Wednesday Y&R Update 1/18/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/18/17


Written by Carole
Pictures by Juanita


At the GCPD Kevin and Paul are discussing Sharon and hope she doesn't blow Dylan's cover. Paul is surprised when he learns that Sharon was there the night before. Kevin says she was there to get information about her husband, but Kevin thinks she didn't get anything. Kevin says he know that they are all under pressure, but he would never doing to risk Dylan's safety or the case.

Meanwhile, Derek/Dylan wakes up after his "hot" night with Alex. She wonders if he is about to leave, but Derek/Dylan reassures her that he's not going anywhere.

At Jabot, Ashley looking for Ravi about the new app, but he's not there.  He's being wined and dined by Phyllis at the Top Of The Tower. She wants him to help set-up Fenmore's e-stores. Ravi tells her that he's already has a job at Jabot. Phyllis says they can fix that!

Ashley is in Ravi's office when she sees the note about Lunch with Phyllis.

Michael and Lauren are having lunch at the GCAC when Gloria joins them. She carries on about the Yoga class in the gym. Michael makes a snarky remark about her twisted chakras. Gloria ignores him and says her chakras are in excellent shape. She stretches her body for effect. She says she's been doing yoga every days since Michael kicked her out.  Michael reminds her that she's enjoying all this luxury on his dime.  

At Devon's penthouse, Hilary finds him downstairs. He seems to be overwhelmed by what has happened. He seems to has had some ephipany about their relationhip. After a long-winded speech, he tells a stunned Hilary that he wants to have a baby with her.

Dylan is waiting for Alex to finish her shower. Dylan is anxious to finish his assignment. Alex wants more playtime but just wants to get going and meet her boss. He says that Fisk wouldn't have minded but his boss would. Dylan tells her that he'll be al lhers when the job is done. Alex says that he was theminute she saw him.  She agrees to make arrangements. After Alex leaves, Dylan feels guilty for cheating on Sharon. 

Back in Genoa City, Michael and Lauren are still defending themselves against Gloria's insinuations that Lauren had been lying to Michael. Lauren eplains that she's confessed to Michael and that their marriage is fine now. She says that she just want to make sure that her sons are treated properly. Michael assures that he is so he asks her to leave. Afterward, Lauren is celebrating their strong united front. Then Michael tells her that they are meeting someone that will them save Fenmore's. Lauren is shocked that he arranged this without her.

At the Top Of The Towers, Phyllis is still trying to get Ravi to switch gears. He tells her that he has no desire to leave Jabot. Ashley shows up and accuses Phyllis of trashing the company that gave her a job when noone else did. Ashley and Phyllis continue arguing while Ravi sits by quietly. Finally, Ashley leaves in a huff telling Ravi he can do what he wants. Ravi thank Phyllis for her offer, but decides to go after Ashley.

At the club, Lauren greets her old friend, Craig Shields. Michael enlisted him in hopes that he would invest in Fenmore's. Lauren leaves thinking that she has a deal. Michael walks her out and he and Lauren celebrate with a kiss.

Dylan manages to catch up with Paul and Kevin. Dylan says that the operation is still a go, but he doesn't like the person he has to pretend to be. Paul senses Dylan's distress and asks him if he's okay. Dylan gets defensive when Paul keeps asking how he is. Paul then asks why he hasn't met Fisk yet. Dylan says that it's like another planet and these people are garbage and he has to be the same. Dylan thinks that Christine called him, but someone else picked up. He doesn't realize it was Sharon. He tells Paul that he's meeting Fisk later, and he should have enough evidence to take him down. He says this op should be over soon. Pualis worried about Dylan's mental state,  Dylan asks after Sharon and Paul says that she's fine. Paul is worried when Dylan ask him to tell Sharon he loves her. 

Mariah is at work and tries to talk to Hilary. She asks Hilary how Devon is and Hilary tells her that he's doing good.  Mariah, goes to leave, thinking she's fired. Hilary turns around and tells a stunned Mariah that she thanks her.

Stitch has made a house call to check on Devon. Devon wants to know when he can have sex with his wife. Stitch is amused but says as long as they keep it simple, they should be good. Devon tells him that both they're both looking forward to getting pregnant.

At the TV studio, Hilary is actually congratulating Mariah on how she handled the news story regarding Devon's accident. Mariah is surprised to hear encouraging words from Hilary. Hilary admits that she was wrong to blame Devon's accident on Mariah. Hilary tells her that she and Devon have talked things over that happened at the benefit. She tells her that they are even thinking of starting a family. Mariah is just thrilled to have a job.

At the police station, Kevin nervously hears from Paul that Chris never called Dylan. Paul tells Kevin that Dylan said that it was a woman's voice. He wonders if Sharon somehow got a hold of a burner phone. He tells Kevin that they have to go and see Sharon. "Right now!"

Back in Miami, Dylan is recalling his conversation with Paul telling him that Sharon wants him home. Dylan is feeling guilty for being with Alex the night before. Of course, that's when Alex returns to the motel. She say that Fisk is ready to meet. Dylan grabs the case with the cash and they leave.

At Jabot, Ashley brings Ravi a box to clear out his things. She thinks that he's not happy at Jabot and has taken Phyllis up on her offer. Ashley admits that she feels really betrayed. Ravi tells her that he would never leave Jabot, because she means too much to him. Ashley says that it's been a rough day and suggests he take the afternon off. Ravi won't leave until she forgive him.

Phyllis has met up with Lauren and tells her about her meeting with Ravi. Lauren is intrigued and Phyllis is determined to keep up the good fight. She wants Ravi at Fenmore's.

Gloria is leaving the club when she she sees Craig. She tries to leave Craig catches her, so she has to acknowledge him. It appears that they know each other from her time in France. He tells her that he was there to meet with Lauren and Michael. He tells a surprised Gloria that he's thinking of investing in Fenmore's. Michael comes back and is very surprised to see Craig and Gloria chatting.

Lauren is telling Phyllis about their potential investor. He doesn't want to be hands-on and hates shopping. Phyllis surprised considering he's rich. Lauren is hesistant to make the deal, because he's a friend of Michael's, but her and Phyllis agree that they are out of options.

A very curious Michael interrupts Gloria and Craig's chat. As Craig leaves, he and Gloria exchanging numbers making Michael more and more concerned. Michael soon catches on that Gloria was looking for a rich husband. He deletes Craig's number from her phone. He knows that she never liked him and besides she needs to divorce Jeffrey first. And for Lauren's deal to go through.

At GC Buzz, Mariah and Hilary are discussing GZ Buzz business, before Hilary has to leave. Devon suddenly shows up. Mariah is pleased to see him and asks him if she can give him a hug. She lets him know Hilary is in hair and makeup  and asks if  she can talk to him. Devon tells that Mariah's been awesome covering for Hilary. Mariah tells him that she and Hilary talked and she knows they want to start a family. Devon seems surprised when she apologizes for her part in the accident. He still doesn't remember anything and Hilary hasn't filled him in on it yet.

At the GCPD, much to Paul's alarm, Kevin discovers that a call was made from the burner phone used to contact Dylan. They realize that it must've been Sharon. Now Paul is worried that his son might be in danger.

He may be right, because Dylan is meeting Fisk finally. Dylan walks in on Fisk's men working on another dealer. Fisk hopes that this meeting with Dylan will be better.

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