Monday Y&R Update 1/9/17

The Y&R Update Monday 1/9/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

Ravi gushes over his new office at Jabot, which surprises Ashley. The last occupant (Phyllis) wasn’t nearly so happy with it.

At the athletic club, Lauren tells Phyllis about Gloria’s snooping. She saw Fenmore’s sales figures on Lauren’s laptop and pushed for job to “help.” Lauren told her no, of course. Lauren has chosen a prospective investor and will meet with him today. She needs Phyllis to compile some information for her presentation. It’s short notice, but Phyllis can do it. She just needs to retrieve a few files from her old office at Jabot.

In his office, Jack talks to Gloria on the phone. She wants to present her proposal in person. If he wants Fenmore’s, she can deliver it. Behind closed doors, Jack tells Ashley about Gloria’s overture. Ashley considers their former stepmother worse than Phyllis and warns Jack about throwing in with her. Nevertheless, Jack intends to pursue the idea.

Nikki finds her long-lost grandson Reed on the Crimson Lights patio. Once he removes his headphones, he gives her a proper greeting. She chides him for running away and scaring everyone half to death. He apologizes, but he’s glad to be back in Genoa City, the place he considers home. He looks forward to getting acquainted with his siblings.

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria is distracted and in no mood to talk to Billy about Reed. Eventually, she admits she’s having problems setting boundaries for a teenager. Billy plays devil’s advocate. Yes, rules are necessary, but Reed is a 15-year-old. Surely Victoria remembers what it was like to be that age. Victoria refuses to “cut him a break,” as Billy suggests. Kids need structure. Eventually, she comes around to considering Billy’s position. He offers to help in any way he can, but no, she needs to handle this on her own.

Nikki finds Victoria at the lab and wonders why she wasn’t told about Reed’s arrival. Victoria told her dad and assumed it would get back to Nikki. The truth is, she has mixed feelings about it, especially considering how he presented himself: unannounced on New Year’s Eve and accompanied by a police officer. And that was just the latest in a string of stunts, according to J.T., his father. Her son is practically a stranger.

Phyllis lets herself into her old office, which is empty until Ravi returns with an armful of snacks. They’ve heard of each other; she’s the former occupant of the office they stand in, and he was the genius behind the audiovisuals at the benefit. They formally introduce themselves and chat amicably while she locates the documents she needs.

Jack finds Gloria in a booth at the Underground, the agreed upon rendezvous point. Lauren is unlikely to show up there. With reservations, Jack asks for details. Gloria has seen Fenmore’s numbers and the situation is dire. She approaches Jack because she wants to unburden her beloved daughter-in-law, and as an investor, Jack is preferable to some unknown quantity. Jack knows Gloria too well. How does she expect to gain? Gloria touts her business experience and says she’d expect a small role in the company. She seems sure he’ll come around and leaves him to consider her offer.

Michael greets Lauren when she comes home. His case has been dropped, which means he’s free for the evening. Date night? She can’t. She finally reveals her financial troubles. Her old-school business methods left Fenmore’s in the dust, technologically speaking. He’s hurt that she didn’t feel comfortable confiding in him. She understands, but she was embarrassed to tell him. Michael likens her secrecy to his about his cancer diagnosis. He thought they’d agreed they’re a team. She apologizes. He accepts and pumps her up for her meeting.

Ashley walks into Ravi’s office and is mighty unhappy to find Phyllis there. She accuses Phyllis of stealing company secrets, which Phyllis laughs off. Ravi excuses himself, and Ashley presses Phyllis. Is she here to see Jack? Phyllis tells the truth: that she needs some personal files for her new job. Ashley heard about that job. Word on the street is Fenmore’s is foundering. Phyllis refuses to engage and leaves with a box of her belongings. Ashley removes Phyllis’s name plate from the door and deposits it in the trash.

Billy runs into Phyllis at Crimson Lights. She has a boatload of work to do and needs caffeine and carbs. He obliges. He compliments her new hair color and they have a congenial conversation. He and Victoria are co-parenting successfully, but he cuts off discussion when it gets more personal. From the doorway, Lauren sees the two of them together. Billy takes his leave and finds Reed on the patio. He gives him the same advice he gave Victoria. Cut her some slack.

At home, Victoria and Nikki discuss the challenges of parenting. Nikki takes up for Billy. He could be a good influence on Reed. Victoria is reluctant to admit it. She thinks the torment she caused her own parents and stepparents is coming back to bite her. And she won’t talk about a personal relationship with Billy.

Back at Crimson Lights, Phyllis is glad Lauren finally told Michael what she was dealing with. Optimism abounds.

Gloria blows into the apartment and offers to take Michael and his lovely wife to dinner tonight. He has a better idea: to book Gloria a suite at the club. She pouts. They can’t do dinner tonight anyway. Lauren told him about her troubles at work and is at a meeting that may offer a solution. Michael is upset to discover that Gloria knew about Lauren’s predicament before he did. She tells him to get over it and be happy that she found a solution, but she seems to have something else on her mind.

Reed and Billy come home to Victoria and Nikki. Grandma is staying for dinner, and at Reed’s urging, Billy is invited to stay as well. Billy accepts.

In Jack’s office, Ashley tries again to dissuade Jack. Gloria is the lowest of the low, going behind Lauren’s back. Jack understands her concerns, but Gloria is a resourceful woman and could be of use.

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