Tuesday Y&R Update 1/17/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/17/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita


Dylan is still undercover in Miami, waiting to meet The Boss.

Sharon shows up at the police station looking for information. Kevin tries to stonewall her.

Meanwhile, Victor has called a family dinner at the Top of the Towers. He's there with Nikki and Faith who wonders what the big deal is. Victor says that everyone is hard to reach. Noah and Nick (with Christian) are the first to arrive. Faith asks them why they're so out of breath. Nick jokes that they ran all the way to get there. Nick also asks what the big deal is but Victor won't tell them. Nikki takes Christian off his hands and says that she's hired a babysitter so he can enjoy the evening. Victor mentions Connor and Nick is surprised to hear that Chelsea is coming.

Nikki calls Victoria who's in a battle with Reed. Nikki encourages her to be strong in gathering the troops. Victoria can barely hear because of Reed blasting his guitar. Victoria yells at Nikki to tell Victor that this was his best idea ever. She takes a deep breath when a disheveled Johnny comes in from the kitchen. He looks like the kitchen exploded on him! She gathers herself and Johnny to go get ready for dinner.

Back at the restaurant, Nick questions Victor about Chelsea but Victor just says that Chelsea is part of the family. Nick is still holding Christian, who's getting squirmy. They talk about Adam and how Victor wants to keep his memory alive.

Faith is holding court with Nick, Victor and Noah. She's explaining chess, but Nick is more into Fantasy Football. Faith turns him down, and he and Victor banter about Faith's talent in chess. Faith grabs Noah because she want to show him her chess moves. Nick is warning Victor not to turn Faith into a chess protege but Victor says Faith enjoys it. Nick walks away as Nikki returns and tells her husband to heed Nick's warning. Victor tells her that he sees a future for Faith and does not want her to end up a bartender. He looks toward Nick.

Nick has run into Chelsea and they greet each other nervously.

Victoria is still at home trying to round up the troops. She is rifling through her desk looking for something. She sees her credit card lying on her desk. Reed watches as she puts it away. Reed comes in and tells her of Johnny's progress. Victoria says that he's not dressed for dinner. Reed says that he's not going. He wants to stay home and practice while there's no one there. He tries to negotiate but that is futile and he agrees to go.

At the police station, Sharon tries to convince Kevin to let her talk to Dylan. Unfortunately, Kevin is called away and reluctantly leaves her in Paul's office. Sharon has spied the cell phone that Kevin uses for Dylan.

The Miami goon drops Dylan back at the motel. He's obviously annoyed at being given the runaround. He tries to leave but Stan the goon is outside the room. A suspicious Alex questions Dylan about his identity. He gives her his wallet and his phone but she's still not happy. She wants to now why no one's ever met him. Suddenly, the phone rings and Dylan encourages Alex to answer it. He says to tell his boss why he hasn't met Fisk yet. Alex picks it up and Sharon nervously says Hello. Alex rudely asks who's calling and Sharon quickly says "Wrong number." and hangs up. Alex is even more suspicious as Dylan tries to cover up Sharon's mistake. Alex tells him it was a woman on the line. She thinks he's lying about who he is.

Back in Genoa City, Kevin wonders why Sharon is still in Paul's office. She makes an excuse that she lost her car keys. She asks Kevin to help her look.

Victoria has arrived at Top of the Tower, where she commiserates with Nick about raising a teenage son. She asks Nick to be there for Reed, since he currently runs to Billy. Nick says that he will try.

Victor and Chelsea are talking fashion for a chess player. Faith is on board!

Nikki is chatting with Reed about his music choices, but he's all set on the guitar. She invited him to play at the ranch anytime. She leaves him to see to her other guests. Noah can see that Reed is about to have a drink. Reed starts asking Noah about the school he's going too. Noah and Reed play catch-up. Hearing about his interest in music, Noah invites him to The Underground!

Victor assures Chelsea that she will always be welcome at Newman family functions. Victor tells her how much he misses Adam. He also tells her that Adam will live on in both of his sons. He hopes that they will become as close as brothers are supposed to be.

He calls the family for a toast so they gather round in their seats. He makes them guess but he eventually says that he's proud of who they all and is glad that they are together. (Johnny is quite talkative!) He makes a toast to the Newman's!

In Paul's office, Kevin finds Sharon's keys. Sharon is anxious to get out of there and almost, forgets them. Kevin tells her that when he hears from Dylan, he will tell him that she is fine and not to worry about her. She thanks him and tells him that he's a good friend, before she leaves.

But back in Miami, Alex is questioning Dylan about the woman on the phone. Alex threatens to have Stan rough him up. Dylan fast talks his way out of the trouble Sharon got him into. Alex has developed a thing for Dylan and is jealous of "Amanda". He swears that there's nothing between him and "Amanda", but Alex wants him to prove it! Dylan grabs her and they start kissing passionately.

Back at the restaurant, Victoria says goodbye to her parents. She collects the younger children, and tells Reed they have to leave.

Nick and Chelsea are chatting about Noah, who's left to check on Sharon. Chelsea commends him for being a good son. Chelsea notices that people are leaving, but Nick entices her to stay to have some wine.

Noah has found Sharon at home, and surprises her with a Doggie bag from dinner. He realizes that she's worried about Dylan. She asks him about dinner and he says that everyone was on their best behavior. He tells her that Faith misses her. He can tell that she's worried about something. He tries to get her to talk about it. Sharon finally confesses that Dylan is undercover and has no idea where he is. Noah can sympathize, but Sharon says that there's more. She confesses that she broke police rules and tried to call Dylan. Noah asks what happened, and she says nothing. But now she's that he won't make it home to her.

In Miami, an enamored Alex wants Dylan to make love to her. Dylan has a vision of Sharon telling him she loves him. He continues his mission with Alex.

Nick and Chelsea are chatting and enjoying their time together. Faith and the boys are at a nearby table. They are prepared to let bygones be bygones and remain friends, no matter what!

Nikki and Victor are talking about Victoria and how tough she is on Reed. They talk about different parenting styles that their children have. Nikki says that Faith would rather live with them. Victor says that they each have to find their own way.

At Victoria's, she laments letting Johnny have sugar so late. Reed makes a note: no sugar for Johnny. Reed is aghast when Victoria tells him that she's auctioning off his guitar tomorrow. Victoria says that she was just trying to get his attention. He tells her about Noah's offer to play at The Underground. She encourages to spend more time with Nick and Noah. Reed tries to convince her but Victoria won't allow it. She tells him to turn off to turn off his devices. She goes upstairs, unaware that he has been drinking. Reed ducks outside to vomit.

Noah has left Sharon's. She has pulled out Dylan box of things, which include, his badge and wedding ring. Sharon puts on his wedding ring, thinking about her husband.

Dylan is with Alex, who tells him that she deems him trustworthy. He will have his meeting with Fisk tomorrow.

Sharon is at home, completely unaware.

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