Friday Y&R Update 1/6/17

The Y&R Update Friday 1/6/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At Crimson Lights, Ashley sees Jack give a donation check to the operator of the local jobs program. The woman is overwhelmed and hugs Mr. Abbott impulsively. After she leaves, Ashley praises her brother. He’s more interested in talking business. Fenmore’s is ripe for the picking. Word is that Lauren is looking for investors.

Lauren returns to her living room and busts Gloria snooping. Judging from the spreadsheet on Lauren’s laptop, Fenmore’s is in deep financial trouble. Does Michael know? Lauren tries to fend off Gloria to no avail. She didn’t tell Michael because he’s had a difficult year and is just now getting back on track. Her business shouldn’t be his worry. Gloria now has leverage: She’ll keep this secret between the two of them in exchange for a role in the business.

At Victoria’s house: Reed skipped classes today and didn’t respond to his mother’s texts. Naturally, she’s not happy. She had no idea where he was. Billy appears at the door and is invited in. It turns out he knew Reed’s whereabouts. In fact, he’s the one who gave Reed a lift home from the guitar store. Reed leaves in disgust. Victoria vents. Reed shouldn't be so presumptuous with Billy. It’s no problem. Billy wants to help Reed. He suspects Victoria sees a lot of Billy’s irritating qualities in her teenage son. Actually, he thinks her emotional turmoil goes a bit deeper, back to that almost-kiss on New Year’s Eve, to be exact. Victoria dismisses it. Billy agrees to back off from Reed and let his mom handle him. He leaves.

At the hospital, Lily can’t stomach Hilary’s devoted wife routine. Devon has no memory of the hell she put him through prior to his accident. Don’t be deceived by Neil’s calm exterior. He’s keeping a lid on his emotions for now, for Devon’s sake. Inside Devon’s hospital room, Hilary hovers---holding his hand, giving him water through a straw, and so on. Devon is glad to have her there but even in his compromised state senses that things are worse than usual between Hilary and Lily. Why?

Again at Crimson Lights: The latest report on Jabot shows an upward trajectory for the next five years, and Jack hopes to make the most of them by acquiring Fenmore’s. Despite its recent lackluster sales, it’s a well-respected company. Ashley agrees, but it’s more than just a company to Lauren. Even when she suggests he’s behaving like Victor, Jack is undeterred.

Neil suggests Lily go back to work; there’s nothing more she can do at the hospital. She does. In Devon’s room, Hilary changes the subject from her troubles with Lily. She vows that no one will come between her and Devon.

Ashley runs into Billy at the Jabot elevator. They chat about recent events. Billy bets she’s disappointed that she won’t get her lab space back now that Brash & Sassy is staying put. She doesn’t care about that. She misses her little brother and leads him into Jack’s office to talk some more. It’s OK. The coast is clear. No Jack, no Phyllis. While Ashley questions Billy about Victoria and Reed, she gets a call. She has a date tonight. Billy responds with mock surprise. She has a personal life?

Victoria tries to conduct a business call in her living room while upstairs Reed cranks his amplifier and blows a fuse. Victoria nearly blows one of her own.

Lauren thanks Gloria for her generosity, but she prefers to keep business separate from family. Nonsense! Fenmore’s has always been a family company. Lauren realizes she’s being blackmailed by her mother-in-law. The doorbell rings and Gloria rushes to answer it. She and Jack have a contentious meeting, as one would expect. Gloria is dismissed while Jack speaks privately with Lauren. Lauren wonders aloud why Jabot, which already has a fashion division, would be interested in investing in her stores. In an effort to discourage Jack, she discloses that Phyllis now works for Fenmore’s, and she knows Jack doesn’t want to work with his ex-wife. Jack persists.

Hilary returns to Neil in the waiting room. He tells her not to interpret his silence as support. Devon will eventually learn the truth about his accident and his wife’s role in it. Neil and Lily are so self-righteous; it makes Hilary sick. No one knows what Devon was thinking before his crash. For all they know, he might have forgiven Hilary. Whether her marriage survives or not is up to Devon. She returns to his room.

At the athletic club, Mariah gets the news about Devon from Lily: that he has no memory of what happened at the benefit, so he’s delighted with Hilary’s fawning. But Lily doesn’t expect that to last.

Back at the hospital: Hilary hovers over Devon some more and tells him not to worry about the show. He’s a bit surprised at her cavalier attitude, but she swears she has her priorities straight.

At home, Reed is no help to Victoria, who flips random switches on the fuse box with no success. In fact, she thinks she did harm to the furnace and the hot water heater. She eventually gives in to Reed’s suggestion to call Billy for help.

Back at Jabot, Ashley shifts focus to Billy’s love life. Or lack of one. He says there’s no romance with Victoria. Although Victoria’s incoming call could signal something. . . .

Lauren isn’t interested in a buyout that will end with the dismantling of her father’s legacy. Jack promises to keep Fenmore’s intact and to give Lauren a position within it, but she plans to wait for a suitable investor. Jack shakes his head at her optimism, tells her to think about his offer, and leaves the apartment as requested. Gloria emerges and applauds Lauren’s resolve. Lauren still isn’t prepared to partner up with Gloria, but this matters little to Gloria. She won’t abandon Lauren in her hour of need. She’s done battle with Jack and knows he fights dirty.

At the GCAC, Neil takes a seat at Lily and Mariah’s table. Of course, Devon is the subject of conversation. Mariah feels responsible for his situation, but both Neil and Lily absolve her and expect Hilary to get her comeuppance.

Again at the hospital: Hilary has good news. Devon has been removed from the critical list. Devon’s mind wanders to the night of his accident. What was he doing driving so far out of town? She hushes him and urges him to rest.

At Victoria’s, Billy saves the day, refuses thanks for restoring power, and distributes gifts: headphones for Reed and earplugs for Reed’s mom.

Jack finds Ashley in his office and updates her. Despite Ashley’s lack of enthusiasm for his plan, he’s determined to follow through. After Ashley leaves, Jack gets a call from Gloria. She offers to help Jack get what he wants.

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