Tuesday Y&R Update 12/7/10

The Y&R Update Tuesday 12/7/10--Canada; Wednesday 12/8/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Billy comes home, and swoops in to kiss Victoria, who leans away. She hasn't been feeling well since this morning. He asks if it could be morning sickness.

Jill and Lily are in Trumbles together, talking about Christmas. Lily is looking forward to experiencing it as a mother, and Jill shares memories of Philip III, and Billy as children on Christmas. Lily wishes Cane had memories like that from his childhood. Jill says he's making them with his new family. Lily says that Cane is taking time off to help pick out a tree, which she's glad about, because he's been working a lot lately. She hopes that he'll have some down time during Christmas.

Sophia goes to Cane's home, and gives him a new assignment that he and Blake are to finish as soon as possible. Cane, who was just taking a break from working on something when she got there, looks overwhelmed by all the extra work he'll have to do himself, but covers, and says he's up for it. Sophia mentions that McCall is doing a background check on Blake, which alarms Cane. He asks what's wrong, and Sophia says it's just a routine thing, and that Neil suggested it. Cane politely shoos Sophia, saying he has to meet Lily. When she's gone, he calls Blake. Blake's at Gloworm, and is annoyed to see Cane calling him. Cane says they have a problem, and Blake says to meet him at the restaurant, and ends the call. Blake is sitting with Colin, an older man with an Australian accent. He tells Colin that Cane will have a lot more trouble when he realizes Colin is in town. Gloria comes over to refill their drinks, and Colin is very polite to her, and tells her he's new in town.

Cane goes to see Blake, and tells him about the background check. Blake coolly says that everything has been taken care of. He noticed that Tucker was suspicious, and the people he's working for have arranged for people to pose as James Collier's references, and give him glowing recommendations. Colin, who's sitting at another table, out of sight, listens in with a sinister expression.

Chloe comes home from work and finds Kevin playing with Delia. She says that the magazine isn't ready, because Phyllis is still writing her article, but it's not her problem. She's bought costumes for them to wear, and tells him and Delia that the three of them are going to pick out a Christmas tree. The place selling them also has a Santa to take photos with. They go to the tree farm, and run into Mika, a woman that Chloe knows, who's going to be the photographer. Mika says that Katherine Chancellor persuaded her to do it, and it's for a good cause. Jana gets to the farm, and asks about a tree to take to her preschool. While she's waiting, she spots Kevin and Chloe kidding around. Delia is in Kevin's arms, and He puts a friendly arm around Chloe. Jana watches them, then walks away, looking hurt.

Chloe, Kevin and Delia get their pictures taken in their 'tacky' costumes (Chloe is doing a spin on the 'It's A Wonderful Life' movie, about a world without fashion stylists.) They take a variety of pictures with, and without Delia in them. The poses with Delia include them holding, and playing with her, and her having a great time. Jana lurks and spies on them. She then goes to a payphone, puts on a fake accent, and calls Child Protective Services, and tells them where she is, and without using names, she tells them that she saw Chloe and Kevin getting inappropriate pictures taken of Delia.

Sophia goes to the tree farm, and admires the pictures Chloe and Kevin had taken. Gloria arrives, and orders some wreaths for Gloworm. She notices Jana watching Kevin and Chloe, and asks if she's okay. Jana clearly isn't, but says she is. They watch Kevin realize that he Chloe and Delia are under the mistletoe. He leans in as if to kiss Chloe, then kisses Delia on the cheek instead. He then spots Jana, and Gloria, and goes over to him. Jana is acting very uncomfortable, and mentions that she saw him getting his picture taken. Kevin says that Chloe loves it, and Jana cryptically, and coldly says that she understands why Chloe would when she has children over her own. She then leaves. Kevin and Gloria both think that it was creepy. Delia and Chloe come over carrying ornaments. Chloe has one that says 'baby's first Christmas' that she got with Kevin and Daisy's daughter in mind. Gloria isn't pleased that he still planning to raise his niece. Kevin says he is serious about it, and even talked to a lawyer.

Phyllis and Daisy sit on Phyllis' couch. Phyllis asks how Daisy slept, and Daisy says it's the best sleep she's had in months. Daniel comes by, because he's picking up Summer, and needs note from Phyllis to do it. The baby kicks, and Daisy has Phyllis feel it. Daisy beams at Daniel, and says that maybe it's because the baby heard his voice. Phyllis serves Daisy food on a tray. Daniel thinks Phyllis is doting on Daisy, but Daisy says it's for 'his' baby. Phyllis is sure to take the utensils from Daisy, before she gets a chance to use them. She then rushes out to go to work at Restless Style without giving Daniel the note for Summer. She tells him where to find it on her way out, and leaves him with Daisy. Daisy says that it's too bad Summer can't go home, because she'd never hurt her. Daniel is sarcastic, and points out that she tried to kill Summer's mother.

Daisy gets emotional, and with tears in her eyes, tells Daniel that she was brainwashed into doing that. He brings up her drugging him, and sleeping with him. Daisy admits it, and says that it wasn't part of Sarah's plot, but was something she did because she wanted to know what it was like to feel loved, just for a moment, even though she knew drugging him was wrong. Daisy tries to connect with Daniel over the baby, asking if he ever pictures their child. Daniel has had enough, and says that they're not going to pretend that they planned the baby. He says he hopes the baby has a great life, but he doesn't intend to be a part of it. He then leaves to get Summer. Kevin arrives, and Daisy thinks he's looking for Daniel, but he says he's there to see her. They talk about her living arrangements, and Daisy sniffles about it being worse than jail, because there, no one knew her well enough to hate her. She says that she's alone, and that Sarah was messed up, but she cared, and she used to always have Ryder with her, but now no one cares about her. Kevin says that she does still have her brother.

Phyllis meets with Billy at Jimmy's to talk about her article. She's enthusiastic about it, but he's not completely on board, because the article was supposed to be about proving that they weren't soft on Adam, and not Sharon. Phyllis says that she covered the main points on Adam being a murderer, and that Sharon put herself in the middle. She points out that she knows Billy's first concern when he heard Adam was free was about Ashley, but that Sharon didn't think about her, or about Faith. Phyllis says that the article will be a big seller. Billy knows it will, but says that while he'll take a little flack for it, Phyllis will take a lot from Sharon's friends, including Jack, Victor, and Nick. Phyllis knows, and doesn't care. She says that the article is true, and she's ready for the backlash. She shows Billy the cover, which isn't shown, but from Billy's expression it is sure to cause a stir. Billy hesitates for awhile, then sends the article to the printers. He asks about Daisy, and Phyllis says that things are going well, and that she made sure Daisy knew where she stands. She says she's protecting her grandchild (last word said in a whisper) Billy wonders whether Daisy would really follow the rules. He points out that both he and Phyllis are upstanding people, who would kill for their kids, so what would a crazy person like Daisy, who had a bad upbringing do. Phyllis picks up on the plural of 'kids,' and Billy says that it's a possibility that he has a child on the way.

Cane meets Lily, Jill and the babies outside the bookstore. They didn't have the book Lily wanted for the twins. Jill is all set to use her contacts to get in touch with the publisher, but Lily laughs and says that the grandparents are all going overboard. Neil is in NY, and Lily had to remind him not to bring back tons of huge things for the babies. Jill gushes about it being the kids' first Christmas, and starts to take the babies to the tree farm, which is around the corner. A toy falls out of the stroller, and Blake picks it up, and calls out to them, then gives it back. Cane is rattled to see him, and says it's like he's following them, but says it in a joking manner. Blake says he's there for a book. Lily is delighted to see him, and introduces him to Jill, then tells him they're on their way to get a tree. Cane and his family leave, and Cane looks back and gives Blake a glare before he goes. Blake then pulls out a phone, and tells the person on the other end that Cane is at the tree lot. Blake and Colin go to the lot, and watch Cane, Lily, Charlie, Matilda, Jill, and Sophia having family photos taken. Blake fills Colin in on Jill's relationship with Cane. They talk about how Cane is now a family-man, but his loyalties are with the wrong family.

Victoria goes to the bookstore to get the same book Lily wanted, for Reed, and finds out that there aren't any left. She chats a bit with a woman, before the woman's young son runs up, and pulls her away so he can see the trains. It's clear that it makes her think about not having Reed. She starts looking at other books when Delia goes up to her. Victoria picks her up, and calls her 'my girl.' Chloe overhears and gets miffed. She says that Delia is her child, and asks her not to call her that. Victoria feels sick, and puts Delia down. Chloe pulls Delia away, and scolds Victoria for touching Delia while she's sick. Victoria says it's not contagious. Chloe catches on that she thinks she's pregnant.

Daniel and Summer go to the tree farm. Summer finds one she likes, and wants to take it to her mom's house. Daniel reminds her that they can't go there, and tells her that Phyllis isn't home, because she's taking care of a person who's like the Grinch, who's good at making people unhappy. He asks if Summer is enjoying being with Nick and Faith. Summer sadly says she misses her mother. Daniel hugs her.

Kevin asks Daisy if she's thought about letting him raise the baby. Daisy can't picture giving her up, but Kevin says that a good parent has to sacrifice at times. He points out that he's family, and wouldn't hold the baby's heritage against her. Phyllis comes in, and realizes what they're talking about. She doesn't approve, says the offer is sweet, but there are people who can do a better job. She says he has a bad history. Kevin shoots back that Phyllis has a history as well, and was once declared an unfit mother, so shouldn't throw stones.

Daniel goes to Phyllis' house with Summer, and the tree she picked out. Summer runs in and hugs Phyllis, who's shocked, but holds it together long enough to send Summer to her room to pack more things. Once she's gone, she confronts Daniel. Daniel says Summer misses her, and needs to be with her over the holidays. He knows Daisy can't go back to jail, and reluctantly says that she should stay with him.

Cane, Lily and Sophia go to the Ashby home. Sophia goes to get the Christmas decorations, while Lily and Cane take a moment to relax. They ask each other what they want for Christmas. Lily says she has everything she wants. Cane says he wants happiness, safety, and good health for his family.

Colin and Blake go back to Gloworm. Colin sees Jill and says that he can get information about Cane from her.

Jana runs into the woman and child that Victoria met in the store. The boy goes to the school where Jana works, and he runs up and hugs her. She has a friendly chat with him, and his mom, and tells them that she saw Delia there as well. The woman and her son leave. Jana is on her way to her car, to have her tree loaded in, when Gloria stops her, and demands to know what she's up to. Jana pretends not to know what she's talking about. Gloria isn't fooled, and tells her that she's watching her.

Kevin and Chloe are at home with Delia. Chloe sends Delia to get the present they bought for Kevin. She gets it, and gives it to him. It's the ornament for a baby's first Christmas. Chloe tells him that they're going to stay positive. Kevin talks about what a great child Delia is, because she's grown up in a loving environment, and he wants the same for his niece. There's a knock at the door, and Chloe answers it to find a woman from CPS. She tells her that there was a complaint about how Delia was being treated.

Billy goes home and finds Victoria curled up on the couch. She's still not feeling well. He brought a pregnancy test, but she says she doesn't need it, because she got her period, and that she just had a bug. They both look disappointed, but Billy says they'll save the test for next month. He gives her a kiss through the material on his t-shirt, as a joking way to protect him from getting sick as well.

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