagne. What’s she celebrating? His demise . . .

Billy gets on the Jabot elevator with Phyllis. They’re the only two passengers, and he’s still fuming from his exchange with Victoria. Phyllis makes a seemingly innocuous comment that strikes a nerve. He pulls the stop button, grabs her, and kisses her.

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