Tuesday Y&R Update 1/10/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/10/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At the Ranch, Victor was delighted when Faith beat him at chess. She asked if he let her win. Victor admitted that he had, because he wanted her to get a taste for victory. He praised her Newman intelligence and promised to teach her all the intricacies of the game. Faith noted that she might not be there long enough, since Noah said she couldn't live there forever. Faith was worried because she knew that if she went back to her parents, they'd start fighting again. Nikki walked in, and Victor told her that Faith beat him at chess. Faith clarified that Victor let her win. Victor filled Nikki in about Faith's concerns. Faith said she wanted everyone to be happy, but she was afraid one of angering one of her parents by moving in with the other. Victor assured her that everyone loved her and wanted her to be happy. He asked what she was thinking, and she said she was trying to figure out where she fit in. Victor told her she was the heart of the family. He revealed that he'd wondered the same thing about himself while living in the orphanage. Faith felt bad for him, but Victor said the experience made him stronger and taught him the importance of family. Faith was afraid of getting in the way of Nick's time with Christian. Nikki tried to assure Faith that she was important to Nick and Christian, but Faith said it was different now, then she went upstairs.

Chloe surprised Kevin at the GCPD and tried to talk him into spending a little time with her. When Kevin apologetically explained that he was swamped at work, Chloe opened her trench coat, revealing that she was naked underneath. She took pleasure in discreetly flashing him again while he was talking to a coworker. Once they were alone again, Kevin sputtered about workplace rules, so Chloe told him that the faster they left, the less chance she'd be seen. Kevin quickly fired off a text to someone about the undercover operation – things were moving forward and Dylan was expected to meet the target soon. Kevin and Chloe left.

Lauren met with Mr. Hochman, a potential investor, a the Club. She passionately laid out her plan, but explained that it wasn't just about money. She said that she wouldn't accept a deal that would mean compromising her company. Hochman suspected she wanted a silent partner. Lauren said she'd welcome a healthy interest in her company, but she was good at what she did, so she wanted the final say. Hochman promised to look into things and get back to her, but he was confident that they would be working together.

At the Baldwin household, Gloria told Michael that Lauren needed the family to come together. A skeptical Michael listened to Gloria insist that she could use her brilliant business sense to help Lauren. Michael's temper flared as he realized that Gloria was angling for a job. He figured that Lauren had already turned her down and that Gloria was trying to manipulate him into changing Lauren's mind. Gloria admitted that she had asked Lauren for a job. Gloria claimed she was worried about Michael losing his comfortable lifestyle if Fenmore's went under. Gloria insisted that she was trying to spare him from going through the same thing she'd recently gone through and all the thanks she got was ridicule. Michael told her to stop the guilt trip. Gloria shifted gears and asked about Lauren's meeting. Michael wouldn't give her any details. He offered to take Gloria to the Club. Gloria was offended, but Michael suggested that if Gloria wanted to help Lauren, she could give her space. Michael tried to sell his mother on the perks of Athletic Club living. Gloria asked if he'd pay, and Michael said he'd pay for one night. Gloria asked Michael if it was wise to be squandering money, then she grudgingly agreed to leave. Michael noticed that she was wearing Lauren's earrings. Gloria quickly left the room.

Gloria ended up at the Club, and she saw Lauren saying goodbye to Hochman. He asked someone about the spa, then he went into the sauna. Gloria followed him in. She made small-talk, which he wasn't interested in, until she mentioned that she had a terrible experience today at Fenmore's. Hochman perked up and asked what happened. Gloria made up an elaborate tale about bad customer service. Hochman asked if it could be a one time problem and Gloria replied that several of her friends had similar difficulties and had decided to never shop there again.

When Nick and Christian arrived at The Underground, Noah joked that the toddler was a regular. Nick took it as a jab at his parenting. Noah admitted that he thought Christian should be at home in bed. Nick snapped that Christian should have come home from the hospital with him and Sage and she should still be alive. Nick conceded that Christian should be at home, but he couldn't find anyone to watch him, and he didn't feel he could let Noah handle the shift alone. Noah countered that he'd been handling things fine. Nick confessed that he already felt like a bad parent because he didn't know about the strawberry allergy. Noah pointed out that it wasn't Nick's fault. Nick was also feeling low because Faith moved out. He snapped that he was ready to hear Noah's lecture on parenting. Noah advised Nick to start by forgiving Sharon. Nick stated that she blew up the family. Noah talked about how the tension was affecting Faith and suggested that Nick and Sharon find middle ground. Nick cut him off and said that what Sharon did was unforgivable and he wasn't sure he'd be able to get past it. “Not even for Faith?,” Noah asked. Nick said he wanted to be a good dad to all his kids and for Christian and Faith to feel safe. Noah said Faith would never feel safe until there was peace. Nikki called Nick and brought him up to speed on Faith.

Nick arrived at the Ranch and asked Faith to go ice skating. She agreed, so he left the baby with Nick and Nikki. Later, Nikki and Victor relaxed, and he talked about how much he enjoyed teaching Faith chess. Nikki noted that Victor was mellowing; he'd let Faith win and, according to Nikki, he never would have done that with his kids. They played chess, and he noted that she made a bold move. She replied that it was the only way to keep up with him. Nikki said she was glad Victor stepped back from work to spend more time with the family. Victor said that in the past he always knew what his next step would be, but now the company was in good shape and the kids were healthy and more or less happy, so he wasn't sure what else was left for him to do. Nikki urged him to enjoy the present and assured him that his next passion was waiting for him. “Checkmate!,” Nikki said. Victor chuckled when he realized she distracted him.

Nick and Faith arrived at the tack house. Faith beat Nick at checkers and told him about her chess game with Victor. “He says, 'If you can master chess, you can master anyone,” Faith said.

Chloe and Kevin were in bed together when Michael called. Chloe pulled the phone from Kevin's hand and told Michael that Kevin would call him back, then she hung up. Michael promptly called again, and Kevin answered. Frustrated, Michael said he'd been a good son and given Gloria a place to live, but now it was Kevin's turn. Kevin was shocked that Michael expected him to take her in, given the way she treated Chloe. Michael said Gloria was stealing Lauren's jewelry, and he needed peace. Chloe frantically signaled Kevin to say no. Kevin refused to let Gloria move in, but Michael said he wasn't asking, then he hung up. An alarmed Chloe reminded Kevin about the names Gloria called her and said that there was no way they'd be able to share a home. Kevin insisted that he'd handle it. Chloe wanted details, but Kevin suggested they get back to what they were doing. They kissed passionately until there was a knock on the door. Kevin wanted to get rid of the visitor, but Chloe revealed that she'd scheduled massages. Later, they headed off to the sauna and began to kiss. They didn't notice Gloria until she cleared her throat.

When Lauren got home, Michael opened a bottle of champagne and told her the news about Gloria. Lauren called him her hero. Michael apologized for the way he reacted when she told him abut Fenmore's troubles. Lauren regretted not telling him about the business problems sooner. Michael promised that they'd handle it together. They snuggled on the couch and enjoyed the silence. Michael asked about the meeting, and Lauren was optimistic that Fenmore's problems would soon be solved. Lauren asked how he got rid of Gloria. He said it took some charm and begging, but there was nothing he wouldn't do for Lauren. Michael conceded that he'd made a lot of mistakes. Lauren covered his mouth and said they both had. Michael continued that being with Lauren was the best thing to ever happen to him; he called it heart-stopping and never boring. She agreed and they kissed deeply. The fun was cut short when Hochman called Lauren. After the call Lauren told Michael that during the meeting, Hochman had been fine about being hands-off, but now he wanted to see all of Fenmore's financial information. Lauren said something had changed – he was doubting her ability to run her company for some reason.

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