Friday Y&R Update 1/27/17

The Y&R Update Friday 1/27/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At Jabot, Jack flashes the legal agreement he had drawn up for Lauren. Ashley rolls her eyes. Lauren’s “other investor” is a ruse to get rid of Jack. Move on already! Focus on Jabot’s new strength: JabotGo. No, Jack will fight on. After the stunts Jack has pulled derailing Lauren’s attempts to secure a silent partner, Ashley wouldn't be surprised if Lauren refused to get a cup of coffee with Jack let alone partner with him. Jack won't listen to reason.

Eric Forrester sweeps into the dining room at Top of the Tower. He and Lauren share a glass of vino while they catch up. She appreciates his flying to Genoa City on such short notice. No problem. He understands the need to protect a family business. Lauren gets a text from Jack, summoning her to Jabot. Is Eric ready? He sure is.

Dylan is at home with Sharon, but only temporarily. Sharon insists on going wherever he’s going. Faith is well taken care of at her grandparents’ and Mariah and Noah are adults. Besides, they probably wouldn’t have to hide out for long. The bad guys have been caught. Before he can explain, Paul arrives. He embraces his son.

Nikki returns to the ranch, where Victor seems to be enjoying his new life of leisure. He loves being surrounded by family, having Faith live with them, even having Reed back in town, with all of his teenage troubles. Nikki wonders whether that’s really enough for him. Has he decided which direction his life will take from here? No, he laughs, but rest assured, whatever it is won’t interfere with family time.

Kevin is at the station making arrangements for Dylan’s new identity. In the meantime, Sharon is sent to fetch Nikki from the main house. Dylan wants to see her one last time. Alone with Paul, Dylan divulges the details of his struggle with Fisk’s goon. He disarmed him and shot him in self-defense. Alex, Fisk’s female accomplice, escaped. She hasn’t been found. Dylan realizes he’ll never be able to come home again. The witness protection program is the only solution. Paul regrets giving Dylan, a family man, such a dangerous assignment. But he did the job and went above and beyond, as usual. Dylan was proud to follow in his dad’s footsteps. He laments not being able to spend more time with him. Nikki arrives and protests when she’s told the plan.

When Lauren arrives at Jack’s office, Ashley bows out of the proceedings but remains in the room. Jack presents his written proposal, which he’s sure she’ll accept. Nope. She got a better offer. Say what? Eric appears in the doorway and praises Lauren’s business acumen and plans to revamp Fenmore’s image. In fact, they’re talking about a merger. That is, Lauren says, unless Jack cares to sweeten the pot.

Victor finds Sharon lurking about the ranch house. She’d like to see Faith, but she’s at a birthday party. Victor clearly wants nothing to do with Sharon. He doesn’t invite her to sit. He opens his book and ignores her. Sharon asks about Faith’s well-being. She’s thriving, Victor boasts. Sharon becomes anxious and leaves.

Again at the McAvoys’: Nikki regrets all the lost years and missed opportunities with Dylan. She’s sorry about the business with Nick and Christian. Already forgotten, Dylan says. Nikki couldn’t be prouder of her son. He’s a real stand-up guy---a war veteran and a detective willing to risk his life for others. Dylan urges her to focus on the good times they had. Paul joins them for a group hug. Later, after Nikki leaves, Kevin arrives with a dossier for Dylan’s new identity. He’ll accompany Dylan to his new location and help him make the transition, but after that, Dylan is to have no contact with anyone from his past. Sharon walks in and says she’ll be just a minute. She runs upstairs to pack a bag. Kevin is stunned. She thinks she’s going along? Back at the main house, Victor comforts Nikki and says nice things about Dylan, for a change: what a courageous man he is and so on. Nikki can’t fathom what he must do. He has to start life all over again. Dylan is strong, but Nikki is not. Victor knows what it’s like to lose a son suddenly and permanently. Nikki must pull herself together and power through. Dylan would want her to.

Jack won’t give up. Eric produces an envelope right there in the office, presumably his contract with Lauren. Lauren gives Jack another shot. He’ll get 49 percent of the company and have to pay more for the opportunity. She drives a hard bargain, but he accepts. Lauren strings him along a little longer before declaring it a done deal. He should call when the new paperwork is drawn up. She makes a show of apologizing to Eric and offers to buy him a drink as consolation. After they leave, Ashley teases Jack for falling into Lauren’s trap. Ashley knew this was all about his ego.

Lauren and Eric hasten to Top of the Tower and pop the bubbly. He can’t dillydally, though; his plane is waiting. They bid each other a fond farewell at the elevator door. She sighs with relief.

Kevin and Paul will wait for Dylan in the car. Sharon returns to the living room with a small overnight bag. Dylan tells her she is not coming. He has to go alone. He can’t put Sharon or any of his loved ones in danger, and there’s no alternative. This is their last moment together. Sharon begs to tag along, but no. It wasn’t supposed to go down like this. Dylan blames himself for screwing up the good thing they had, but she doesn’t hold him responsible. She sinks into the sofa. She guesses she should be used to this kind of thing by now. Every man in her life has abandoned her, beginning with her dad. Dylan isn’t abandoning her. She means the world to him. He asks her to say goodbye to the kids for him. Before he goes, Sharon retrieves his wedding band and places it on his finger. They kiss goodbye and he walks out the door.

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