Wednesday Y&R Update 1/11/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/11/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Dylan was in a motel room in Miami. When someone called, he adopted his “Derek” persona and tore into the caller for not telling him that his meeting had been moved to the bar. Dylan slammed the phone down and walked out.

At the police station, Paul fretted because he hadn't heard from Dylan. Chris tried to reassure him, suggesting that no news was good news; perhaps Dylan had met with Fisk and infiltrated the group sooner than they had anticipated. Just then, Kevin came in with a text from Dylan – he was meeting with Fisk's number 2 man today. Paul asked what they knew about this man. Kevin said not much. Paul instructed Kevin to thoroughly research the person Dylan was meeting. Sharon burst in, demanding to talk to Dylan. Chris reminded her that she knew no one could contact Dylan. Sharon said the lack of information was killing her. Paul commiserated, but Sharon pointed out that Paul received updates from Dylan. Paul told her that they couldn't compromise the case. “I don't give a damn about the case,” Sharon snapped, “what I care about is my husband and his safety.” She ordered them to set a time for her to speak to him. Kevin explained that Dylan was only communicating through burner phones. Sharon was angry that they trusted Kevin with Dylan's life, but not her. Chris said that Kevin would keep things confidential, but Sharon had told Nikki that Dylan was on assignment. Sharon grumbled about Nikki's big mouth. Paul said she was worried about their son, and Sharon said to join the club. Chris didn't understand why Sharon didn't realize that the secrecy was set in place to protect Dylan. Sharon was upset that she was being treated like a threat. Paul replied that she could be.

Paul asked everyone except Sharon to leave. Sharon softened and said she was worried about Dylan. Paul understood, but he said he couldn't help. Paul stated that Dylan understood the risks and couldn't take any chances. Sharon still didn't see the harm in a phone call, but Paul said she could jeopardize the entire mission. Sharon noted that she didn't even know where he was, or how long it would take to reach him if something happened. She begged Paul to give her a sliver of hope, or a location. Paul said he couldn't, and he was sorry. Sharon spat that Paul encouraged Dylan to follow in his footsteps, and if something happened to him, it would be on Paul. She stormed out. Paul buried his head in his hands. Later, Chris returned and Paul told her that Sharon was terrified and he didn't blame her. Chris said they couldn't have another replay of what happened today. Paul said he did everything he could to explain things to Sharon. Chris knew what it was like to be kept in the dark and have worst possible thoughts take over. Paul called Kevin in and asked what was up. Kevin only knew that Dylan was going to the meeting, but Kevin didn't have any information on Alex Dittmer yet. Paul was sure that Alex was just as ruthless as Fisk.

Back in Miami, a woman joined Dylan in the bar. He told her he was waiting for someone, then she introduced herself as Alex. Alex stared at Dylan until he wondered if he'd missed a button. She said she wasn't expecting someone so good looking, and she could tell Dylan had expected a man. He said he wasn't complaining. Alex asked “Derek” to tell her about himself. She asked if he had a wife or girlfriend, and Dylan said there was nothing tying him down. He said he loved to travel the world and enjoy everything an area had to offer – women, parties, product. Alex moved closer and flirted with Dylan. He reciprocated. “You're good,” Alex stated. She tensed when Dylan asked if he was good enough to meet Fisk. Alex replied that it was way too early for that. Dylan said he wanted to know about her boss, but Alex thought that was boring. She suggested they party instead. Dylan followed her lead and they shared several drinks. Alex suggested that they get out of there. Dylan asked if they were going to see Fisk. Alex said they were going to a club, unless he wanted to take things upstairs. Dylan chose to go upstairs. Alex showed Dylan a tiny baggie of white powder and suggested they spice things up. Dylan suggested that they partake upstairs, so Alex took his hand and they headed out.

Victor and Nikki arrived at the ranch. He winced as Nikki helped him with his coat, and he told her he'd injured it boxing. Nikki massaged his shoulder and she said she was glad it happened in a boxing ring and not a fist fight. They hugged and kissed. Nikki suspected it still bothered Victor that he hadn't found something, besides the company, to invest himself in. Victor joked that a few more rounds in the ring would knock sense into him.

Faith had spent the night at Nick's. He asked if it felt good being in her old bed, and she said yes. Nick wondered if she was up for spending more time with him, and she said yes, now that he and Sharon weren't fighting. Nick assured her that they heard her and that they wouldn't put her in the middle again. Nick asked how she wanted to spend the day, and Faith came up with some fun activities that he agreed to. Christian started crying, so Nick went to get him. When he returned, Faith was eating cereal instead of the pancakes she'd asked for. Nick asked her about it, and she said she was trying to make things easy for him. Nick said that easier wasn't the goal and that his kids were his priority. Nick went upstairs to change Christian, but he assured her that they would keep their plans. Faith went to school.

Nick placed a call to an agency, looking for a nanny, but he had to cut it short when Christian threw yogurt at him. Nikki arrived with two potential nannies and said she'd already pre-screened them. Nick took her aside and told her that she should have discussed this with him first. He noted that she and Victor let Faith live with him and now they were hiring people for him. He felt like they didn't think he could handle his own life. Nikki reminded him that Faith chose to move in, and she told Nick that he was a good father, but there was no shame in admitting he needed help. Nikki used a napkin to clean the yogurt off Nick's shirt. Nick asked which nanny she liked, and she told him it was his decision. Nikki left, and Nick interviewed the nannies. He told Monica that the position would require discretion and asked if she read tabloids. Monica said she didn't and that she'd be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Christian fussed, and Nick got up to get him, but Monica stopped him, then she and picked up a toy car to cheer the baby up. Monica said the toy car was her favorite as a kid. Nick revealed that it had been his favorite too. Next, Nick interviewed Ann and asked what her favorite toy was. Ann frowned as she tried to remember.

Nikki returned after the nannies left and asked if Nick made a choice. She was relieved when he said he wanted Monica, prompting Nick to say he knew she had a favorite. Nikki was going to contact Monica, but Nick had already taken care of it. Nikki asked if Nick had heard from Dylan lately. Nick said no. Nikki explained that he was out of town on a case, and Sharon was supposed to call Nikki when he returned, but Nikki didn't trust her to do it. Later, Nick told Monica that he had to pick up his daughter from school. Monica remembered that her name was Faith and that she lived with his parents. Nick called her a good listener. He went over some last minute things about Christian's routine. Monica told him that she could handle everything, but Nick kept talking. Monica gently called him a helicopter parent. Nick said he just wanted his son to be happy and safe. Monica promised that he would be. Christian began to cry, and Monica went upstairs to get him. Nick lingered by the baby monitor and smiled as he overheard Monica comforting Christian.

Victor arrived at work, and Abby was surprised he was coming in so late. Victor said he'd been doing a lot of thinking, since Adam's death, and had decided that he wanted to spend time with his family instead of burying his head in work. Abby thought it was long overdue for Victor to start enjoying himself. Victor wondered what Abby was passionate about, and she said it was the company. Victor was pleased when Abby said that she'd been pouring her heart and soul into Newman and loving it. Abby wanted to prove to Victor that she was capable of doing more. Victor had no doubt about that and he was looking forward to watching her follow in his footsteps. Abby was taken aback, because she'd assumed he only thought of her siblings that way, and not her. Victor assured her that he always thought she had a knack for this.

Abby asked if Victor was serious about pulling back, and he said yes. She explained that she was looking for purpose after her divorce, she asked if he regretted all the time he put into Newman. He said he'd do the same thing all over again. Abby wanted more responsibility, so she asked if she could handle the meeting that he'd had been planning to attend. Victor hesitantly asked if she knew all the details. Abby handed him a piece of paper detailing her game plan. Victor was impressed and told her that the meeting was hers. Abby was about to call the secretary and have the meeting moved to her office, but Victor told her that CEO level deals should be handled in the CEO's office. He invited her to take a seat in his chair and asked if she liked it. Abby promised she wouldn't disappoint him. Victor said he knew she wouldn't, but he joked that it wasn't permanent yet, so she shouldn't get too comfortable. Victor left, and Abby was overjoyed.

At the cottage, Mariah noticed that Sharon was upset. Sharon tried to pretend everything was okay, but Mariah asked what was going on. Sharon confided in her about Dylan being on a dangerous case and not being allowed to contact any of them. Sharon was worried that she'd have no idea if something went wrong. Mariah said that if anything bad happened, which it wouldn't, Paul would let her know. Sharon wasn't sure Paul could tell her, due to the protocol. Sharon nervously paced the room and said she'd be terrified every time the phone or doorbell rang. Mariah urged her to relax. Sharon said she just wanted to hear Dylan's voice, since he hadn't been in the best place lately.

Mariah wondered what possessed Paul to put Dylan on the case. Sharon explained that Dylan volunteered, so that he could get away from reminders of Sully. “And lets face it - me” Sharon added. Mariah didn't believe that. Sharon said she gave Paul hell, but truthfully, Dylan was risking his life because of her lies. Sharon picked up Dylan's wedding ring and told Mariah that he couldn't take it wherever he went, which meant he couldn't look down at it and be reminded of what he had to lose. Sharon was determined to do something, but Mariah said there was nothing she could do. Sharon was near tears as she said that she begged Dylan to promise to come home, but he couldn't do it. Mariah was adamant that he'd come back. Sharon wanted to believe that, but she had a bad feeling. She said she couldn't lose Dylan after she'd already lost so much.

Abby and Victor spoke over the phone, and she was elated to reveal that she'd struck a better deal than the one Victor had in mind. Victor praised her, and Abby thanked him for giving her confidence by letting her sit behind his desk. The call ended just as Nikki came home. Victor suggested that they do lunch. Nikki asked about his meeting, and Victor told her about Abby handling it. Victor said he'd had a safety net in case, just in place. Nikki thought Victor must be proud that she didn't need it. Victor was surprised that, of all his children, Abby was the one to follow in his footsteps.

Nikki told Victor about helping Nick, and she sighed that she wished her other son would accept her help. Victor was unhappy that Nikki was upset, so he offered to find Dylan for her. Nikki wanted to say yes, but she turned Victor down. She said she knew that Dylan would come home, in time, and she vowed to make him understand that she loved him and Nick equally. Victor said her sons were lucky to have her. Nikki thought his kids were lucky to have him too. She brought up the legacy he'd built for them, but Victor sighed that sometimes it was an unwanted one. Nikki assured him that the kids were grateful, even though they didn't always show it. Nikki told Victor that she thought he was stepping back from Newman to grieve for Adam and that it would be business as usual once he healed. She was glad to be wrong and told him that she liked the new Victor. They hugged.

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