Thursday Y&R Update 1/26/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 1/26/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Victoria found a cable that belonged to Reed in the living room. She yelled for him to come get it, but he didn't respond or come downstairs. Nikki dropped by, and she was in a good mood because she'd just been named the chairperson of a fundraiser. Nikki hoped Victoria would help her brainstorm some fund-raising ideas. Victoria said it wasn't a good time, then she asked if Nikki thought she was a cold person. After Nikki made tea for the two of them, Victoria asked about the charity. Nikki wanted to discuss the “nonsense” of Victoria thinking she was cold, first. Victoria explained that Reed had accused her of being cold and mean. Nikki asked what Victoria did to him. Victoria was offended that everyone assumed she was the one at fault. Nikki correctly guessed that Victoria had caught Reed with a girl. Victoria was surprised, and Nikki pointed out that Nikki had experience with teenagers. Victoria admitted that she'd rather Reed wait until he was at least thirty for things like that.

Nikki sensed that Victoria was hurt and that it wasn't just because of what Reed said. Victoria explained that Reed overheard a fight between her and Billy and he took Billy's side. Victoria said she wasn't bothered by Reed's words, but she was upset that Reed acted like Billy was a saint and she was the bad guy. While Victoria checked on the kids, Nikki looked at a framed picture of Billy and Victoria. They resumed their conversation, and Nikki suggested that Reed favored Billy because Victoria hadn't told him about Billy's misdeeds. Victoria opted not to tell Reed about Billy's affairs or gambling because she didn't want Reed to be disappointed. Nikki said that Victoria was kind, warm and compassionate. Victoria said Reed needed a male role model, and she accepted that it was Billy. Nikki wondered if Billy could be trusted not to ruin his bond with Reed. Reed blasted his music, and Victoria yelled at him to turn it down.

Later, Victoria wished that Nikki could wave a magic wand and make Reed eight again. Nikki theorized that Reed was still trying to find his place in the family. She said that Reed was testing Victoria, which was what teenagers did. Nikki advised Victoria to give it some time and to give herself a break. Victoria declared that she never had these issues when she was Reed's age. When Nikki stopped laughing, she reminded Victoria that Victoria had rallied friends at her boarding school and orchestrated a raid on the boys' boarding school, then she deliberately failed classes, in hopes of getting expelled, so that she could come home and break up Victor and Ashley's marriage. Victoria brushed off Nikki's counter examples, so Nikki reminded Victoria that she became sexually active at a young age. Victoria admitted she'd been a terrible teenager and said she was scared Reed would follow in her footsteps. Nikki pointed out that Victoria grew into a responsible and accomplished woman. Nikki told Victoria to give him time and space to grow up. Victoria agreed to try and be more understanding. Victoria decided to go back to the office, and she fretted about finding a sitter on short notice. Nikki volunteered, and Victoria accepted her offer.

As soon as the door closed, Reed appeared. He was surprised to see Nikki, who surmised that Reed had expected to have the place to himself again. Reed asked if she was supposed to be his babysitter, and Nikki said she was his grandmother who'd missed him. She urged Reed to join her on the couch. He asked if Victoria told her that he'd been a pain. When Nikki said yes, Reed asked Nikki if she hated him too. Nikki assured Reed that no one hated him, but she explained that Victoria was worried. Reed grumbled that Victoria needed to stop acting like he was a little kid. Nikki admitted that she sometimes treated her own adult kids like children. Nikki told Reed that he could show Victoria that he was mature by easing up on her and letting her know he appreciated the fact that she was juggling three kids and a job. Later, Reed showed Nikki a video on his phone. Nikki enjoyed it, but she marveled at his ability to watch something on such a small screen. Reed asked about what things were like when she was young, and Nikki admitted that she didn't have it easy when she was his age. Reed was curious about it, but Nikki said that all he needed to know was that she found her happily ever after with Victor. Reed thought that she was saying that nothing bad ever happened to her. Nikki noted that bad things happened to everyone, but eventually good things would come. Reed thanked Nikki for not talking down to him and for just being her. Nikki told him that he could talk to his mother too.

At the Cottage, Sharon and Dylan hugged. He drew the curtains and said that it was important that no one could see it. Sharon asked if he meant their friends and family. Dylan told Sharon how much he missed her and they kissed. Sharon said she was glad he locked the door, because they were never leaving the house again. Dylan asked what they would live on – love? They both agreed that they had enough to last them. Sharon felt selfish for not calling everyone to let them know he was back, since they'd missed him. They both agreed that they wanted the moment to themselves. Sharon hugged him tight and he winced. She pulled up his shirt and gasped when she saw a bloody bandage on his abdomen. Sharon insisted on taking him to the hospital, but Dylan said it wasn't necessary. Sharon decided to call Ben to patch him up, but Dylan told her not to. Sharon asked how he got hurt. Dylan tried to distract her with a kiss, but Sharon said she couldn't do this until they talked about the case. Sharon offered to make him some food. Dylan kissed her again. She smiled and asked what he was doing. He told her he was seducing her and convincing her that he was fine. She smiled again and said she was convinced.

Sharon decided to call Faith and Mariah about Dylan, but he told her that they couldn't tell anyone. He explained that the people he was investigating found out he was undercover. He had a flashback of Alex and one of Fisk's men confronting him with proof that he recorded his meeting with Fisk. Dylan tried to talk his way out of it, but Alex said that Fisk had been arrested, and she was convinced that Dylan was behind it. Concerned, Sharon asked if the people knew who he was. Dylan said no, but he was certain that they would keep trying to discover his real identity. Dylan said he couldn't live with himself if those people showed up at their door. Dylan was certain that the man he arrested would want revenge. He explained that the criminal's reach was world-wide. Sharon pointed out that Victor's reach was just as wide, and they lived on his Ranch. She quickly began to make plans to keep Dylan safe – they could hide out in the house and hire a bodyguard. Dylan calmed Sharon down and told her that it was going to be okay.

Paul, who was in the warehouse in Miami, talked to Chris who was at the police station. He told her that the bracelet was proof that Dylan had been at the warehouse. Chris was adamant that there must be some other explanation, but Paul snapped that the truth was that Dylan was probably attacked and dragged off somewhere. Paul fought back tears as Chris reminded him that Dylan was strong. She said that Dylan wouldn't have given up and neither should Paul. After the call ended, a detective told Paul that forensics was finished. Paul insisted that they widen the search area and keep looking. He called Chris again and told her that he wasn't doing much good in Miami, so he was going to come home and tell Nikki and Sharon what happened. Chris offered to do it instead. Paul said he loved her for the offer, but he felt that the news should come from him. Chris asked him to be careful, since Fisk's people were still out there. Paul promised that he would. Later, Chris called a special agent in Miami and told him that Dylan was family and a decorated veteran. Paul arrived, and he and Chris shared an emotional hug. Just then, Paul's phone rang and they were overjoyed to realize that it was Dylan. Paul asked where he was and if he was okay. Dylan said he was safe – for now.

Back at the cottage, Sharon asked Dylan what he meant when he told Paul he was safe for now – what would the next few weeks look like. Dylan said that he couldn't let her, Faith, Nikki or anyone he loved get hurt. Sharon tried to reassure Dylan by telling him that Paul would have the whole force looking after him. Dylan said it wasn't that easy, and he told her that he had to leave tonight. Sharon immediately announced that she was going with him.

Neil ran into Lily at the Club, and she told him she had great news – she was the brand ambassador for Brash and Sassy's men's line. Neil was thrilled for her, and they hugged. Lily excitedly explained that she would be doing appearances all over the world and print and commercial ads. She admitted she was nervous about telling Devon that she was leaving the job at the Club, because he had so much going on right now, but Neil was sure that Devon could handle replacing her. Neil asked how Cane felt, and Lily said he was happy too.

Cane came bursting into Brash and Sassy and tore into Billy. He snapped that things would never be civil between them if Billy pulled the crap he did before. Billy asked what he did. Cane said that Billy gave his wife a job. Billy pointed out that Cane had said he was fine with Lily working for them. Cane felt like he had no choice but to say that, because Lily was excited and he would have looked bad if he tried to rein it in. Billy explained that Jill was the one who hired Lily. Cane felt that Billy should have given him a head's up. Billy sarcastically asked if they should have asked Cane's permission to hire the little woman. Cane ordered Billy not to imply that he was trying to hold Lily back. Cane said that he and Billy were supposed to be equal partners, so Billy should have let Cane have input into the decision. Billy ordered Cane to get out of his face and let him get back to work. Billy wondered if Cane was more upset that he didn't get a say in the hiring or that they hired his wife. Cane told Billy to stay out of his relationship with Lily and to stop treating him like a subordinate. Billy accused Cane of being bitter about having to share control of Brash and Sassy. Cane said that he never would have manipulated Billy the way Billy manipulated Cane.

Lily arrived and overheard the raised voices. Cane smiled and assured her that it was just one of his usual disagreements with Billy. Lily explained that she came by to discuss her schedule. Cane said that could wait, because he was taking her out to dinner. They left. Victoria arrived and was surprised to see that Billy had also decided to return to work. Billy assumed that her private conversation with Reed hadn't gone well. Victoria changed the subject and said that she would go work in the conference room. Billy said that she could stay in the lab, since he was about to leave. Victoria told him that he didn't have to rush off on her account, and she added that she'd be more comfortable in the conference room. Victoria and Billy kept stealing glances at each other while the other person wasn't looking.

At the Club, Lily said she hoped they got to go to Paris or Venice. She was excited that she and Cane would get to work together. Cane smiled and told her to slow down because they hadn't figured out the work yet. Lily said he and the others should do it soon because the campaign launch was on Valentine's Day. Cane asked if they could stop discussing business for the night. Lily sensed that Cane wasn't happy that she took the job. She brought up his argument with Billy, which she had a feeling was about her, and she assured Cane that she wanted to hear his concerns. Cane admitted that he didn't understand why she didn't have any concerns. Lily said that when she was modeling, she felt like Lily and not just the twins' mom or Cane's wife. She assured Cane that she loved those roles, but it felt good to be treated like her own person and not an appendage to someone else. Cane tried to change the subject, and Lily asked him to respect her enough to tell her how he felt. Cane confessed that he wasn't happy about her going back to modeling.

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