Friday Y&R Update 12/24/10

The Y&R Update Friday 12/24/10--Canada; Monday 12/27/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Jana stopped by Kevin's with some Yorkshire pudding that she made for him. Kevin wasn't very welcoming, and told her she shouldn't have done it. Jana promised that she was only trying to be a friend, not seduce him, and asked to come in. Kevin reluctantly allowed her into the apartment. They had dinner together, and talked about Kevin's Christmas celebration. He shared a story about Fen and his new bike. Kevin got up to pack up Jana's dish, so she could go, but Jana said she'd get it later, which caused Kevin to look displeased. She then bought more time by bringing up Daisy's baby, and telling Kevin that she'd been working on convincing Daisy that he would be a great father to her. Kevin said he knew, and that he was grateful for what she was doing.

Kevin sat on the floor and stared at the Christmas tree while holding the 'baby's first Christmas' ornament. He then called Michael and asked if he could come over to talk about something.

Daniel cleared his apartment of the decorations Daisy had put up. As he roughly tossed things into a box, Daisy asked what he was doing. Daniel told her that Christmas was over, and he didn't ask for his place to be cluttered with decorations, so he was cleaning up, and donating them to a shelter. Sounding hurt, Daisy said she was trying to do something nice for him, but Daniel snapped that they weren't a family, friends, or roommates, and that he wasn't happy to have her there. He then told her to get ready for her doctor's appointment, then went outside and let the guard know that they were going to be leaving. The guard said that he'd alert the alarm company.

Daniel wheeled Daisy into the hospital for her appointment, because she wasn't able to walk across the whole parking lot. He then found a seat to wait for her. Daisy hopefully asked if he'd come with her so he could hear the baby's heart beat, and see the ultrasound, but Daniel was firm about not being part of the appointment. Once Daisy was gone, Daniel noticed a pamphlet on adoption, and read it. After the appointment was over, the doctor told a shocked Daniel that Daisy could give birth any day now. When they arrived home, Daisy whined about Daniel not taking her out to eat, since she was stuck in the apartment all the time. Daniel wasn't moved, and told her that the court order didn't allow for that, and besides, there was plenty of food left over from Jana's meal.

Daisy then decided that they needed to talk about the baby. Daniel said that nothing had changed; the baby was going to a new family, and Daisy was going back to jail. In an arrogant tone, Daisy told Daniel that that wasn't happening at all, and that everything would change once he saw the child he helped make. Daniel told her she was wrong, and on cue, there was a knock at the door. Daniel had contacted the agency who created the adoption pamphlet, while waiting at the hospital, and they'd sent over a social worker. Daisy lost it, and began to scream that Daniel had no right to set up the meeting. The woman said she'd come back if/when Daisy and Daniel were sure about what to do. She then told them that a newborn could be left at any hospital or fire station – no questions asked. This sent Daisy into another rage, and she screamed that she would not be leaving her baby with strangers. The woman then left.

Daniel yelled at Daisy that they were running out of time, because she was going to jail, and he wasn't going to raise the child. Daisy started to cry, and said as the mother, she has a right to have a say in what happens. She then assured Daniel that he'd love the baby, because it was his daughter. Daniel said he was the father through no fault of his own, and that his only responsibility was to make sure she ended up in a loving home. He then yelled that he wanted the baby as far away as possible.

Daisy paced around the apartment, then asked the guard to use his phone. He wouldn't allow it, so she softened him up by getting him to talk about his wife's pregnancy cravings, then told him she was craving pizza, and wanted to order one. He allowed her to use it, and she placed an order. Jana arrived, her face hidden by a scarf and hood, and pretended to be a pizza delivery woman. She used a fake accent, and showed the guard the pizza, then went inside, removed her disguise, and grinned at Daisy.

Victor ran into Diane and Kyle at Crimson Lights. They chatted, and Diane told Victor that Kyle had been spending a lot of time with his father, and getting to know the Abbott side of his family. Victor then noticed Kyle's hockey gear, and told him about the frozen ponds on the ranch and said Kyle was welcome to come and play hockey on them anytime he liked. He also invited him to use the snowmobile, and ride the horses. Kyle was excited about it, but Diane was not. She sent Kyle away to get her a drink, and once he was gone, she accused Victor of using Kyle as a way to get her to move to the ranch, and told him that she already said she wasn't going to. Victor denied doing that, and said he was only trying to do something nice for Kyle, and that the decision was up to Diane.

Phyllis went to the tackhouse to pick up Summer. She greeted her daughter, then sent her upstairs to make sure she had all her things packed, because she had a sleep over and a movie to go to. While alone, Phyllis asked Nick about Victor going to Victoria's on Christmas. Nick said everyone was surprised that he came, and that he knew it must have been hard for his father, but that he thought things would go back to the way they were now that Christmas was over. Phyllis shared that she saw Victor at Adam's arraignment earlier, and that he seemed glad when the judge didn't grant Adam bail. Nick was happy to hear that Adam was still behind bars.

Adam, and Sharon spoke to Leslie in an interrogation room about his hearing. Sharon and Adam were disappointed that he wasn't let out on bail, but Leslie said that it wasn't granted because of his past. Adam was frustrated because he was behind bars for killing someone who was still alive, and he and Sharon told Leslie about someone having the rare perfume Skye used sent to a P.O. Box in Hawaii. Leslie wasn't optimistic about that helping his case, unless they had concrete proof that Skye was the one who bought it. She began to talk about hiring team of private investigators, but that wasn't good enough for Sharon. Sharon was adamant that it would take too long, and leapt up and said that she'd fly to Hawaii today if that's what it took to find Skye. She then made a call and booked a flight. Adam worried about what Sharon might be getting herself into, but both Sharon and Leslie felt that this was their best chance, because Skye might leave the area, and they'd lose their lead. Leslie then left the room. Sharon said she hated leaving Adam there, but this was their only chance. Adam feared what might happen to Sharon, since she didn't have back-up, but she reminded him that he'd always told her she was strong. Adam said he still felt that way, but would feel better if she had protection. He said he'd rather stay in jail than see her be hurt. Sharon reminded Adam that no one else was unbiased enough to help them, and that it was important that no one know where she was going, or Skye might be tipped off. Adam had Sharon promise not to approach or confront Skye, and to stick to taking pictures.

After saying 'I love you' to each other, Sharon assured Adam that she was going to find proof to help him, and left to catch her flight. Victor arrived, and asked to see Sharon. Adam pretended to look around the room, then said it was obvious that she wasn't there. Victor wanted to know why Sharon was with Adam. Adam smugly said that she wanted to be with him. Victor wanted to hear it from Sharon, and again asked where she was. When Adam wouldn't respond, Victor sternly told his son not to play games with him, because he wouldn't win. Adam mockingly told Victor that his threats didn't frighten him, because there was nothing else Victor could do that he hadn't done already after framing him for murder. Adam accused Victor of killing Walter Palin, and said it was ironic that he'd frame him for murder, when Walter was dead, and Skye was not. Victor said that he couldn't believe that Adam was nothing like Hope, who was a good person. Adam said that if he wasn't like his mother, it meant he was exactly like Victor, and could anticipate Victor's next move, and prove he set him up. Victor smirked and wished Adam luck, then left.

Once Adam was in his holding cell, Phyllis stopped by to taunt him. They exchanged insults, and Adam said he provided evidence that Skye was alive, and Phyllis twisted it to get him thrown into jail. Phyllis said she never agreed to prove him innocent; only to keep an open mind. Adam said he wouldn't have been stupid enough to leave bloody clothes lying in the open, or to show people a picture of Skye in those clothes. Phyllis was unconvinced, and said he was desperate. Adam said he was desperate when he trusted Phyllis, but Phyllis corrected him and said that they were both using each other, and that she won. She then mentioned that she was there to do research for her next article on him being in prison where he belonged. Phyllis asked Adam for graphic details on how he got rid of the body. Adam maintained that Skye was alive, and tricking them all. Phyllis said that she'd write an article about it if he gave her proof. Adam assured her that the truth would be out soon. Phyllis pumped Adam for information about who was gathering the proof, but he wouldn't share. Phyllis then asked about Sharon's whereabouts, then pieced together that she has gone after Skye. She tried to get Adam to tell her where Sharon was, by telling him that Sharon was vapid, and no match for Skye, while she (Phyllis) had dealt with people like Skye, and could help. Adam wasn't swayed, and said Phyllis underestimated Sharon.

Sharon stopped by Nick's to see Faith on her way out of town. He was very cold toward her, and told her that Faith was with Nikki. Sharon told Nick that she was leaving town to clear her head, and attempted to give him her contact information. Nick told her that he was sure he wouldn't need to contact her. Sharon seemed taken aback, and said she had to go. Nick wished her a safe flight, in an indifferent tone, and she left.

Victor went to Nick's and Nick told him how happy he made the family when he stopped by on Christmas. Victor said he felt that he had to do it, then asked about Sharon. Victor looked alarmed when Nick told him that Sharon caught a flight out of town. He asked Nick if he thought the trip could have something to do with Adam, but Nick said he didn't know.

In Hawaii, Skye stopped at a store, picked up some mail, and asked the owner for some groceries and a current newspaper.

Diane tried to do work on her laptop, but Kyle distracted her by begging her to let him go to the ranch. She changed the subject to it being time for him to go to hockey practice, and walked him to the door. Diane reminded Kyle that Jack was picking him up, and cautioned him not to say anything about Victor inviting him to the ranch. Kyle said he wouldn't because he'd heard the gossip and knew Victor and his father were 'arch-enemies.' When Kyle left, Diane went back inside the coffeehouse, and bumped into Nick. Nick said he'd been thinking about her, and asked if she'd like to come by his place later. Diane replied that she might, but she was swamped with work. She then told Nick that Victor had her working on a project for an office in Osaka, and possibly on a renovation of the east wing of the Ranch. Nick. Nick flashed a smile, and smoothly suggested that she could stop by his place for 'lunch' if she ended up working at the ranch. Diane smiled, and said that she could.

At the Ranch, Victor made some phone calls, and put a tracker on Sharon's credit card charges. He then learned that Sharon bought a plane ticket, and told them to keep him updated about any hotel reservations or car rentals, as well, and to let him know about anything she charged.

Diane went to the ranch, and said that Victor's offer for her and Kyle to stay at the ranch over his break was a nice gesture, but that she was going to surprise Kyle with a short trip back to Toronto, instead. Victor said it was for the best, because he had an urgent business issue to attend to.

After Diane left, Victor had the jet get ready to fly to Hawaii.

Diane went to Nick's and told him she was free for lunch. He let her inside, and they kissed passionately.

Leslie went to speak to Adam, and let him know that Sharon landed in Hawaii, and was on her way to the post office where the perfume was delivered. She then told him that with Sharon being on an island, it might be awhile before they hear from her again. Adam expressed his dislike for the plan, but Leslie said Sharon was determined, and wouldn't have let them stand in her way. Adam responded that his fate was now in Sharon's hands.

Sharon entered the same store Skye was in earlier, and found the P.O. Box where the perfume was delivered. She then spoke to Koa, the same man who assisted Skye, showed him a picture of her, and asked if he'd seen her before.

Daniel bumped into Phyllis and Summer at the coffeehouse. Summer chattered about the bag she'd packed her clothes in, which Daniel bought her for Christmas. Summer's ride for the sleepover arrived, and she left. Phyllis put an arm around her son, and asked what was wrong. Daniel shared that Daisy was due to deliver the baby much sooner than they thought, and he was frustrated because she refused to help come up with a plan for what would happen to the child once it was born. He tells Phyllis about Daisy's reaction to the social worker from the adoption agency, and says Daisy is convinced that she's going to raise the child with Phyllis. Phyllis agreed that Daisy was delusional, and sympathized with Daniel, and the baby. Daniel said that he was struggling to figure out the right choice, and get things in place before the baby was born. He started to talk a mile a minute, and was becoming overwhelmed. Phyllis calmed him down, and told him she'd consult a lawyer to find out Daisy's rights. She told her son that he wouldn't have to go through this alone, which Daniel was happy to hear. Phyllis then told him that she wanted to adopt the baby. Daniel's mouth dropped open in shock.

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