Monday Y&R Update 1/23/17

The Y&R Update Monday 1/23/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Devon looks through pictures of him with Hilary in better times. He rises uneasily to answer the doorbell. Neil brought breakfast and coffee, but Devon is in no mood for food or company. Eventually he reveals that he’s alone. He got a clean bill of health, so no nurse, and he kicked Hilary out last night.

Hilary finds Lily at the club. She needs Lily’s help, or rather Lily's brother does. He knows everything and he's furious. Lily is thrilled that Devon finally came to his senses, and when she finishes gloating, she goes to Devon.

Lauren meets Craig at Top of the Tower, ready to seal the deal. He backs out. Craig has nothing against Lauren or her company. Her plans to revamp are impressive. It’s just that another investment opportunity suddenly presented itself and now all his money is tied up in it. Best of luck to her.

At the athletic club, Phyllis runs into Jack after his workout. He gives her the brush-off. She has one question: What’s going on between him and Gloria? She saw them together last night, and it looked cozy. Jack doesn’t owe Phyllis an answer; they aren’t married anymore. He does if he’s making a play for Fenmore’s, Phyllis’s new employer. Jack accuses Phyllis of similar misdeeds, trying to steal Ravi from Jabot. Jack blurts out that what Phyllis saw was Jack and Gloria on a date. This gets a big laugh, but then Gloria appears, yoga mat in hand, and snuggles up to Jack.

At the police station, Chris gives Dylan the benefit of the doubt, but Paul and Kevin are concerned. There’s been no word from him about his meeting with Fisk, the drug lord. His cover may have been blown.

Again at Devon’s: He tells Neil that Mariah’s apology filled in a lot of details that no one had given him about the night of his accident. He shames Neil along with Lily and Cane for not telling him the truth. His own family! He winces. His head aches. Neil fetches aspirin, offers food, and hovers. They were ordered by Devon’s doctor to say nothing. Devon doesn’t accept that. They allowed him to go home with Hilary and to go on believing her lies. Is this payback for Devon’s stealing Neil’s wife? Absolutely not. This is a father showing love for his son.

At the police station: Chris fails to calm Paul. Kevin, on his computer, receives an audio file from Dylan and they all listen. They hear Fisk order Dylan (or Derek) to be taken to his drug shipment at pier 13. Paul feels a little better, but not much. The recording was made last night, and they’ve heard nothing since. Chris takes off to get a warrant to investigate, but Paul can’t wait. He decides to get the local police involved.

Gloria and Jack and Phyllis remain in the club foyer. Phyllis doesn’t buy their act and leaves. Gloria turns to Jack: Dating? Is that the story he came up with? She teases him. Might he really be attracted to her? She chuckles and hurries to her yoga class. Jack spies Hilary nursing a drink at the bar and sits next to her. Jack was right. She should have told Devon the truth before anyone else did. Instead, she made a bad situation worse---as usual.

Lily joins Neil and Devon at the penthouse. Devon asks them not to say I told you so. They wouldn’t dream of it. They want to help. Well, they can’t. This is something Devon has to handle on his own. He wonders aloud how things got to this point and answers his own question. He and Hilary got off to a rocky start by having an affair behind Neil’s back. And Hilary is a selfish woman, plain and simple. Love is supposed to make a person feel good, and it hasn’t been that way for Devon. He despises the person he’s become. Lily supports his ending his marriage, the sooner, the better. Neil, on the other hand, suggests Devon take his time. Neil and Lily leave him with his thoughts.

At the bar: Hilary was prepared to tell Devon everything, but he stopped her. He wanted to focus on their future, including having a baby. Hilary was scared of losing him and even deluded herself to think he’d forgive her even if he discovered what she’d done. Jack suggests he may still. She isn’t hopeful.

Phyllis joins Lauren at Top of the Tower. They commiserate over Bloody Marys. It occurs to Lauren that Gloria might have had more than romantic designs on Jack.

Chris returns to the police station and is exasperated. Paul’s rash act may have further endangered Dylan. Paul’s No. 1 concern is Dylan’s safety. As chief of police and Dylan’s father, he’s pulling the plug on the operation.

Phyllis blames herself for Jack’s new attitude. Her affair with Billy changed him. She wants him to be happy, and if that includes another woman, so be it---but not Gloria. Lauren breaks the news. How would Phyllis feel about working for Jack again? Craig backed out, which means Jack is Fenmore’s only hope for survival. Phyllis isn’t thrilled, but she stands by Lauren.

Lauren and Phyllis run into Craig leaving Jack’s office at Jabot. So this was his lucrative new offer. Craig is apologetic but recommends doing business with Jack. He’s a good egg. Lauren disagrees. She enters the office and lets Jack have it. What a rotten thing to do. His attempts at flattery (this proves how badly he wants to do business with her) go nowhere. He notices Phyllis standing in the doorway but pointedly leaves her out of the conversation, or tries to. Jack insists his intentions are good. He wants to collaborate with Lauren, meaning she would see to the day-to-day operations, and he would provide funds. He, on the other hand, would get a chance to expand his own family company while saving hers. It’s a win-win. She wavers. She wants to see it all in writing and then she’ll decide.

At the Top of the Tower, Lily wonders why Neil discouraged Devon’s ending his marriage. Having been married to Hilary, Neil knows it’s not a simple matter. Certainly a clean break would be best for Devon, but he’ll have to come to that conclusion on his own. Otherwise, he might have doubts and end up running back to Hilary.

The doorbell jolts Devon out of another daydream about his wedding day. At the door is the bride herself. She’s urged to speak her piece and get out. She assumes blame for hurting him and won’t fight a divorce. She loves him enough to let him go.

Back at the station, Paul gets a disturbing call. Dylan was not at the location named in the recording, and there were signs of a struggle, specifically casings and blood. While Chris tries to prevent Paul from jetting to Miami, another call comes in. This time it’s from Dylan’s secure line, but when Paul answers, he gets no response. That does it. He leaves.

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