Thursday Y&R Update 1/19/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 1/19/17


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At the TV station, Devon tells Mariah that he doesn't want to dwell on the accident or New Year's. Mariah tells him that Hilary told her that they were moving on. (Mariah doesn't realize that Devon still has no memory of that night.) Mariah insists on telling him that ever since the accident been blaming herself. She chose the wrong time to get revenge on Hilary. Devon seems puzzled, but Mariah continues her story about changing the copy that Hilary was supposed to read. She says that it was wrong of her to make Hilary admit to tripping her on the air, especially since Hilary told Devon the truth. Mariah continues that she felt awful when she heard about the crash. Hilary comes back from hair and makeup and hears the conversation.

At Jabot, Jack runs into Ashley who lambasts him for going after Fenmore's and continue his revenge against Victor. She tells him that Phyllis was trying to get Ravi to go over to Fenmore's. And if he leaves, it's Jack's fault for letting Phyllis work at Jabot. Jack doesn't get a word in edgewise.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Kevin is beside himself with guilt for leaving Sharon alone in Paul's office. Paul gets him to retrace his steps. Paul worries that Sharon might have blown Dylan's cover if she told the other person that she was wife. Kevin asks how he knows it was a woman. Paul says that it wasn't Chris who called, but Dylan told him it was a woman's voice. Paul is worried that Dylan wouldn't be able to finish the mission if he thought Sharon couldn't handle it. Paul leaves to see Sharon.

Sharon is at home thinking about her husband. She is playing with his wedding ring and remembering when he gave it to her.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Dylan is doing the same thing as he watches Fisk work over his employee. The dealer is dragged out and Fisk wipes his hands before he shakes Dylan's. Dylan tells Fisk that he hopes that that performance wasn't for him. He just wants to get the job done so his boss will be happy. Dylan pretends to be pissed at not being trusted and starts to leave. He has the cash now he wants the product. Fisk says that Alex may trust him, but he doesn't.

Paul shows up at Sharon's just as she's leaving. She tells him that she's on her way to drop something up at the house for Faith. Paul persuade her to telling her that Dylan asked him to check up on her. He says that Kevin told him that she dropped by the station. She says that it's because Paul won 't tell her anything. Sharon says that she was worried and just wanted to hear his voice. Paul loses it and asks her if she wanted to blow Dylan's cover.

Michael shows up at the station with a pair of basketball ticket. Kevin thinks it's a bribe for keeping Gloria longer. Phyllis shows up and drags Michael away, much to Kevin's relief. Michael wonders why she tracked him down. Maybe she jut wanted to see him, says Phyllis. As a lawyer or her friend, he asks. Both, says Phyllis.

Meanwhile at Jabot, Ashley is still ranting to Jack about Phyllis trying to steal Ravi. Jack is trying to be reasonable but Ashley isn't having it. Ravi joins them thinking that he's going to be fired. He's carrying a box of his things. Jack tells to take his things back to his office, and they will talk over dinner. He does so leaving Ashley and Jack in silent agreement.

Back at the TV station, Hilary has to deal with a guest who's dropped out. Mariah is still talking about New Year' Eve, and what happened. Devon is starting to get his memory back. Hilary finally joins them and wonders what Devon is doing at the station. He tells her that he was getting a little stir crazy. He says that Mariah was just catching him up. Mariah suggests that he go home and rest. Hilary agrees with Mariah, which is odd in itself. Devon asks Hilary to go home with him. He doesn't tell them that he remembers everything.

At the police station, Michael thinks that Phyllis is safe as far "trying to steal" Ravi from Jabot. He didn't have a contract. Michael wants to know why Phyllis is afraid of Ashley. Phyllis tells him that it's not herself she's worried about. She wants to help Lauren keep Fenmore's and a lawsuit wouldn't help that. Michael is surprised but appreciative that Phyllis is hopeful. She hopes that Craig comes through for them. Michael thinks that Craig is a straight shooter, but Gloria almost blew it or them. He tells her that he thought she was after a job. But it wasn't that simple. Phyllis says that thing are never simple or predictable with Gloria.

Jack and Ashley are wining and dining Ravi at the Top of the Tower. He is eating like a starving child. Ashley comments on his being wined and dined twice in one day. Ravi says that he loves his job at Jabot. He's willing to go back to go back to his office now. But Jack wants to seal the deal. Ashley pulls out a contract, as Jack's cell is ringing. Jack tells Ravi to read it over, but he has no complaints.

It turns out to be Gloria on the phoned Jack. She wants to know if they can talk. He tells her to meet him at Top Of The Tower, but Gloria is already there.

At the ranch, Paul is reaming out Sharon, but Sharon says that a woman answered his phone. She wants to know who the woman was who had his phone. Paul tells her that they talked to Dylan and he assumed that Chris was the one who phoned. Sharon wants to know who the woman was, and what she has to do with the case. But Paul is adamant that Sharon stay out of it. Sharon is worried about what Paul isn't telling her. She's worried that something bad will happen to Dylan. Before he leaves, she asks him, is he wants to take Dylan's badge. Paul tells her to keep it, so she can give it to him herself.

Devon and Hilary have arrived home at the penthouse. Hilary notices that Devon has been silent on the ride home. She asks him how his doctor's appointment went, and he tells her Stitch gave him a clean bill of health. Hillary is excited about starting a family. She wants to start right away, but Devon shuts her down by saying "I remember." A stunned Hilary says, "What?" Devon tells her that he remembers New Year's Eve. "I know what happened." Hilary gets defensive and asks if Mariah was telling lies about her. Devon asks her if that what she wants to stick with that Mariah was lying. He tells her that it was pretty much the way he remembered it. Hilary realizes that he really does have his memory back. Devon demands to know why she didn't tell him. She tells him that the doctor and even Neil and Lily said it was too soon. Devon doesn't care, but Hilary continues to passionately defend herself. She says that it doesn't change, but for Devon, it changes everything!

Back in Miami, Dylan is still negotiating with Fisk to close the deal. Fisk doesn't believe that his boss is a woman. He wants to know who he's really working for. Dylan tries to convince him that it was Parcell's assistant Amanda who called. She's the only one with his number. Fisk wonders why he didn't call her back. Dylan does some fast talking and says he's been busy. He asks if he wants the details of that transaction, but says that he probably already knows. They both look at a smiling Alex.

At the Top of the Tower, Jack and Gloria are discussing Craig making a deal with Lauren and Michael. Jack can't believe how screwed up his plan got. Gloria tries to comfort him.

From their table, Ravi is fascinated by Jack and Gloria. He asks Ashley if Gloria is one of Jack's ex-wives. Ashley nearly chokes on her drink. She says that Phyllis was bad enough and tells him that Jack and Phyllis broke up over Fenmore's. She tells him that Phyllis was using him. Ravi says that he's glad that he's single. Nobody special, Ashley asks. He says no and Ashley "You're young." Ravi explains that his parents set the bar very high. She asks about his parents and he says they're very close. He tells her that in his culture, family is everything. She asks about his parents and jokes, "They better not be rocket scientists." He tells her that only his Dad is. Ashley asks about his mother and he jokes that she's a neurosurgeon. He says that she's amazing and that he's close with both his parents. He tells Ashley that he wants to do a good job at Jabot.

Gloria reassures Jack that his plan an still work. She is certain that she can reel Craig in. She's already convinced Michael that she's looking for a husband. She tells Jack that Craig was rich and could afford a nice "rock."

Paul has returned to the office and asks Kevin if he's heard from Dylan. Kevin says no and asks how things went with Sharon. He tells Kevin that Sharon confessed that she made the phone call. Kevin asks if she realize how dangerous that was. Paul says that he was thinking about how the operation would affect Dylan, but he never thought about how it would affect Sharon. Kevin assumes that Paul told Sharon that Dylan knows how to handle himself. Paul admits that's what he told Sharon. Paul looks at a picture of Dylan wistfully. Kevin and Paul both say that Dylan will be home soon enough.

Mariah comes home, telling Sharon that Devon is up and moving around. She tells her that he and Hilary are back together. She finally notices that Sharon looks worried. She asks what's wrong so Sharon tells her that Paul just left. He says that Dylan is okay, but she did something that may put him in jeopardy. She tells her about the woman who answered. Sharon says that she got off the phone right away. She tells Mariah that if anything happened to Dylan because of her, she'd never forgive herself.

In Miami, Alex is counting the money and asks Dylan if he's not going to weigh the product. Dylan says if he ever gets the product, he'll let them know. Alex says there's a discrepancy. Fisk says that's not good, but Dylan tells Alex to let him know why. Alex tells Fisk that there's 5% more. Dylan says that his boss is a generous man. He wants to get this deal done. Dylan tells Fisk to give it to charity. Fisk says it will go to a good cause. Dylan tells Alex, he will see her later. Fisk makes arrangements for Dylan to pick up the product.

At the penthouse, Hilary is begging for another chance, but Devon has had enough, and tells her to pack her stuff and move out.

At the restaurant, Ashley is wrapping up her dinner with Ravi. She says she was pleasantly surprised by how the evening turned out. Ravi agrees, and say he certainly wasn't expecting a contract with Jabot. He's also surprised at how warm she was. Ashley is flattered when he tells her that he doesn't usually open up to people.

Jack tells Gloria not to mess up their deal, before he thanks her for the information, and leaves.

Sharon freaks out when a picture of Dylan falls off the mantel suddenly. Mariah does her best to calm her mother.

In Miami, Dylan tells Stan that he'll listen to music till they get to their destination. Stan recalls Fisk's instructions on how to get rid of Dylan. Dylan realizes something's wrong and tries to get out of the car. 

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