Thursday Y&R Update 2/2/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 2/2/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill was enraged when she saw the headline about the Jabot Fenmore merger. Cane didn't understand why she was upset; he noted that she and Lauren still controlled the company. Jill griped that Lauren didn't even consult her on this. Colin walked in and advised Jill not to let this stress her out. Jill was furious that the whole world found out about the deal before she did. Colin reminded her that they'd discussed this and decided it was best not to fight this battle. Jill countered that Colin had discussed and she listened. She was adamant that she would not walk away from this fight.

Colin made Jill a cup of tea, in an attempt to calm her down, but she said that nothing would change her mood except getting her shares back from Jack. Cane sided with Colin and said that he thought Jill liked being a silent partner at Fenmore's. Jill said that she did until she found out about the merger after the fact. Cane pointedly said that he'd also be upset if people made decisions without giving him a chance to weigh in. Colin groaned and asked if Cane had somewhere else to be. Cane realized he had a meeting, and he left. Jill considered paying Jack a large sum for the shares. Colin said that he loved Jill's ambition, but he thought that they were at the age where they should settle down and enjoy life together. Jill felt that they could do that while she worked. Colin said that life was too short to make rash decisions out of spite, then he kissed her.

An exhausted Victoria arrived at work and told Billy that the concert was phenomenal. She gave him a concert tee shirt to thank him for getting the tickets for her and Reed and for helping her understand Reed's point of view. Victoria was pleased that she and Reed were in a better place now, and she added that she was using the meme Reed's friend made, in which Victoria was depicted as a witch, as her new screen saver. Victoria hoped that it would serve as a reminder to relax. Billy showed Victoria a newspaper headline that said “Jabot Fenmore merger Creates Beauty-Fashion Dynasty.” Victoria was surprised about the merger, but Billy admitted that Phyllis had hinted at it when they talked. Victoria wondered if Phyllis got her information from Jack. Billy thought that it was more likely that Lauren told Phyllis. He added that he didn't think Phyllis would have chosen Jack as an investor. Victoria assumed that Lauren thought Jack was a good choice, but Billy theorized that Jack might have done something to force Lauren into making the deal. Victoria wasn't sure why he'd do that, since Jabot was doing so well. Billy thought that Jack wanted to be seen as the king of Genoa City. Victoria thought it was curious that Jill hadn't mentioned the deal. Billy suspected that Jill didn't know about the merger, but he predicted that she'd soon come storming in, eager to fight to ensure that Brash and Sassy wasn't overtaken by Jabot. Victoria admitted that she didn't want Jabot to beat Brash and Sassy either.

Later, Billy took off his shirt and Victoria spritzed his chest with two body sprays. Billy joked that he felt used, but Victoria told him that this was serious. She used her hand to try and fan the scents toward her nose until Billy told her to come closer. Victoria leaned in close to Billy's chest and lingered there until he asked which one she liked. Victoria chose a scent, then realized there was one more spray to test. Billy had her spray his neck. Victoria said this scent was more subtle, so again, Billy urged her to lean closer. She did, and Cane walked in and suggested that they try to keep things professional. Victoria explained that they were testing fragrances, and Cane was miffed about being left out. Victoria asked if he'd done any work choosing samples by himself. Cane admitted that he had, and Victoria told him that it was no different than what she and Billy were doing. Victoria announced that they could all choose a favorite. Billy frowned and asked if Cane had to smell him too. Victoria said yes, and reminded Billy that this was for science.

Phyllis, Lauren, Ashley, Ravi, and another man gathered in Jack's office at Jabot. Jack thanked them for coming and called the merger a tremendous moment between two companies with rich histories. Gloria called Jack, and he sent it to voicemail. Jack told everyone that it was imperative that they make sure everyone in their department worked to make the company an unrivaled success. Lauren agreed with Jack, and she added that the key to a mutually beneficial relationship was sharing ideas and talents. Jack assigned Ravi to work with Phyllis and told him that the top priority was getting her virtual dressing room up and running. Jack said he hoped everyone would do everything they could to help Lauren in the transition. The meeting ended, and Ravi and the other man left. Lauren praised Jack for the way he handled the meeting, then she told Ashley how excited she was to get to work with her. Ashley returned the compliment. Jack addressed Phyllis, and she tensed, assuming that he was going to bring up their personal life. Jack clarified that he wanted to assure her that she played a critical role on the team and would be treated with professionalism.

As Lauren and Phyllis headed toward the elevator Lauren gave Jack credit for making an effort. Phyllis hoped that the merger worked out, for Lauren's sake, but Phyllis wasn't sure that Jack was being sincere. The topic shifted, and Phyllis suggested that Lauren talk to Jill. Lauren said that she'd tried, but Jill was angry that Lauren didn't talk to her when Fenmore's was in trouble. Lauren admitted that she felt responsible for the problems at Fenmore's and she'd wanted to try and fix them on her own before swallowing her pride and going to Jill. Lauren decided to explain her viewpoint to Jill. Lauren noted that even if Jill didn't understand, there was nothing Jill could do about the deal.

Lauren and Phyllis met with Ravi and let him know that they planned to launch Phyllis' app on President's week. Ravi was alarmed that the deadline was so soon. He explained that he had other deadlines to meet for Ashley. Lauren stated that Phyllis's app was the priority and that Ashley would adjust. Ravi seemed uncomfortable with this, but Phyllis assured him that everything would be fine.

Jack asked Ashley why she'd been so quiet since the meeting ended. Gloria called Jack from a phone at the bar. Jack didn't recognize the number, so he answered, but he hung up as soon as he heard Gloria speak. Later, Ashley took Jack to task for pulling Ravi off of her project and putting him on Phyllis's. Jack thought that they should build Phyllis's app first. Ashley predicted that Phyllis would monopolize Ravi's time for weeks or months. Jack wondered if Ashley's complaint was of a more personal nature. Ashley insisted that his theory was ridiculous. Ashley, who contended that the merger wouldn't have happened without the success of JabotGo, told Jack that he should put Jabot first. Jack was adamant that he didn't need Ashley to tell him that. He swore that Jabot wouldn't suffer due to Ravi's divided attention.

Jack was alone in his office when Gloria stormed in. Jack said he knew she was disappointed that he couldn't get her a job at Fenmore's. Gloria snapped that there was a reason she'd been drowning her sorrows at the bar with him. Jack ordered her to keep her voice down; he didn't want to be reminded of that night, and he didn't want anyone in the hallway to hear. Gloria said she believed Jack and thought they were friends. Jack clarified that they were allies. Jack contended that Gloria hadn't kept all of her promises either, but Gloria insisted that she'd come through for him. Jack explained that he'd intended to come through for Gloria, but he couldn't because Lauren was still in control of the hiring at Fenmore's. Jack apologized, and Gloria ordered him to make it up to her. Jack said there was nothing he could do. Gloria noted that Jack could be unstoppable if he wanted to be. She referenced the time Jack robbed her of the inheritance that his father had hoped to leave her. She told Jack that when there was a will there was a way. Jack replied that there was neither a will nor a way in this instance, and he declared that the conversation was over. Furious, Gloria told Jack that she would not be tossed aside and dismissed again.

Ashley walked into Ravi's office and made a snide comment when she saw Phyllis playing on a balance ball chair. Phyllis explained that Ravi had stepped out. Phyllis thought it was easy to understand why Ravi stayed so cheerful with a chair like this. Phyllis predicted that even Ashley would be pleasant if she spent a few minutes on it. Ashley stated that she'd been forced to let Ravi work with Phyllis, but she wouldn't let her take advantage of him or monopolize his time. Phyllis said she wasn't planning to take over his life; she just needed him for a project. Phyllis wondered what Ashley needed Ravi for. Ashley snapped that she hired Ravi and valued him greatly. Ravi walked in and overheard Ashley call him her right hand man. Ashley said that Ashley's project would be Ravi's top priority.

Lauren stopped by the Chancellor mansion to visit Jill. Colin told her that Jill was out, but he invited Lauren to stay and chat. Lauren was hesitant because she assumed Colin planned to echo what Jill said, but Colin revealed that he was on Lauren's side. While Colin thought that Lauren could have handled things more sensitively, he felt that the merger was a good business deal. He said that Jill should let it go, because she didn't need the stress. Lauren grew concerned that Jill was sick. Colin assured her that Jill was healthy. He explained that, selfishly, he could think of a million other ways that he and Jill could occupy their time. Colin said that he was trying to mollify Jill. Lauren grew suspicious and asked what he wanted in return. Colin insisted that he was doing this for the good of his marriage. Lauren thanked him.

At GC Buzz, Mariah read Hilary some comments that viewers made about their first show. According to Mariah, the audience liked the two of them as co-hosts and praised Hilary for her on air apology to Mariah. Hilary looked at Mariah expectantly, then admitted she was waiting for Mariah to accept her apology. Mariah believed that Hilary only apologized to her for Devon's benefit. Later, the two discussed plans for the upcoming show, then Mariah asked what Devon thought of yesterday's episode. Hilary didn't know, since Devon was gone by the time they finished taping. Hilary said that she didn't expect Devon to forgive her overnight; she was just glad that she got the chance to clear her conscience. Mariah was skeptical about Hilary's sincerity, but Hilary stated that no good came from lying. Mariah called Hilary's statement a whopper. Hilary snapped that she'd had an epiphany after Devon was so disgusted with her that he rushed off and was almost killed in a crash and after her selfishness and deceit cost her the one person who loved her. Mariah confessed that she used to be as bad as Hilary was, and she admitted that she believed Hilary really wanted to change. Hilary said that it didn't matter what Mariah believed.

Neil went to the Club to meet Devon, for breakfast, and found him making phone calls about hiring Lily's replacement. Neil suggested that Devon have an assistant do that, but Devon wanted to handle it himself. Neil wondered if Devon had directed Hilary to make the on air apology to Mariah. Devon said that Hilary chose to do it, and he admitted that he never expected her to do that. Neil asked if her apology changed things for Devon. Devon confessed that he didn't know how he felt. He said he was embarrassed to admit that he thought about Hilary all day long. Neil believed that Devon would be able to get over Hilary in time, but Devon didn't think he'd ever stop missing her. Neil asked if Devon was thinking about taking her back. Devon said he'd been unsuccessfully trying to convince himself that this was a bad idea.

Devon ran into Mariah at GC Buzz. He told her she did a great job and he thanked her for her hard work. Devon then approached Hilary, who assumed that he was angry that she'd gone off script and apologized on air. Devon told her that he'd actually been impressed.

Jill met with a lawyer at the Club. She told the man that she'd been hoping to talk with his associate, David Sherman. The man explained that David was out of the country. Jill brought him up to speed on the merger. She felt that it was a miscarriage of justice for Lauren to make the deal without Jill's input. Jill explained that she didn't think litigation was the answer, and she added that her husband wanted her to let this go. Jill wanted to make Colin happy, so she enlisted the lawyer to work tirelessly on her behalf and use every legal resource possible to retrieve her shares. Jill considered buying Jack out.

Jill arrived at Brash and Sassy. Victoria, Billy, and Cane were shocked when she announced that she was selling the company to free up some cash. She told the group that they were welcome to buy it.

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