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The Y&R Update Tuesday 12/28/10--Canada; Wednesday 12/29/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Daisy packed a small suitcase, then got tired, and took a break on the bed. Daniel walked in, and saw the pizza. When he found out that the guard let her use the phone, he vowed to have a talk with him about it. Daisy admitted that she was rude to the adoption agent, and told Daniel that she felt that they should raise the baby together, because he'd be a good father, and she wanted to be the sort of mother she never had. Daniel brought up her crimes of kidnapping his friends, and didn't care when Daisy said she'd changed. He told her that she still had to pay, and that the baby would be an adult before she was released from prison. Daisy disagreed, and was confident that her prison days were over. Daniel asked why she was so sure about that, and suddenly so happy. He accused her of making another phone call when she ordered pizza, and coming up with a plan. He assured her that her scheme wouldn't work, but Daisy said there was no scheme, and began to talk about needing to plan for her daughter's future.

Daniel told Daisy that the courts wouldn't allow her to raise the child, and began to read her some information he'd found on grounds to terminate someone's parental rights against their will. Daisy cried that he was being cruel, and couldn't force her to give up her child. Daniel swore that Daisy would never spend any time with the baby. Daisy defiantly told him she wouldn't be so sure. Daniel rushed out, making sure to tell the guard not to let Daisy use the phone.

Kevin arrived home to find an ecstatic Jana at his door. He was startled to see her, and she happily told him that she was there to celebrate with him, because he was going to become a dad. Kevin panicked, and asked if Jana was pregnant, and Jana explained that she meant Daisy's baby. She excitedly told Kevin that she'd gone to the station and changed her testimony to clear Daisy, and in exchange, Daisy was going to give him her daughter. Jana squealed with joy, and popped open a bottle of champagne, while Kevin stared at her in shock. He held his head in his hands as Jana told him she'd told the police that Daisy and Ryder were victims, and Sarah Smythe was the mastermind behind her and Lauren's kidnapping. Kevin scolded her for lying to the police, but Jana tried to convince him that the only important thing was that he was getting the baby, and saving the child. Kevin attempted to bring up other things that mattered, such as what would happen to Daisy, but Jana talked over him, about how she'd be there to help if he was overwhelmed about raising a child alone. Kevin told Jana that she has a habit of fixating on one idea, without thinking about what will happen in the future. Jana reminisced about a time she'd done that before, around last New Years, and Kevin was able to help her stop going to extremes and find a middle ground. Kevin suddenly said he had something to do, and walked Jana out. Before she left, she asked about his New Years plans, and fished for an invitation to spend the day with him, but he politely declined, and said goodbye.

Kevin went to Daniel's to look for him, and found that he wasn't there. He furiously confronted Daisy, and accused her of lying about the pregnancy changing her, and said she was using the baby, and Jana (who he called unstable, as a result of Daisy's actions) to get what she wanted. When Daisy tried to defend herself, he ordered her to shut up, and told her that she was lying to Jana, and that he'd changed his mind about being there for her. Daisy yelled that Kevin wanted to steal her baby, but he could forget it. Kevin said he no longer wanted the baby, or to be tied to Daisy in any way. Daisy smirked and said she never planned to give him the baby anyway. Kevin leaned over daisy in a threatening manner, and told her that she thinks he's sweet and trusting, but that in reality she knew nothing about him. He promised to make sure that the child was taken from her at birth, because it didn't deserve her as a mother. He then told her that she'd lose Jana as an ally once she learned that he no longer wanted the baby.

Nick spotted Phyllis writing an article at Crimson Lights, and went over to ask who's turn it was to be slammed this week. Phyllis told him that he didn't know the subject of the article, then talked about being able to work at night because Summer was at a sleep-over. Nick said that Faith was with the nanny, because he had to go to work to deal with an overseas client, since he couldn't locate Victor, and that he wouldn't have left the baby with Sharon even if she hadn't left town to think. Phyllis told Nick that Sharon had really left on a mission to clear Adam by finding Skye, and that Adam told her about it when she visited him in jail. Nick believed it was Adam's idea, but Phyllis corrected him and told him that Sharon was driven to prove Adam was framed. Nick was dismayed, and said that Adam had changed Sharon. He then asked if Phyllis would be writing more articles on Adam, and skewering Sharon. Phyllis believed Nick was about to rip into her for writing about Sharon, but Nick sighed, with a dejected expression and said he was on Phyllis' side, and that he was being realistic about Sharon. Phyllis said that she'd thought about this day, when Nick was finally free of Sharon often, but that he was happier in her fantasies about it. She hoped that her next article on Sharon and Adam would cheer him up. Nick clarified that he didn't hate Sharon, but he was finished protecting her from Adam or from her bad choices. He said he planned to focus on his daughters. Phyllis assured him that the children wouldn't be in the article, and he thanked her. Nick felt that it would be Sharon's own fault if she got hurt by the fallout from Adam's crimes.

After coming face to face with Skye, Sharon confronted her for framing Adam. Skye wasn't bothered that Adam would go to jail, because he treated her badly. Sharon told Skye that she was taking her back to Genoa City, and when Skye refused, Sharon tried to take a picture of her. They struggled over the camera, which fell into a vat of lava. Skye slipped and fell over the edge, and Sharon grabbed her hand. Victor hiked into the cavern, and heard this take place. Sharon urged Skye to grab her other hand, but she couldn't because her hand was pinned. Sharon promised not to let Skye die, and told her that she was going to rescue her, and that they were going to return to GC together. Crying, Skye tried to hold on, but eventually loosened her grip on Sharon, and fell into the lava. Victor stood silently listening, out of sight, as a frantic Sharon ran around screaming for help.

Sharon went back to the general store, and told a detective the story about finding Skye, and her falling over a ledge. Koa, the man who owned the store, who was in contact with Victor listened in on the conversation. Sharon reached for her camera to show him a picture of Skye, but realized she must have lost it. The detective was skeptical, but agreed to go back to the volcano with Sharon to find proof. Sharon received a call from Nick. He knew that Sharon and Victor had teamed up to find Skye before, and thought they might be together. Sharon told Nick she'd found Skye, but wasn't with Victor. Nick was shocked, and wanted more information, but Sharon told him she'd fill him in later, and left with the detective.

At the volcano, Victor found Skye's hiking glove, and threw it over the ledge.

Nick went to the prison and told Adam that Sharon found Skye. Adam wasn't sure if he should believe Nick at first, but once he did, he taunted Nick about the lengths Sharon would go for him. Nick told Adam that it didn't change who Adam really was, so it didn't matter. Adam told Nick that Sharon loved who he really was. Nick said he didn't care what Sharon and Adam did, as long as it wasn't around Faith. Adam asked if he was going to use Faith to keep him and Sharon apart. Nick said that Sharon's good judgment would be the only thing that would keep her from Adam, but he didn't see that happening any time soon. Adam smugly told Nick that he'd underestimated him. Nick admitted that he had, and said that Adam was smart, but didn't have the emotional intelligence to go along with it, which would hurt him. Adam said that once the charges were dropped, Nick couldn't keep Sharon from Faith. Nick started to threaten Adam about staying away from Faith, but Adam stopped him and told him that it was Sharon's call, and that if she wanted to build a family with him, and wanted Faith to be a part of it, there was nothing he could do.

Sharon lead the detective to the place where Skye fell. Victor hid, and listened in. They looked for evidence that Skye was there, and found none. The group Sharon started the hike with returned, and the leader came over to Sharon. The detective asked if he'd seen Skye, but he hadn't. Sharon told him she'd fell over the edge, and the man said that's what happen when you go to the volcano alone.

Kevin ran into Phyllis at the coffeehouse, and asked if she'd seen Daniel. She hadn't. He began to complain about the amount of trouble Daisy's baby was causing everyone, then corrected himself, and said it was Daisy's fault, not the baby's. Kevin told Phyllis that he'd realized that he wasn't ready to be a parent. Phyllis expectantly asked if that meant he'd support her bid to get custody. He says no. He's changed his mind, and now agreed with Daniel that the baby should be placed far away from Genoa City. Phyllis reminded Kevin that they were the child's family, but Kevin said that family members often hurt people. He thought it would be best for the baby to be far away from Daisy, and never know about her roots, so she'd have a better chance not to turn out like her criminal relatives.

Jana went back to Daniel's with a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne for an early New Years toast. She was pleased to tell Daisy that she'd revised her statement at the police station, and that things were going just as planned. Daisy questioned whether Kevin knew about the deal, and Jana said he did. Daisy asked how he felt, and Jana lied and said that Kevin was thrilled about it, and looking forward to raising the baby with her. Daisy quickly got Jana to leave, telling her that Daniel would be back soon. Jana offered to come back tomorrow, but Daisy told her that she wouldn't need to. Daniel arrived soon after Jana left, and introduced Daisy to a U.S. Marshall whose job it was to take her to the hospital on New Years Day, then back to jail.

Back at the store, the detective told Sharon that he'd asked around, and no one had seen Skye. He also let her know that he'd spoken with Ronan, and knew Sharon was trying to clear her boyfriend's name. He accused Sharon of making up the story to help Adam. Sharon swore she wasn't lying, on her own life, and the lives of her children, but she couldn't convince the man that she wasn't making it up. He told her that if she'd bring him proof, he'd change his mind. Sharon was crushed, but asked what sort of proof. The man said that something belonging to Skye would help. Sharon turned to the store owner, and asked him to tell the detective about the perfume Skye had delivered. He pretended not to know what she was talking about. Sharon called him a liar, but the detective said that Sharon could have mailed the perfume there, herself. He let her know that she should go home, before she got accused of fraud.

Victor went to the beach house where Skye lived, doused it in gasoline, and set it on fire.

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