Wednesday Y&R Update 2/1/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 2/1/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Victoria was working on the product launch at Brash and Sassy, when Billy walked in and told her they had to talk about Reed. He showed her the meme Zoey made which depicted Victoria as the wicked witch. Victoria decided to ban Zoey from her home and not to allow Reed to see her anymore. Billy thought Victoria was overreacting. Victoria was humiliated. She assumed that the meme would go viral and that people she did business with would see it. Billy was sure that wouldn't happen. He told Victoria that this wasn't about her – it was about Reed and the price he was paying because she overreacted to him being a normal kid. Victoria admitted that she would do things differently if she had to do it all over again. Billy said that Reed was in a tough spot, because he was the new kid and he was known as the witch's son. Victoria felt bad that she didn't realize how hurt he'd been until Billy pointed it out. She worried that Reed would decide to go live with his father in Warsaw. Billy told Victoria that it could be fixed, but she told him he didn't have all the answers. Billy told her not to take her frustration out on him. He handed her a lavender scented strip of paper and told her to sniff it to calm down.

Victoria figured that if she could broker million dollar deals, she could handle adolescent angst. Billy wasn't so sure. He warned her that school was complicated these days because the teens could quickly spread gossip via the internet. Victoria said that she'd work things out with Reed when he came home from school. Billy mentioned that Reed might still be at Crimson Lights. At first, Victoria was furious that Reed hadn't been at school, but then she calmed down and asked Billy why Reed had been at the coffeehouse. Billy explained that the school was having a pep rally and attendance was optional. Victoria decided to go find Reed, and she sniffed the scented paper in an attempt to calm herself. Victoria asked if Billy would help her prove to Reed that she wasn't as bad as he thought. He agreed to help.

Victoria found Reed at Crimson Lights and asked if they could talk. Reed said he had class, but Victoria knew he had a free period. She told him that they could talk at home if he didn't want to be seen in public with her. Reed said it was okay since none of his classmates were there. Reed figured that she knew about the meme, and he braced himself for the lecture. He was taken aback when she apologized for embarrassing him. Victoria said that it was easy to dictate Johnny and Katie's lives, but it was wrong to do the same thing to Reed. She acknowledged that he was going to make his own choices, and that even if she didn't agree with them, she could do a better job with how she reacted to them. Victoria said she wanted to get to know Reed, then she surprised him with tickets to a Jack White concert. She explained that Billy helped her get them. Reed asked if he could take Billy. Victoria was hurt, but she tried to hide it and said yes. Reed told her he was kidding and that he wanted to go with her.

Jack was on edge because Lauren hadn't arrived at Jabot yet. There was a knock on the door, and Jack, who was still dealing with a hangover headache, ordered the person to stop pounding and come in. it was Phyllis. Jack complained about Lauren being late. Phyllis poured Jack a glass of water and told him to relax, because the deal would go through. Jack told her that Jill was trying to kill the deal. Phyllis didn't think Jill could stop the deal. Jack said that Jill had options. Phyllis wondered if Jill would actually take Lauren to court, and Jack said that was how Jill ended up with half of Fenmore's. Phyllis asked if Jill knew she worked for Fenmore's. Jack said yes. Phyllis concluded that Jill was trying to tank the deal to get back at Phyllis for the thing with Billy. Jack's temper flared. He couldn't believe Phyllis would bring up her affair with Billy. Phyllis apologized and said that she didn't mean to bring it up in front of him. Jack didn't want to be in the middle of Lauren and Jill's feud, so he considered tearing up the contract. Phyllis told him that he and Lauren were both determined people, and Lauren wouldn't let anyone kill the deal. Phyllis predicted that, together, Jack and Lauren would take their companies to new heights. Phyllis suddenly wondered if Jack wanted to break the deal because he didn't want to work with Phyllis. Jack told Phyllis that not everything was about her. He admitted that she had value in the arrangement and said that he wasn't about to let personal issues get in the way of profits.

Jack left his office and ran into Billy in the hallway. Billy explained that he was on Jabot's floor to pay the rent. Jack said he'd have the secretary set up direct deposit. Billy knew Jack said that because Jack didn't want to run into Billy again. Billy mentioned that he heard Jack was going to be working with Lauren and Phyllis. He told Jack not to jerk Phyllis around again. Jack told Billy that he'd done his good deed for the day – getting the big bad wolf to go easy on Little Red Riding Hood. Billy said that Phyllis could handle herself. He told Jack to look past his hurt and acknowledge the sacrifice Phyllis made leaving Jabot, a job she loved, to start fresh because it was painful for Jack to see her. Billy said that Phyllis was now back in Jack's orbit due to circumstances beyond her control, so he hoped Jack would be professional toward her. Jack assumed that Billy wanted him to let Phyllis off the hook. Billy asked if it would kill him. Jack noted that if he did, he could still blame Billy for what happened.

At Lauren's, Lauren told Jill to accept that the deal with Jack was happening and get over it. Jill argued that this was no way to talk to a business partner. Lauren pointed out that Jill hadn't been involved in Fenmore's for months. Jill contended that it was wrong for Lauren to go behind her back and make the deal. Lauren said she was saving her company. Jill countered that it was their company. Jill asked why Lauren didn't ask Jill to arrange financing. “Through Chancellor Industries?,” Lauren scoffed. Lauren said that there was no way Fenmore's was going to become a subsidiary of Jill's company. Jill was upset because if the deal went through, she'd only have 25% of the company. Lauren snapped that Jill could have 25% of a thriving company or 50% of nothing. Jill pulled out the contract which gave her half of Fenmore's. Lauren said she didn't need help recalling that Jill had dragged her into court, demanded half of her company, then slept with Colin under Lauren's desk. Jill spat that Lauren had made a unilateral decision about Fenmore's. Lauren said she made a smart decision, and she was sorry if she hurt Jill.

Jill was outraged that Lauren would rather sell out to Jack than work with Chancellor. Lauren said that years ago, she went against her gut and gave Jill half of Fenmore's, but she refused to sell her soul for a second time and work for Jill. Jill noted that the contract was morally and legally binding, then she shoved the papers at Lauren. Lauren said that the conversation was over and it wouldn't be in Fenmore's best interest for Jill to take her to court. Jill said she had no intention of suing and that she wasn't as litigious as Lauren assumed she was. Lauren shot back that Jill was carrying around seven year old legal documents to throw in Lauren's face. Jill stressed that she was using the paperwork to emphasize the point that her opinion mattered. Jill felt that Lauren would feel the same way if the tables were turned. Lauren felt that the tables had been turned, since Jill had poached Cane and canceled and rescheduled meetings out of spite. Lauren said she didn't do this to hurt Jill, but she was making the deal no matter what Jill said. Jill wondered if Lauren had always been this pigheaded. Lauren felt that it was obvious that Jill didn't know Lauren as well as Jill had thought. Jill left.

Lauren and Phyllis met at the Club and talked about their day. Lauren said that the deal was still on, despite what Jill said. Phyllis revealed that Jack was having second thoughts. Lauren decided to assure him that Jill wasn't going to be a problem. Phyllis thought that Jack was also having reservations about working with Phyllis again. She said that her presence stirred up bad feelings in Jack. Lauren was unsympathetic. She said it was Jack's own fault since he chased off all of her other investors. Lauren was sick of Jill ranting and Jack having second thoughts. She was adamant that she was not going to lose her family's legacy. Later, Jack and Lauren met to discuss their deal. Lauren said she was ready to move forward, but Phyllis had said that Jack had doubts about Phyllis being on the payroll. Phyllis returned to the table. Jack pulled out the contract and Lauren signed it.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill vented about Lauren to Colin, and he offered some comforting words. Jill was offended that Lauren had gone to Phyllis and Jack instead of asking Jill for business advice. Jill thought that Phyllis's new app was going to be extremely profitable, and it annoyed her that Jack was going to be getting 50% of the money it brought in. Colin perked up when Jill mentioned money. He told Jill that she had a right to be angry and he urged her to go after them with everything she had. Jill agreed with Colin and said that, with her Chancellor and Brash and Sassy profits, she had plenty to fight with. Jill thanked Colin for his support. Jill said she had a plan, and Colin poured some champagne for an early celebration and told her he was confident that she'd win. Colin was dismayed when Jill revealed that she planned to buy Jack's 49% of Fenmore's, no matter what the cost. He told Jill that it would take a lot of cash to buy Jack out. Jill said that it wasn't about money; it was about honor. Colin said he was concerned that this would deepen the rift between Jill and Lauren. He also pointed out that Jill had a full plate with two corporations, Colin and grandchildren. Jill decided to sleep on it and make a decision later.

Hilary arrived at GC Buzz and saw Devon going over the budget with Roz, one of his employees. Roz scurried off after she saw Hilary, prompting Hilary to ask if Roz was dropping off Hilary's termination paperwork. Hilary was there to pick up her things. She assured Devon that she accepted that walking away from everything meant walking away from her job too. She asked if he was going to sell or shut the show down. Devon said that he wouldn't because the staff depended on the job. Hilary was glad. Devon noted that Hilary was still under contract, which meant that she still worked there. Shocked, Hilary asked if Devon wanted her to stay. Devon clarified that he wanted her to honor her contract. Hilary reminded Devon that he'd said he couldn't stand being around her or like who he was when they were together. Devon said they were going to be working together, not reconciling. Devon said he could also admit that most of GC Buzz's success was due to Hilary. Hilary admitted that this wasn't how she'd expected the conversation to go. Devon said he hoped things would be civil, especially after he told her about the adjustments he was making.

Devon revealed that Mariah would be Hilary's co-host. Mariah walked over and asked if Hilary had a problem with it. Hilary noted that she had no choice, since she was under contract. Mariah wasn't sure this was a good idea. Devon thought that pairing them would bring balance to the show. He said that Mariah would cover human interest stories, while Hilary would cover the gossip. Devon added that Mariah could make sure Hilary's stories had a grain of truth. Mariah said she didn't want to be a fact checker, and Hilary said she didn't need a babysitter. Devon said he trusted Mariah more than Hilary and he said he knew Mariah would stand up for what was right. Devon told Hilary that he expected her to have an open dialogue with Mariah about Mariah's concerns and he wanted them to be civil. Devon said that they were doing a live broadcast tonight. He walked away.

Mariah noted that this was awkward. Hilary said that they had to work together to do the show. Mariah theorized that Hilary planned to stab her in the back and take the whole show for herself. Hilary ignored it and asked to see the script. Hilary made some revisions to Mariah's work, and Mariah agreed with Hilary's changes. Mariah jokingly wondered if Hilary wanted to count their lines to make sure no one got more camera time. Hilary suspected that part of Mariah actually expected her to do that. Hilary admitted she was wrong for treating Mariah badly before. Hilary looked Mariah over and suggested that she go to makeup and wardrobe to get a different look. Mariah stated that they shouldn't say break a leg after what happened last time. Hilary suggested that they just say “good show.” Hilary admitted that she was actually looking forward to working with Mariah. Mariah walked away. Hilary told Roz that there was going to be an extra segment in the show. Roz was confused, but Hilary said that Devon had just called her and sent her the new script. Roz was about to tell Mariah, but Hilary whispered that the segment was a surprise for Mariah.

Mariah and Hilary filmed the live show. Devon watched their cordial on air banter and checked in with Roz. Roz repeated what Hilary said about the extra segment. Devon assumed that Hilary was about to embarrass Mariah, and he told Roz to stop the show, but she said it was too late. Mariah looked uncomfortable as a clip of her falling aired. Hilary admitted that she tripped Mariah out of jealousy and spite, then she apologized.

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