Monday Y&R Update 1/2/17

The Y&R Update Monday 1/2/17


Written by Ellen
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Chris makes Dylan’s mission clear. He’s to assume the identity of Derek Young completely, no intrusions from life in Genoa City allowed. Dylan understands.

At home, Sharon peruses the Internet for details about last night’s foundation benefit. It appears to have been a tremendous success. Mariah is reluctant to discuss it at first but then rambles in an effort to keep Sharon from discovering the truth: Mariah was a naughty girl. Sharon reads on. So Hilary tripped Mariah, and Mariah took revenge by doctoring Hilary’s script on the teleprompter? Yes, and she doesn’t regret it. Sharon thinks it was a bad move.

Hilary wakes up on her living room sofa, alone and still wearing her evening gown. A moment later, Neil rings her bell. He’s worried about Devon. Hilary insists he’s fine. She denies fighting with Devon all night. He didn’t come home. Neil is even more worried. He hasn’t called and he doesn’t answer his phone. Neil and Hilary blame each other for pushing Devon to his limits. She tries again to reach Devon, but his phone lies ringing in a snow bank.

Victoria comes home and calls upstairs to Reed. When he shows himself, she scolds him for running away from his father in Washington, DC, and showing up unannounced, with a police escort (he was tossed off a bus for insufficient bus fare.) Reed doesn’t dance around the issue. He doesn’t want to move to Warsaw. He wants to live with his mom. She begins to tell him why he must go (his father’s job was transferred), but they’re interrupted by a visitor. Billy is eager to see Reed. Reed tries to explain his feelings about another big move, this time out of the country, but gives up and goes for a walk.

Luther Fisk is the infamous drug lord Dylan is after. He’s dangerous and has a lot of friends. Chris emphasizes the importance of maintaining cover. Kevin enters the office and tells Dylan how he is to communicate. Each phone Dylan uses is to be destroyed immediately. Overall, Dylan is to act quickly. He’s to gain access to Fisk’s inner circle by cozying up to one of his associates. Dylan is ready to go, but Chris is still reluctant to send him.

Again at the McAvoys’: Mariah helps Sharon pack Christmas decorations and claims to have done a public service. Hilary was a vicious muckraker and Devon deserved to know what she was capable of. Still, Sharon says Mariah shouldn’t have sunk to Hilary’s level. Devon is a big boy. He knows his wife and can handle her. Mariah knows Sharon means well, but Mariah was compelled to take revenge against Hilary. Seeing the pointlessness of arguing further, they hug it out and Mariah heads to work. As soon as she’s gone, Dylan returns home. Sharon is stunned. Dylan is to leave today? And he can’t give details? She protests. It’s unsafe. Dylan isn’t afraid, but that’s what scares Sharon most. She knows why he accepted the assignment. He needs a distraction from the business about Christian, but there are other ways of coping. Dylan says making the world a safer place is his way of coping.

Back at the Hamilton penthouse: Hilary accuses Neil of trying to ruin her life, first by sending her over a cliff and then by sabotaging her marriage. Neil denies any such thing. He wants Devon to be happy. They raise their voices and find no common ground until she gets a call from the hospital.

Devon lies on a gurney and is rushed to surgery. His face is bloodied and he drifts in and out of consciousness. He recalls being rescued.

Billy tries to reason with Victoria. True, he’s no longer Reed’s stepdad, but he never stopped caring about him. Victoria doesn’t want his opinion, but she’s going to get it anyway. The silver lining is that Reed is back. Victoria didn’t want him to go with his father in the first place. Furthermore, Billy knows what it’s like to feel like a familial outcast and empathizes with Reed. Victoria is conflicted, but Billy guesses she has more on her mind than just Reed. He wants to talk about what almost happened last night. She plays dumb. They nearly kissed, he reminds her. He goes on to recount the good old days, like the night they spent in the arcade. They argue playfully about his video game skills. The upshot, Billy says, is their chemistry is undeniable. Victoria can’t dwell on the past. Reed returns. He apologizes for running away and worrying everyone, but he doesn’t want to live in Washington or Poland. Can he stay? She sighs and says she’ll discuss it with his dad.

At the hospital, Stitch tells Hilary and Neil that Devon is bleeding internally. The details of his accident are sketchy, but police estimate he was doing about 140 mph on a remote country road. For now, it’s wait and see. Stitch hurries to the OR. Hilary shifts from blaming herself for Devon’s predicament to blaming Neil. Neil accuses her of driving Devon away. She dissolves in tears and Neil ends up comforting her.

Sharon objects to the terms of Dylan’s assignment. No contact with her whatsoever. What will she tell Faith? Dylan says to give her his love. Both she and Sharon will be with him in spirit. Just before he goes, he removes his wedding ring and asks Sharon to keep it safe for him. She comes undone. He hugs her and kisses her goodbye. She asks him to promise he'll return, but he leaves home without doing so.

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