Tuesday Y&R Update 1/24/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/24/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Hilary was near tears. She told Devon that she was leaving today because he didn't deserve to have to put up with her. Hilary promised that she wouldn't contest the divorce. Devon thought that this was one of Hilary's attempts to manipulate him. Hilary understood why he was skeptical, but she insisted that she was sincere and that she wanted to do right by him. Devon told her that if she was serious about that, she'd have to give up everything. Hilary readily agreed to do so if it would bring him peace. Devon didn't believe her. He suspected that she would return, hoping he'd changed his mind and if he hadn't, she'd threaten to take him to court, like she had in the past. Devon offered to give her a generous settlement upfront so that he wouldn't have to deal with her anymore. He wrote a check, but Hilary refused to take it because she was adamant that she didn't want his money. She pulled the credit cards from her purse, removed the jewelry he gave her and even started to take off the dress he'd bought, in order to prove that she didn't want anything from him. Devon told her he got the point, but he wondered why she was suddenly willing to give everything up, when she'd refused to do that before. “Because loving me can kill you,” she replied. Hilary said that that they both knew she'd lie to him again, and she didn't want him to be collateral damage. She added that he deserved someone who could make him happy. Devon agreed that he deserved happiness and that she wouldn't change. He said that she was still his weakness, and he hated himself for that.

Devon picked up their wedding picture and said that he saw a fool in the photo; everyone but him had been able to see that Hilary viewed him as a means to an end. Devon said that Hilary did horrible things in her quest for money, power and fame and that they would have been in a better place if she'd devoted any of that effort to their marriage. Hilary said she would leave, but Devon told her that he'd go and return once she was gone. He noted that it shouldn't take long to gather her stuff since she said she didn't want anything. Devon left, and Hilary slumped on the couch and cried. Chelsea popped in to check on Hilary and Devon. Hilary explained that she was moving out and that the boxes would be out of the hallway soon. Chelsea stated that she and Adam overcame what seemed like insurmountable problems. She thought Hilary and Devon could do the same, but Hilary said that the scars ran too deep for them. Hilary took responsibility for all the problems in her marriage and said she'd schemed and lied her way back into his heart before, but she didn't want to do that anymore. Hilary said that Devon was the only person who ever believed in her and now it was gone. She fought back tears and said she had to finish packing and figure out what was next for her. Chelsea commiserated because her plans for the future changed when Adam died. Chelsea advised Hilary to take one step at a time, because looking at the big picture could be overwhelming. Chelsea mentioned that she to be strong for her son, which caused Hilary to weep again. Hilary confided that Devon had wanted to have a baby with her. Hilary said she'd wanted that too, and for a second, she thought she could have it all – the perfect husband, a great job and family – but now it was gone, and she was homeless and probably soon to be jobless. Chelsea assured Hilary that sometimes it was a blessing to start over.

A frazzled Victoria tidied up her living room as she told Reed she had to work late, so Hannah was coming to watch the younger kids. Victoria noticed that Reed was engrossed in his phone, so she asked him to pay attention. Reed assured her that he heard everything she said. Reed didn't understand why Victoria hired a sitter instead of letting him watch his siblings. Victoria didn't feel that she could trust Reed, since he'd recently skipped school a couple of times. Reed noted that he already apologized about that, but Victoria said that he needed to show her that he meant it. Reed complained that he she wasn't giving him a chance to show her if she wouldn't even let him babysit for a couple of hours. Victoria was going to say something, but Reed went upstairs. After Victoria left, Reed returned to the living room, where he appeared to be doing homework. Hannah asked if he needed homework help. Reed said no, and he added that he didn't need a babysitter. Hannah explained that Victoria asked her to check in with him. Hannah lingered nearby, gathering books to read to the kids. Reed told her that it was hard to concentrate with her hovering, so she left the room. Reed stopped pretending to do homework and resumed texting with a friend.

At Brash and Sassy, Jill and Billy looked at sample photos from Lily's photo shoot and chose some to be used in the ad. Jill stated that Lily had been fantastic, and Billy asked if she'd signed a contract yet. Jill said no. Billy noted that the product launched in three weeks and Lily was the new spokesperson. He wondered if he needed to remind Jill what they had riding on this. Jill assured him that she understood, but she felt that it was important to run it by Cane first to ensure that it didn't put a strain on his marriage to Lily. Billy said that their relationship was rock solid, but the company's financial situation wouldn't be if the product didn't take off. He decided to call legal, himself. Billy got a text and chuckled. “Judge Mom drops the hammer,” Reed had said. Billy read the text to Jill. She laughed and wondered how Victoria would react if she found out that Reed was venting to Billy about her. Billy told his mom to stop. He said that Victoria was doing the best that she could after Reed's sudden arrival.

Billy stated that Reed was being a typical teenager and Victoria was a fantastic mother who actually cared and was involved in her son's upbringing. “Wow. Unlike me,” Jill replied. She asked if he wanted to tell her one more time what a rotten mother she was. Jill mentioned that she'd watched a documentary about the harp seal, which abandoned its children twelve days after birth. Billy said he didn't think of Jill that way, but she conceded that no one would blame him if he did. Jill admitted that she hadn't been an attentive mother, but she assured Billy that it didn't mean she didn't want him. Jill theorized that she'd longed for another child because she'd wanted the opportunity to make up for the mistakes she made with Phillip. She explained that John had three grown children and thought he was too old for another, so she tricked him into getting her pregnant. Billy was surprised by Jill's revelation. Jill continued that John moved Billy to New York, and she'd blamed John for the distance between them. She admitted that she hadn't made it a priority to bond with Billy once he returned to Genoa City. Billy reminded her that he hadn't made it easy for her. Jill thought there was something missing in her, but she said that it had skipped a generation since Billy was a wonderful father. She felt that Victoria should be thrilled that Reed had Billy to talk to. Billy thought it was understandable for Victoria to want to set boundaries between him and Reed. Jill recalled what a hellion Billy had been as a teenager, and she agreed that Victoria was right. However, Jill felt that Reed could do a lot worse than Billy, because Billy turned out pretty good. Billy smiled and said he was going to say the same thing about Jill.

At Top of the Tower, Cane asked Lily about the bread rolls that she was angrily tearing apart. Lily explained that she was reacting to Hilary and Neil. She clarified that Neil had encouraged Devon to hold off on making a decision about Hilary. Lily was convinced that if Devon took their father's advice, it would give Hilary a chance to sink her claws back into him. Cane thought that Neil had a point; Devon shouldn't make any life-altering decisions so soon after the accident. He reminded Lily that Devon and Hilary didn't have a prenup. Lily countered that Devon could have died because of Hilary. She felt that a big settlement would be a small price to pay for getting Hilary out of his life. Cane suggested that they do something fun with the kids this weekend. Lily didn't want to prematurely get the twins' hopes up, so she asked Cane to check his schedule and make sure he was free first. Cane explained that Devon's accident had caused Cane to shift his priorities. He planned to put his family first and not let the job grind him down. Lily vented, a bit, about the things she dealt with working at the Athletic Club, then she said that she'd forgotten how fun it was to be a model. She said that after the shoot, she'd gone home and looked at her mom's portfolio. According to Lily, modeling was one of the few things she and Dru shared, and she was grateful that the recent job for Brash and Sassy had given her a chance to connect with her late mother on some level.

Jill texted Lily and Cane and asked them to come to the office. They arrived to find Billy, Victoria and Jill excitedly discussing the campaign. Jill offered Lily a job as the face of the new men's line. Lily was thrilled and immediately accepted, then she realized that she should discuss it with Cane first. Cane told her it was her decision. Lily, Billy and Victoria left the room. Jill noted that Cane didn't look happy, and she assured him that it wasn't too late to discuss this with Lily, but Cane said he supported Lily's decision. Lily returned, after signing the contract, and suggested that the three of them go celebrate. Jill declined so that the couple could celebrate together, and she left. Cane told Lily that he had a lot of work to do. Lily said that she should have talked to Cane before she accepted the job offer. Cane said that he wasn't upset about that, but it bothered him that his coworkers and boss left him out of the decision making process. Cane told Lily that she would be great, but he teased that he wasn't sure he wanted to share her with the world. Lily kissed his neck until he said he was okay with it. They noticed that they were alone in the office, so they decided to celebrate there. They began to kiss and undress.

Meanwhile, Hannah called Victoria and said she had a family emergency. Victoria asked Reed to babysit, and he agreed. Victoria and Billy left the office.

Reed invited his friend Zoey over, and Victoria and Billy walked in on the teens making out. Victoria scolded Reed for having a friend over without permission. Billy made an unsuccessful attempt to get Victoria to save the lecture until after Zoey was gone. Zoey was alarmed when Victoria threatened to call her parents to come pick her up and asked if they knew where she was. Reed accused Victoria of being the worst. Zoey left. Reed tried to storm upstairs, but Victoria stopped him. She called him irresponsible and and asked what would've happen if the kids had come downstairs. Reed didn't see the big deal, since he and Zoey were kissing, not having sex. A horrified Victoria said that Reed was too young for sex, but Reed countered that kids his age had sex these days. Victoria was adamant that he wasn't ready. Reed argued that he was ready because Billy told him everything he needed to know.

Jill found Devon drowning his sorrows at the Athletic Club bar, and he brought her up to speed. Jill said she didn't like Hilary, so she wouldn't offer him her condolences. Devon wondered what Katherine would say about him spending some of the money she willed him in an attempt to hold onto a woman that Katherine wouldn't have approved of. He was glad his grandmother wasn't there to witness him recklessly speeding and crashing a car. Jill didn't think Katherine would have judged. She reminded him that Katherine had made a lot of mistakes often due to alcohol. She flashed back to Katherine making a vow to get sober. Jill told Devon that he was a fighter and survivor, like Katherine, and she reminded him that Katherine said that a person showed the measure of their character in how they dealt with diversity. Devon said that his whole life had been marked by lies – his mother's, Hilary's and even Katherine's when she kept the identity of his biological father from him. Devon said that sometimes he wished he never inherited the bulk of Katherine's fortune, because he didn't earn the money. He thought life might be easier without the two billion dollars. Jill was sure that Katherine thought that he'd figure out how to handle his sudden windfall.

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