Thursday Y&R Update 1/12/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 1/12/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Nick treats Faith to hot chocolate and donuts at Crimson Lights and tells her about the new nanny for Christian. He feels guilty for neglecting Faith, but that will change. Faith waves it off. Mom’s been preoccupied too. Sharon appears and Faith loudly asks whether she’s heard from Dylan. Sharon is invited to share refreshments with Nick and Faith. She tries to squirm out of it but Faith won’t permit it. Faith asks more unanswerable questions and divulges sensitive information: Dylan left home without his wedding ring. For Nick’s benefit, Sharon quickly explains that he does that sometimes when he’s on assignment.

At a swanky Miami hotel, Alex and Derek (aka Dylan) retire to his room for a private party. He throws her on the bed, but she’s not ready to go there just yet. She wants sustenance, in the form of a white powder.

Lauren paces the Underground. Her investor, Mr. Hockman, has arrived from Chicago to discuss investing in Fenmore’s. Initially he seemed interested, but after a multitude of odd questions, he reversed himself. She has a bad feeling. Phyllis hears her out.

Over lunch at the club, Michael touts the advantages of Gloria’s living there---rather than with him and Lauren. She’s unconvinced. She wants to be with family. She not so subtly asks about Lauren’s meeting. Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as Lauren had hoped. Jack appears tableside. May he join them?

Ashley finds Ravi in his Jabot office trying to assemble a stand-up desk. It’s good for the back not to mention it frees up a bit space in his cramped quarters. She's horrified. Jabot hires people to do things like this. She calls maintenance and tells Ravi to focus on JabotGo.

Again at the Underground: Phyllis checks with the athletic club. Hockman hasn't checked out, so he’s still in Genoa City and there’s still hope he’ll show. Even so, Phyllis considers the possibility he won’t. Who needs a micromanager like this guy, anyway?

At the athletic club: Jack thanks Michael for his generous donation to the foundation. Talk turns to Lauren and her financial difficulties. Jack bears no grudge because she refused his offer. While Michael leaves the table to take a call, Jack taunts Gloria. She informs him of her productive meeting with Mr. Hockman and promises that she’ll hold up her end of the bargain and deliver Fenmore’s to him. Then it will be his turn.

Again at Crimson Lights, Sharon changes the subject to Faith’s day at school. It was super exciting: Faith started a chess club. Grandpa Victor gave her one lesson and she really took to it. Her parents couldn’t be prouder and they both apologize again for neglecting her recently. She revels in the family time and offers a chess demo on her tablet.

At the police station, Paul and Kevin begin to worry about Dylan’s lack of contact. Chris has more confidence.

At the hotel: Alex accuses Derek of stalling. He makes some suggestive comments about needing fuel for extra activity and calls room service. Mid-order, she grabs the phone to verify that it is in fact a hotel employee on the line. She has to protect her boss. Now she has a couple of questions: Who is Derek really, and whom does he work for? She exposes a bug on the underside of a table lamp. He plays along and turns up another one behind a piece of wall art. His boss keeps him a short leash and he hates it. Now that the devices have been destroyed, they can speak freely. He hauls out a briefcase full of cash and talks about his meeting with Fisk, her employer.

Paul is proud to have his son follow in his professional footsteps, and those of Paul’s father, but he has qualms about putting him in danger. Chris assures him that Dylan was thoroughly prepared for this mission. Outside Paul’s private office, Kevin taps away on his computer. Michael accosts him. It’s Kevin’s turn to host their mom. Kevin had an unfortunate encounter with Gloria at the club sauna when he was hoping for some privacy with Chloe, so he’s not amenable. Michael won’t take no for an answer and threatens to dial the phone for Kevin.

Ben Hockman finally appears at the Underground. Lauren introduces him to Phyllis, who is responsible for the spanking new website. He compliments her.

Ashley waits for Jack in his office. He tells her about his talk with Gloria and thinks she can be of use. Ashley still dislikes the idea and expects Gloria to exact a price for her services. Jack admits it’s steep but might be worth it. Ashley is offended that Jack is more focused on corporate takeovers to bolster Jabot’s bottom line than he is in promoting her brilliant idea.

Again at the police station: Kevin complies and calls Gloria. He invites her to stay for several nights. Bella wants her to come. In that case, she accepts. Kevin hangs up and tells Michael this is a short-term fix.

Ashley likes the ad Jack has approved for her app, but she still thinks Jack’s focus is misplaced. She praises Ravi’s efforts on the project and his value to Jabot. If he doesn’t get the love he deserves, he might walk. Victor alluded to stealing him away. A raise and a little gratitude could go a long way.

Mr. Hockman says brick-and-mortar stores are passé, but he’s willing to cut a deal with Lauren. He wants 51 percent interest, which is out of the question. Fenmore’s is a family company, owned by family. She thanks him for his time and tells him to have a pleasant trip home. Lauren nearly hyperventilates with panic, but over drinks with Phyllis, she finds new optimism. Phyllis admires her courage. If worse comes to worse, there’s always Jack’s offer. No way. Lauren won’t tolerate a takeover. If that’s the way she feels, Phyllis may have another trick up her sleeve.

Ravi is called into Jack’s office. In Ashley’s presence, Jack commends Ravi’s work and offers him all the support he needs. Ravi ventures to make a request.

Nick sees Sharon home. It’s just the two of them now. What’s going on with Dylan? Sharon isn’t permitted to discuss it, but she’s afraid he’s in danger. As expected, Sharon eventually spills Dylan’s secret, but it’s safe with Nick---or so he says. Props to Dylan. He sure has guts. Sharon just wishes he’d come home.

Back in the Miami hotel, the meeting with Fisk is on, thanks to Alex. Derek shows his appreciation, physically, but is concerned about the lack of detail. Fisk will choose the place. He should trust Alex.

Ravi stands at his fully assembled stand-up desk, working away. He doesn’t hear his ringing phone, so Phyllis is forced to leave a voice message. She has an idea she’d like to run by him. Please call back.

Before leaving the hotel room, Alex frisks Derek. He alludes to an ongoing relationship.

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