Tuesday Y&R Update 1/31/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/31/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita


At their home, Michael pulled Lauren into a kiss. Things started heating up, but Lauren said she had to go meet Jack because she really needed the deal. Michael convinced her that Jack would wait. Later, Michael said he'd missed her over the past couple of weeks when she pulled away due to the problems at Fenmore's. Lauren apologized and promised not to do that again. She explained that she hid everything out of pride and shame. Michael told her that she could conquer anything, and he wanted to be there when it happened. He kissed her again and again until she told him she really had to get ready. Michael left.

At the Athletic Club, Colin walked up to Jill and told her that it had been way to long. Jill was happy to see him, but she reminded him that he was the one who chose to run off to Australia. Colin replied that he was back because he missed her. They kissed. Jill brought Colin up to speed about Brash and Sassy's product launch. She said she suspected Cane had mixed feelings about Lily being a model. Colin assumed Cane was uncomfortable with the world eyeing his wife. Jill thought that Cane was having a hard time because he was used to being the one who worked long hours, but now the tables had turned. She said that marriage was like a dance, and Cane needed to learn to compromise. Colin flattered Jill by talking about what it was like to be married to a gorgeous, successful woman. Colin suddenly said he needed to go make them some more money.

Jack and Gloria were shocked to wake up in bed together. Jack got dressed. Gloria had a hangover and even the sound of Jack zipping up his pants made her head hurt. Neither of them remembered renting a room at the Club. Jack was horrified that someone might have seen them entering the suite together. Gloria told Jack that no one cared what they did last night. “People drink. It's not exactly newsworthy,” she said. Gloria laughed when she surmised that Jack hadn't had a drink in awhile, so his tolerance was low. Jack was adamant that nothing happened. He insisted that he never would have slept with Gloria, no matter how many drinks he'd had. Gloria stated that she wasn't thrilled about it either, but it did happen. She said that it was just sex. She didn't see why Jack was so upset, since he'd cheated on people on his wedding day and even slept with his father's wife. Gloria and Jack froze, realizing that Jack had slept with his father's wife once again. Gloria said they were consenting unattached adults. Jack asked how this happened. Gloria reminded him that she kept doing shots and he kept buying, then he'd suggested that they celebrate the Fenmore's deal. Jack and Gloria agreed to forget about what happened.

Jack gingerly walked down the stairs at the Club, where he was intercepted by Jill. He tried to leave, but she insisted on telling him some good news about one of the donors to the Foundation. Jack mentioned that he had to get to his meeting with Lauren about the contract for his stake in Fenmore's. Jill demanded to know what he was talking about. Jack told her that Lauren sold him 49% of the company, due to financial difficulties. Jill was furious because Lauren hadn't told her about this. Jack said that he didn't care how Lauren and Jill split the remaining 51%, but the deal was done. Jill stormed off, determined to cancel the sale. Jack remembered drinking with Gloria at Top of the Tower.

Michael ran into Gloria at the Club. He realized she slept there last night and asked if she'd moved out of Kevin's. Jack passed by on his way out, and Michael stopped him to chat about the deal with Lauren. Michael was concerned that Jack was having second thoughts, since he seemed distracted. Jack assured him that the deal was still on, then he left. Michael told Gloria to just tell him what she'd done, since it was clear that she slept at the Club. Gloria said she spent time with a friend. Michael asked what his name was. Gloria lied and said it was a woman, and she asked if Michael always had to assume the worst. He said experience had shown him that he did. He asked why she didn't go home. Gloria said she didn't have a home since Michael kicked her out and she felt like a nuisance at Kevin's. Michael asked if her friend stayed, and Gloria slipped up and said “he” had someplace to go. Michael was glad that she hadn't let the things with Jeffery put a crimp in her social life. Gloria insisted that she didn't have a social life, in that way, and even if she did, it was none of Michael's business. Gloria told Michael that he'd apologize to her later, then she left.

Lauren was about to leave for the meeting when Jill arrived and confronted Lauren about keeping her in the dark about Fenmore's problems. Jill said that Lauren had no business selling part of the company without consulting her first. Jack called Lauren and left a message saying that the contracts were here, but she was late. Lauren didn't feel that she owed Jill a consultation. Lauren said she ran the company while Jill was busy with Brash and Sassy and Billy. Lauren snapped that Jill had been more than happy to let Lauren do the heavy lifting for months, so she didn't get a vote in how Lauren saved her company. Jill countered that it was their company. Lauren thought that Jill should say thanks and leave, because Lauren didn't need her approval. Jill vehemently disagreed.

At Brash and Sassy, Billy laid out his advertising plan to Victoria. He planned to have five different looks for the ads. Victoria raised concerns about the cost, but Billy felt that it was important to keep the customers interested, especially around Valentine's Day. He gestured toward an ad featuring Lily and predicted that it would encourage men to buy the body spray. Victoria noted that women did the bulk of the shopping, but Billy said there were single guys who needed help figuring things out. Victoria bristled because she assumed he meant they needed help figuring out how to score. Billy admitted that he'd wondered how long it would take for them to talk about Reed's situation. Victoria was adamant that she didn't want to talk or think about what she'd walked on. Billy clarified that it was kissing, which he didn't think was a big deal. Victoria disagreed since Reed had invited the girl over while he was supposed to be babysitting.

Victoria felt that she'd reacted to the situation the way any mother would have, and she added that she'd paid the price because Reed accused her of being cold. Billy said that Reed was out of line. Victoria added that Reed said that in defense of Billy. She said that she tried to handle her son without Billy's input and was treated like the bad guy as a result. Billy said that he was trying to help because he'd been a fifteen year old boy once too. Billy believed that while Reed might claim he was defending Billy, Reed was really just mad at Victoria for embarrassing him in front of a girl. Victoria snapped that Reed shouldn't have invited her over or been making out with her. Billy contended that Victoria was overreacting to normal teenage behavior. Victoria told Billy that this was none of his business. Billy noted that she was focused on him instead of trying to repair things with her son. Victoria felt that Reed owed her an apology. Billy didn't think Reed would forgive her for embarrassing him any time soon. Victoria said that moms set boundaries and kids learned to live with them. Billy felt that Victoria should be more relaxed if she wanted Reed to come to her for things that mattered. Victoria accused Billy of wanting Reed to come to him. Billy said he'd be there for Reed, but it would be nice if Reed could go to her for non-sex related things. He noted that Reed was trying to fit in at a new school and Victoria had embarrassed him in front of a girl he liked. He urged Victoria to let Reed know she was on his side, so he didn't run away again, like he had with J.T.

Reed went to the coffeehouse and met up with Zoey and some of her friends. Zoey revealed that she'd made a meme of Victoria as the wicked witch. She proudly showed Reed the picture of Victoria with a green face. Reed asked her to delete it, because he didn't think Victoria was that bad. He was also concerned that it would affect Victoria's business and it bothered him that his face was in the picture. Zoey told him to lighten up and admitted she didn't think he'd mind. Reed told her that she didn't know him, then he walked away. Zoey followed and apologized. Reed forgave her and asked if she'd like to hang out sometime. Zoey didn't think Victoria would approve, but Reed said his mom couldn't tell him who to like. Later, Billy came to Crimson Lights to see Reed. Reed preemptively said that he wasn't skipping school, but Billy said he didn't ask. Reed asked if Billy told Victoria that they were meeting. Billy said no, but he wouldn't lie if she asked. Billy explained that he wanted to see how Reed was doing. Reed vented about Victoria humiliating him. Billy said that any mom would have done the same thing, but Reed thought that other mothers would have spared their kid's dignity. Billy said that Victoria was new to rebellious teens, but she loved Reed. Reed countered that she loved him when he was five and under her control, but not now that he was an adult. Billy noted that Reed was not an adult yet. Reed showed Billy the meme. Billy thought that it was excessive, but Reed said that he'd never forgive Victoria.

Devon made a phone call about transferring funds to an account. Cane and Lily arrived and were surprised to find him at GC Buzz. Devon explained that he'd been stir crazy at home, and Ben had cleared him to go back to work. Lily told Devon about her new modeling job and explained that she would have to leave the Club. Devon understood and he was happy about her new opportunity. Lily admitted that it felt a bit daunting, and Devon assured her that she would always have his and Cane's support. Cane agreed. Lily offered to call an agency to find a replacement for the Club, but Cane told her she wouldn't have time for that, due to the Valentine's Day launch. Devon thought it was nice that she'd start the new job on her wedding anniversary.

While Cane and Lily were alone, she told him that he'd sounded convincing when he said he was happy about her modeling job. Cane assured her that things would get better. He explained that he was just put out that Billy had offered her a contract without discussing it with Cane first, the way business partners should. Lily said she didn't have to do this if it would come between them. Cane said that his business ego took a hit, but he was happy for Lily. He said she was the best thing to ever happen to him. They kissed. Devon returned after making some arrangements to find Lily's replacement at the Club. Devon was inspired by Lily to get his own life on track. Lily told him not to blame himself for what happened with Hilary. Devon felt that he'd lacked direction long before that. He noted that he'd been bouncing between business, school and music, then Katherine's money fell into his lap and all of a sudden he owned buildings and was the subject of tabloid stories. Devon also stated that he'd ended up with a tabloid story for a wife. Cane assured Devon that he'd done good things with his money. Devon didn't feel like he'd done good things with his life, though. Cane and Lily left for Brash and Sassy, but then Cane got a text and sighed. He told Lily that he couldn't go because his father was back.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria told Lily about the campaign – there would be TV interviews, billboards, social media buys, etc. Lily thought that was amazing and she couldn't wait to start. Victoria said that Lily would be very busy on Valentine's Day. Lily's smile faded and said she didn't know they'd need her in person on that day. Victoria noted that it was hard to balance family and work, but she said that if it was going to be a problem, Lily should say so now so that the company could figure out their next move. Lily said she wanted this, but she was scared about neglecting her personal life. She admitted that she gave Cane a hard time about missing the kids' events, but now she might be in his shoes. Lily said she knew she'd miss some bedtimes and dinners and Valentine's Day, but she really wanted this, so she would do whatever the company asked of her.

Cane arrived at the Chancellor mansion and demanded to know what Colin was doing there. Colin chided his son for talking to him that way, then he pointed out that he lived there. Cane said he thought Colin's hub was in Chicago. Colin said that now it was Genoa City with his wife, son and grandchildren. Colin asked how Lily's job was working out for him. Cane said he supported Lily, but Colin didn't buy it. Colin felt that Cane had inherited his large ego. Cane said he already told Lily about his concerns and they were working through it. Colin asked if Cane was going to roll over and go with her plan. Cane said he and Lily would be working together, so they'd get to see each other. Colin kept needling Cane until he yelled that he was worried that the entire family was going to have to adjust to her new job. Cane said he wasn't going to tell Lily what to do. Colin noted that the job paid well. Cane suspected that Colin was angling for money, and he told his father that there was no use going to Lily because she hadn't gotten paid yet. Colin said it was a challenge being married to a woman who earned more than you. Colin said he and Cane married up and had intelligent wives who enriched their wives in different ways.

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