Tuesday Y&R Update 11/23/10

The Y&R Update Tuesday 11/23/10--Canada; Wednesday 11/24/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Fen, Lauren and Michael arrive at Crimson Lights. In an upbeat tone, Lauren talks to Fen about what a disaster their attempt to go on a trip was. Michael, who looks to be drained, exasperatedly says he's sorry, and should have had the car serviced. Fen asks about having turkey, and Lauren suggests that they try to get in at the Club. Michael hints about having dinner with his family, and it's obvious that Lauren does not want to.

Gloria is setting tables at Gloworm, to prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner crowd, and is grumbling because Michael and his family won't be there on Gloworm's first Thanksgiving. Jeffery cheers her up with a reminder that Kevin and Chloe will be there, and they're sure to make lots of money. She hugs him, and takes a look at his eye, which is bruised, but not swollen. She's under the impression that it happened by him running into a freezer, and he laughs nervously, when she wonders how he managed to do that. Chloe, Kevin and Delia walk in, and Gloria greets them, happily. Kevin starts to ask what happened to Jeff's eye, then decides he doesn't want to know. Gloria asks about Billy, and Chloe says Delia will see him tomorrow. Kevin is carrying Delia, and tickles her, to make her laugh.

The camera pans in on a picture of Reed at Billy and Victoria's home, then shows her setting the table, and Billy making a dish. Both Victoria and Billy are wearing frilly, feminine aprons, and they joke around, with her trying to take pictures of him, for blackmail, and him trying to dodge her. Victoria wonders if they made too much food, and Billy suggests taking some to Nikki. She decides against it, saying Nikki's probably eating fancier food than they are, because Solidarity House is very ritzy. Billy mentions that Nikki will be out in a couple of days. Victoria gets wistful, and talks about what Reed might be doing at that moment. Billy suggests they go to Jack or Billy's, but Victoria says she wants to stick to their plan of a drama-free dinner for two. Billy lightens the mood by chasing her, and making her try the dish he made. It gets on her face, and he kisses it off. They have a candlelight dinner, and Victoria tells Billy about the gathering she was at last year, when Summer stuffed the turkey with crayons and all the kids were running around. She's depressed, and he tells her that maybe a year from now, they'll have a child of their own. Victoria says she doesn't mind not having her parents, or Nick around, but the holiday isn't the same without Reed.

Phyllis is at home, on the phone with Daniel. She tells him to take his time, because she forgot to defrost the turkey. Daniel wants to forget dinner all together, but Phyllis says she's alone, because Summer is with Nick, and Jack won't be over until later, and wants to see him (Daniel). She promises that they won't talk about Daisy. There's a knock on the door, and Phyllis hangs up with Daniel, then opens it to find Nick, Summer, and Faith. He says that with Sharon out of town, he's taking the girls, and Noah, to Gloworm. Nick says Summer has been talking about wanting to have Thanksgiving dinner with both of them, and invites her to come. Phyllis is hesitant. Summer begs her, and Faith babbles. Phyllis tells Nick that she's not comfortable going to Gloworm, because of the drama surrounding Daisy, and her disagreements with the Baldwins on how to handle it. Nick points out that Lauren and Michael are out of town, and Phyllis agrees to go. She asks about Victor, and Nick says he invited him, but Victor was busy with something else.

Jack, Victor, and Ronan are in an interrogation room at the police station. Ronan offers them a chance to get their lawyers, and they both decline. Skye and Adam haven't been located, and the police don't know who's blood was found in their room. Ronan questions them on why they were there. Jack tells Ronan that Skye had just lost millions of dollars when her hedge fund collapsed, and he wanted to check on her. Victor says he came because someone on the Club staff told him that there'd been an incident in the room, that he should know about. Jack immediately points a finger at Victor and says that he's to blame for what happened. They tell Ronan how they invested in the fund, and planned to pull the money at the same time. Jack angrily says that Victor took his money out early, and half the money should be his. Victor says it's not illegal to withdraw his own money, and he took exactly half, which is what he put in, otherwise it would be stealing. Jack scoffs at him. The fund had to sell stocks to pay Victor, and that's what made it collapse. Jack says that thanks to Victor, Skye and Adam lost millions, and one of them took it out on the other one. Victor says Adam got away with murder once, and will try again. A cop comes and tells Ronan that the blood isn't Adam's. Jack tells Ronan about Adam threatening to kill Skye at Gloworm. Ronan says there's a very high chance that Skye was the victim. Victor says that there's a higher chance that Adam did it.

Phyllis, Nick, Noah, Daniel, and the children go to Gloworm. Phyllis and Daniel hang back, and he gripes about wishing she hadn't talked him into coming, because he doesn’t want to see Michael or Lauren right now. Phyllis says relax, because they're not in town. Summer asks if she can go see Delia, and when Phyllis says yes, Gloria takes her. Noah asks if Nick has heard from Sharon. He hasn't yet, but says she'll call later to check on Faith. Daniel asks Noah about his trip to New York, and he says his gig went very well. Noah then asks about Daisy, and Daniel somberly says that unfortunately, he is the father. Phyllis reminds them that that subject is off limits for the night.

Michael, Lauren and Fen walk in, and everyone sees each other. The Fenmores go over to the table and everyone is polite to each other. Nick asks what happened to the trip, and Lauren says there were plumbing issues at the lodge. Fen goes to be with Delia, and Summer. Phyllis asks if they've heard from the judge. Nick asks what's going on, and is told about Phyllis trying to get Daisy to be allowed to move in with her. He's shocked, but Phyllis says it's temporary, and Summer would live with him, if it happened. Lauren gets worked up, and asks what will happen if Phyllis can't control her. Noah reminds everyone that they're not talking about Daisy tonight. Jeff comes over with something for Faith, and promises to return with everyone else's orders soon. Phyllis gets a call from Jack, who lets her know what's going on with Adam and Skye's room. She offers to call Vance Abrams, then tells Jack she'll be there soon. Phyllis fills everyone in, and Nick says he's coming with her. Daniel, and Noah say that they'll watch the girls. Phyllis tells Michael that Victor may need a lawyer. Michael's firm about staying with his family, but Lauren tells him it's okay, and encourages him to go. He apologizes, and kisses Lauren goodbye. Phyllis, Michael, and Nick leave. Noah holds Faith, while Daniel entertains her.

Chloe, and Kevin are at the bar, placing an order. Chloe's the designated driver, so orders a soda. Gloria comes over, and tells them that she set Delia, Summer, and Fen up at their own table, to color. She's happy because her whole family is together, but Kevin doesn't seem so thrilled. She walks away as Daniel approaches them, and says hello. Kevin tells him that he's been thinking about his plan to put his child with Daisy up for adoption and, thinks it's a bad idea. Kevin says why give the baby up, when she has family in the area. Daniel isn't ready to be a dad, and says it wouldn't be fair to him, or the baby. Kevin says he was talking about himself. He thinks he can handle a baby, and wants to take her. At first, Daniel thinks he's joking, then says he means no offense, but doesn't think Kevin is ready for a child, and he doesn't want to deal with the awkwardness that will come when the child realizes he's her father.

Noah, Gloria, Jeff, and Lauren all end up at one table. Chloe comes over, after checking on the kids, Faith included, who are all at their own table. Gloria asks where Kevin and Daniel are, and Chloe says they're talking about Daisy's baby. Lauren asks if he's still hoping to raise the baby alone, and both Jeff and Gloria are shocked, and hate the idea. Chloe stands up for Kevin, saying he just wants to give his niece a good home, but Gloria refuses to allow it.

Victoria sits alone, waiting for Billy, who's supposed to be getting something out of the oven. He really set up a video chat with Reed, and surprises her with it. Reed tells her he lost a tooth, and got $10 from the tooth fairy. He also says Mac made a meal that was great, but not as good as Victoria's. Victoria is touched by being able to see and talk to Reed, and thanks Billy. She makes plans to go to a museum with Reed, when she visits. Victoria asks him if he's happy, and he sadly says yes, but he misses her. Reed then asks her to sing him 'the goodnight song.' Victoria then sings “All the Pretty Horses” to him. She starts to get a bit choked up, and they say they love each other, then end the chat. Billy says he's glad he could make her happy, and Victoria wishes she could find a way to repay him. They then talk about having future thanksgivings with two or three more kids. Billy goes into the kitchen, and Victoria calls Chloe, and asks if she might change her mind, and let Delia come over, because Billy misses her. Chloe is polite, but says Delia is having fun with the other kids. She understands that the holidays are hard for everyone, and says she's sorry. Victoria says bye, and hangs up.

Kevin asks what's going on, and Chloe tells him about the call, and scoffs, and says it's as if Billy's so upset about not having Delia that he can't eat. Kevin tells her that Daniel doesn't want him to raise the baby, and that he feels bad for it. Kevin and Chloe go back to the table with everyone, then quickly leave, to check on Delia when Gloria starts to lecture Kevin about what a bad idea it would be to raise Daisy's baby. Gloria and Jeff leave to tend to their customers. Lauren brings up the baby to Daniel, and he says he wants the child to be given up for adoption. She asks how he feels about letting Daisy out of jail until she has the baby. He thinks it's a terrible idea, and she's relieved that they agree. Kevin, Chloe and Delia get ready to leave, and stop, to talk to Gloria, who's standing next to the table Daniel is at. Gloria tells Kevin she's understanding, but they WILL discuss his plan, later. They leave, without saying goodbye to Daniel, who does not look back at, or acknowledge them either. He looks overwhelmed, and annoyed.

Daisy is in her jail cell, when a guard gives her a tray of food through a slot in the bars. She doesn't like the looks of the meal, but he's unsympathetic, and leaves. She tells the baby that she has to feed it, and knows it doesn't care how bad it tastes. She takes a mouthful, and grimaces.

Victor's pacing the room, glancing at his watch when Michael, Phyllis, and Nick arrive. Michael chides him for not calling him. Victor wanted to cooperate. Jack starts in again, and says Victor collapsed the fund, and is to blame for Adam losing it, and hurting Skye. Jack glares at Victor and says he'll make him pay for anything that happened to her. Victor isn't fazed. Phyllis takes Jack aside to help him cool down. Nick's confused, because he thought Victor and Jack were working together. Victor says he saw an opportunity to ruin Adam, and get back at Jack for the pain he caused to their family at the same time, and he took it.

Michael asks if Adam really hurt Skye, and Victor says he probably did, and that the police are looking for him. Nick is glad Sharon's not around for Adam to manipulate her feelings. Victor says with Sharon out of town, and Adam missing, the police had better find him before he hurts someone else. Ronan returns and tells everyone that the blood is Skye's. Jack is dismayed. Nick and Phyllis both tell him that they heard Adam threaten Skye, and Phyllis says Adam said Skye wouldn't be able to hide from him. The police found out Adam purchased a train ticket heading south, and left last night. Nick worries about Sharon, and leaves to warn her. Victor says Adam is dangerous, and tells Nick to have Sharon come home. Nick returns, and says he left a message for Sharon. Ronan leaves. Jack says he's spent enough time with Victor, and is leaving, as well. He says hopes Skye is alive, and Adam is fine, and that Victor had better hope so, too. Victor says he's not responsible for Adam. Jack says Victor has said that for Adam's whole life. He leaves, and Phyllis follows, after asking Nick to kiss Summer for her. Victor tells Nick that he's leaving to visit all the satellite Newman offices before Nikki returns, and wants him to look after Newman. Nick gets a call from Sharon's phone. She left it on a train, and someone found it. Nick tells the person to ask Sharon to phone home immediately, if she calls, and asks them to mail the phone to his address. He hangs up, and tells Victor and Michael that Sharon was on a train called 'The City of New Orleans' when she dropped it. Michael is familiar with it, and says it runs from Chicago to New Orleans. Nick points out that Adam went south, and wonders if he followed her. He and Victor worry, and Nick says he has to contact her.

Victoria and Billy are relaxing, and they both seem a little down. She says they could get a drink at Gloworm, and he might be able to see Delia that way. Billy doesn't think he'd get much quality time in that way. They decide to make love, to work on having their own baby, when there's a knock at the door. It's Chloe and Delia. She says Delia asked about him, and she's letting her spend the night at his place. Billy's very happy to see Delia, and thanks Chloe. Once Chloe's gone, he lets Victoria know that he knows she had something to do with it.

Noah and Daniel sit at the bar, and have a quiet talk. Daniel says everyone wants him to save the baby, but Noah feels that Daniel has to do what he thinks is right. Daniel says he doesn't want to be tied to Daisy, and doesn't think it'd be safe for Phyllis or Lauren. He thinks it would be best for the child to be raised far away from their town, never knowing Daisy was her birth mother.

Kevin goes to see Daisy, and tells her that the two of them had a terrible father, and he doesn't want the baby to ever suffer that way. He says that since she's going to be in prison, which is no place for a child, he'd like to get guardianship of the baby. Daisy thinks it's a trick, but Kevin says he's serious, and tells her to think about it. He walks away.

Ronan walks into the empty interrogation room, and almost collapses. He's able to reach a chair, and sits, and takes a pill.

Victor goes home, and is shocked to find Nikki waiting for him, with a very serious expression on her face. He asks how she got out so soon. The rehab pushed up her release date. She says that they have some important things to discuss, and can't ignore it. Victor feels otherwise, and leaves the house. Nikki shakes her head, and sighs.

Phyllis and Jack are at her home. He's disappointed to have missed seeing Kyle for Thanksgiving. He says he spoke to Kyle on the phone, and he said he understood, but Jack could tell that he was upset, as well. Phyllis hopes that the police won't mess up Adam's case again, but Jack is sure it won't happen after last time, or the town will be in an uproar. Phyllis says that Adam will be crucified in the press. She brings up the last article on Skye being a flop because people thought they were being given a free pass. She then smiles and decides to write an article on Adam, and the suspicions about Skye.

Nick and Michael go back to Gloworm, and talk to Lauren. Lauren tells Nick about talking with Sharon, and mentioning New Orleans. She also tells him that Sharon took a bracelet from her store. Nick sighs, and says he knew something was wrong, before Sharon left. Lauren suggests that Michael go too, because he's familiar with the area. Michael doesn't want to leave her, but Lauren is confident, and says she's fine as long as Daisy is in jail. Michael goes to book flights for him, and Nick.

Sharon walks down a street, and goes into a mansion that has been converted into a hotel called The Cornstalk. She checks in, and the woman at the desk tells her a bit about the history of the building. It has a unique 'cornstalk fence' meant to remind the wife of the original owner of her home in Iowa. The woman then tells her that the hotel is rumored to be haunted, and some guests have found pictures of themselves on their cameras that were taken while they were asleep. Sharon seems not to know what to say about the last story, but smiles, and says she thinks the place, and its legends are charming, and says it'll be just what she needs. In her room, Sharon is lying on the bed, reading, when she's startled by a noise. It shakes her up, and she laughs nervously about ghosts, then tells herself that there's no reason to be afraid. She gets up, and closes the drapes. Outside on the street, Adam walks up to the hotel fence and glares up at the window to her room.

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