Monday Y&R Update 12/20/10

The Y&R Update Monday 12/20/10--Canada; Tuesday 12/21/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Chloe went to Crimson Lights and had an strained run in with Kevin. She place an order, and he took it, but it was clear that that they were both barely on speaking terms. Katherine arrived, noticed the tenseness, and reminded them that she expected both of them to come to dinner. Chloe said she'd be there, due to Esther, and Kevin tried to get out of it, but Kay wouldn't take no for an answer. She left after telling Kevin that she'd see him there.

Jana went to Daniel's and brought a bag full of groceries to cook a romantic Christmas dinner for Daisy to present to Daniel. Daisy began to talk about being the mother of his child, but Jana corrected her, and reminded her that she (Jana) would be the baby's mom, and Kevin would be the father. Kevin arrived unexpectedly, and was surprised to find Jana there, cooking dinner. Jana made up an excuse about cooking for Daisy because she couldn't have a Christmas elsewhere. Daisy jumped in, and said that the truth was that Jana was trying to use food to persuade her to give Kevin the baby, and that she was considering doing it. Kevin was glad to hear it, and grateful that Jana was working on his behalf. He gave Daisy a gift – a scented heating pad. She thanked him, and said she probably wouldn't get any other gifts. Kevin recognized the scent of one of Jana's dishes, and said offhand that he missed her cooking. Jana invited him to stay and have some, but Kevin said he had to go to the Chancellor's. He then offered to go with Daisy to her doctor's appointments if she wanted him to. She smiled, and said maybe he could. Once Kevin left, Jana smiled, and said that he missed her. Daisy said that it was too bad Jana wasn't having dinner with him, like she was with Daniel. This gave Jana an idea.

Daisy decorated a gingerbread house, while Jana worked on making a card with snowmen on the front. Daisy showed Jana her work, and was proud when Jana told her she did a good job. Jana made sure her card project looked to be created by a child. She then got ready to leave, and told Daisy that Daniel would assume she was the one who made the dinner. After Jana was gone, Daisy talked to her baby about 'Daddy' coming home soon. She then fixed her hair, to get ready for his arrival.

Ronan and Heather ran into each other at the coffeehouse. It was the first time they'd seen each other since sleeping together. Ronan brought up Heather leaving without saying goodbye, and asked if she ditched him. Heather smiled, and said no. She asked if he was going to Christmas dinner at the Chancellors, but he said he had to work. Heather was disappointed, and Ronan started to say that there'd be other dinners, but caught himself, which put a damper on the mood. Heather went in the building to order a drink, and Ronan took a call from his doctor, who told him that he needed to make a decision on what to do soon. While looking in at Heather, he told him that he was willing to do whatever it took to get a liver transplant, but knew his chances of finding a match were slim. The doctor told him that getting a partial liver from a relative was his best chance, but Ronan said it wasn't an option.

Neil and Sofia finished up some business for Tucker at Neil's home. He then looked at the time, and realized he needed to start cooking. Sofia teased him about it, then when she got up, Neil noticed a gift she brought. With a shy smile, she told him it was for him, and told him to open it while they were alone. It was a book on gravy. They began to joke around about who was the better gravy maker, when Malcolm showed up. They greeted him warmly, and he asked where everyone else was. Neil told him that Roxy and Devon went to see Anna, and that Lily would be by later. Neil went to get drinks, and Malcolm and Sofia started cuddling. Neil saw them, and looked envious.

At the Chancellor home, Jill came downstairs, and voiced her disapproval about the tree not being decorated yet. Nina told her that they were going to decorate it on Christmas Eve, because that was the way Murphy traditionally did it. Jill mildly griped about Kay choosing to do it that way, and making everyone to go along with it. There was a knock at the door, and to Jill's surprise, it was Colin, carrying a gift bag. The gift was a date book, which Jill loved. He gave her a pencil, and told her to pencil him in thirty times. She offered him a drink, but he declined, as he could see that she was on her way out. He gave her a quick kiss, and left. Kay and Chloe came in immediately afterward, and wanted to know who Colin was. Jill was short with Kay, and only told her that he was a friend, before walking out. Kay and Chloe went into the living room, and found Nina and Murphy with the decorations for the tree. Chloe was glad to see them, since Jill had been complaining about the bare tree all week. Chloe learned that Katherine wanted her and Kevin to decorate the tree together, and sullenly said that it wasn't going to patch up their friendship. Kay waved away her objection, and told her it was only a tree. Paul arrived with gifts, and kissed Nina hello. He let everyone know that Heather wouldn't be there, because she had something urgent to take care of.

Kevin went to the Chancellor's, and Chloe let him in. He brought a gift for Delia, and learned that she was with Billy. Kevin said that Kay could be a pain, but they both loved her, and were going to have dinner there together, because it would make her happy. Kay came in, and told Kevin that he and Chloe would be decorating the tree together. Kevin looked nervous about spending time with Chloe, but Chloe told him that they didn't need to talk to get the job done. They bickered about how to decorate, until Kay came in, and forced them to get very close for a picture.

Paul and Nina talked in the dining room about how it would be nice if Ronan and Heather were there. Nina felt bad imagining Ronan spending Christmas alone. After the tree was decorated, everyone went to the living room to admire it. Chloe and Kevin began to squabble over who deserved credit for what. Nina let them know that Ester wanted everyone to come to dinner, and everyone except Chloe and Kevin left. Kevin was still complaining about the tree, but Chloe told him that he was really angry because of how it went when he told her the truth about his feelings. They started to argue about that, but Nina interrupted, and let them know Jana was there to see them. Jana pretended that the card she made was created by Delia, and gave it to Chloe. Chloe seemed suspicious, and told Jana that she made it, then explained that she meant Jana helped Delia make it. Chloe thanked her, and was polite, but not welcoming to Jana. When Jana turned to leave, Chloe said goodbye, but Kevin stepped in and asked her to stay. Jana happily said yes, and Kevin walked her into the dining room. He glared back at Chloe as he left.

Cane and Lily took the children to the park, and bumped into Daniel. Lily was glad to see him, because she wanted to talk. Cane excused himself to go to the office, and said he'd meet Lily at Neil's. Both of the babies started fussing, and Lily gave the child she was holding to Daniel, while going to tend to the other one. Daniel took Matilda, but it was obvious that he was uncomfortable.

Lily gives Daniel a pep talk, and tells him to try and enjoy the holiday, and remember that his troubles will be over soon. Daisy will be gone, and the baby will have a new family. Daniel feels like a jerk for not wanting the baby, but Lily tells him he's being brave to want the best for her, and that he'll be a great father some day if he chooses too. She left to see her father. Daniel sat, head hanging, on the bench, when Abby spotted him. They had an awkward short chat about their holiday plans. Abby was going to Jack's and Daniel was going to Phyllis'. Abby started to leave, but Daniel stopped her, and asked her to get a drink with him. They went to Gloworm, and talked about the changes in their lives. Abby was worn down by constantly going to depositions, and no longer being the care-free Naked Heiress. Daniel told her that it would all be over soon, and that Daisy would be gone, the baby would have a new home, and he'd finally get a chance to ask Abby to be with him again. He told her that it was all he wanted, and leaned in for a kiss. Abby hesitated, but eventually gave in, and kissed him. Daniel hinted at going someplace private, but Abby said she wasn't going to be with him, because nothing had changed since they broke up. Daniel said he still wanted Abby, and that he'd only want her more when Daisy was gone. He asked that she wait for him. Abby pointed out that things change, and that they can't predict the future. She says he might decide to keep the baby. Daniel disagrees that he'll change his mind, and promises to win Abby back. As they left the restaurant, Daniel kissed her under the mistletoe.

Daisy sat and waited for Daniel, but as time went on, and she realized he wasn't coming, she swept the gingerbread house off of the table in a fit of rage.

Ronan sat alone on his bed, when Heather dropped by with food. He asked if she shouldn't be with her family, but she told him she was where she wanted to be. They had a nice dinner, and Ronan opened up a bit about his past. He talked about his childhood, and his mother liking to take pictures of him making snow angels. Heather told him that Nina didn't want to replace the mother who raised him; she only wanted to get to know him. Ronan was reluctant to do that after what she went through with Chance. Heather said she knew her loss didn't compare to Nina's, but that she was glad to have Ronan in her life, no matter what came next. Ronan reminded her that at best, what came next would be lots of doctors and hospital stays, and asked if she was sure she wanted to be a part of it. Heather pointed out that he was moderately healthy now, and that she was enjoying herself. They began to joke around, and Heather took him by the hand, and led him outside.

Cane arrived at Neil's and found him, Sofia, Malcolm, and Jill there. He was later than expected, and explained that he had work to do, but was ready to party, and sing. His offer to sing a song cleared the room of everyone but Sofia. She confronted him about what he was really doing, because she knew he didn't have as much work as he was pretending to. They stepped outside to talk. Cane made up a cover story, and explained that the work at McCall was difficult for him, because he was a bartender at heart, not a businessman. He told her that he worked hard every day to stay afloat at work, and begged her not to tell Tucker. Sofia looked concerned, but before she had the chance to respond, Malcolm came out and told him that Lily and the twins were there. Cane went inside to see them. Malcolm could tell that something was wrong, and asked, but Sofia pretended to be worried about Neil's cooking. He bought the story, and they began to kiss. Once everyone was inside, Lily and Cane opened Malcolm and Sofia's gifts to the babies – gold name bracelets that they ordered while ring shopping. Jill asked if they set a date, and Sofia announced that they were getting married on Valentines Day. This seems to bother Neil a bit. Jill finds a present for the twins ( a play kitchen )from 'Father Christmas' and asks Cane if it is an Australian phrase. Cane denies it, but is shaken up. He makes up an excuse to leave, then placed a call to Colin, telling him that they need to talk.

Neil and Sofia chatted in the kitchen about the gravy recipe, and he brought up her upcoming wedding. Sofia said she loved the romance of getting married on Valentines Day.

Cane met Colin in the park and told him to stay away from his kids. Colin protested, saying that the babies are his family, but Cane was firm, and wouldn't back down. Colin told Cane that he only had a little bit of time left before he had to return to Australia, and resume his life working for him. Cane said his life is in Genoa City now.

Heather and Ronan went to the park, and talked. He said he enjoyed the day so far, but didn't get into the holidays anymore, since his parents died. Heather told him that he hasn't lost everyone, then challenged him to a snowball fight. After the fight, Heather challenged him to see who'll get cold first, and they both strip off their coats, and layers of shirts. Heather raised the stakes and got on the ground and made snow angels while in a tank top. Ronan declared her the winner, then joined her. They collapsed in a fit of laughter. They then went to Crimson Lights, and Heather gave him a gift of two movie vouchers. She then let him know that one of the tickets was for her, which made Ronan laugh. He felt bad because he didn't know they were exchanging gifts, but Heather smiled and told him that there was one thing she wanted. Heather's wish was for Ronan to go to the Chancellor home with her for dinner. When they arrived, Nina opened the door, and was overjoyed to see them.

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