Tuesday Y&R Update 1/3/17

The Y&R Update Tuesday 1/3/17


Written by Christine
Pictures by Juanita

At Victoria's, Victor marveled at how big Reed had gotten. He asked Victoria why she didn't tell him Reed was in town. Victoria explained that Reed surprised her. Reed added that he was here to stay. Reed had already chosen a local high school to attend, due to their good music program. While Reed was in another room, Victor asked what was really going on. Victoria shared the whole story about Reed running away because he didn't want to move to Warsaw with J.T. Victoria admitted that she would have felt the same way Reed did, at her age. Victor asked what J.T. thought, and Victoria said she got the feeling things were strained between Reed and his father.

Reed returned and chatted with Victor. It was revealed that he was in 10th grade. He thanked Victoria, then he went upstairs to play his guitar. Victor thought it was great that Reed was back, so Victoria could reconnect with him. Victoria admitted things were hectic right now with Johnny and Katie and Brash and Sassy. Victor said Reed could help out. After the talk, Victoria felt better. Victor asked Victoria to bring Reed around the family so they could get to know him. After Victor left, Reed asked Victoria if she was really happy he was there. She assured him that she was. Reed confided that he felt like he was in the way at J.T. and Mac's now that the new baby was there. Victoria assured him that it wouldn't be like that here. She added that Johnny and Katie were excited to play with him. Reed said it already felt like home, and Victoria told him that this was his home.

At GC Buzz, Mariah was trying to reach Hilary to find out why she wasn't at work. A woman ran up and told her about Devon's accident. Mariah rushed off.

Hilary paced around the waiting room, wondering why Devon wasn't out of surgery yet. Neil tried to keep her optimistic. Lily arrived and tore into Hilary, telling her that it would be her fault if Devon died. Neil comforted Lily, and she asked him how long the surgery would take. Hilary answered Lily, which set Lily off again. “What are you even doing here?,” she challenged. Hilary pointed out that her husband was in surgery. Lily argued that Devon wanted nothing to do with her. Hilary felt that Lily was focusing on petty things instead of her brother's fight for his life. Lily blamed Hilary for his condition again. Neil tried to keep everyone calm. Mariah arrived, to Hilary's chagrin. Hilary railed at Mariah, saying she was just as, if not more, responsible for Devon's predicament as Hilary was. Lily thought Hilary's statement was absurd. Ben walked in and announced that Devon was out of surgery and had been moved to the ICU. Everyone was relieved, but Ben tempered their expectations by explaining that Devon had a concussion and internal injuries. Neil asked if he could make a full recovery, and Ben assured him that the hospital would do everything they could. Ben left.

Lily was so upset that she had to step out of the room, and Neil followed. Mariah gently noted that they had a show to do. A teary eyed Hilary spat that she didn't give a damn about GC Buzz. Mariah understood that, but she was hoping for input on what to do. Hilary angrily told her to host the show since she clearly couldn't wait to tell everyone what Hilary did. An apologetic Mariah admitted that she didn't think it would turn out like this. Hilary said that Mariah had been so hellbent on getting back at Hilary that she put Devon's life at risk. Mariah started to defend herself, but she dropped it and said she hoped Hilary would let her know how Devon was doing. Mariah left.

The family headed to the ICU. Hilary told Neil and Lily that they could go home and she'd call them when Devon woke up. Neil said he needed to be at the hospital for Devon and he didn't want to leave Hilary by herself. Lily said she wasn't leaving. Ben told them they could visit one at a time, and Devon's wife could go first. Lily grumbled that Hilary was more like a tormentor than wife. She got upset again and Neil comforted her. Hilary shed fresh tears at Devon's bedside. He was unconscious, his head was bandaged and his face was covered in bruises. She apologized and told him about the accident. Hilary called Devon the love of her life and begged him to open his eyes, even if it was to curse her and send her away. She held his hand, then rested her head on his shoulder. A nurse came in, so Hilary had to leave. She kissed Devon's hand and promised she'd be right outside. Lily finished up a phone call with Cane, then told Neil that he sent his love to Devon. Hilary and Ben returned around the same time. Ben let Neil and Lily visit Devon together, as long as they kept it brief. Ben offered to bring Hilary something from the cafeteria, but she was too upset to eat. She got emotional, hoping Devon would wake up, and Ben told her that Devon was lucky to have her.

Lily tearfully begged Devon to be okay and promised that she'd even be Hilary's best friend if that's what he wanted. Neil was skeptical. Lily admitted it wouldn't happen, but she was sure Devon was ready to end things with Hilary, anyway. Neil admitted he wouldn't be disappointed if they broke up. Devon moved his head and an alarm went off. Lily and Neil thought he was waking up. As Neil rushed to find a doctor, he saw Hilary and brought her up to speed. Hilary joined Lily, just as Devon began to seize. Ben and a nurse ran in. “He's fibrillating!” the nurse yelled. Ben told Hilary and Lily to leave. Hilary refused to go at first, but she did go into the hallway, where Lily put her arm around Hilary. They watched in a panic as the paddles were used on Devon.

Mariah returned to GC Buzz, where Roz told her that the other networks had called looking for information on the accident. Roz wanted Mariah to go on air with a short announcement. Mariah agreed because she didn't want the other shows turning it into a scandal. Mariah went on air, calling Devon a mentor and friend and she asked the audience for prayers. She added that there would be no original episodes until further notice.

Noah took Faith to Crimson Lights and asked how she was doing, living with Victor and Nikki. Faith gushed about the perks of living at the main house – proximity to the stables, a huge room, etc. Noah told her that was cool, but this arrangement couldn't be permanent. A now glum Faith said she thought it was her choice. Noah explained that it was hard on Sharon and Nick not to have her around all the time. Faith knew it was hard on Dylan too, and she said she didn't want to hurt any of them. Faith mentioned that she spent New Years' Eve with Nick. Noah advised her to drop by their parents' houses more often instead of waiting for a special occasion.

 Sharon went to the main house and told Nikki that she needed to see Faith. Nikki asked why, and Sharon snapped that Faith was her daughter. Nikki was about to explain, but Sharon rushed upstairs. She quickly returned and demanded to know why Faith wasn't back from school. Nikki revealed that she was out with Noah. Sharon apologized for overreacting, and Nikki was astonished that Sharon had said she was sorry. Nikki acknowledged that this living arrangement was difficult for Sharon, but she sensed something else was going on. Nikki assumed that this was about Dylan, and she demanded to know what Sharon did to her son. Sharon insisted that her marriage was fine, and she tried to keep quiet. After some prodding from Nikki, Sharon admitted that Dylan had left town on an assignment. Nikki pleaded for details. At that point, Noah brought Faith home.

Faith asked Sharon if she could go to the cottage for awhile, and Sharon assured Faith that it was still her home and she didn't need an invitation. Sharon and Faith got ready to go, and Nikki pointedly said she hoped she and Sharon could finish their conversation. Sharon replied that it was finished, and she and Faith left. Noah thanked Nikki for letting him pick up Faith, and he explained that he wanted to be there for Faith and their parents, especially his mom. Noah was shocked when Nikki said she had sympathy for Sharon, as the kids' mother. Nikki noted that Sharon had Dylan to lean on. Victor arrived and told them about Reed. Noah hugged Victor goodbye and left. Victor was surprised that Nikki wasn't happier about Reed. Nikki explained that she was concerned about Dylan's new assignment. Victor told her to call him.

At the cottage, Faith said she liked living with Victor and Nikki, but she felt like it made Sharon sad. Sharon said she missed Faith, but she just wanted her to feel safe and happy, and Faith stated that she did. “You know I still love you, right?” Faith asked. Sharon said yes. Sharon added that she understood that Faith needed space, because Sharon had felt the same way at Faith's age. Faith asked if Sharon's parents were divorced. “Sort of,” Sharon said. Faith chose a board game to play and asked if Dylan would be home soon. Sharon said he was working. At that moment, a phone rang. Faith began to look for it, and Sharon tried to stop her. Faith opened up a box, which contained Dylan's wedding ring, wallet, and phone. Faith asked why Dylan left those things behind - were he and Sharon getting a divorce? Sharon explained that Dylan left his personal items behind so that the bad people wouldn't know anything about him. Faith was worried and she wanted to call him, but Sharon pointed out that his phone was at the house. Sharon passed along Dylan's message to Faith that he was going to be gone for awhile, but he loved her and was sorry he didn't get to say goodbye.

Back at the ranch, a disappointed Nikki hung up the phone. She told Victor that she'd wanted to hear Dylan's voice and know he was okay. Victor assured her that he'd call back. Victor asked about Faith, and Nikki explained that she'd wanted to go to Sharon's. Nikki said she thought it would be good for Sharon and Faith. Victor agreed that Faith should spend time with Sharon, no matter what he and Nikki thought of Sharon.

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