Monday Y&R Update 1/30/17

The Y&R Update Monday 1/30/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Ashley meets Jack in his office. He’s eager to finalize the Fenmore’s deal, even though it’s not exactly what he wanted. Ashley needles him about getting only 49 percent interest. She wonders whether Phyllis has anything to do with his determination. In a word, yes, but it’s not what Ashley thinks. Jack envisions great things when Phyllis and Ravi, two computer whizzes, pool resources. Ashley still thinks Jack has personal reasons for wanting Phyllis close by.

Over drinks at the athletic club, Lauren pats herself on the back for using Eric Forrester to get the better of Jack. Gloria appears in the doorway. Lauren and Phyllis call her over to join them. She does so with pleasure.

Noah sets up the Underground bar for a big show by a renowned female EDM DJ. Nick isn’t in the know, so Noah clues him in. Talk turns to Sharon. Something’s going on with her. Noah knows only that she’s worried about Dylan, who is out of town on assignment. Nick knows even less. They agree that Dylan is sure to come home without a scratch. In fact, when he does, Nick intends to clear the air with him and Sharon about Christian.

At home, Sharon sits alone, wrapped in a blanket and in a trancelike state. When the doorbell rings, she has the unrealistic hope that it’s Dylan. It’s not. Nikki understands what she’s feeling. She also can’t believe Dylan is gone for good. Sharon lashes out. Nikki finally got what she wanted---Sharon out of her son’s life. When she calms down, she confesses that it would have been easier if Dylan had died in the line of duty. At least she would have had closure.

Back at the club, Phyllis and Lauren and Gloria toast. Lauren has to thank Gloria for her help with the Jabot deal. She and Phyllis really go overboard praising her, and Gloria revels in it---until she learns the truth. Lauren still controls Fenmore’s. Gloria wastes no time phoning Jack to arrange a meeting at Top of the Tower.

Jack leaves Ashley and Ravi in his office. Ashley suggests working through dinner. Does Ravi like Chinese food? He doesn’t resist. She places an online order using lots of suggestive terms that leave Ravi hot and bothered.

Michael arrives at the Underground and finds Lauren flying high. He already knows about the deal. Jabot’s lawyers contacted him and he couldn’t be happier for her.

Paul pays Sharon a visit and is glad to find Nikki there as well. Dylan landed safely in his new location. Sharon shows little gratitude; she blames Paul for sending Dylan on the undercover assignment that brought them to this point. Paul reminds her that it was Dylan’s choice to accept it. Sharon crumbles. He’s right. Sharon herself drove Dylan away. She asks what she’s supposed to tell others about Dylan’s disappearance. Are they to pretend he’s dead and have a funeral? No. Paul wouldn't put her and Nikki through that, but he has another idea. No way will Sharon allow her children and Nick to think Dylan left her! Paul understands her objection, and it’s her choice, but it’s the best way to ensure Dylan’s safety.

Back at the Underground, Lauren is really feeling her oats. She leaps up on the bar and dances, to Michael’s delight. Phyllis joins Michael on the dance floor. Nick takes the mic and credits Noah for planning the event. He introduces the DJ and the party really gets going.

Again at Jabot: During dinner, Ashley notices Ravi continually glancing at his phone. Is she keeping him from something? Or someone? No, he’s not seeing anyone. It’s just that one his favorite DJs is appearing at the Underground tonight. She apologizes for assuming he wanted to work and insists he go. He invites her to come along, but EDM (whatever that is, she says) isn’t really her scene.

At Top of the Tower, Gloria complains about being shut out of a cushy job with Jabot/Fenmore’s. Jack knows how she feels. Eric Forrester ruined things for both of them. Tongue-in-cheek, he says all isn’t lost. He’ll buy Gloria a drink of her choice---top shelf. She earned it. Gloria downs her shot and laughs. She has to hand it to Lauren. That was quite a coup she pulled off. How about springing for another drink? Jack agrees to, in fact, he’ll have one too. And jeopardize his recovery? Sure. His addiction was to pills, not booze.

Noah has to leave the party in Nick’s hands. Mom is having some kind of crisis. Nick and Phyllis joke about dancing on the bar. Out on the dance floor, Ravi gets down.

After some thought, Sharon relents. She’ll go along with Paul’s story. He and Nikki praise her selflessness and leave the house. When Noah arrives, Sharon tells him Dylan left her. At first he doesn’t believe her, but seeing her packing up Dylan’s things convinces him. He gathers her in his arms.

Back at the Underground: Nick decides to help Phyllis create an online dating profile. It doesn’t take long for her to get some action on it. Ashley arrives at the Underground and sidles up to Ravi with two drinks. She decided it’s time to broaden her musical horizons.

At Top of the Tower: Jack is wasted, plain and simple, and so is Gloria. They play a drinking game and Gloria accuses him of cheating, just like he cheated her out of a job. She falls off her barstool and into Jack’s arms. He insists on seeing her home.

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