Friday Y&R Update 12/17/10

The Y&R Update Friday 12/17/10--Canada; Monday 12/20/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Deacon and Nikki had coffee together at Crimson Lights after their Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Nikki received her 60-day chip at the meeting, and told Deacon that she felt like she was in a good place. Deacon was happy he was there to see her get her chip, and Nikki was glad, as well. She credited Deacon for being the one to start her on the road to recovery. Deacon expected to receive a chip soon as well, and asked Nikki if she'd be there to see him get it. Nikki loved the idea. Deacon let her know he was still open to them building a relationship, that they spend time together more often, but Nikki was firm that they would stick to going to meetings together, and coffee afterward, but other than that, no dating, or sleeping together for six months, as per the AA guidelines. Deacon pointed out that it's not just about the sex for him. Nikki brought up the mistakes she made recently. Deacon tried to pin them on Meggie, but Nikki took responsibility, and said that she could have gotten help, but didn't. Now that she was back on track, she was going to follow every rule on the road to recovery. Deacon found that admirable, and said it made her even more attractive. He joked about needing a drink, which made her smile. Nikki told him that they'd see where they stood in six months. Deacon thought it should be four, since they were two months sober, but she said she might need the extra time to get over the wrong things that he'd done. Deacon hoped she remembered his good qualities. He gave her a peck on the cheek, and said goodbye.

Nick and Diane cuddled after having sex on the floor of Victor's home. As they began to start another session, they noticed headlights, and Nick realized his father was home, which made Diane panic. They quickly got dressed, and she slipped out the back door just before Victor entered. Nick grabbed Diane's shoes, but she left without them. Victor was surprised to find Nick, who was still buttoning his shirt, in his home. Victor announced that he knew Nick had a woman there. Nick tried to leave, but Victor wanted to talk. He told Nick that the woman didn't have to leave, but Nick explained that she was uncomfortable. Victor asked if it was Sharon, and Nick let him know that it was not. He kicked himself for not following his instincts, which told him that Sharon still had feelings for Adam. Victor was all caught up on what was going on, due to Phyllis' article. He asked about Faith, and Nick let him know that he had her, and wasn't letting Sharon see her unsupervised. Nick said that he was going to be there for kids, and Victor let his son know that he'd be there for him, too.

Nick explained that Adam hasn't been arrested, because the evidence wasn't strong enough, and told Victor that Adam was claiming that Victor framed him, and helped Skye leave. Victor shook his head, at what he called Adam's lack of accountability. Victor believed that Adam would pay, but wished he'd been there to convince Sharon to stay away from him. Nick said it was too late for her, that she'd been warned to stay away from Adam by several people, and that Victor couldn't have changed things. Nick then opened up, and told Victor that he wished he'd been there for him, because he needed some support. Nick felt that he'd been there for Victor when no one else had, and was disappointed that Victor wasn't there when he needed him. He accused Victor of running out on his family. Victor was stunned, because he didn't see it that way. He said he didn't walk out on them, he entrusted Nick with Newman Enterprises, which should be a source of pride for Nick. Nick scoffed, which caused Victor to compare him to Victoria. This angered Nick, and he leapt to his feet and told Victor off. He said he was not like Abby, Victoria, or Adam. Nick said he was always there while Victor went off on his trips, and it would be nice if Victor supported him. Confused, Victor asked what he was talking about. Nick said he'd tell him at work, and stormed out.

Diane witnessed the kiss, and sniped at Nikki about her 'boyfriend' being so young. She told her she'd gone from chasing sugar daddies to being a sugar mama. Nikki turned the tables, and asked if Diane had a sugar daddy herself, since she had no job, or husband to support her. She got her answer when the waiter informed Diane that her credit card was declined. He then cut it in half. Embarrassed, Diane made up a story about her card having issues due to her being out of town, then dug through her purse looking for cash to pay her bill. Nikki smirked and threw money on the counter to pay for Diane's order, and left. Diane paid the waiter, gave him a nice tip, then went out to the patio, and sat, looking dejected. Nick arrived, and sat down with her. He told her that Victor didn't see her, and they joked around about Diane leaving so quickly that she forgot her shoes, and had to borrow pair that the maid left by the door. Nick had Diane's shoes with him, and placed them on her feet. They agree to be discreet if they ever got together again, and not let their children find out, for fear of traumatizing Kyle with more personal details of Diane's life, or Summer telling Phyllis, and Phyllis writing a story on it. Nick assured Diane that she wouldn't have to worry about the news getting out.

Nikki went to the ranch with a miniature Christmas tree, and asked Victor if she could come in. He agreed, but did not seem happy to see her. She placed the tree on a table, and plugged it in. Victor asked how she knew he was home, and she said Michael let her know, and that she'd gotten all her things out of the house. She then asked about his Christmas plans, saying she was concerned he'd be alone. She invited him to the family dinner, but he said he'd be fine. Nikki then told him about seeing Diane get her credit card cut up at the coffeehouse, and talked about how Victor was better off than some were this Christmas. When Victor didn't join into the conversation, Nikki left. Victor stared at the tree, then called Diane and invited her to come to the ranch. Diane agreed to meet him, and hung up. She then told Nick that Victor sounded very mysterious. Nick and Diane shared a polite goodbye, and she left to see Victor.

Nick went to Gloworm, and Ran into Nikki there. He suggested that they leave, because Deacon was there, but Nikki said he wouldn't bother them. They didn't go into detail, but shared with each other that they didn't have a great reunion with Victor. Nikki again mentioned being concerned about Victor spending Christmas alone, but she knew there was nothing they could do about it.

Diane went to the ranch to see Victor. He asked her if she had a job yet. She stammered about having some leads, and brought up having an offer from Tucker, but losing it when he saw the article Phyllis wrote. Victor offered her a job working very closely with him on a project. Diane smiled, and asked if he wanted her for her skills, or as a way to bother Jack. Victor did not respond to that, but asked if she wanted the job or not. Diane wanted to think about it, but he told her he needed an answer soon.

Leslie went to Adam and Sharon's motel room to give them an update on his case. She told them that the police were already aware of the couple on the freight elevator, and were investigating the possibility that Skye might be faking her death again. Leslie asked if Adam had any pictures of Skye with the handbag, and in the shoes, but he didn't know, and was doubtful that he did. Sharon learned that Skye's special perfume was at the station, and was hopeful that she might order more soon, and they could track her down, that way. Adam was focused on finding Skye, but Leslie told him that he might not have to do that to stay out of prison. With the picture, Skye's history, and motive, the case was now weak enough that Leslie didn't believe the prosecutor would take it to trial. After Leslie left, they talked about the break in the case. Sharon was thrilled, but Adam, less so. He was still concerned about clearing his name, and helping her get Faith back. Sharon pointed out that if the charges were dropped, it would be easier for them to find Skye. Sharon assured him that she believed he didn't kill Skye, and that he didn't have to worry about proving it to her. Adam said that her belief in him was all that mattered. Sharon was fired up about tracking down Skye through the perfume. She asked Adam several questions about it, and learned that it was no longer manufactured, and that he didn't know the name, because Skye stored it in an antique perfume holder. He didn't know where she bought it, either.

Sharon then asked if he had anything of Skye's that still held the scent. Adam remembered that he still had Skye's clothes, and that some of them probably still had traces of the perfume on it. Sharon decided to use that to help track the manufacturer. Adam made a plan to call Phyllis and have her run the picture of Skye in the elevator. He then thanked God that he had Sharon, and planted a kiss on her.

In the alley, Jack and Phyllis went through the duffel bag they found, and discovered that it contained a dress, purse (the same one on the Club elevator footage), and shoes. Phyllis told Jack that he was right – Adam could have quickly killed Skye, hid the body, and gotten on the bus to New Orleans in time. She was excited about the scoop, and wanted to call Billy and take pictures of the evidence for the magazine, but Jack insisted that the police go through the bag first. He reminded her that her article wasn't as important as making sure Adam was convicted. They then go to the police station and turn the bag and its contents over to Ronan. They explain that they were retracing Adam's route, and timing it. They tell him that the clothes the woman in the picture from the elevator was wearing are in the bag, and that Adam would have had enough time to kill her, and arrive at the bus terminal on time. Ronan comments that it wouldn't leave Adam a lot of time, but Phyllis and Jack tell him that Adam works well on a tight schedule. Ronan thanks them. Phyllis tried to find out what the cops' next move would be, but Ronan smiled, and refused to comment. Back at her place, Phyllis brought up how Jack was right in thinking that Adam would slip up and lead them to the evidence against him. Jack said that Adam inherited Victor's arrogance, but not his diabolical intelligence. She was bothered that Ronan didn't seem to think the evidence was a big deal, but Jack was sure that Ronan was only keeping cool and calm about it, because she was a member of the press, and that Ronan wouldn't pass up the chance to arrest Adam. Jack and Phyllis leaned in for a kiss but were interrupted by a phone call from Adam.

Adam wanted Phyllis to run the picture of Skye and Victor in Restless Style. Phyllis reeled Adam in by asking him if he was positive that the bag and shoes in the photo belonged to Skye. When Adam said he was, Phyllis sprung the news on him that the bag, shoes, and dress were found bloodied, and in a bag near the bus station. She told him that she'd be running a story about it. Adam was stunned, then got a knock at the door. It was Ronan, there to take him in for questioning. Phyllis taunted Adam about spending the holidays in jail, and he hung up on her.

Jack wondered about the holes in Adam's case. He asked Phyllis why Skye would leave with Adam, after he hurt her enough to draw blood. Phyllis guessed that Skye might have thought she could gain control once she was outside the room. Jack wondered where Adam hid the body. Phyllis thought about it, and said she thought Adam might have thought Skye's faking her death would create reasonable doubt. Sad over the loss of his friend, Jack somberly said that although Skye had her faults, she didn't deserve what Adam did to her. There was a knock on the door, and they opened it to find Sharon, who explained she was looking for Jack. She was still eager to track down Skye's perfume, and wanted him to take Skye's sweater to Jabot, and ask his lab to analyze the scent on it. When Phyllis called Sharon's investigation a 'wild goose chase,' Sharon lit into her about not knowing what she was talking about.

Phyllis coolly told Sharon to call Adam, because his luck had changed. Sharon called Adam and learned that he was at the station again. She hung up, and told him she was on her way. Sharon then tore into Phyllis about not keeping up with their deal to share information with each other. Phyllis and Jack were surprised, and pointed out that this was a murder investigation, and they weren't going to give evidence to Adam. Sharon wasn't taken in by the new information, and said that it's all a hoax. Phyllis and Sharon argued about the video of Skye in the elevator. Sharon believed it proves that Adam is innocent, but Phyllis felt that it just proves he didn't kill Skye in the room. Phyllis told Sharon that she can't face that her 'boyfriend' is a killer. While they argued, Jack sniffed the sweater Sharon brought him. As Sharon started off, saying she'd prove Adam's innocence on her own, Jack remembered the name of the scent, and told Sharon that it was called 'Galibier.' Sharon rushed out, with her new lead. Mystified, Phyllis asked Jack why he did it. She then laid her head on his shoulder, and talked about how hard it is for him to resist helping Sharon, but reminded him that helping Sharon means helping Adam. Jack didn't believe the information would help, because Skye was dead. He did say though, that if Sharon and Adam were right, and a part of him hoped they were, that he wanted to know that Skye was alive and okay. Jack felt that it would be okay if Adam went to jail for a crime he didn't commit since he wouldn't be serving time for the crimes he did commit.

At the police station, Ronan tossed the evidence bags containing Skye's clothes on the desk in front of Adam, and told him to tell them what really happened to her. Ronan told Adam that it could be him in the picture with Skye. Adam repeated his story that Skye wasn't dead, and said that perhaps Phyllis, Jack or Victor planted them. Ronan said it was more believable that Adam roughed Skye up, and she died. Ronan pointed out that Adam had no alibi. Sharon arrived, and walked in as Ronan was walking out. He told her that Adam wasn't under arrest yet, but might be soon. Adam was frustrated by the way things were going, but Sharon told him that they would find a way to prove he was being framed.

Sharon told Adam that she found the name of the fragrance, and that the manufacturer stopped making it in the 80s, and it's only still sold in Monaco, as it was a favorite of Princess Grace. Adam was relieved, but not for long, as Ronan told him that the DA decided to file charges. He then read Adam his rights, and arrested him. Sharon talked over Ronan, and promised to find Skye, and clear Adam.

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