Wednesday Y&R Update 1/4/17

The Y&R Update Wednesday 1/4/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

Hilary napped on the hospital couch. When Ben called her name, she awoke in a panic, thinking something happened to Devon. Ben stated that Devon was critical, but stable. They would know more once the anesthesia wore off. “Last night, we almost lost him,” Hilary stated. Ben explained that it wasn't unusual for a patient in Devon's condition to experience cardiac arrest. Hilary asked if she could see him, but Ben said not until he woke up. She became distraught and asked when that would happen. Ben told her that she had time to go home and get rest. Hilary blamed herself for Devon's condition, but Ben was adamant that it was an accident. Hilary asked for a guarantee that Devon would be okay, but Ben couldn't say that. She cried that she needed him to wake up. Ben thought Devon was lucky to have her, but he urged her to go take a break. Hilary flatly refused. Ben smiled and told her she was stubborn. Hilary was adamant that she needed to see Devon. Now.

Later, she sat at Devon's bedside and tearfully told him she loved him and there was no place she'd rather be. She admitted that he'd loved her and stood by her, even when she didn't deserve it. Hilary said that she'd deserve it if he broke up with her, but she was not leaving his side, now, no matter how he felt about her. Ben joined her. She asked if Devon could hear her, and Ben said he was sedated. He encouraged her to put herself first and go rest. Hilary said she'd put herself first way too often. Ben maintained that it didn't do her or Devon any good to neglect herself. “What if he wakes up. . .What if something happens?” Hilary asked, before dissolving into sobs. Ben comforted her and assured her that Devon was stable. He added that it would be great if Devon woke up and saw his beautiful, well rested wife by his side. Hilary asked if Ben would call if something changed, and he said yes, so she left.

Jack and Billy both pulled into Jabot's parking lot around the same time. They locked eyes, then Jack turned and walked into the building. They met again at the elevator and had words. Billy asked if Jack minded stopping on Billy's floor. “It's still my floor,” Jack corrected. Billy thought Jack was bitter that Billy still worked there, thanks to Victor forcing his hand. Jack replied that he chose to put the foundation above his desire to get rid of Billy and his partners. Billy smirked and suggested that Jack was trying to make himself feel better. Jack kept his cool and vowed to crush Brash and Sassy and watch Billy implode, just like Billy always did. Jack motioned for Billy to get into the elevator, but Billy decided to take the stairs.

At Brash and Sassy, Victoria made a little joke about Billy's bad mood, and he told her about his interaction with Jack. Billy asked about the situation with Reed and J.T. according to Victoria, J.T. said Reed was her “problem” until the summer. Billy thought that was harsh. Victoria explained that, according to J.T. he and Reed had been butting heads for some time. Billy thought that was normal for a fifteen year old. Victoria said that J.T. confirmed Billy's suspicion that Reed was feeling like he wasn't high on J.T.'s list of priorities. J.T. and Mac had two little kids, and J.T.'s time was split between them and his job. Billy was sure the move to Europe didn't help, but Victoria said that Reed and J.T. had been having trouble before the trip came up.

Billy thought Reed's arrival was a good thing because it would give Victoria a chance to connect with him. Victoria wanted to, but she was scared that she wasn't prepared to have a teenager in the house. Billy said she'd be fine after all the years of living with Billy. Billy tried to assure her that she'd be fine if she let Reed know how much she loved him. Victoria pointed out that J.T. loved him too. She noted that, like J.T., she had two small children and a demanding job. “I want to give Reed the time and the attention that he needs but there's already not enough hours in the day,” Victoria said. Billy promised to help. Victoria said it wasn't Billy's responsibility, but he said he got along with Reed and was happy to help out.

Reed walked in, and Victoria greeted him warmly and asked about his day. Reed was happy, because he'd registered at GC High and ran into some of his old friends from elementary school. Reed thanked her for letting him stay and told her it was going to be awesome. Victoria's smile faded after Reed walked away. Victoria assumed Reed would try out for baseball, since she recalled that he was on a team at his old school, but Reed told her that he hadn't played baseball in three years. Billy asked if Reed still played the guitar. He said yes, and they started talking about it. Reed used some slang that Victoria didn't understand, and Billy translated for her. Then Reed said a guitar was “sweet” Billy was about to explain it to Victoria, but she snapped that she knew what sweet meant. She went into the conference room and stood in the doorway watching Reed and Billy play air guitar. Reed and Billy joined Victoria, then Reed asked if he could go hang out with a friend. Victoria said yes. Once he left, Victoria told Billy that she didn't know her own son. Billy assured her that she'd reconnect with Reed. He stated that she was lucky to have a teenager who wanted to spend time with his mom, and he added that Reed was lucky too.

At Chancellor Park, Lauren was on the phone with someone from Fenmore's. She was shaken because were bad in San Francisco and New York. Phyllis arrived and a panicked Lauren asked how fast Phyllis could get her new platform up and running. They talked, and Phyllis learned that the sales didn't go up over Christmas, like Lauren had hoped. Lauren questioned Lauren's abilities as a business woman and worried that it was too late to turn Fenmore's around. Phyllis helped Lauren regain hope, then they went to the Club. Phyllis showed Lauren the new app. It was a virtual changing room, where customers could upload a picture of themselves and see what they'd look like in Fenmore's outfits. Lauren was amazed; she called it genius and predicted that it would blow the competition out of the water. Phyllis admitted she was inspired by JabotGo, but Lauren thought her idea was much better. Phyllis promised it would be up and running for the president's day sale. Lauren thanked Phyllis profusely. Phyllis admitted she was getting something out of this too – a chance to show what she could do. Phyllis warned Lauren that this was going to be costly, and Lauren promised to get Phyllis the money.

Ashley was delighted when Abby visited her at Jabot. Abby explained that she stopped by, on the way to work, because she wanted to talk about Ashley and Ravi. Ashley brushed off Ravi kissing her on the cheek on New Year's Eve, but Abby thought Ravi had a thing for Ashley. Ashley felt that Ravi was a sweet kid who got overwhelmed by the party. Ashley stated that Ravi was brilliant, but socially awkward. She decided to talk to him about the kiss. Ashley wondered how Abby was doing after spending what would have been her anniversary at the same place where she'd been married. Abby admitted she'd had a couple of difficult moments, but she was focused on moving ahead. Ashley was proud of Abby's grace and strength. Abby was determined to make the most of life, after seeing what Devon and Hilary were going through right now. Jack arrived and overheard Abby talking about moving past her marriage. He announced that Phyllis quit, so he was doing the same thing. Abby and Ashley were shocked that she went willingly. Abby asked what Phyllis was going to do now, and Jack said he didn't know or care. Abby left.

Ashley and Jack talked about Devon, and Jack said he was going to the hospital after work. Jack told Ashley that Fenmore's was in bad shape and it was time to make a move on it. He tried to convince her that it would be great to own a store and do cross-promotion between the companies. Ashley noted that Fenmore's had an exclusive deal with Brash and Sassy. She suspected that Jack wanted to kill that deal to stick it to Billy. Jack insisted that it was just business. Ashley thought Jabot had a lot of other projects and she reminded him that it wasn't long ago that they had their own cash flow problems. Jack countered that the company was doing well, largely thanks to Ashley's JabotGo app, and he thought acquiring Fenmore's would help even more. Ashley wasn't sure Lauren would sell, but Jack had a feeling that she might not have a choice.

Ravi arrived. Jack had a meeting, so he left. Ashley was about to say something, but Ravi asked to go first. He said he was wrong to kiss her. Ravi blurted out that he found her beautiful and amazing, then he got flustered and admitted that saying that was inappropriate. Ravi said he admired Ashley and loved his job, but he assumed she called the meeting because she didn't want to employ him anymore, so he resigned. Ashley tore up his resignation letter and assured him that it was no big deal that he got swept up in the moment. She told him to keep up the good work and gently added that he shouldn't kiss his boss. He promised not to. Ravi asked for feedback on their project, but Ashley had dinner plans. He told her to have fun. After she left, he kicked himself for saying that.

Nikki went down to the police station to get answers from Paul about Dylan's assignment. Paul took her into the office and asked where she heard about the assignment. Nikki revealed that Sharon told her. She was worried because he hadn't returned her call. Paul explained that she couldn't talk to Dylan or have details on his assignment. Nikki realized Dylan was doing something risky, and she got upset with Paul for endangering their son. It hit Nikki that Dylan volunteered for the job because he was in pain over Sharon's lies and losing Sully. She hated that Dylan felt like an outsider and that there was a rift between him and her. Paul assured Nikki that Dylan loved her. Paul thought that the assignment would give Dylan time to heal. Nikki was hopeful that the distance would help. She vowed to pray for Dylan, though, then she thanked Paul and left.

Paul met with Chris. He was all worked up and nearly yelled as he asked her if she'd made Dylan aware that Fisk and his associates had no problem killing people. After assuring Paul that Dylan knew the risks, Chris asked where all this was coming from. Paul told Chris about his talk with Nikki and that both she and Sharon knew Dylan was off on assignment. “Dylan was not to say anything to anyone about this case!,” he exclaimed. Chris insisted that she'd made that clear to Dylan, and she asked if Sharon or Nikki knew details. Paul said that they didn't, so Chris asked why he was so upset. Paul softened and admitted that he'd wanted to be the one to brief Dylan. Chris pointed out that Paul had been out of town and that Dylan had to leave ASAP to stop the heroin from getting to Genoa City. Paul explained that he'd just wanted to be able to tell Dylan that he loved him and was proud of him. Paul hoped he'd been right to let Dylan go. Chris reminded Paul that she'd asked him about Dylan's state of mind, and Paul had been confident that Dylan was right for the job. She asked what changed. Paul admitted that nothing had changed, but he was scared that he'd missed some signs that Dylan wasn't ready. He was worried that Dylan took the job to escape the pain of losing Christian. Chris assured Paul that Dylan had been confident and professional when he left. She hugged him and promised that Dylan would come home. Paul got a coded text from Dylan, which revealed that he'd made it to Miami. Chris smiled, noting that Dylan was safe.

Jack walked into the Club and stopped short when he saw Phyllis and Lauren. Nikki motioned to him and he joined her. They talked about Devon, then Nikki said she was glad Jack let Brash and Sassy stay in the building. She noted that Victor was glad to be able to help Victoria. Jack suspected that Victor enjoyed extorting him, but Nikki preferred to think of it as her husband and friend making a deal. Jack warned her that he wouldn't go easy on Brash and Sassy. Nikki understood, but she was confident that the company could hold its own. Nikki asked Jack how he was doing. He started talking about how great Jabot was, but clarified that she was asking about him, not business. She noted that he kept glancing over at Phyllis. Nikki was pleasantly surprised that Phyllis had admitted defeat where Jack was concerned. Jack said he was glad that he'd get to focus on Jabot without distractions. Nikki advised him to take some time to heal after the traumatic events, adding that becoming a workaholic was just as unhealthy as drinking. Jack denied that he was traumatized. He stated that everyone would soon see that he was at the top of his game.

Meanwhile, Lauren said it was almost cute that Phyllis and Jack kept trying to pretend the other person wasn't there. Lauren wondered if Phyllis had any regrets about leaving Jabot. Phyllis said she had a lot of regrets, but that wasn't one of them. She felt that it had been foolish to think that her plan to win Jack back by staying in his orbit would work. Lauren asked if Phyllis still loved him. Phyllis said she was regaining her dignity and she couldn't remember the last time she felt this good.

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