Friday Y&R Update 12/31/10

The Y&R Update Friday 12/31/10--Canada; Monday 1/3/11--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Billy and Victoria had a quiet New Year's at home, because Victoria didn't feel up to going out. She asked if he was disappointed, and he admitted that not going out and celebrating was new to him, but he didn't miss the partying, because he spent the evening with her. Billy was certain that the new year was going to be the best yet for the two of them, but Victoria didn't seem to share his optimism. He could tell that something was bothering her, and kept coming up with suggestions to occupy their time, but it was obvious that she wasn't into it. Eventually, he got her to open up, and she told him that she'd received her test results from the doctor, and that it was pretty much impossible for her to have another baby. Victoria was on the verge of tears, and said that she'd always expected this news, because she knew that Reed was a miracle baby. Billy told her he was sorry, but he was upset that she'd kept him in the dark. He reminded her that it affected both of them, and said she shut him out, and didn't let him go to the appointment, or tell him until much later. Victoria told him that she was the one who had the problem, because it was her who couldn't carry the baby, and that she wanted to be alone. She quickly left the house.

Billy sat in a rocking chair with a bottle of champagne in one hand, and a glass in the other. Victoria came back, and apologized for leaving. Billy apologized as well, saying he was being a jerk, and understood that this was something she'd struggled with for years. Victoria talked about loving her son, and his daughter, but that she'd hoped she could give birth to his child. A baby who was the best of both of them, and that this time next year, she'd hoped they'd have another child. Billy took her in his arms, and held her as she cried, and apologized. They sat on a chair, holding each other, and reminisced about their last New Years when she found him drunk in a gutter and took him home. Billy says that they didn't have a classy start, but now they're married, with a home, and are in love. Victoria said his pep talk was nice, but they can't ignore the doctor's words. Billy said he wasn't doing that, but he was still sure things were going to work out. Victoria asked if he really believed it, and when he said yes, she kissed him.

Michael and Lauren took a walk outside after having New Years dinner in a new restaurant. Michael playfully flirted with Lauren in a French accent, and she teased him about using both French and Spanish words. Michael wondered if Gloria would hold not going to Gloworm against them, but Lauren told him that sometimes they needed time alone. She smiled, and kissed him.

At the hospital, Daniel worried because Jana and Daisy were taking much longer than expected to arrive at the hospital. He filled Jack, Phyllis and Abby in on Jana being the one to be with Daisy when she went into labor, and him calling the police and having them turn off Daisy's ankle monitor. Concerned, Abby pointed out that it meant there was no way to track Daisy's whereabouts. Phyllis called Jana, but she didn't answer.

Jana glared at Chloe and Kevin as they rang in the New Years with a long kiss. Chloe apologized for taking so long, but Kevin said it didn't matter, because she was there now. Jana found a brick, and hit herself in the head with it, causing a gash. She stumbled over to Kevin and Chloe asking for help. She then said that Daisy had escaped, and collapsed into Kevin's arms. Kevin called Daniel, and told him that Daisy was gone, and that he'd already contacted the police. Daniel put the call on speaker, and everyone listened as Jana tearfully spun a tale about being robbed at knife-point by Daisy, then getting pushed by her, and hurting her head. Daniel told Jana that it wasn't her fault, and asked if she was okay. Jana claimed not to know, and said she had a terrible headache. Kevin took the phone back, and told Daniel that he and Chloe were going to wait with Jana until the paramedics and police arrived. The police questioned Kevin and Chloe while the medics tended to Jana. The detective asked Chloe and Kevin if they believed Jana was telling the truth, and they both did. Kevin shared that he wasn't surprised that Daisy would do something like that. Chloe and Kevin talked about their relationship. Chloe didn't think they needed a label, like lovers or boyfriend/girlfriend, and they decided to live in the moment, and take things as they came.

Jana was on stretcher, and watched Chloe and Kevin, who were arm in arm. She motioned to Kevin, and he and Chloe came over. They learned that Jana was going to the hospital with signs of a possible concussion. The detective told Jana that she'd be by later to take a formal statement. Jana didn't want to go to the hospital alone, and asked that Kevin come with her (although she didn't use Kevin's name). Kevin agreed, and Chloe said she'd go home and change, then come too. Jana told her that it wasn't necessary, but Chloe insisted, and Jana didn't protest.

After hanging up, Daniel blamed himself for what happened, and told everyone about bringing a US Marshall by the house, who told Daisy that she'd be taken to the hospital on January 1st until the baby arrived. Phyllis told him that he was only trying to give Daisy a reality check, and Jack assured him that the cops would have turned the ankle monitor back on after hearing from Kevin, so Daisy wouldn't be able to get far. At this point, the show cut to a scene of the monitor laying on the ground in the snow.

A text interrupted Michael and Lauren, who were making plans on going back home and making love. Lauren read it, and was horrified to learn that Daisy was on the loose. Michael called Daniel, and found out it was true. Michael made more calls, and asked about how Jana was doing, then told Lauren that they should go home. In an angry, cold tone, Lauren refused. She said that they were going to go and wait for Daisy at the hospital, with Daniel and Phyllis.

The police called Daniel, and let him know that they'd gotten a signal from Daisy's monitor. Daniel was glad to hear it, and hopeful that everything would be over, soon. Abby slammed Daisy for putting her child at risk. Phyllis agreed, and said that Daisy was taking a chance with her own life, as well. Daniel hoped that the baby would be okay. Phyllis pointed out that Daisy's stunt would probably cost her her parental rights, and that it would fall to Daniel to make decisions for the child. Daniel was furious that Phyllis still hadn't accepted his choice to give the baby up to a family far away from Genoa City, and screamed at her to back off, the way Kevin had. Phyllis tried to get Daniel to give it more thought, and stood in his way when he tried to leave the room, but he angrily rushed passed her, while yelling at her to let it go. Phyllis seemed surprised that Daniel had exploded that way, and tried to go after him, but Jack held her back, telling her that she'd made her point.

Daniel returned, but was sick of waiting around, and decided to go to the location the police found the signal in, and try and find Daisy himself. Phyllis thought it was a bad idea, and tried to talk him out of it, but was unsuccessful. Abby wanted to go; saying that Daisy couldn't do much harm while she was in labor, but Daniel told her that he needed her to stay, so he wouldn't have to worry about her, as well. Abby protested, but Jack agreed with Daniel, and she decided to stay. Daniel suddenly panicked, remembering that early on, Daisy had threatened to hurt the baby, and ran off to find her before something happened to the child.

Michael and Lauren stormed in, and Phyllis was flippant, asking if Lauren was there to see Daisy going back to jail. Lauren blasted Phyllis for being so calm, and blamed her for Daisy being able to escape. She lectured Phyllis saying this only happened because Phyllis had to have her way, and asked if she knew the danger that she'd caused. Jack stood up for Phyllis, but Lauren told him to stay out of it. Phyllis told Lauren that Daisy would be fine, and Lauren shot back that Phyllis had better pray she was right. Kevin, and Chloe arrived with Jana, who was in a wheelchair. Lauren spotted her, and went to her, full of concern, and took her hand. The paramedic told them that Jana had to be checked in, and wheeled her away.

Lauren started in on Phyllis again, and told her that Jana could have been killed, and it was all thanks to her, and Daisy. Phyllis tried to defend her actions, saying that she was looking out for the baby, but Lauren disagreed, and said Phyllis was only looking out for herself. Lauren accused Phyllis of emotionally blackmailing Daniel into feeling guilty, so he'd take Daisy in, and said that Phyllis never planned to let Daniel decide to give the child up. Phyllis had enough, and went off on Lauren, because she felt that she was out of line. The argument devolved into a major screaming match, that only ceased because Abby got a call from Daniel. She talked to him, then told everyone that the police found out that Daisy had taken the ankle monitor off. Lauren screamed at Phyllis that if anyone was hurt by Daisy, it would be her fault. Michael held her, but she pulled away from him, and stormed out.

Everyone at the hospital walked away to have their own conversations. Abby was in awe of Lauren's fiery behavior, and said she'd make sure to never get on her bad side. She also talked to Chloe and Kevin about how it would have been a great episode for her reality show. Kevin went off to check on things, and while alone, Chloe and Abby both talked about the recent changes in their relationships with Kevin and Daniel. They both said that they'd gotten a clue, and ended up with the guys again.

Michael followed Lauren, and told her that it was an emergency room, so she had to control herself, and couldn't attack Phyllis, or Daisy, when she arrived. Lauren corrected him, saying it was 'if' Daisy arrived, not 'when.' Michael wanted to leave as soon as they got word on Jana, but Lauren was adamant that she wasn't leaving. Michael made her promise him that she could handle being there, and Lauren did.

Lauren's words took their toll, and alone with Jack, Phyllis told him that she was indeed responsible for what happened. Jack comforted her, and told her that it wasn't her fault, and that she only wanted to protect the baby. Phyllis started crying, and said she just wanted her son to connect with his daughter. She feared that Lauren was right about Daniel only taking Daisy in out of guilt. Jack said that the bottom line was that she wanted what was best for the baby, and brought up her plan to adopt her. Phyllis said that she wasn't thinking about that right now, and that she only wanted her son, and granddaughter to be safe.

Everyone gathered in the emergency room, as Kevin wheeled Jana in. She had a concussion, but no permanent damage. Jana placed her hand on Kevin's, and said she was being released, but couldn't go home alone. Kevin offered to let her come to his place. Jana pretended to be surprised by the invitation, but agreed. The detective arrived, and said she needed to take Jana's statement, then scoffed that Daisy didn't seem so nice after-all. Michael asked what that meant, and Jana revealed that she'd gone down to the station, and told the cops that Daisy was kind. Michael and Lauren were appalled, but Kevin told them to back off, because Jana had done what she did for him. He told everyone how Daisy manipulated Jana into believing she'd give him the baby if she changed her story. Lauren seemed surprised Jana fell for it, but Abby said Daisy was good at that, and that she fell for her stories when she came to town, too.

Jana was stunned to hear Kevin say that he'd confronted Daisy, and told her that he no longer wanted to adopt the baby. No one, but Chloe noticed the look on Jana's face. Jana told everyone that there was more to the story, and that Daisy had threatened to kill her if she didn't pretend to be her friend. Jana acted as if she felt guilty, and said Lauren must hate her, but Lauren denied it, and comforted her. Lauren told her that only the two of them could really understand what it was like to be held and tortured by Daisy. The detective took Jana away to get her statement in private. Kevin and Chloe went to get some coffee from the cafeteria. Jack decided to join in the search, and asked Michael if he wanted to come along. Michael was hesitant, but Lauren assured him that Fen was safe with Gloria, and swore that she'd be civil to Phyllis. Michael then left with Jack.

Kevin and Jana sat on his couch. She said she was still in pain, and he offered to help her with something, but Jana tearfully said he'd done enough, by bringing her there - 'home.' She apologized for all the trouble she'd caused. In a compassionate tone, Kevin said that it was obvious that Jana had some issues to work through. Jana agreed, and went to change. Kevin called Chloe as soon as she walked out. Chloe didn't expect to hear from him, and asked if things were okay. Kevin said yes, and thanked her for going with the flow about the situation with Jana. They joked around, and Kevin said he wished they could be together. Jana walked in behind him, and heard this, and looked hurt. Chloe said she felt the same way, but that they had plenty of time.

Michael, and Jack went to the airport, and showed Daisy's picture to the person behind the desk. He didn't recognize her. Michael said the next step was to go to hotels, and bus stations, and not stop looking until they found her.

Lauren and Abby looked on, as Phyllis left a voice-mail for Daniel apologizing for the fights they had, and the chaos she caused. She was near tears as she told him she'd support Daniel giving the baby up, if that's what he wanted. Lauren told Phyllis she did the right thing. Abby shared that she'd been trying to call Daniel, too, and that she was worried, because he wasn't answering.

Daisy drove while dealing with heavy labor pains. She told herself that she'd be done for, if she stopped. She continued on, begging the baby to wait until they got to Canada, but the pain became too much, and she had to pull over. Daniel drove up, and went up to the car, and found Daisy in the backseat. He explained that he'd driven out there, because it was near the abandoned zoo where she'd held Jana and Lauren captive. Daniel tried to place a call, but couldn't get a signal. He wanted to take Daisy to the hospital, but she said it was too late, because the baby was coming. Daniel encouraged Daisy during the labor, and said 'we can do this.' Daisy was angry, and yelling, until he said that, then changed, and said that it wasn't too late for them to run off and be a family with their daughter. Daniel thought it was absurd, and told her that they didn't know each other, weren't in a relationship, and weren't ready to be parents. He is adamant that the baby will be given a home with stable, adoptive parents. He then saw the baby's head, and soon after, she was born. Daniel held his daughter, and stared at her, in wonder. As he offered to let Daisy hold her, she picked up a metal flashlight, and bashed him over the head with it.

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