Friday Y&R Update 1/13/17

The Y&R Update Friday 1/13/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Hilary wakes in a couple of chairs pushed together in Devon’s hospital room. He’s been awake for a while. He slept fitfully and had a lot of crazy dreams, and he’s tortured by his lack of memory about the night of the benefit. He’s glad she’s there. She wouldn’t be anywhere else. Lily and Neil approach the room and see Hilary curled up next to Devon. It turns Lily’s stomach. Neil reminds her Devon is to remain calm, meaning he’s not to be told what led up to his crash.

A reporter accosts Jack at the athletic club. About Devon: How much did he have to drink the night of his car accident? And does Jack think it’s appropriate to serve alcohol at a benefit for a foundation devoted to helping addicts? No comment.

Behind closed doors at Brash & Sassy, Cane tells Jill about Hilary’s role in Devon’s accident. Figures! Jill has never been a fan of that woman. In the lab area, Billy and Victoria work on the marketing scheme for a new product. Reed calls Billy’s phone, which Victoria answers. At Reed’s request, she turns it over to Billy. He’d like to swing by and have Billy look over his English essay. Victoria is willing to tolerate Billy’s involvement as long as he knows his limits.

Abby runs into Ben on her way to visit Devon. They chat about their holidays. They were OK, but New Year’s Eve was a little odd for both of them. She was at the benefit, of course. He worked. Speaking of work, he needs to get back to it. He asks Abby to wait while Devon visits with his family. Lily and Neil are glad to see Devon looking so chipper, but they aren’t sure he’s ready to go home. He is sure, and Hilary says she’ll take good care of him. Devon looks up at her lovingly. Lily glares.

Back at Brash & Sassy, Jill continues to rant to Cane about Hilary, the gold digger. Outside the private office, Victoria and Billy quarrel about Reed. Does she think Billy is a bad parental figure? No, Billy is good dad.

Ben agrees to release Devon, as long as he has a home nurse and an occupational therapist. Neil steps out of the room to take a call from Jack, leaving Lily with Hilary and Devon and the doctor. Ben emphasizes Devon’s delicate condition. Soon after, Abby enters presents a bouquet of flowers, and comments on Devon's miraculous recovery. Before she can say much more, Hilary cuts her off. Abby is stunned that Hilary will be taking Devon home. Devon asks why she feels that way.

Neil takes a seat at Jack’s club table. They need to come up with a public response about Devon’s accident---specifically about the role alcohol might have played in it. Not to worry. He was below the legal limit. It was rage that made him drive so recklessly. He’d had a fight with his wife, but he has no memory of it and under doctor’s orders isn’t to be reminded. So Neil refuses to issue a press release. Jack understands Neil’s position, but the press is relentless. Devon is sure to learn the truth eventually, and better from his dad than from a stranger. Neil stands firm.

Again at Brash & Sassy: Jill, Billy, and Victoria talk business. Reed arrives and Jill showers him with attention. Billy attempts to step aside and let Victoria help her son with his schoolwork, but Jill clears the way for Billy to assist Reed, as originally planned. Once the two guys are out of earshot, Victoria blows up at Jill for meddling in her personal life---again.

In the hospital waiting area, Lily fills in the details for Abby. The truth will surface about what Hilary did to Mariah, and then Devon will remember why he was angry with Hilary and dump her. Abby cautions Lily not to get her hopes up. Devon has forgiven Hilary before and might again.

Hilary helps Devon into the apartment and to the sofa, where he collapses and winces in pain. He becomes lost in thought while she reads the cards from the many flower arrangements that were delivered. He reflects on his near-death experience and curses his memory loss. She shushes him and tells him to look to the future. She reads aloud his online get-well wishes. They’re sweet, but Devon is most grateful for his devoted wife. He has a memory flash from the night of the benefit but says nothing.

Jill is offended by Victoria’s outburst. Why is she so defensive? Oh, never mind. Jill already knows: Victoria isn’t over Billy. In the private office, Billy pronounces Reed’s essay acceptable. Reed has something on his mind and would like to run it by Billy. After Victoria’s reaction to his proofreading an essay, Billy tries to beg off, but Reed insists. It’s a guy thing. Now Billy is really nervous. Perhaps Reed should call his father. It’s not the kind of thing to discuss on the phone. Forget it. If Billy won’t her him out, Reed will solve his problem on his own. Billy relents and quickly regrets it. Reed pulls a handful of condoms from his backpack and says he has a few questions. Outside the office, Victoria suspects this is another one of Jill’s attempts to force Victoria and Billy together. It won’t work, so stop trying. Jill surrenders, at least for the time being, and leaves.

Cane arrives at the hospital. Hilary and Devon are gone, but Lily has a question for Ben. She asks when Devon’s memory might return. There’s no way of knowing. Maybe never. But if he does remember, the trauma could be overwhelming.

Victoria is relieved when Reed and Billy emerge from the office. Reed leaves and Victoria apologizes to Billy for overreacting.

At the club door, Jack asks Neil to ease up on Hilary. Neil refuses. He knows Jack is her friend, but he should be careful of her. She’s dangerous. Frankly, Neil looks forward to the day Devon realizes that and kicks her to the curb. Jack tells Neil it might not happen that way.

Hilary returns to the living room with two mugs of tea, but Devon is asleep. He dreams, or recalls, a fight with Hilary, leaving the benefit in a blind rage, driving too fast with the stereo blaring, and finally crashing. He opens his eyes and sees Hilary hovering over him.

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