Monday Y&R Update 11/22/10

The Y&R Update Monday 11/22/10--Canada; Tuesday 11/23/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Blake flirts with the waitress at Crimson Lights. She asks about his plans, and he tells her that he's celebrating Thanksgiving with some friends who've been good to him, and is bringing a cornucopia filled with flowers as a way to thank them.

Lily walks into her living room, and finds Cane hard at work on the project Blake was to do for Tucker. She's surprised he's still working, because it's almost time for their guests to arrive. He's only had a couple of hours of sleep. Lily notes that it seems like he's doing enough work for two people. Neil, Sophia, and Malcolm arrive. Neil mentions that Devon and Roxy will be there for dessert. Lily tells them that Cane is in the shower, and has been putting in a lot of time on a project for work. Blake drops by with the Thanksgiving centerpiece, and Lily asks him to stay. He hesitates, saying he doesn't want to crash the party, but Neil and Lily start talking about how grateful they are that he helped Cane out, and he decides to stay. Cane walks in in a good mood that sours when he sees Blake. Cane and Lily finish up making the meal, and talk alone. She knows Cane wanted to keep the dinner to family only, but she thought Blake was lonely when he stopped by, so she invited him. Cane says he's not upset with her, and they kiss, and go back into the living room.

Neil, Sophia, and Malcolm talk about how hard Cane's been working, and Malcolm jokes that Sophia has been giving him a lot do Sophia says it wasn't her. Blake covers and says that Cane fell behind because he had to catch him up on the bio fuels project. Neil goes to make the gravy, because he's the best at it. Sophia says she was the best gravy maker in her family, and asks to see how Neil does it. Everyone except Blake and Cane go into the kitchen. Cane tells Blake to get out of his house, because this is a family gathering. Blake says that he's family too, now.

Neil and Sophia, who are alone in the kitchen, decide to have a gravy cooking contest. They share a moment, where there seems to be some attraction between them, when her bracelet gets caught in his sweater. They stare into each other's eyes, and get flustered, but quickly go back to joking.

Lily, Cane, Blake, and Malcolm look at the babies, and Lily and Blake chat about what they'll be when they grow up. Cane is uncomfortable, but says nothing. Sophia and Neil tell everyone about the gravy contest, and Lily, Cane, and Blake go into the kitchen. Malcolm quietly tells Neil that he gets a weird feeling about Blake. Neil tells him that the job is running a background check on him.

Everyone at the Ashby home gathers around to talk about what they're thankful for. Lily is grateful for her health, children, and for Cane. She puts her arms around him, and says he's always come through for her. Blake scoffs, quietly. Cane says he's thankful that Lily is healthy, and that his family is safe. He looks at Blake and says he'll do anything it takes to keep it that way. Sophia says she's thankful to everyone for welcoming her into the family, and because she'll soon be married to Malcolm. When she says the last part, Neil looks uncomfortable. Malcolm is thankful for Sophia, and for reconnecting with the rest of the family. Neil says the family has been blessed this year, and is grateful for everyone being together, and hopes to have more times like this. Lily asks if Blake would like to say something. Blake thanks them for the invitation. He says he feels like he gained a family, and never imagined it would turn out this way, when he ran into Cane. Lily is genuinely pleased, and Cane puts on a big, fake, grin. Blake says he has a feeling they're all going to be friends for years, and Cane glares at him.

Katherine and Paul help Murphy into a chair, at the Chancellors'. Esther asks Nina about Ronan, and she tells her that he has to work, and can't make it to dinner. Heather says that the station is usually not very busy around the holidays, and that she thinks he might come by. Chloe and Kevin come downstairs after putting Delia down for her nap. Chloe makes a mock-cheerful comment about seeing Heather at their apartment building, and finding her at the Chancellor house, too. Heather tells Chloe it's nice to see her, too. Nina changes the subject, and asks if Delia will be spending time with Billy for the holiday. Chloe tells her that she has Delia for the day, but that they won't be staying long, because they're going to Gloria's later. Jill comes in, and tells them she has to go to work at Fenmores. Kay is disappointed, and says Thanksgiving is an important family holiday, so Jill decides to stay.

Nina, Paul and Heather look at a picture of Chance. Nina is down, because she thought everyone, including Chance and Philip III, would be together for Thanksgiving. Heather again says she thinks Ronan will come. Nina and Paul walk away. Chloe walks over to Heather, and says she's a lawyer, home-wrecker, and now she's predicting the future. She asks if Heather and Ronan bonded over losing Chance, and says a slut like Heather would sleep with a jerk who killed Chance. Heather makes a catty comment about Chloe and Ronan sleeping together before Chance died. Kevin comes over, and diffuses the situation. Heather steps out, and calls Ronan, and tells him she'll tell Nina he's sick if he doesn't show up. Just then, Ronan arrives. Nina is thrilled, and gives him a hug. She says she doesn't know why he changed his mind, but she's glad he did. Ronan stares at Heather, who smiles back. Kevin and Chloe walk into the foyer, and see that Ronan is there.

Ronan shakes Murphy's hand, and comments that he's almost strong enough to take him fishing, as he promised. Everyone is joking around, when Chloe dampens the mood by pointing out that Ronan killed Chance. Everyone except Jill, who agrees with Chloe's point, tries to smooth things over, but Ronan decides to leave. Kay insists that he stay, and says everyone is going to try to get along. Paul tries to change the subject, and brings up Heather's new job with Michael. Ronan is happy for her, but jokes that they're going to be on opposite sides now. Nina, who's still trying to fix them up, smiles and says that they'll still be able to see each other once in awhile. Chloe says that Ronan and Heather both betrayed Chance, and he died, so they'd be perfect as a couple. Everyone disperses, and Ronan whispers to Heather that this is why he didn't want to come. Heather is still glad he came, because it made Nina so happy. Ronan thinks Nina was only glad to see him, because she doesn't have Chance, but Heather says Nina wants to get to know him. Ronan doesn't think it would be a good idea. Heather feels that Nina should know Ronan is sick, but Ronan won't hear of it. Chloe and Kevin watch them talking. Chloe wonders what they're talking about. Exasperated, Kevin asks why she cares what Ronan is doing, since she told him to stay away from her, and he has. He walks away.

Abby goes to the Ranch to wish Victor a happy Thanksgiving. He's surprised to see her, but lets her in. Abby is relaxed, and seems to be looking to patch things up. Abby figured Victor wouldn't have many other visitors. Victor says Nick is coming by later, but he's glad Abby came. Abby says she decided to be the bigger person, and visit him, even though she shouldn't after how he behaved at her party. She jokes that he still owes her a gift. Victor says he does have a gift for her – an olive branch.

Abby smiles. They come inside after playing with Segundo, and sit down to chat. Abby says if reincarnation exists, she'd like to come back as Victor's dog. She says Victor loves them easily, without any issues getting in the way. Victor says that Segundo is always loyal. He then brings up Victoria, and says she was level-headed, and strong before she got involved with Billy. Abby points out that Victor thought similar things about her recently. Victor says the difference is that she stopped by today. He also brings up the way Abby considered his settlement offer, only to be talked out of it by Victoria. Victor says Abby could have had her independence, but was lead by Jack and Vance, who are only looking out for themselves. Abby says she knows what they want, but also knows what she wants, and isn't sure if the dropping the lawsuit is in her best interests. Victor calls her 'sweetheart' and tells her that the offer is still on the table; she just has to take it. He tells her that it will give her independence, and says it's better than what she has now, which is nothing. Abby says the lawsuit has put a strain on their relationship, which is the worst part. He smiles, and agrees. Abby says she needs more time to think, and Victor tells her it's okay. He then gets a phone call, and is surprised to hear what the person says. He tells them that he'll be right there. After hanging up, he apologizes to Abby for having to leave. He and Abby share a warm hug.

At the Abbott house, Jack calls his broker and asks how much the Newman Fund is worth. He's disappointed in the answer, and says he hoped it would have still had some life in it. Jack wants to buy the fund to recoup his losses, and the losses of the other people who he convinced to invest. He says he hasn't told the family, because he doesn't want to ruin their holiday. Jack tells his broker to work on buying out Skye and Adam. As he's hanging up, Ashley walks downstairs, and lets Tucker in. They greet with a hug and kiss.

Jack says hello, and mentions that he thought Tucker would be with his family. Tucker says Ashley invited him, and hopes he's not intruding, but guesses that Jack has bigger worries than who attends. Tucker says he heard what happened to the Newman Fund, and that it has to hurt to lose big, while your partner profits. Ashley asks what's going on, and Jack has an alarmed expression, as Tucker tells her about Jack and Victor's investment in the Newman Fund, and Victor double crossing him. Jack tells Ashley and Tucker how he and Victor planned to bankrupt Adam, by pooling their money, and investing in Adam's fund, then betting against some of the stocks to make a profit. Jack explains that he also recruited investors for the plan, but Victor withdrew his money early. Ashley asks why Jack didn't withdraw his money once he heard what Victor did, then she remembers the gate-fees, that only allow a certain amount of money to be withdrawn at a time. Victor took just enough money to stop Jack from withdrawing his, without having to pay large penalties. Jack tells her that she couldn't angrier at him than he is at himself, but Ashley gives him a big hug, and comforts him.

Ashley asks Jack if he went after Adam for her. Jack says Adam cost her her baby, and she almost lost everything because of him, and he couldn't let him get away with it. Ashley is concerned about how he will get out of this, but Jack says he has a plan. He just needs to talk to Skye, because she's great at running hedge funds. Jack leaves to go see her. Ashley tells Tucker that both she and Jack have learned that getting involved with Victor only brings suffering. Abby arrives, and remarks that their celebration is about as bad as Victor's. Ashley says she hopes Victor is alone, then apologizes to Abby. Abby asks what's going on, and Tucker and Ashley tell her what happened between Jack and Victor. Ashley says she thought Victor would change, but he is, who he is, and can't be trusted. This appears to strike a chord with Abby.

Abby is alone in the dining room, and you can see that she's upset. Tucker comes in, and asks if she's worried about Jack. Abby says it's about Victor, and if a heart from a good person like Colleen couldn't change him, nothing will. Tucker comforts her, then leaves. Abby calls Victor and leaves a message that says she won't make the mistake of trusting him, and will see him in court.

At the Club, Jack is banging on the door to Skye's suite, and calling for her, when a maid arrives to clean the room. He tells her that he's worried about his friend. She opens the door, and they find the room in shambles. Furniture is knocked over, and things are broken. Jack tells her to call the police. Jack and the cops enter the room. Jack is looking at, but not touching some papers on the desk. The maid says that the people next door heard arguing the night before. Jack says he's been trying to call Skye and Adam, but they're not answering their phones. To Jack's surprise, Victor shows up.

Chloe is alone in the foyer when Ronan goes over to her. He softly says that the anger she's carrying around won't bring Chance back. Chloe says she's not like Heather and Nina, and can't forget what he did. Ronan says he's sorry, and wishes he could change things, but Chloe says he can't; Chance is gone, and she'll never forgive him for killing him. Ronan asks what she's getting out of hating him. Chloe angrily says she's getting satisfaction, and walks back into the living room. Ronan follows her. Kevin comes from around the corner, and watches. Ronan gets a phone call, then tells everyone that he has to go to work. He thanks them for the invitation, and Kay says that they'll do it again, next year. Ronan hesitates, but agrees. Once Ronan is gone, Nina is disappointed, but is glad he came for a little while. Murphy tells her that it's a good sign, and Kay thinks it means that Ronan wants to get to know her. She assures Nina that everything will be fine. Heather looks uncertain.

Kevin and Chloe are alone, when he confronts her about her feelings for Ronan. He doesn't understand why she got angry to see Ronan and Heather being friendly when she claims to hate him. Chloe says she was just curious, and Kevin asks why she even cares what Ronan is doing. Chloe says she doesn't know. Nothing makes sense for her anymore. She hates Ronan, but when she sees him, she doesn't hate him. Kevin seems annoyed by her roundabout explanation, and asks if she's saying she has feelings for Ronan. Chloe says her head tells her to stay away, but her heart doesn't want to listen. Kevin says Ronan is messed up, and if Chloe doesn't see that, she's an idiot. Chloe says she's going to check on Delia, and leaves. Kay goes to Kevin, puts a hand on his shoulder, and tells him he's falling for Chloe. Kevin denies it, and says he just doesn't want her to get hurt. Kay doesn't buy his explanation, but doesn't push it. Kevin later apologizes to Chloe, and says he was a jerk to tell her how to live her life. Chloe thanks him, but says he's right about Ronan, and is glad Kevin helped her see that. She says that she and Kevin are buddies; which appears to sting him, a bit.

Jill talks about needing to go soon, so she can go to Canes. Nina talks about how much better off Cane and Lily are, with the babies, and with Lily's cancer being in remission. They all start to talk about how lucky Lily was to have her family, and how horrible it would be to go through a life-threatening disease alone. Heather's expression makes it clear that she's thinking about Ronan.

Esther comes in and announces that dinner is ready. Before they go, Kay asks everyone to join hands. She says she's grateful to have all of them, and is grateful for the time she had with the ones who are no longer there. Nina, Chloe, and Heather, look sad as this part is said. Kay then talks about how there are people in the world who are sick, and they should all do their best to reach out, because it can help to know someone is thinking of you. Heather is thinking of Ronan.

Victor tells Jack that a hotel employee called and told him that something had happened in Adam's room. Victor notices that Jack is upset, and Jack says that he cares what happens to Skye. Ronan comes in, and tells them that it's a crime scene, and they shouldn't be there. Victor asks if someone found something, and Ronan says they found blood in the room. Jack's shocked, and asks if someone may have been killed in there.

Jack and Victor stand outside the room. Victor's calmly doing something on his phone, and Jack asks if he doesn't care that Adam might have killed Skye. Victor coolly says they don't know who's blood it is; so maybe Skye's the one who killed Adam. Jack says no matter what happened, Victor caused it, because he collapsed the fund. Ronan walks out, and says he needs the two of them to go to the station, because he thinks they might have some answers on what happened.

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