Monday Y&R Update 11/15/10

The Y&R Update Monday 11/15/10--Canada; Tuesday 11/16/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Ronan walks into Crimson Lights, and orders a coffee from Kevin, who's cool, but polite to him. Chloe is also at the counter. Ronan tries to talk to her, but she reminds him that she doesn't want anything to do with him. Ronan asks why she asked for him when she got arrested, if she feels that way. Chloe lets him know that her getting arrested was just a misunderstanding. Ronan is given his order, and stops to talk to Heather, who's sitting at one of the tables. He tells her that the new District Attorney was wrong to fire her. Heather mentions that she's been suspended and let go before, but this time, it's really over. Ronan's hand seems to give out, and he suddenly drops his drink. Kevin and Heather try to see if he's okay, but he says he's fine. Chloe doesn't go over to him, but looks concerned.

At the Chancellor house, Nina is on her way to a meeting at Crimson Lights, and says goodbye to Murphy and Katherine, before she goes. Murphy can talk, but still isn't fully recovered. Kay asks Murphy why he never told her that he had a son. Murphy emotionally tells Kay about his son Francis getting into an accident, and being pulled off life support by his wife, Meggie. Murphy and his wife Betty didn't want it to happen, but Meggie didn't care. She then left town with the insurance money. Murphy believes that his wife never recovered from the loss, and blames Meggie for the deaths of Betty and Francis. He never said anything before, because it was too painful. He explains that it's the reason he could never take Kay off life support.

Lauren and Michael are both working from home. Michael says that it's the store's busy season, and Lauren isn't there. Lauren points out that he's even busier than she is. Phyllis calls, and tells Michael that the results are in.

Phyllis is at the Club with Daniel. Jack notices them, and walks over. He tries to join the conversation, but Phyllis is preoccupied. She and Daniel are anxious about the results, but try to assure each other that Daniel's not a father, and Phyllis isn't a grandmother.

A prison employee goes into Daisy's room, and tells her that the paternity test results are in. She says after Daisy is told the results, she'll be going back to jail. Daisy thinks that Daniel will keep her from going back, once he sees the results.

Phyllis, Daniel, Jack, Michael and Lauren go to Daisy's room to hear the results. Daisy wants to discuss some things with Daniel. He thinks they should wait to hear the results first, but Daisy feels certain that he's the father, and says the test was only to prove it to him. Daisy is surprised Lauren came. Lauren doesn't seem shaken, and says she's there to see Daisy go back to jail. The doctor comes in, and breaks the news that Daniel is the father. Everyone, except Daisy is dismayed to hear it. Daisy is also told she's expecting a daughter. Lauren asks when Daisy is going back to jail. Daisy asks Daniel if he isn't going to keep her from going back there. Lauren gets angrier, and says Daisy is exploiting the baby. Daisy gets upset, and starts to talk about the terrible that could happen in prison, and hurt the baby. She tries to get Daniel and Phyllis on her side, suggesting that the baby might inherit Phyllis' red hair, and asking Daniel to think of the child they made. Daniel blows up, and points out that she drugged him, while her aunt went to kill his mother, and he doesn't want any part of it. He storms out, with Jack rushing behind him.

Phyllis wants to talk things out, which sets Lauren off. Phyllis reassures her that she knows Daisy, and isn't being manipulated, but is concerned for the baby. Lauren is enraged – she says she knows the baby matters, but her being kidnapped and taunted by Daisy also matters, and she'll never feel safe with her on the streets. Michael tells the hospital worker to set up a prison transfer, and takes Lauren home. Phyllis calls Daisy 'sweetie' and asks what her plan for the child is. Crying, Daisy says she wants to keep the baby as long as possible, and if that means the baby has to be born and raised in jail, that's what she'll do. An officer comes in, and takes Daisy back to jail, leaving Phyllis looking overwhelmed.

Nina comes into CL, and notices Ronan. He asks about Murphy, and praises him for solving the case, and being so strong. Nina suggests that the two of them go back to the Chancellor house together, so Ronan can see Murphy, and he likes the idea. Heather returns, and Nina offers her sympathies for Heather having to drop out of the election. Heather is down about being unemployed, but Ronan gives her an enthusiastic pep-talk, and says any law firm would be lucky to have her. Nina gets the wrong idea, and thinks that Ronan and Heather are dating, but they quickly tell her that they aren't. Nina learns that her meeting has been cancelled, and she, Ronan, and Heather all decide to go visit Murphy, and leave.

Kevin and Chloe sit and wait for someone to let them know Daisy's paternity test results. Chloe is sure it's not Daniel's and knows from experience how easy it is to name anyone the father of your child. Kevin says he'll be the uncle either way, and is concerned about the stigma the child will face as a Fisher/Carter. He wishes he or she could have a better start, than having Daisy as a parent. Kevin gets a text letting him know the baby is Daniel's and is a girl. Chloe is shocked, because Daisy has lied about so many other things. Kevin is worried about the baby, and says he's going to go talk to Daniel and make sure he's going to put her first. He and Chloe leave.

Ronan, Heather and Nina go to see Murphy, and Kay. They are both happy to see them, and talk about Heather losing her job. She thanks them, but admits she did make mistakes. Ronan tells Murphy that Meggie has been extradited to Alaska, and will face murder charges for the death of another of her husbands. Murphy is pleased, and says his wife and son will rest in peace, now. Kay and Murphy talk about how lucky they are to have each other. Murphy tells Kay that she's the reason he gained the strength to survive, and tells her he loves her.

Esther comes in with a tray of hors d'oeuvres, and when Heather and Ronan reach to take some, their hands touch, and causes a slightly awkward moment. Ronan asks about Murphy's recovery. Murphy's regained his speech, and control of his arms, but can't walk. Murphy talks about how lucky he is, but feels bad that not everyone was so lucky. Heather realizes he's referring to Chance. Ronan, Nina, and Kay show a knowing look, then Kay tells Murphy that Chance would have been proud of him. The conversation turns to how short life can be, and when it does, Ronan suddenly says he has to go. Heather rode over with him, and asks for a ride back to her car, because she's meeting Rafe for dinner. He agrees. In the foyer, Ronan reaches into his pocket for his keys, and a prescription bottle falls out. Heather picks it up, and he quickly takes it from her, stuffs it back into his jacket, and walks out. Heather looks after him, concerned.

Daniel rushes to the bar at Gloworm, and orders a whiskey. Jack has gone with him, and orders a drink as well. Daniel is freaked out by the idea of having a baby with a disturbed person like Daisy. He wishes he'd never opened the door when she came to his place that night, and says he wants to run from it all. Jack tells him that ten years from now, he'll wish he could have that time with his daughter back. Daniel understands how Jack feels about Kyle, but says it's not the same for him. Kevin and Chloe arrive, and Kevin and Daniel talk, alone. Daniel makes a comment about Tom and Sheila's 'evil spawn' and then explains that he meant no offense. Kevin isn't bothered. He's worried about the life the child will have, and says another kid can't grow up in that environment. Daniel says that the baby isn't Kevin, and Kevin thinks it's just a matter of time, before it does go through what he did. Daniel says he just found out about the kid, and isn't feeling paternal and protective, and can't make any assurances. Kevin says he's not asking for that, but before he can explain what he does want, Daniel gets angry again, and jumps up and leaves Gloworm. Kevin walks back over to Jack and Chloe. Jack tells Kevin to give Daniel time. Kevin asks about Phyllis' feelings on it all, and Jack says he's leaving now, to go find out. Kevin says they don't have a lot of time, and decides that he'll raise the baby if Daniel won't.

Chloe doesn't like the idea, and points out that it's a lot of hard work. Kevin says Chloe and Delia manage, but she says she wouldn't, if not for help from Billy and Esther. Kevin won't be swayed, and says maybe everything his father put him through was so that he'd be able to step up and help this child, the way he couldn't for Ryder and Daisy. Chloe thinks it's crazy, but says she'll support Kevin no matter what. They hug.

Michael and Lauren arrive home, and are having separate phone conversations. Lauren is talking to Gloria; and thanking her for keeping Fen for the night. Michael is on the phone with the prison, and finds out that Daisy is there. He asks for an update if something changes. Lauren is visibly relieved when he tells her the news, but is still worried that Phyllis is going to fall for Daisy's story. Michael points out that Phyllis has been hit with heavy news, and it will take her awhile to process it. Lauren says that Daisy used to tell her that something bad was going to happen to Fen while she was being held captive. She says Daisy is more of a danger to her baby than being in prison is. Phyllis shows up, wanting to talk about Daisy. She says she has no compassion for her, but doesn't want her son's baby to be born in prison. Phyllis wants to make sure Daisy's taking care of herself, and promises to keep her away from Lauren and Michael. Lauren is horrified, and asks if Phyllis is planning to move Daisy into her home. Phyllis says she doesn't want Daisy to live with her, but she wants her in a better environment, with guards who will keep her from hurting herself or anyone else.

Michael says that women deliver healthy children in prison all the time. Phyllis feels strongly that something must be done. She says this is her grandchild, and she doesn't want her to grow up feeling that no one fought for her. Lauren gets worked up, saying that Phyllis is buying Daisy's act, and things will end up with Daisy getting a free pass because of the child that she drugged Daniel to conceive. Michael agrees with Lauren's point, and says that as another of Daisy's victims, Daniel might want her behind bars, as well.

Phyllis says she has to think straight until Daniel can. She and Lauren continue to go back and forth about what's best. Lauren says she cares too, but is looking forward to Daisy having the baby, and it being placed in good home. Jack calls Phyllis and they agree to meet. Phyllis leaves, and says they'll talk later, but Michael tells her that their minds are made up. Lauren asks Michael to tell her Phyllis won't win. Michael says he'll do all he can to keep Daisy behind bars. Kevin and Chloe arrive. Lauren asks if they've seen Daniel, and Chloe says that's why they came. Kevin tells a shocked Lauren and Michael that he wants to become legal guardian to Daisy's child.

Phyllis and Jack meet at the Club. She's still trying to come to terms with things, and tells Jack she wants Daisy on 24/7 lockdown somewhere where there aren't criminals roaming around. She's very agitated about everything, and because of Lauren's reaction. She hates having to go against her best friends, and is worried about taking on Michael in court. Jack suggests she hire Vance Abrams.

Daisy is in her cell, stroking her belly, and talking gently to the baby. She tells the baby that she wants it, but she can't be a mom. Daniel walks in, and asks why she came back, and ruined his life. She says that her pregnancy was making it hard to stay on the run, and she was scared, but now she realizes that the baby comes with an amazing opportunity. She starts to talk about the good chance the baby would have with Daniel and Phyllis in her life. Daniel cuts her off, and yells that beyond giving access to his medical records, and financing the birth, he wants nothing to do with this. He tells Daisy that he's not raising the child, and she can't because she's in jail, so the baby will be put up for adoption. He leaves, and Daisy tells the baby that no one will take her away from her.

Heather and Ronan go back to CL. She asks him how he's feeling, since he's taking medication, and he tells her it's for carpal tunnel. He gets a phone call, and leaves. Heather flashes back to seeing Ronan's pill bottle, then goes over to a computer, and looks up information on it. Ronan comes back, and wonders why Heather's not at dinner. Heather tells him that she researched the medication he's on, and knows he's very sick.

Nina, Kay and Murphy talk about Ronan. Nina's is on cloud nine because of Ronan having been there, and Kay talks about the good relationship that they're building. Nina asks if they noticed the thing between Ronan and Heather, when they touched hands, and Kay and Murphy laugh about her being a matchmaker. Nina decides to give them some time alone, and leaves. Murphy is glad to be able to speak again, and says it drove him crazy when he couldn't. Kay decides to explain the reason she decided to take him off life support. She gives a heartfelt speech about how she couldn't imagine him being confined to a bed, and unable to do the things he enjoyed. She says she didn't know about Francis, but doesn't know if it would change her decision. She says she did what she did out of love, unlike Meggie's actions. Murphy isn't mad. He knew that Kay was the sort of person who'd make up her own mind, and figure she knew best, when he married her. He jokes that it's a good thing he woke up before she pulled the plug. Murphy says he didn't think he'd get through the loss of his first wife and son, but then he found Kay on that river bank. They both agree that they saved each other's lives. Murphy doesn't want to worry about death, and wills, any more. They exchange 'I love you's' and kiss.

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