Thursday Y&R Update 1/5/17

The Y&R Update Thursday 1/5/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Neil ran into Hilary at Crimson Lights and asked if there was any news on Devon. Hilary hadn't heard anything, but she was scared that the doctors had made an unsuccessful attempt to reach her. She explained that Ben encouraged her to go get some rest, and now she thought it was a mistake to listen. Neil tried to reassure her. Hilary decided to go back to the hospital to pray. Neil announced that he would go too. Hilary got defensive, assuming Neil didn't think she'd give him updates on Devon. “Do you think that I'm that cruel and that selfish?,” she demanded. Neil clarified that he needed to go because Devon was his son. Hilary calmed down and apologized. Neil wasn't upset with her.

In Devon's ICU room, a nurse expressed surprise that Ben convinced Hilary to leave. Ben was confident that she would be back soon, since she was very strong willed. The nurse thought it was clear that she loved Devon. At that moment, Devon began to regain consciousness. He opened his eyes and, through blurred vision, saw Ben, who gave him some encouraging words. Ben then explained that he'd been in a car accident and told him not to try and speak. Hilary and Neil arrived and were relieved when they got the news. Ben said they couldn't see him just yet. Hilary remembered how angry he'd been after he found out she tripped Mariah.

Neil called Lily, who was at the Club, with the news about Devon. Lily was glad about her brother but irritated when Neil mentioned that Hilary was at the hospital. Neil told Lily to stop, because Devon was all that mattered. Lily agreed. Hilary was upset that they were being kept from Devon. Neil calmed her. Lily arrived and argued that Hilary should leave because her presence would upset Devon in his fragile state. Hilary said she just wanted to let Devon know how much she loved him, but Lily scoffed and said Hilary only married him for his money. Hilary thought that deep down under all the spite, Lily must understand what it felt like to worry about a loved one, while realizing how fragile life was and how precious love was. Ben walked in and said Devon asked to see Hilary. She left. Lily and Neil wanted to see him too, but Ben said one at a time. Neil told Lily that they had to respect Devon's choice to see Hilary. Lily maintained that the accident was Hilary's fault. Neil disagreed, noting that Devon was speeding. Lily argued that Hilary didn't deserve Devon, and Neil said it was his choice. Lily insisted that Devon made his choice at the benefit and that shouldn't change because Hilary could cry on cue. Neil said that they had to focus on Devon's recovery.

Devon tried to say something, but Hilary urged him to rest. She said the last thing she wanted to do was upset him. Devon asked if she'd been there waiting, and Hilary said of course. Devon said that the doctors told him he'd crashed a car. Hilary told him it was the car from the auction. Hilary was thrown when it became clear that Devon didn't remember attending the auction or the accident. He took Hilary's hand and said he was grateful that she wasn't in the car. He asked Hilary why he'd been driving in that area. She said she had no idea and that she'd been waiting for him at home. Lily and Neil walked in and heard Devon apologize to Hilary for putting her through this. “What did you tell him?” Lily demanded. Hilary explained that Devon didn't remember the accident. Lily asked him if he remembered the benefit. Devon moaned, and Hilary said that this was too much for him. Neil told Devon to get some sleep and kissed him goodbye. They all stepped into the hallway. Lily was outraged at the loving way Devon had been looking at Hilary. Hilary argued that they should all be thanking God, but Lily believed Hilary was just relieved that he forgot he'd walked out on her. They bickered until Neil snapped that they should be pulling together as a family.

Lily asked what would happen when he regained his memory and realized this was another lie. Hilary insisted that there was no lie because she and Devon truly did love each other. Neil gently told Lily that she needed to let this go and just be happy that Devon was recovering. Hilary said Neil was right, and as Devon's wife, she wouldn't let Lily put his health at risk. Lily was snippy with Hilary and the argument started again, until Ben came in. They told him about Devon's memory loss and he said it wasn't unusual since Devon had a head injury. Lily asked if his memories would come back, and Ben said it was too early to say. Ben said he hadn't told Devon that he'd been speeding. Lily stated that there was a reason behind Devon's act. Ben firmly said not to stress Devon out or to tell him whatever it was that she felt he should know. Lily and Hilary glared at each other

Lauren and Phyllis arrived at Lauren's place and discussed Devon and Hilary's situation. Phyllis was optimistic about Devon's chances, since he was young and strong. They thought Hilary must blame herself. Gloria walked out the back, said hello, made a snide comment, then left. Phyllis asked how often Gloria came by. “Too often,” Lauren replied. Phyllis was surprised Gloria didn't want to stay somewhere more glamorous, so Lauren explained that Jeffrey drained Gloria's bank account. They started work – Lauren was looking for investors for Fenmore's. Phyllis asked why they weren't the office, and Lauren said she'd been working from home because she didn't want the employees know how bad things had gotten. Lauren revealed that she was keeping the news about the downturn from Michael, because she didn't want him to get stressed out and try to fix it. She also didn't want him to blame her. Phyllis said he wouldn't, but Lauren said she blamed herself. She felt it was best not to say anything, since things could turn around soon.

“Beautiful,” Nick stated, as he entered Chelsea's studio. She tensed until he explained that he meant the dress she was holding. Nick said he hoped things would be normal between them, after what happened. Chelsea assured him that they were okay and that they didn't have to discuss what happened again. She lightened the mood by teasing him, and Nick said he wanted to give her a friendly hug. Sharon walked in on the hug. Sharon talked business with Chelsea, then Nick asked about Faith's visit with Sharon yesterday. Sharon talked about their day and said it was probably similar to Nick's New Year's Eve. Chelsea looked uncomfortable at the mention of New Year's Eve, and she went and busied herself with something on the other side of the room. Nick continued that he saw Faith and she was upset about finding Dylan's wedding ring at the cottage. Sharon replied that she'd reassured Faith that Dylan had left it behind because he was on a case and that they weren't getting a divorce. Nick stated that Faith had a hard time believing things because she'd been lied to so many times. A defensive Sharon snapped that she wasn't being lied to this time – Dylan was going to come back to them. Nick was glad, since Dylan was good for Faith.

Back at the coffeehouse, Kevin told Chloe about Devon's accident. The hospital talk made her think about Delia's leukemia and death, and she thanked Kevin for being there at the hospital with Chloe during those times. Kevin said he didn't need thanks. He made a joke of it, until Chloe playfully called him a goober. Gloria arrived, and she greeted Kevin warmly. “,” Gloria said to Chloe, in a less friendly tone. Chloe made light of the odd greeting. Gloria revealed that she planned to make Chelsea's day by coming back to work at Chelsea 2.0. Chloe choked on her drink. Kevin explained that Chloe worked there too. Gloria was shocked to learn that Chloe worked there, given that she'd tried to kill Adam, nonetheless. Chloe explained that the position had been filled by Sharon. Gloria made a snide comment about Chloe and Sharon bonding over their time in the psych ward. Chloe snapped that she was sure Gloria would find another job, so she wouldn't have to spend time with “some sorry interloper who has been foisting someone else's child onto your son.” Chloe stormed off.

Gloria wondered why Kevin didn't defend her, and Kevin said most of what she said was indefensible. Kevin suggested that Gloria go travel instead of working, but Gloria said she couldn't even afford a bus ticket thanks to Jeffrey taking every last dime of the insurance settlement from Gloworm. Kevin suggested she sue, but Gloria said she tried, but it was a dead end. Gloria felt that she had a lot to offer an employer, so she vowed to find a job.

Phyllis stopped by the Underground for a beer and chatted with Nick. They talked about Summer; she was stuck in Belize, because the ATM ate her card. Phyllis said she sent Summer some money. They talked about Phyllis's new venture with Lauren. Nick said she was a good friend. Phyllis talked about how important it was to be a good friend, which prompted Nick to confide in her about Chelsea. He explained that they put the breaks on because they realized it wasn't a good idea to get into bed for the wrong reason. Phyllis admitted she wished she'd learned that lesson earlier. Nick said he couldn't handle any more complications and didn't want loneliness or grief to cause him to do anything stupid. “He said to the woman he had an affair with after his daughter died,” Phyllis noted. Nick replied that the two of them fell in love. Phyllis said that was her point. She advised Nick to be on the alert, because loneliness could creep up on you and club you over the head.

Chloe went to work and asked Chelsea if she'd heard from her dad lately. Chelsea asked what was going on with Jeffrey, and Chloe brought her up to speed on Gloria leaving him. Chelsea panicked that Jeffrey would expect to stay on her couch, but Chloe assured her that Gloria was the one in town. Chloe brought Chelsea and Sharon up to speed on Gloria wanting her job back. Sharon was concerned since she was in Gloria's position but Chelsea and Chloe said her job was safe. Sharon was relieved because she wanted to keep busy right now. Chelsea asked if things were okay with Dylan and Sharon insisted that they were. Chelsea and Chloe apologized if it sounded like they thought she and Dylan were having problems. Sharon said that she and Dylan were a strong couple. Chelsea asked how Dylan was. She apologized for intruding, but said she cared about him and had hurt him with Connor, so she wanted to know how he was doing. Sharon explained that Dylan coped by throwing himself into work.

Lauren made a phone call to a potential investor, but she didn't seem to get the answer she'd hoped for. Gloria returned home and noted that Lauren was working from home. Lauren said there were less distractions here. Gloria offered to work at Fenmore's as a gatekeeper for Lauren. Lauren graciously turned her down and went into another room to take a call. Gloria seized the opportunity to snoop on Lauren's computer and discovered that Fenmore's lost a lot of money.

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