Wednesday Y&R Update 1/25/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/25/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Victoria had just heard Reed claim that Billy told him everything he needed to know about sex. She was adamant that the only thing Reed needed to know was that he was too young. Reed said he knew that was how Victoria would react and that was why he went to Billy. Victoria demanded to know if Billy had encouraged Reed to have sex Billy urged Victoria to calm down, but she snapped that he'd said more than enough already. She added that she wasn't sure why Billy was even there. Billy said he'd come to visit his children, but he could leave if that was a problem for her. Victoria thought that was a good idea. Billy started toward the door, but Reed asked him to stay. Victoria said that this was a family matter. Reed felt that Billy was family, since he'd been Reed's stepdad. Billy said that he (Billy) needed to respect Victoria's wishes. Reed said Billy had been a father figure to him for most of his life. He asked if he was supposed to forget about that now just because Billy and Victoria couldn't get along. Billy promised that he would always be there for Reed. Reed asked Billy to be there for him now and help him convince Victoria that he shouldn't get in trouble over this. Victoria stated that Billy was part of the reason that Reed was in trouble. Billy decided to stay.

Reed reminded Victoria that she and J.T. always told him that he would never get in trouble for asking questions. Victoria clarified that they'd meant he could ask his parents anything, not Billy. Reed noted that J.T. was halfway around the world. Victoria replied that Reed could have come to her, but he said that she was treating him like a criminal for even thinking about it. He felt that it was easier to talk to another guy, and he added that Billy had given him specific information. Victoria demanded to know what Billy said. Billy asked Reed to give him a moment in private with Victoria. Victoria ordered Reed to stay put, but Billy said that her problem was with Billy. He said to let him have it, then she could have a constructive conversation with her son. Victoria told Reed to go do his homework. Once Reed was gone, Billy asked Victoria to let him explain, but she told him that he wasn't going to charm his way out of this. Billy assured her that he didn't tell Reed how to have sex. He explained that Reed wanted to know about condoms and being safe. Billy thought Victoria should congratulate Reed for being responsible, but she snapped that she wasn't going to congratulate a teen for planning to have sex. Victoria was angry that Billy didn't tell her about this. Billy reminded her that they'd agreed to respect Reed's privacy unless he was doing something illegal or dangerous. Victoria argued that sex at fifteen was dangerous.

Tensions eased, and Billy stated that Reed wasn't having sex and wasn't even close to it after the conversation Billy and Reed had. Victoria was concerned that Reed would have slept with Zoey if she and Billy had arrived later. Billy thought they would have still been making out. He told Victoria that they were teens, not animals. Victoria urged Billy to consider what would have happened if Johnny and Katie saw them. Billy thought the kids would have giggled about Reed kissing someone. He wondered when Victoria became such a prude. Victoria didn't see anything wrong with wanting Reed to wait until he was older. Billy didn't think it was realistic for Victoria to think she could stop him. He noted that at least Reed wanted to protect himself. Victoria replied that pregnancy and STDs weren't the only consequences; having sex too soon could cause self esteem issues and wreck future relationships. Billy joked that she sounded like a 50s propaganda film. Victoria stated that she was only one year older than Reed when she had sex for the first time, and had been one of the worst mistakes of her life. Billy remembered her confiding in him about Ryan. Victoria added that she wasn't ready and that bad decision lead to dozens of others. Billy replied that she'd been pressured by an older man and she didn't use birth control.

Billy felt that they could protect Reed by having these conversations and helping him prepare. Billy asked if Victoria didn't wish someone had given her the information. Victoria told Billy not to presume to know her life better than she did. She said that those weren't the only reasons it was so traumatic for her. Billy apologized for making assumptions, but he felt that she was doing the same thing when she assumed sex would ruin Reed's life. Victoria asked if he thought it was a right of passage, like driving. Billy quipped that driving was more dangerous. Victoria's temper flared and she ordered him to stop trying to be funny. She admitted that she wondered if she kept making bad choices with men because of what happened when she was a teen. Billy assumed he was one of the men she was was referring to. Victoria said that the scariest thing about his cavalier attitude was that she didn't know if she could trust him with their kids, down the road. Billy felt that she crossed the line, but Victoria predicted that he'd give Johnny and Katie condoms in ten years and tell them to have a good time. She said she couldn't let that happen. Billy said she could question his ability to be a good husband, but he told her not to question his parenting skills. Victoria replied that a good parent sets limits.

Billy said he gave Reed advice and he also told him that he should wait until he was in a serious relationship and that it didn't matter if he was inexperienced or what the kids at school said. Victoria said that it was obvious which part of that conversation registered with Reed. Billy thought that Reed took it to heart since when he and the girl had been fully clothed when Victoria and Billy walked in. Billy acknowledged that Reed's unannounced arrival was hard for Victoria, because she liked being prepared, but he resented her turning this into a referendum on whether he could be trusted with their children. Billy said Victoria was wrong to do that and she was handling Reed the wrong way. Victoria felt that he had no right to come into her house and tell her how to raise her son. Billy countered that it used to be their house and his kids still lived there. Victoria said she was glad they didn't get back together. She predicted that Reed might be gambling or breaking up a relative's marriage if he were living under the same roof as Billy. Billy said he would do everything he could to make sure Reed didn't make the same mistakes Billy had, including falling for a woman who blamed everyone else for her mistakes.

Victoria said Reed was her problem, and she told Billy to get out. Billy said fine. He suspected that she'd realize she blew everything out of proportion, by tomorrow, and he told her not to come to him the next time she needed help with Reed. Billy left. Reed came downstairs and apologized to Victoria for being a problem. Victoria assured him that he wasn't a problem. She explained that she and Billy lost their tempers and said things they shouldn't have. Reed admitted that he screwed up, and he asked her not to take it out on Billy, because that would affect Johnny and Katie. Victoria calmly told Reed that he let her down. Reed explained that when he invited Zoey over he had no idea that it would lead to kissing. Victoria asked how far things would have escalated if they hadn't been interrupted. Reed insisted that it wouldn't have gone any further, because he just met Zoey. Victoria said that it was clear that Reed wasn't mature enough to babysit. Reed guessed that was true. Victoria asked Reed to come to her, and not Billy, the next time he had questions. Reed asked if she'd forgive Billy if Reed didn't ask him questions anymore. Victoria said that was between her and Billy, but Reed said it affected the whole family. Reed sensed tension between Billy and Victoria, as if they weren't being straight with each other. Victoria admitted that things were strained, but she wouldn't go into detail. Reed said she was always such an ice queen with Billy. Victoria replied that Billy drove her to it. Reed said Billy was trying to help him, but she wouldn't cut Billy any slack. Victoria thought that Reed would understand, in time, but Reed said he understood now – she was cold and mean.

Phyllis called Lauren, who was at Top of the Tower, and told her that Gloria had been conspiring with Jack to sabotage all of Lauren's attempts to find investors for Fenmore's. Lauren spotted Gloria arrive at the restaurant, so she ended the call and invited her mother in law to join her for a drink. Gloria asked what they were drinking to. “Your specialty - Backstabbing,” Lauren replied. Gloria called Lauren's accusation unfounded and hurtful. A skeptical Lauren asked if Gloria was denying that she conspired with Jack. Gloria claimed she'd just answered Jack's questions about Fenmore's. Lauren replied that Jack was plotting a hostile takeover. Gloria insisted that Jack was trying to save Lauren's company, but she said she understood why Lauren didn't want to work with him. Lauren countered that Gloria was trying to force her to work with Jack. Gloria said she loved Lauren and always would. Lauren scoffed and noted that Gloria began scheming against Fenmore's right after Lauren refused to give her a job. Gloria said they all wanted to save Fenmore's and while it might not be ideal, if Jack was the only investor, Lauren would have to work with him. Lauren said she had other potential investors. Gloria asked who, and Lauren said she could read about it in the business section like everyone else.

Jack walked into his office and saw Phyllis sitting at his desk. He reached for the phone, stating that that he should call Pest Control, but Phyllis put her hand over it. She stated that she wanted to see him get what he deserved for what he did to Lauren. “Well congratulations, Nancy Drew, you figured it out. I've been working with Gloria,” Jack replied. Phyllis accused Jack of being underhanded and deceptive. Jack told her that coming from her, that was a compliment. He reminded her that he had been up front about his plan to buy a controlling interest in Fenmore's, and he said that Gloria merely shared her insights with him. Phyllis was adamant that Lauren wouldn't sign a deal with Jack. Jack wasn't so sure about that. Jack expressed surprise that Phyllis was clutching her pearls over his tactics, which he felt were a move right out of her playbook. Phyllis asked if he really expected her to believe he was dating Gloria. Jack said he was sorry to disappoint her, but he'd moved on. Phyllis said going from her to Gloria was like having filet mignon, then BBQ road kill. Phyllis blasted Jack for getting Gloria to spread bogus rumors and throw herself at two potential buyers. Jack grinned and said he enjoyed every second of that. Phyllis said this wasn't a game; it was Lauren's family legacy. She thought that Jack, of all people, should respect that. “Why do you think I'm working so hard on this?” Jack asked. He predicted that Lauren would thank him, six months from now, when Fenmore's was back in the black. Phyllis didn't think Lauren would want to partner with someone so untrustworthy. Jack conceded her point and said he felt the same way when Phyllis begged him to take her back after she slept with his brother.

Phyllis spat that this was about business, not their personal life. Jack disagreed that she'd come to talk business. He believed that she came to brag about how smart she was and to act morally superior, even though she'd slept with his brother repeatedly. Phyllis argued that she'd apologized and explained herself but Jack had refused to listen. Jack accused her of making him the bad guy for not letting her off the hook, even though he was trying to save Fenmore's. He asked if she'd rather have her employer go out of business. Phyllis argued that Jack wouldn't have sabotaged Lauren's other deals if he truly wanted to save Fenmore's. Jack said that he could go after any number of companies that didn't require dealing with his cheating ex wife. He said that he'd agreed to put up with her because he wanted to help Lauren. He was adamant that this was going to happen whether Phyllis liked it or not, and he advised her to stop being such a hypocrite. Phyllis stormed out. Gloria walked in and told Jack that Lauren had figured everything out and Lauren was furious. Gloria assured Jack that she didn't admit to anything. Gloria was stunned when Jack said he'd confessed all to Phyllis. She demanded to know why he gave up his leverage. Jack said it didn't matter since Lauren didn't have any other options. Gloria told him what Lauren said. Jack thought Lauren was bluffing about having other options in an effort to drive up the price.

Christine walked into the GCPD just after Kevin wrapped up a call with the Feds. Kevin told her that Fisk was in custody. Chris was pleased about that, but she said she couldn't celebrate until they heard from Dylan. Chris figured that Dylan had gone underground until he knew that the rest of Fisk's crew had been arrested. Kevin was concerned because he was sure Dylan would have checked in to let everyone know he was safe.

Paul didn't know what to make of the evidence in the warehouse in Miami. There was blood spatter and shell casings, but no bodies. He told a detective to get a DNA sample from the blood. The man warned Paul that it would take a long time to get a sample from such a small amount of blood. Paul impatiently ordered the man to check it for blood type. Paul added that he needed to find out what happened to his son. Paul called Chris and told her that a team was searching for Dylan. Chris told Paul not to assume the worst, but he said that they both knew that every minute Dylan was missing the odds got worse. Chris urged him to stay optimistic. Paul said he didn't call for a pep talk, but to let her know that the Feds were going to let him question Fisk. Chris asked Paul not to do anything to compromise the case. Paul assured her that he knew what he was doing, then he said he needed her to handle something. Paul stated that the mind went to dark places when you were isolated, and he revealed that he was in that position right now. Chris offered to fly down to be with Paul, but he asked her to go fill Sharon in. “You want me to tell Sharon that her husband might be dead?” Chris asked. Paul said that they had an obligation to tell her the truth. Chris vowed to tell Sharon the same thing she told Paul – that there was no reason to give up hope. Paul said his instinct told him that something went wrong. Paul regretted letting Dylan go undercover. Chris reminded Paul that Dylan gathered hard evidence that no one else had been able to. She advised him to stop second-guessing himself and be proud of his son. Paul stressed that he was proud of his son, but right now he didn't care about the case; he just wanted to find Dylan. The Feds brought Fisk into the warehouse.

Paul told Fisk that he was going away for a long time and that the only way he could get out of prison upright was to tell them where Derek/Dylan was. Fisk pretended he didn't know who Paul was talking about. Paul directed the Feds to leave him alone with Fisk. Fisk asked for his lawyer. Paul pointedly brushed his hand across his gun and said that Fisk should start talking, or he wouldn't make it to court. Fisk admitted that he saw “Derek.” Fisk said that he could usually spot an undercover cop, but Derek was good, and he had no idea until they were reading him his rights. Paul asked why Derek was missing if Fisk had been fooled into thinking he was legit. Fisk said he had no idea, and he suggested that one of his associates might have figured it out. “They've been known to exterminate rats,” Fisk added. Paul grabbed Fisk by the back of the neck and dragged him over to the dried blood on the floor. Paul demanded to know if he'd had Derek killed. Fisk maintained that he didn't know what happened to him.

At the Club, Mariah noted that her plan to cheer Sharon up by taking her out to dinner had failed. A worried Sharon clutched her phone, waiting for Dylan to call her. She said that while Paul assured her that she hadn't blown Dylan's cover, he had said that Dylan was dealing with very dangerous people. Sharon swore she'd never forgive herself if Dylan was suffering because of her. Mariah said that she'd recorded that cheesy romantic movie that neither of them wanted to admit to wanting to see. She suggested that they go home and watch. Sharon asked Mariah to stop trying to distract her. Mariah urged Sharon to let Mariah help her feel better. Sharon said she loved Mariah. Mariah returned the sentiment and said that Dylan was practically indestructible and he always came home. Chris arrived and asked Mariah to give her a minute with Sharon, but Sharon wanted Mariah to stay. Sharon asked if Chris heard from Dylan. Chris said no and explained that there had been some complications. Sharon asked if Dylan was okay. Chris admitted that they didn't know. Sharon began to cry, and Mariah urged Sharon to remember what Mariah just said. Sharon asked if Dylan was dead. Chris said they was no reason to believe that, but Sharon noted that Chris was no reason to believe he was okay. While Chris explained that they hadn't heard from Dylan since he sent them the evidence against Fisk, she assured Sharon that it was standard for an undercover cop to lay low after after a bust. Sharon asked for how long. Chris couldn't give a timeline, but she didn't think it would take long. Chris added that Paul had gone to Miami to oversee the rest of the case. Sharon knew that wasn't part of the plan, so she concluded that something must have gone very wrong. Mariah tried to comfort Sharon, but Sharon thought that Paul must be very concerned if he'd sent Chris to talk to her. Sharon asked Chris to level with her, noting that Chris would want someone to be frank with her if it were Paul. Chris admitted that Paul was worried. Sharon rushed out of the Club.

Paul checked in with Kevin, who told him that the Feds said the blood in the warehouse was O+. Paul was relieved because Dylan was AB-. Kevin suggested that Dylan had shot one of Fisk's men. Paul said that would be a very good reason for Dylan to lay low. A detective came in and gave Paul a baggie containing a bracelet that he'd found outside. Paul told Kevin to track Chris down. Later, Paul and Chris talked, and he asked her if Dylan had been wearing a bracelet. Chris said yes. Paul's hand trembled as Chris proceeded to describe the same bracelet that Paul was holding. Paul fought back tears as he told Chris that something must have happened to Dylan.

At the Cottage, Mariah told Sharon that there were a million reasons why Dylan could have gone AWOL. Sharon said that this was her punishment for lying about Christian. Mariah insisted that life didn't work that way. Mariah felt like she wasn't doing a good job comforting Sharon, but Sharon was grateful for the reminder that this wasn't about her. Sharon vowed to hope for the best and stay strong. Sharon knew Mariah had to get to work. Mariah wasn't planning to go, but Sharon insisted that it was fine. She asked Mariah not to let anything about Dylan air on GC Buzz. Sharon assured Mariah that she was just going to watch the movie they talked about. Mariah left. Sharon slipped Dylan's wedding band onto her finger, next to her own ring, then she picked up his picture. She heard a noise and spun around to see Dylan standing in the doorway with tears in his eyes.

Phyllis went to Top of the Tower and she and Lauren brought each other up to speed. Lauren said she had another potential investor, but she didn't want to say who it was, out of fear of jinxing it. Phyllis hoped things would go well, because she was convinced that working with Jack would be the worst thing to ever happen to Fenmore's.

Later, Phyllis noticed Billy sitting at the Club bar, and she stated that he looked like she felt. She asked if he wanted company, and he said yes. Phyllis asked why Billy was upset. “Victoria, as usual,” he replied. Billy posed the same question to Phyllis, and she brought him up to speed on Jack going after Fenmore's. Billy noted that Jack had been aggressive with Jabot for the past few months and that Brash and Sassy had taken the brunt of it. Phyllis theorized that Jack was determined to prove he was in charge. Billy said no good would come from discussing Jack. She asked what happened with Victoria, Billy told Phyllis a bit about his day. Phyllis suggested that Billy let Victoria deal with Reed on her own. Billy stated that her suggestion was sensible and it would give him more free time. He asked Phyllis for suggestions on how to occupy himself. Phyllis was sure he'd figure something out. Phyllis said it was good to see him, then she left.

Lauren wrapped up a chat with her potential investor, who was flying in tomorrow. She smiled, happy at how well it went. Jack walked over and asked if she got good news. Lauren asked if he'd dropped Gloria so he could spy on her, himself. Jack swore he didn't hear a thing. Lauren said she was just chatting with an old friend. She suggested that Jack order the special and put it on her tab, then she walked out.

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