Monday Y&R Update 1/16/17

The Y&R Update Monday 1/16/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Jill runs into Jack at the athletic club door and curses the reporters hounding him about Devon. Jack is worried about how Devon’s accident will reflect on his foundation, and he disagrees with Jill that Hilary is entirely to blame.

Devon rests on the sofa at home, as directed by his doctor, but he’s haunted by his dream or memory flash or whatever it was. Hilary tries to steer his thoughts in another direction to no avail. Why was he driving alone? Where was Hilary?

Cane and Lily prepare to leave the hospital. Hilary is pure evil and Lily feels powerless to help Devon. Cane tries to talk her down and reminds her that Devon’s condition is fragile, so she’s to say nothing about the argument he had with Hilary prior to his accident. The best they can do is be available to Devon when he needs them. That said, he suggests they go visit him now. Lily begs off. She’d better not; she might slip up and say something damaging. But Cane should go.

At the office, Billy and Victoria iron out the details for the men’s body spray ad campaign. Reed shows up to retrieve his phone, which he left behind. Privately, he thanks Billy for his help, particularly with “the other thing” they discussed. Victoria overhears and asks what he’s talking about.

Jill continues her harangue in the club dining room. Jack agrees Hilary is no angel, but Devon acted out destructively. Jill can’t understand why every man in Genoa City defends that woman. Jack further infuriates Jill by pointing out all the things Jill and Hilary have in common: drive, ambition, a taste for men with fat wallets. Jill assumes Devon will dump her as soon as he recovers his memory, but Jack says don’t count on it. People do strange things for love.

Again at the Hamiltons’ penthouse: The speedometer said 140 mph in Devon’s dream. Is that how fast he was going? Hilary says it’s possible. It was a pretty powerful sports car he was driving. She carefully gives him a few details about the evening, although not all of them are true. Devon wanted to take his new car for a spin while she finished working the benefit. That doesn’t make sense to Devon. She says they rang in the New Year together (a bald-faced lie), which pacifies him somewhat. She becomes uncomfortable when he apologizes for the strain he’s caused her. Knowing GC Buzz is her raison d’etre, he urges her to check in at the studio. Her protests are cut short by a visitor. She talks softly to Cane in the corridor, trying to get rid of him, but Devon calls out and invites him in. Hilary is on edge.

At Brash & Sassy: Reed is grateful for Billy’s pointers on formatting a bibliography. Right off the bat, Victoria is suspicious. Why didn’t Reed check the Internet? Or ask her, his mother, with the impeccable writing skills? Reed avoids answering. He rushes off, promising to see her at home. Victoria turns to Billy for the truth. Billy is vague. Reed wanted to talk about guy stuff, stuff that would be hard for a teen to discuss with a parent. She backs off, but the matter weighs on her mind. Billy sympathizes. He advises her to ease up a little bit and trust her good parenting.

Back at the club: Jill guesses that Hilary seduced Jack, figuratively---or maybe literally. Jack, having heard enough, excuses himself. Jill catches Lily as she crosses the dining room and tries to get her to engage in a little Hilary bashing. Lily’s not interested. Of course she’s worried about her brother, but he’s a big boy and has to make his own decisions. Jill doesn’t appear ready to let go. As she sits alone, stewing, she gets a distress call from Billy. The model for the photo shoot is stranded in New York. Victoria wants to find a replacement to keep the product unveiling on schedule, but they’re in a bind. Jill spots Lily across the room and gets a brilliant idea.

Reed sits in front of his laptop at home. His homework doesn’t hold his attention so he does a little Internet surfing and lands on an adult website. Then, showing the good judgment of a teenage boy, he rummages around in the desk and pulls out his mom’s credit card.

The home care nurse is due to arrive any minute. Cane will stay with Devon until then, so Hilary is fee to pop in at work. After she leaves, the two guys chat about the accident and aftermath. Devon is frustrated by his elusive memory flash. He describes it to Cane and says Hilary has filled in a few blanks. Devon can see that this upsets Cane and he wants to know why. Cane talks instead about the flashy car that Devon outbid him on, but Devon isn’t dissuaded. He knows the doctor wants him to remain calm, but he needs Cane’s help. Cane talks about how short life is and how one should be grateful for every minute of it.

At the GC Buzz studio, Roz bombards Hilary with questions. Viewers want to know about Devon’s, uh, state of impairment at the time of his accident. Hilary is outraged. He was not drunk. Great. The truth will work. Hilary doesn’t have time to discuss the circumstances that led to the accident. She intends to check her messages and get back to her husband. Jack’s visit is a pleasant surprise. He’s concerned about her and suggests she tell Devon the particulars about the night of his crash---before anyone else does.

Jill arrives at Brash & Sassy with the new model. Billy and Victoria are thrilled to score one of finest models Jabot ever had. Lily is flattered, but they shouldn’t expect too much. She’s a bit rusty.

The sitter comes home with Johnny and Katie. The kids are keyed up after their karate lesson, so Reed hears them approaching and has time to conceal his computer screen. He greets the sitter and hurries upstairs “to practice his guitar.”

Again at GC Buzz: Hilary regrets tripping Mariah, of course. Devon was furious when he found out and Hilary thought it was going to be the end of her marriage. Devon’s lack of memory gives her time to solidify their relationship. Jack encourages her to take a leap of faith and tell him the truth now.

Jill, Billy, and Victoria look on as the photo shoot begins. Lily is indeed out of practice. Billy calls time out and tells her what they’re going for. She’s to sell the men’s body spray by looking alluring but approachable. She nails it on her second take. Cane walks in mid-shoot. His expression is inscrutable.

While Hilary gets the nurse organized upstairs, Devon daydreams about the day he proposed to Hilary. When she returns to the living room, she asks about his visit with Cane. It was good. She tells him all was well at the studio. The time away gave her time to think. She trembles and seems on the verge of tears, which alarms Devon. She says they can’t continue as they have been. She offers to tell him everything about New Year’s Eve, but he’s no longer interested. He took Cane’s words to heart. He’s glad to be alive and looks forward to the future. Hilary squirms.

Back in the lab, Jill, Billy, and the photographer praise Lily. Cane enters, smiling, but still surprised. How did this come about? They explain. Jill credits Lily with saving the campaign. Cane should be proud of his wife. He is . . . he is. Lily is jazzed. She runs off to change clothes so they can go home. Jill and Billy retreat to the private office. Billy is ready to build the campaign around Lily, but Jill says not so fast. Cane obviously wasn’t thrilled. So what? Billy says.

Victoria is treated to a karate demonstration by her two youngest when she gets home. Reed descends the stairs and reports his paper is done and he even had time to practice his guitar---quietly. She appreciates that. She spots her credit card on the desk and asks Reed how it got there. Who knows? Maybe the kids found it. He wanders off to the kitchen.

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